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Stories about the books, movies, tv, music and more that have changed the lives of gay men. Subscribe now for a new interviews, clips, and conversations every Thursday!

Stories about the books, movies, tv, music and more that have changed the lives of gay men. Subscribe now for a new interviews, clips, and conversations every Thursday!
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Stories about the books, movies, tv, music and more that have changed the lives of gay men. Subscribe now for a new interviews, clips, and conversations every Thursday!




In my Own Way I'm a Doomsday Prepper (Ep. 193 - I Love Lucy)

This Week’s Guest: Phuong Mai Acts of selflessness are great, but what's in it for me? This week I'm chatting with my friend Phuong, who's made a whole lifestyle out of making things for others. Whether it's bread or soap or knitted hats, it seems like every minute of his day is dedicated to creating stuff for the people around him. But even though he gives all this stuff away, there's something important that he's getting back. Huge thanks to everyone who makes The Sewers of Paris...


I'm Here, I'm Queer, I'm Tired, It's Your Turn (Ep. 192 - Secretary)

Bonus Episode Guest: Trish Bendix My guest on this bonus episode has a difficult task ahead of her, a different kind of gay marriage -- not of people, but of industries. Trish Bendix is the managing editor of Into, the queer news site connected to Grindr. And in that role, she's in charge of bringing news of the world together with social flirty hookups that made the app famous. Huge thanks to everyone who makes The Sewers of Paris possible with a pledge of a dollar or more a month on...


The Town Queen (Ep. 191 - Who Framed Roger Rabbit?)

This Week’s Guest: John Michael Byrd My guest this week is an artist whose creations include the persona he's established for himself. Since childhood, John Michael Byrd has always felt like more of a cartoon character than a normal human, which wasn't a particularly easy role to play growing up in a small southern town. But after spending years disconnecting from the physical world around him, he's found a place where he's finally free to be as animated as he's always felt. Huge thanks to...


I Don't Want to Go Quietly - (Ep. 190 - Metallica)

This Week's Guest: Dan Corkery You can't accuse this week's guest of ever making things easy for himself. Growing up south of Boston, he was the town's only gay metalhead before he decide to join the army, deploying to the middle east in the 1990s. Now he's enjoying his retirement by going back to school to become a physician's assistant, while also occasionally noodling around with other musicians and singing on military bases. It's hard to imagine that anyone else on Earth has lived a...


A Party to Call Home (Ep. 189 - Pink Party Prime)

This Week's Guest: Charlie Logan Hello friends! This weekend is the 10-year anniversary of the Pink Party, a queer geek gathering in Seattle. In honor of that milestone, I'm digging into the Sewers of Paris archive this week to bring you an interview with its founder, Charlie Logan, originally posted in 2015. Charlie's story is full of twists and turns, from terrible danger to finding his place at Pride to living in the woods with gold prospectors to befriending his childhood heroes....


The Fast Road to Hell (Ep. 188 - The Nutcracker)

This Week's Guest: Woody Shticks My guest this week has been under a lot of pressure in his life. Raised in an oppressive religious community, he had to deal with ex-gay scammers, a parent who was abusing other kids, and more guilt than any person should ever have to deal with. On top of that, he had a highly active libido that came out in... unusual ways, culminating in the invention of a truly unique form of erotic folk art -- and a career path requiring a lot of vulnerability and very...


All Monsters Are People (Ep. 187 - Attack of the Killer Tomatoes)

This Week's Guest: Michael Varrati What would it look like if you celebrated Halloween and Christmas at the same time? My guest this week is Michael Varrati, host of the podcast Dead for Filth, and screenwriter of such films as Grindsploitation 4, From Hell She Rises, and Seven Dorms of Death. But he's also the writer of the Hallmark film Broadcasting Christmas, starring Melissa Joan Hart, as well as A Christmas Reunion and A Christmas in Vermont. Michael's genre-hopping might seem a...


Bonus Episode! Gay by May or Your Money Back (Ep. 186 - Gaby Dunn)

This Week's Guest: Bad With Money's Gaby Dunn What happens when you allow yourself to become a character in the stories that you tell about the world around you? My guest on this episode is the fantastic Gaby Dunn -- actress, journalist, writer, comedian, activist, blogger. Her podcast and forthcoming book are both entitled Bad with Money, and chronicle Gaby's attempts to help others manage their finances as she learns to manage her own. Gaby's background is in journalism, where the first...


Demons Were Always At Hand (Ep. 185 - Beetlejuice)

This Week's Guest: Anthony Hudson Is it possible to be a responsible adult without giving up the imaginary worlds you enjoyed as a child? My guest this week is Anthony Hudson, also known as Portland's premier drag clown Carla Rossi. Growing up, he'd slip into fantasy worlds to escape the reality of the dreary little town where he lived. But his reliance on escapes as a kid meant that he was unprepared for life as a grown up -- until he figured out how to invite real life into his...


