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A podcast exclusively for teen girls, You inside out, aka UIO, features 20–25 minutes of straight talk about real issues that teenage girls are grappling with today. From principles to personality, as well as physical to psychological stuff, UIO covers a range of hot topics to help girls make sense of the space they are in now, but that also have reference and relevance for the future.

A podcast exclusively for teen girls, You inside out, aka UIO, features 20–25 minutes of straight talk about real issues that teenage girls are grappling with today. From principles to personality, as well as physical to psychological stuff, UIO covers a range of hot topics to help girls make sense of the space they are in now, but that also have reference and relevance for the future.


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A podcast exclusively for teen girls, You inside out, aka UIO, features 20–25 minutes of straight talk about real issues that teenage girls are grappling with today. From principles to personality, as well as physical to psychological stuff, UIO covers a range of hot topics to help girls make sense of the space they are in now, but that also have reference and relevance for the future.








Dealing With Grief

Sonja Lewis chats with grief specialist Kristi Hugstad about how to cope with personal bereavement, as well as the unprecedented collective grief experienced owing to the global pandemic. Loaded with encouraging advice, the podcast examines the importance of accepting grief as a journey, considering its various layers and understanding its meandering nature. With much opportunity for introspection, the podcast is filled with tips on how to deal with grief and also how to support...


How To Talk About Race Now

Sonja Lewis details some of her own personal experiences with racial injustice, while providing a historical context on how the Black Lives Matter movement was born. This intimate podcast examines why it is important to talk about race now, albeit constructively, and offers essential tips on how to do so. From the importance of understanding the history of racism to putting your own racial history into the context of the big picture, How To Talk About Race Now covers key fundamental...


Navigating The New Normal

Sonja Lewis chats with coach and public speaker Suzie Lavington about how to acclimatise to the new normal. From grieving losses such as sitting exams to graduating from high school, the podcast covers how to stay motivated under the uncertain cloud of the global pandemic. Also, the conversation is filled with tips on how to balance social media use, how to face fears and how to cope with mounting anxiety. Highly recommended for teenagers and their guardians alike.


Staying Safe At School During The Covid Era

Sonja Lewis has a candid conversation with school experts and students from both the US and UK about how to stay as safe as possible at school during the COVID-19 era. In the midst of a changing landscape, the panel of five talk about how to bend and not to break. At the heart of the discussion is how to find balance in the face of uncertainty. Listen to discover practical tips on staying safe in your physical, virtual and emotional world. Recommended for students, teachers and parents...


How To Use Change For Betterment

Founder of Inspiring Women Change Makers Anj Handa joins Sonja Lewis to discuss how to harness change, the only thing in life that is a constant. From understanding the power of the ripple effect to employing emotional correctness, the podcast is full of essential information about ways to use change to transform a situation. It also includes loads of hot tips on how to find opportunities in the midst of loss. A must listen for anyone who wants to make positive change, particularly...


How To Use Your Voice For Sustainability

Student environmentalist Zaqiya Cajee joins Sonja Lewis for a straightforward conversation about sustainability and how she is using her voice to influence change. Founder of SwopitUp, a student clothing exchange, Zaqiya discusses the importance of starting off with a niche and making changes step by step. The key is making your change itself sustainable. From changing something as minor as your toothbrush to starting a fully fledge campaign, the podcast is full of practical tips and...


How To Take Care Of Your Body During Tough Times

Sonja Lewis chats with Hope Virgo, multi award winning body positivity campaigner, in a candid conversation about the importance of taking care of your body, especially during tough times. The podcast offers teenage girls and women practical and useable info on how to stay positive under a dark cloud. From tiny steps to bolder ones, the podcast covers the importance of keeping the mind and body moving. Also, the two women discuss managing social media. Essential listening for teenage...


How To Deal With Rejection During a Crisis

Sonja Lewis has a timely conversation with UK Kids Coach Naomi Richards about how to feel accepted by both friends and family during an intense period. The podcast offers teenage girls and children essential information on self-care, keeping a balance and taking life one day at a time literally. Also, it gives parents and guardians tips on how to navigate a new and unstable territory to ensure that children do not feel rejected in their families during such times. Essential...


How To Nurture Friendships During A Crisis

Sonja Lewis meets up (virtually) with parenting coach Sue Atkins to chat about how to maintain and nurture friendships during the Coronavirus pandemic. Full of essential advice as well as practical tips, the podcast offers information on how to reframe the situation to ensure healthy friend and family relationships. How To Nurture Friendships During A Crisis also offers great tips on self-care and covers how to deal with unhealthy relationships and how to support a friend who is in a...


