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Episode 50: The Best of the Bash

In honor of our 50TH EPISODE!, we are rewinding it back to some of our favorite moments from episodes past. It is so weird to think that we've made 50 of anything, but we couldn't be more proud of our crazy lil lovechild. To those who've tuned into all 50 episodes: wow...and like, wut?...and like, thank you! And if you've never before tuned into this "nationally vindicated" podcast, let this episode be the buffet platter you never knew you were so starved for. ;) Muahhhhh!


Episode 49: Vagina Doodles

Episode 49: Vagina Doodles This week Bri and Shane discuss "the funk", Mr. Grumpy Pants, Tinder tales, as well as our 2 steamy prompts of the week, brought to you by Pillow Talk. (25:40) Pillow Talk #1: Sexual Changes With time, how would you want your sex life to change? (37:51) Pillow Talk #2: F*ck Ya What swear words, curses, or obscenities have a hidden erotic charge for you? TELL US YOUR WEIRD/EMBARRASSING/HILARIOUS/SEXY STORIES. Contact us on social media or email us at...


Episode 48: Low Fuck Budget

Episode 48: Low Fuck Budget This week Bri and Shane discuss fuck banks, The Great Game (aka Tinder), and Insatiable, as well as X-Friend and Baby Daddy. (32:57) Situational: X-Friend Connor was a close high school friend and one day just broke it off. You've never talked and you're not sure what happened and then 10 years later, you find out he's moving to your city. You see him on the street one day. Do you approach him? (40:14) Shoutout: Green Box Shop (44:24)...


Episode 47: I Don’t Know Her

Episode 47: I Don't Know Her This week Bri and Shane discuss crazy concert nights, being in a new city, and #nonewfriends, as well as our 2 steamy prompts of the week, brought to you by Pillow Talk. (27:23) Pillow Talk #1: Freak in the Head, Not in the Bed Describe something you would hate to do for real, but find rather kinky to think about. (34:15) ACLU: Families Belong Together Support for immigration victims. (36:08) Pillow Talk #2: Once Upon...


Episode 46: Spicy Salsa Lovers Only

Episode 46: Spicy Salsa Lovers Only This week we talk that acu-glow, spicy salsas, diva-legends, creepy Dutch theme parks, as well as O-No and The 5 Year Upgrade. (35:19) Pop Quiz: O-No Have you ever faked an orgasm? (41:27) Head's Up: Mix It Up (46:41) Situational: The 5 Year Upgrade You and Craig were pretty serious 5 years ago. But he had a bit of a failure to launch and you ended things. FF to a party 5 years later; you see Craig who you know is thriving. Do you go in for the...


Episode 45: Opposite Ends of Tragic

Episode 45: Opposite Ends of Tragic This week we're catching up on Bri's new solar cycle, Shane's acting itch, and the amazing actors of Pose, as well as Love is Blind? and Mr. Fluffers. (34:16) Pop Quiz: Love is Blind? Why are there so many beautiful POC women with less far less attractive men? (45:17) Non-Profit S/O: The Trans Women of Color Collective (TWOCC) Our organizing is led by trans women of color created to uplift the narratives, leadership, and lived experiences of trans and...


Episode 44: Meditated, But Still the Same Bitch

Episode 44: Meditated, But Still the Same Bitch Heyyyyyyy bitches. After a week of minor hiccups, TBB is back with a new ep! This week's ep is a fly-on-the-wall catch-up episode with Bri and Shane. Tune in for travel tales from Bri B (aka SoloSheWanders) and find out what flaky carbs and Dutch soap operas Shane Swee is binging on. We'll be back with your regularly scheduled situationals next week, but for now, enjoy the kiki! Muahhhh.


Episode 43: Hoi From Hamsterdam

Episode 43: Hoi From Hamsterdam Hello from the other side! In our first int'l ep, B+S are up to the same bs. Join us as we discuss Broken Wings Woman and Who's My Stupid Baby? This episode is brought to you by SquadCast! Wondering how we're recording remote? SquadCast is THE best way to remotely schedule, record, and collaborate. Head over to for all the details and a free trial. (10:20) Situational: Broken Wings Woman A good judy of yours, Judy, wants to set you up on...


Episode 42: TBB Goes Global

Episode 42: TBB Goes Global Hiya starf*ckers! Welcome to the final (por ahora) recording with both hosts on the west coast. But fear not, because The Bitch Bash is taking over the world! Shane Swee will be coming atchu from the watery city of Amsterdam while Brianna Mae continues to be Queen of the Bay. Just how will we be recording our episodes thousands of miles away? Hint: it may involve a v special partnership; stay tuned. For now, listen in on our candid kiki we recorded just before the...


Episode 41: Don’t Block Your Blessings

Episode 41: Don't Block Your Blessings This week we're discussing New Hoe, Who Dis? and The Other Shoe. Stay tuned for new changes at TBB as we get a bit more, global, shall we say? ;) (18:40) Situational: New Hoe, Who Dis? You wake up one morning to a text from an unknown number that reads "who the fuck is this". The number tries to call you multiple times, and continues texting. You text back asking who this rando is and come to find out it's the gf of someone you've sexted with and hooked...


