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Exploring the queer aspects of our society

Exploring the queer aspects of our society
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Exploring the queer aspects of our society





On the last show that the team has presented for Is Nothing Sacred on Joy 94.9 before being rested, Jim-pa and James are joined by former co-host Patrick and (by Skype) from Jamaica by current […] Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 35:47 — 32.8MB) The post Fare-thee-well appeared first on Is Nothing Sacred.


Parliamentary Fall-out

On this second final installment of Is Nothing Sacred, the team is focused on the drawn-out election, with political guests Gareth Hutchins and Crispin Hull. They are asked what their highlights for this year’s election […] Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 46:45 — 42.8MB) The post Parliamentary Fall-out appeared first on Is Nothing Sacred.


First Nation Respect

In this third last instalment of Is Nothing Sacred, Jim and Steph (with James in panel) have a retrospect on NAIDOC, a week of respect for the Aboriginal population and what they have endured. The […] Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 37:25 — 34.3MB) The post First Nation Respect appeared first on Is Nothing Sacred.


Bricks Hit

We have started to recover from the shock of Brexit, but what does it mean in the longer term? Steph and Jim speak to British journalist William Ward to get the UK perspective and Gareth […] Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 45:25 — 41.6MB) The post Bricks Hit appeared first on Is Nothing Sacred.


Studying The Votes

This week, Jim and Steph return to the HIV forum with Prof. Clovis Palmer, as he follows up the important scientific papers he has been mulling over for 28 days. Among Clovis’ findings are when HIV […] Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 40:37 — 37.2MB) The post Studying The Votes appeared first on Is Nothing Sacred.


Space Apes

What makes stars twinkle; Are wormholes in outer-space real; Will the whole universe eventually get sucked into a giant black hole??? These are all questions answered in this week’s episode, with a focus on SPACE!!! […] Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 41:49 — 38.3MB) The post Space Apes appeared first on Is Nothing Sacred.


Clear & Present Danger

On a night when the LGBTI Community around the world is mourning and grieving the senseless tragedy of the Orlando FL massacre, the ISN team (ie. Jim) talk quite philosophically about why the recent Parliamentary […] Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 37:53 — 34.7MB) The post Clear & Present Danger appeared first on Is Nothing Sacred.


Community Power

This week, there’s a focus on the advantages of community radio, as Jim, Steph and James are joined by Richard Watts, stalwart of another volunteer-run station. They talk about how the LBGTQ community is negelected […] Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 33:04 — 30.3MB) The post Community Power appeared first on Is Nothing Sacred.


Plastic Bans

Tonight is a rather heavy-handed edition of Is Nothing Sacred, as James and Rory have 3 guests in the studio that are all about ethical sustainability. First is Dale, an advocate for pushing a bill […] Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 41:13 — 37.7MB) The post Plastic Bans appeared first on Is Nothing Sacred.


How To Get A Job (And Keep It)

This week’s episode is all about getting ready for the future economy. The ISN team speaks with Darren Sharp, Director of Social Surplus, about the sharing economy: what it is, what the benefits and risks […] Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 39:16 — 36.0MB) The post How To Get A Job (And Keep It) appeared first on Is Nothing Sacred.


Pep for PrEP

Jim, James and Clairetalk PrEP yet gain with regular co-host Dr. Clovis Palmer from the Burnett Institute as well asGP about town Dr. Vincent Cornelisse, who also talked through some of the outcomes of the ASHM Conference. PrEP is a good bet for HIV Prevention, especially for those who are tired of condoms and can be used with confidence. ThenIan Muchamore, President of Living Positive Victoria talks about the LPVCommunity Awards which are coming up soon.You'd have to be an LPVmember to...


How Many PMs!?

On tonight's show the team havetwo high profile Australian journalists. First up, political reporter and commentator Crispin Hull, talking with us about the new PM, his ministry and strategy, along with what can be learned from the last three Prime Ministers. Next, Steph speaks mano-e-mano withjournalist and feminist author Anne Summers about her upcoming conversation series with leading Nigerian FGM prevention campaigner Nimco Ali. Aired on 21th of September, 2015. The post How Many PMs!?...