Series 3: Episode 6 - On Social Anxiety

Struggling with socialising? Chalking it up to being shy or eccentric? For more than ten years, best-selling author and award winning blogger Claire Eastham was plagued by such questions before one day collapsing into a panic attack and discovering that she had social anxiety, perhaps one of the most misunderstood anxiety disorders of all times. In a candid conversation with Sonja Lewis, Eastham discusses social anxiety's gruelling impact on emotional and mental health and offers crucial...


Series 3: Episode 5 – On Internet Safety

With children operating in the online space as young as ten and increasing two-fold by twelve, internet safety has become of paramount and urgent importance. That’s why Sonja Lewis talks with one of Britain’s e-safety pioneers Charlotte Aynsley about how to stay safe in the most visited place of all times. The two women have a candid discussion about why body image is a significant safety issue for teenage girls. The podcast also covers the emotional and mental ramifications of sexting and...


Series 3: Episode 4 - On Sleep

The modern day pressures that teenage girls face are not only mounting up to anxiety but also robbing them of good sleep, which has a knock-on effect on their physical and mental well-being, leading to poor quality life experiences. Sonja Lewis untangles the subject in a candid conversation with sleep expert Dr Nerina Ramlakhan to reveal why sleep matters. The podcast offers simple and straight forward tips to reset the body’s sleep system for a better quality life. A must listen for...


Series 3: Episode 3 - On Girls' Rights

Amid concerns about teenage girls growing up too fast, Sonja Lewis has some straight talk with Lindsey Turnbull, founder of Miss Heard Media, about how girls can exercise their rights to rise above the pressures around body image, sexualization and all the rest. The podcast offers advice and tips on embracing youth and setting boundaries to live your best life now. A must listen podcast for teenage girls the world over.


Series 3: Episode 2- On Emotional Bullying

Amid growing concerns about the unprecedented pressures today’s teenage girls face, Sonja Lewis has a candid conversation with Jillian ‘JJ’ Simmons about emotional abuse in its varied, insidious forms, including ‘bullying’ at school. The podcast sheds light on the tricky nature of emotional abuse, which sometimes masquerades as love, and its impact on mental and physical health. Author of Without Bruises, JJ shares tips on managing self-esteem and feeding your mind to overcome the...


Series 3: Episode 1 - On Character Building

Sonja Lewis has an inspirational conversation with three-time Paralympic medallist Elizabeth Wright on how character building can change your life. Full of gems and delightful surprises, this podcast offers teenage girls insight on how to use character strengths to manage undue modern day pressures. An important aid memoir for teenage girls and everyone else on the planet, too.


Series 2: Episode 6 - On Personal Development

Sonja Lewis chats with rapid transformational therapist, nutritionist and lifestyle coach Robyn Spens about what personal development has to do with developing your full potential. More than meets the eye, Robyn confirms and points out that developing personal skills such as self-confidence can be the difference in coping and faltering in a difficult situation. Full of information on how to achieve your personal best, On Personal Development looks at the importance of nutrition, exercise,...


Series 2: Episode 5 – On Being A Teen Girl Now

In this exclusive episode, Sonja Lewis gets first-hand insight into what it is like to be a teen girl in today’s world. Special guests 15-year-old Divaina from Kent, an aspiring creator, and 16-year-old Leah from Hertfordshire, a budding barrister, give the inside scoop. Growing up is an exciting time with much to look forward to. Nonetheless, teen girls face endless challenges, too. Sonja and her guests have an honest and open discussion about how to find opportunities in the challenges....


Series 2: Episode 4 – On Dating Inside Out

Sonja Lewis catches up with relationship counsellor Cat Williams to talk about the complex topic of dating, as applicable today as it has ever been. Getting to the heart of the matter, the two have an uplifting and insightful conversation about the importance of avoiding fear based decisions and the significance of learning about yourself. Cat gives inside information on why uncertainty is okay and why bullying and abandoning responsibility are not. She offers hot tips on how to have loads...


Series 2: Episode 3 - Rising Above Odds

Rising Above Odds offers practical advice and tips on how to overcome insurmountable challenges. In an intriguing conversation with Sonja Lewis, entrepreneur and barrister Hannilee Fish shares her personal story of struggling with dyslexia and post-traumatic stress disorder and how she changed the course of her journey through engaging in sports and practicing mindfulness. A podcast for anyone who feels like the odds are stacked against them.


Series 2: Episode 2 - On Undiagnosed Mental Illness

With the sharp increase in self-harm and other mental health problems in the UK amongst teen girls, UIO: On Undiagnosed Mental Illness is a timely podcast. Sonja Lewis has an honest conversation with mental health campaigner and author Eleanor Segall on living with mental illness. Diagnosed with bi-polar disorder at age 16, Eleanor shares the ins and outs of her moving story, talks about the battle with stigmas, and offers encouragement and inspiration as well as expert advice to anyone...