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Episode 30: Dirty Thirty

Episode 30: Dirty Thirty Flirty/dirty/nerdy thirty. The Bitch Bash is growing up......bahahahahahahaha! This week we're discussing Exes on the Line, Downstairs Bling, Oh Balls, and Blocked. (20:45) Situational: Exes on the Line You were with Tony for 3 years. You two broke up about 6 months ago. You're newly back at the dating game and catch a Lyft Line (carpool) into the city. The next passenger you pick up is none other than Tony. Do you throw yourself into traffic or wut? (31:36)...


Episode 29: Vogue & Tone with Sir JoQ

Episode 29: Vogue & Tone with Sir JoQ What's the 5, 6, 7, 8 Bitches? Join us for a very special interview episode with the one and only, Jocquese Whitfield (aka Sir JoQ). We're covering everything from baby Joq and his early vogue days through his current success as a performer and teacher/creator of Vogue & Tone. We'll also be discussing some situationals: When Trade Becomes Tradé and Brotherly Love. (00:00) Interview with Joq We're covering everything from baby Joq and his early vogue...


Episode 28: ASMR Tingles

Episode 28: ASMR Tingles Shane & Bri talk ASMR, dog pinkies, spontaneous orgasm, and how to sneak a weed pen on a plane to visit Carlos T’s mom in Ohio. (24:25) Mid-30’s Matchmaker? You recently turned 35 and your parents offered to hire you a matchmaker to help with your lackluster love life. You’re tempted to tell them to fuck off about it but a part of you is also curious. Do you go for it? (33:54) Sex Death by Porn You and Melissa have been in a relationship for 2 years. For the first...


Episode 27: She’s So High-ee-ighhh

Episode 27: She’s So High-ee-ighhh *This episode is sponsored by the green goddess. Join us, if you dare, for this roller coaster of an episode. We're discussing the T on MaryJ, Fully Baked Business, High Times...oh, and trying not to get murdered. (13:20) What's your background with weed? (28:03) Intruder Alert What happens when Shane Swee and Bri. B are on the up and up and someone comes a knocking on the door? (41:26) Situational: Fully Baked Business Today is the day of your big...


Episode 26: Scary Barry

Episode 26: Scary Barry In this episode, we’ve got games, stalker improv, and some party ’n bullshit as always. (12:01) Situational Improv: Scary Barry You’ve been on a couple dates with Barry. You guys had an ok time, but ultimately, you weren’t really interested and politely cut him loose. Barry didn’t take it well and continued texting you to the point that you had to block him. One day after work, you head to an event with some friends and lo and behold, Barry is there. You realize you...


Episode 25: Pussy Don’t Fail Me Now

Episode 25: Pussy Don’t Fail Me Now In this episode we’re discussing: Like a Good Neighbor, Mrs. Margarita?, Elmo’s World, Tinder Tracker, and Toxic Masculinity. (30:00) Like a Good Neighbor… You recently broke up with your ex of 3 years. After a first date with Tyler, you head back to his place and realize not only does he live in your ex’s building, but he lives next door to your ex. As you arrive to the door, your ex walks out with what looks like a new boo. What’s your move? (37:37)...


Episode 24: One Bottle Deep

Episode 24: One Bottle Deep This week we're discussing: The Pussy Boot, Daddy Talk, A Crapella, When Players Play, and Now Serving: Racism. (11:48) The Pussy Boot Category Is: Kicking someone out post-sex. (21:43) Daddy Talk Situational: You and Sean have been together for about 3 months. One night during pillow talk, he tells you that he’s adamant about having kids over the next couple of years. Sean is 44 years old. How do you react? (35:18) Non-Profit Shout-Out: The Coalition to Stop...


Episode 23: Snip Snip Bitch

Episode 23: Snip Snip Bitch (15:40) Urban Dictionary: what is a soft boy? (20:50) Jesse's got a "friend" SITUATIONAL You and Jesse have been dating for 5 years and you've in an open relationship for the past 2. Over the course of the past couple months Jesse has been spending more time and recurring overnight stays with their newest hookup, Jessica. When you bring it up Jesse says it's just a good time and not a thing but they're also not making any effort to spend less time with Jessica...


Episode 22: Twenty-two-ooh-ooh

Episode 22: Twenty-two-ooh-ooh This week we're discussing: Panty Dropping in the Work Pantry, Tinderlicious with the PTA, The Sexworkers Project, Dating Misser Mom, R. Kelly Kinks 'n Shit. (12:35) Panty Dropping in the Work Pantry You've recently started a new job and you're loving it. You love the work and your co-workers...especially, Elijah. One day you're walking into the kitchen pantry in the office and who walks in behind you but, Elijah. It's a tight squeeze and he grabs the small...


Episode 21: Pick a Card, Any Card – a Tarot Reading with Carlos Taylor

Episode 21: Pick a Card, Any Card We are joined once again by a man of many talents, Carlos Taylor. For the past few years, Carlos has been reading tarot for close friends as well being hired to read people at large parties and corporate events. For this week’s episode, Bri B. and Shane Swee take turns in the mystical hot seat. (03:00) Carlos gives us a brief overview of tarot and debunks some common myths about this intuitive practice. (09:04) Brianna Mae asks: “Am I receptive to love?”...