Developing Minds

Tonight on Is Nothing Sacred, Jim, James, and Claire talk parenting from beginning to fostering. Assoc Prof. Jeff Craig from Murdoch Children's Research Institute explains the modern take on the Socratic theory of epigenetics, along with how it could develop obesity, autism or even perhaps becoming gay.Then the anonymous Chris Rain tells about his joyful experience of being a gay foster parent, somewhere in Central Victoria. Now there is some food for thought all you Rainbow families!...


HIV & tonsillitis

The ISN team (actually just Steph and Jim) cover a good variety of topics tonight, including: our regular HIV expert Clovis Palmer on which bacteria people should be eating if they are HIV positive (yum yum!) Van Morrison's 70th birthday Steph's interview with Melbourne writer Monica Dux about her latest book, Mothermorphosis Jim's current favourite soundtrack (clue: it's every gay boy's favourite right now) Aired on 31st of August, 2015. The post HIV & tonsillitis appeared first on Is...


Gayby Babies

This show is all about rainbow families. First up, the team speaks withMaya Newell, who was raised in a rainbow family and is director of the new Australian film Gayby Baby.In the same tact, Steph has a chat with two mums, Felicity and Carmen, about their experience of raising children with their respective same-sex partners. Finally we squashed in a quick chat with Bel from the Australian Breastfeeding Association's Darebin Group about a breastfeeding information and support session they...


Pro-Gay Policies

On this episode, the team catch up with the latest changes to the Australian Liberal Party's policy platform for the next Federal election with Carl Katter, the openly gay ALP candidate for Higgins and Secretary of the ALP's LGBTI policy sub-committee, Jamie Gardiner. Find out their thoughts specifically on LGBTI rights in Marriage Equality, education and asylum seekers.The community has gone from an add-on to a central aspect of the ALP according to Jamie and Carl. Aired on 17th of August...


From Melbourne To Dublin

This week, Claire, James and Steph talk with Ali Hogg (from Equal Love Australia) in-studio about the legislative and societal concerns and history of the Australian equal marriage rights movement. The team and Ali arejoined via phone from Dublin by Andrew Hyland. As director of the hugely successful 'Marriage Equality Ireland' movement, Andrew offers some wonderful, inspirational insights and anecdotes. Aired on 10th of August, 2015 The post From Melbourne To Dublin appeared first on Is...


Subcontinental Round-up

In this episode, Steph, Jim and Claire talk with Bryan Furtado todiscover queer Goa, Mumbai and other major GLBTIQ community Indian capitals.Bryan offers some brief Indian GLBTIQ history education and overviews some current legal and Parliamentary issues affecting civil and social rights in India. Steph also presents a chat with Aussie Red Cross volunteer Jess Letch, recently returned from working with disenfranchised GD/TG and other marginalised Nepalese groups.Jess shares some of the...


Get Off and Go

It's that time of the month again, to discuss the remedies of HIV. But in the absence of Dr. Palmer, the ISN team speaks with Tony Maynard about how far we have come with treating AIDS. Tony is a former VAC Treatments Officerwhonow works with NAPHWA in Sydney on national HIV treatment issues. There is also an announcement regarding the discontinuation of Absolutely Everybody and its future with Is Nothing Sacred. Aired on 27th of July, 2015. The post Get Off and Go appeared first on Is...


Protect Nature

This week the INS crew are joined in the studio by the Wilderness Society's Jaxon Barnes, an advocate and lobbyist for Australian wildlife, wilderness and biodiversity advocate. An 8 year veteran of multiple Wilderness Society campaigns, Jaxon talks with Steph, Clair and James about ways to get involved in the fight to preserve existing vital ecosystems. They discuss ways to widen public and political thinking on keeping environments functional and healthy for future generations. Jaxon...