A Bondage Analysis of Tolkien (Ep. 184 - Lord of the Rings)

This Week's Guest: Nayland Blake Where do you see yourself 200 years in the future? My guest this week is artist Nayland Blake, for whom sci-fi and fantasy were an opportunity to create the future that he was sure he'd never have. Growing up in New York in the 1960s and 70s, it seemed like imaginary worlds were his only opportunity to inhabit a world where he could be openly gay. But then he moved to San Francisco, and lo and behold, it appeared that the future had finally arrived. Huge...


Examining Your Desire (Ep. 183 - Ragtime)

Bonus Episode Guest: Zack Ford Zack Ford never planned to become the LGBTQ Editor at He was going to be a music teacher, and writing about current events was just a hobby. But after he came out in college and began living a more authentic life, he realized that he was holding himself to some expectations that he simply didn't want to meet. And that his happiness depended on a radical shift in his assumptions about work, pleasure, social justice, and sex. Huge thanks to...


Behind Closed Doors (Ep. 182 - Steel Magnolias)

This Week's Guest: Nick Kochanov My guest this week is Nick Kochanov, host of the podcasts Squirrel Friends Cocktail Hour and The No Good, Very Bad Gay. Growing up, he dreamt of having his own version of the salon from Steel Magnolias. He envisioned himself hanging out with his own versions of Dolly Parton and Sally Field and Julia Roberts. But it took years for him to realize that there was a problem with his vision -- that the man he was envisioning hanging out with them wasn't really...


We Just Kept Secrets (Ep. 181 - What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?)

This Week's Guest: J. Ronald M. York I want to let you know that this week's episode addresses some upsetting topics. It wasn't until his parents died that J. Ronald M. York learned about accusations of childhood sexual abuse in his family. Letters in a box in his father's garage finally revealed the terrible secrets that his family had kept from him his entire adult life. And in turn, that started his process for dealing with the secrets of his own abuse that he'd been carrying for...


I Finally Felt Like I Made It (Ep. 180 - Andrew Lloyd Weber)

This Week's Guest: Jonathan D. Lovitz What role does confidence play in reaching your goals -- is confidence as important as skill, or more, or less? My guest this week is Jonathan Lovitz, senior vice president at the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce. Before he stepped into that role, Jonathan enjoyed a successful acting career on stage an screen. But then he found his enthusiasm turning to LGBTQ advocacy, and now speaks out to improve economic opportunity for queer people. An funnily...


Gunshots in the Night (Ep. 179 - Kingdom Hearts)

Bonus Episode Guest: KaiKai Bee Michaels How do kids learn to be people when the adults in their lives aren't teaching them? Kai's parents weren't always there to give her the guidance she needed, and so she was forced to fend for herself. That meant learning basic life skills on her own, but also how to function around other people -- and how to take care of herself during a period of homelessness, moving across the country, and starting fresh with a day job in education and a nighttime...


When I Started Saying the Word Butt (Ep. 178 - Q. Allan Brocka)

This Week's Guest: Q. Allan Brocka This week's guest has had a hand in shaping a lot of queer culture we enjoy today. Q. Allan Brocka created one of the shows that aired on Logo as the network was getting off the ground; he directed the Eating Out series of films that have been a mainstay at LGBT film festivals for over a decade; and he's currently working on some intriguingly upcoming film and TV projects. Before he was a successful filmmaker, he was a shy kid from Guam, quietly absorbing...


Our Own Lothlorien (Ep. 177 - Dungeons & Dragons)

This Week's Guest: Jeremy Crawford Imaging growing up to find that the fantasy worlds you envisioned as a kid aren't just real, but have been waiting for you to lead them. My guest this week is Jeremy Crawford, lead rules designer for Dungeons & Dragons. We'll be talking about the witches, wizards, and elves who shaped his work in games, his relationship with his husband, and the queer content he now gets to insert in the world's most iconic tabletop game. And BTW, I hope you'll join us...


Space Ballerinas (Ep. 175 - Sailor Moon)

This Week's Guest: Ryan La Sala My guest this week is Ryan La Sala. He's got a very queer fantasy novel coming out next year, and while he's always been imaginative, he didn't always exactly use his powers for good. BTW, I hope you'll join us for the next Sewers of Paris live chat. It's on June 30th -- there's a link to the next livestream at the top of the Sewers of Paris twitter feed, and you can set a reminder to get a notification when we go live. Huge thanks to everyone who makes The...


Dream Bigger (Ep. 174 - The Amazing Race)

This Week's Guest: Scott Flanary Do you always NEED to dream big, or is it sometimes ok to just be happy with what you've got? My guest this week has some experience when it comes to achieving big dreams -- Scott Flanary was the winner of Season 29 of The Amazing Race, which had been a goal for pretty much all of his adult life. So now that he's accomplished goals that once seemed impossibly difficult, he's grappling with a tough question: now what? Thanks to everyone who joined us for the...


Madonna Nirvana (Ep. 173 - Madonna)

This Week's Guest: D'Arcee Charington Neal Join us on tonight's episode when my guest D'Arcee recalls what may have been the worst thing anyone's ever been told by their boss. We'll have that conversation in a minute -- but first, if you're looking for more podcasts to listen to, check out the show I just launched along with some fantastically funny drag queens. The show's called Queens of Adventure, and it's based on our live shows where drag queens play a real Dungeons & Dragons...