Episode 20: Journey of a Free Man with Carlos Taylor

Episode 20: Journey of a Free Man with Carlos Taylor You've heard him referenced about 1000x on the show, but this week we finally trapped his ass! Carlos Taylor is here! We chat about everything from practical spirituality to chonga gatas. Plus, we discuss TGI-Fuck My Life and The Stars Have It. (02:54) Urban Dictionary: "San Francisco Bird Feeder" Tune in to hear what it means. Chirp chirp, bitch. (07:30) Interview with Carlos T. We're talking feeling like a nomad, landing in SF, the...


Episode 19: Everything Is Already Not Working Out

Episode 19: Everything Is Already Not Working Out Creepsta-gram, Love's a Trip, Dragon Breath, and Self-Sabotage. (14:46) Situational: Creepsta-gram You're hanging out with your friend, Brandon, who you haven't seen for a while. When they open their photo gallery to show you a picture from his weekend with his fiancé, you catch screenshots of your insta posts. You don't mention anything. Weird thing is: Brandon doesn't even follow you on instagram. Do you bring it up? (23:29) Situational:...


Episode 18: Year of the Bitch

Episode 18: Year of the Bitch Work Crush; to profess or not to profess your affections?!, Most Drunken NYE, Drug Deal Bae Dealbreak?, Everyone Loves Ted…except your fam. (08:21) Urban Dictionary: "The Marlin" FREE WILLY! Am I right, y’all?! Tune in to hear what it means…spoiler, it’s gonna make ya mad. (12:57) Situational: Work Crush. To profess or not to profess your affections?! Imagine there’s a super hot guy, Theo, that you’ve been working with for a few years. There has been a...


Episode 17: Follow Us on Titter

Episode 17: Follow Us on Titter A man and his dog and his other dog, Post-ghost interview, Wild thots with Athena & Armani, Betrayal trip down College Avenue. (6:19) A man and his dog and his other dog Ben & his pup, Camper, are close as can be. So close that you wonder if you can ever catch a spot in bed. (15:25) Post-ghost interview You hooked up with someone a month ago and ghosted afterwards. You thought you'd never see them again...until they walk into your office and are your first...


Episode 16: Sweet Sixteen

Episode 16: Sweet Sixteen Join us for our super sweet sixteenth episode! This week's topics: OoohAaahOWWW, Polysaturated, Tinder Hopper, and Trans-formation. (03:38) Urban Dictionary definitions: “Facebook" (06:23) OoohAaahOWWW Category is: Most Painful Sex Injury. (18:15) Polysaturated Category is: Poly Relationships. (31:47) Tinder Hopper Situational: You’re out on a Tinder date with Trevor and during the date, you see Max, the Tinder date you have lined up for tomorrow, walk into the...


Episode 15: Men Are Cancelled with Eddie and Lauren

Episode 15: Men Are Cancelled with Eddie and Lauren This episode is brought to you by our sponsors, morning Champagne and Tequila! A very special 4-way episode with our friends Eddie Gessford and Lauren “Sutton”. While in LA, we decided to have a queerdo roundtable discussion. Plus, we’ve got two situationals: Laugh-less and Is He Evan Worth It? (2:15) Heads Up game: Lauren and Shane vs. Eddie and Bri (6:50) Roundtable discussion: We’re talking home turfs, flakes, stalkers, app sex, and...


Episode 14: And Then There Were Three with Eddie Gessford

Episode 14: And Then There Were Three with Eddie Gessford Our first interview episode! With none other than Jersey-born, Cali-blossomed, sultry siren and friend, Eddie Gessford! Plus, we discuss Hermana de Hola Gatito and Ghosts in da Clerb. (1:43) Urban Dictionary definitions: “Massachusetts Slurpee” (5:40) Kiki with Eddie Gessford: moving out west, competitive cheerleading, the world of music production, shared boyfriends, finding your voice, and the LA grind. (40:39) Hermana de Hola...


Episode 13: The Girl is Hungry

Episode 13: The Girl is Hungry Car-lotta Drama, Hot for Teacher, Like...a Virgin?, Unwrapped. (11:35) Head's Up game Category: Icons, Legends, and Stars (17:17) Car-lotta Drama Situational: Your high-drama friend from college just moved to your city and can't wait for you guys to be BFFs. Problem is, you're not feeling the friendship anymore. What now? (21:53) Hot for Teacher Situational: 10 years post college, you stop by a local bar and run into a professor you always felt a spark with...


Episode 12: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Episode 12: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Check mate on the 1st date, to rifle or not to rifle, shit shamed, horny decisions. Non-profit of the week: AIDS Lifecycle (8:53) Urban Dictionary Quiz Define the meaning of Alligator Fuckhouse (13:53) Check mate on the 1st date Category is: Who covers the bill in the first date? (26:26) To rifle or not to rifle Situational: You’ve been seeing Aaron for a couple of weeks and you really enjoy hanging out with them. You cut...


Just the Tips

Episode 11: Just the Tips Dating an Insta persona, sexual put-downs with mom, I hate hearing about your job, the terrible tipper. S/O: Tips to Cut Your Carbon


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