Episode 40: Boniqua Boricua

Episode 40: Boniqua Boricua Lawdy, lawdy, TBB turns 40! Join us for a long and girthy, party 'n bullshit intro followed by our situationals. This week we're discussing Finding Martha Stewart and Wedding Date(s). Summatime gotchu feelin fine? Download The Bitch Bash on Spotify or the podcast app and you'll be feeling even finerer. (24:00) Situational: Finding Martha Stewart You’ve been seeing Sherman, a hot silver haired daddy, for a few months. While he’s away on business, you agree to...


Episode 39: That’s the Show, Baby

Episode 39: That's the Show, Baby This week we're discussing Dinner Don'ts and The Trials of Travel. Summer travels? Download The Bitch Bash on Spotify or the podcast app and take a piece of our crazy/sexy/cool wherever the wind (or bathroom John) may blow you. (14:46) Situational: Dinner Don'ts You and Lyla were together for 2 years. You broke things off about 6 months ago, but decide to invite her to your birthday dinner. To your knowledge, she wasn’t dating anyone but ends up bringing...


Episode 38: Choking Is Like Lavender Frosting

Episode 38: Choking Is Like Lavender Frosting This week we're discussing Duplex Sex and The Choke Bloke. Traveling by train, plane, or automobile soon? Download The Bitch Bash on Spotify or the podcast app and never be without us. Ever. :) (13:42) Situational: Duplex Sex You’ve lived in a duplex for a few years and you’ve worked at your current job for a couple years as well. A couple months ago, your supervisor actually moved into the apartment above you. Ever since they moved in, you’ve...


Episode 37: “Just Don’t Die”

Episode 37: “Just Don’t Die" This week we're discussing Insta-Caught and Sashay, Shante. TBB is now on Spotify! (12:10) Situational: Insta-Caught You and Sean make things official after about 6 months of dating. While you're out with a friend, sharing the news at your fave dive bar, you check up on the bar's insta page and in one of the pics you spot your new boo with his ex. You had talked to Sean about not seeing this person and the pic is recent. What do you do? (21:40) Non-Profit S/O:...


Episode 36: Stress for What?

Episode 36: Stress for What? This week we're discussing Meet Me at the Bar...or Not and LOL (Low on Laughs). TBB is now on Spotify! And for ticket's to Shane's sketch comedy show, Queering My Lobster, visit (09:52) Situational: Meet Me at the Bar...or Not Tino (a blast from the past), slips into your DMs, hitting you up and trying to make plans to see you. You're not really that into it initially, but one drunken weekend...


Episode 35: Under His Thigh

Episode 35: Under His Thigh This week we're discussing Hi Mom! and Friend vs. Boyfriend. Did you know The Bitch Bash is on Spotify now? We bet you did. You so smart. (10:45) Situational: Hi Mom! You've been seeing Chad for a few weeks. One night in the middle of your sexcapades, you hear an automated voice coming from behind the pillows. You find your phone only to discover that your mom's number somehow got dialed and you've been leaving a 28 minute voicemail. In a panic, you hang up,...


Episode 34: Once Upon an IUD

Episode 34: Once Upon an IUD Welcome to our new shawty episodes. This week we're discussing To Work or to Twerk? and D-Breaker. Don't forget to catch us on Spotify and hit dat "follow" button! (13:00) Situational: To Work or to Twerk? You and your new tinder friend, Kitten, have been sexting for about a week when you propose to meet up. The next morning you go in for an interview for your dream job. That night you see a message from Kitten asking if you visited their company that morning!...


The Dirty, Dirty South

Episode 33: The Dirty, Dirty South Howdy y'all! This week we're coming atcha from Nashville, Tennessee. We'll be discussing: The White Party, Pressure in the Friend-Zone, Long Walks on the Beach, and Funkytown. (09:25) Situational: The White Party You are going to visit a friend in Knoxville, Tennessee. They invite you to a party. You notice that the party is all white. When a song comes on that features the N word multiple times, everyone at the party is singing along, including all the N...


Episode 32: Father, Oh Father

Episode 32: Father, Oh Father Greetings Bashers. This week we're discussing Ups and Downs, There's Something About Carrie, Bro-Code-Breaker, and Babysitter's Club. (04:25) Dealbreaker: Ups and Downs He can't sustain an erection but he takes you on trips once a month. (15:32) Situational: There’s Something About Carrie CarrieAnn sits next to you at work. She’s sweet and friendly, but pretty shy. One day, another coworker says he has something to show you...he shows you a Pornhub clip of...


Episode 31: La Cwah or La Croy?

Episode 31: La Cwah or La Croy? See a kiss...and tell?, Fuck and Run, Lion King, Marriage for Papers, Fiery THOT Theft. 15:29 Pop Quiz: Would you tell your friend if you thought their partner was cheating on them? 22:55 Fuck and run You're on a 5th date with Sherrie and you two decide to hookup at a park late one night. You're about to climax when a cop pulls up with their headlights on your bare asses. You panic and run but Sherrie gets caught. She calls you to come bail her out but you're...