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Stories about the books, movies, tv, music and more that have changed the lives of gay men. Subscribe now for a new interviews, clips, and conversations every Thursday!

Stories about the books, movies, tv, music and more that have changed the lives of gay men. Subscribe now for a new interviews, clips, and conversations every Thursday!
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Stories about the books, movies, tv, music and more that have changed the lives of gay men. Subscribe now for a new interviews, clips, and conversations every Thursday!




I Finally Felt Like I Made It (Ep. 180 - Andrew Lloyd Weber)

This Week's Guest: Jonathan D. Lovitz What role does confidence play in reaching your goals -- is confidence as important as skill, or more, or less? My guest this week is Jonathan Lovitz, senior vice president at the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce. Before he stepped into that role, Jonathan enjoyed a successful acting career on stage an screen. But then he found his enthusiasm turning to LGBTQ advocacy, and now speaks out to improve economic opportunity for queer people. An funnily...


Gunshots in the Night (Ep. 179 - Kingdom Hearts)

Bonus Episode Guest: KaiKai Bee Michaels How do kids learn to be people when the adults in their lives aren't teaching them? Kai's parents weren't always there to give her the guidance she needed, and so she was forced to fend for herself. That meant learning basic life skills on her own, but also how to function around other people -- and how to take care of herself during a period of homelessness, moving across the country, and starting fresh with a day job in education and a nighttime...


When I Started Saying the Word Butt (Ep. 178 - Q. Allan Brocka)

This Week's Guest: Q. Allan Brocka This week's guest has had a hand in shaping a lot of queer culture we enjoy today. Q. Allan Brocka created one of the shows that aired on Logo as the network was getting off the ground; he directed the Eating Out series of films that have been a mainstay at LGBT film festivals for over a decade; and he's currently working on some intriguingly upcoming film and TV projects. Before he was a successful filmmaker, he was a shy kid from Guam, quietly...


Our Own Lothlorien (Ep. 177 - Dungeons & Dragons)

This Week's Guest: Jeremy Crawford Imaging growing up to find that the fantasy worlds you envisioned as a kid aren't just real, but have been waiting for you to lead them. My guest this week is Jeremy Crawford, lead rules designer for Dungeons & Dragons. We'll be talking about the witches, wizards, and elves who shaped his work in games, his relationship with his husband, and the queer content he now gets to insert in the world's most iconic tabletop game. And BTW, I hope you'll join us...


Space Ballerinas (Ep. 175 - Sailor Moon)

This Week's Guest: Ryan La Sala My guest this week is Ryan La Sala. He's got a very queer fantasy novel coming out next year, and while he's always been imaginative, he didn't always exactly use his powers for good. BTW, I hope you'll join us for the next Sewers of Paris live chat. It's on June 30th -- there's a link to the next livestream at the top of the Sewers of Paris twitter feed, and you can set a reminder to get a notification when we go live. Huge thanks to everyone who makes...


Dream Bigger (Ep. 174 - The Amazing Race)

This Week's Guest: Scott Flanary Do you always NEED to dream big, or is it sometimes ok to just be happy with what you've got? My guest this week has some experience when it comes to achieving big dreams -- Scott Flanary was the winner of Season 29 of The Amazing Race, which had been a goal for pretty much all of his adult life. So now that he's accomplished goals that once seemed impossibly difficult, he's grappling with a tough question: now what? Thanks to everyone who joined us for...


Madonna Nirvana (Ep. 173 - Madonna)

This Week's Guest: D'Arcee Charington Join us on tonight's episode when my guest D'Arcee recalls what may have been the worst thing anyone's ever been told by their boss. We'll have that conversation in a minute -- but first, if you're looking for more podcasts to listen to, check out the show I just launched along with some fantastically funny drag queens. The show's called Queens of Adventure, and it's based on our live shows where drag queens play a real Dungeons & Dragons adventure....


The Devil in my Head (Ep. 172 - The Bodyguard)

This Week's Guest: Byron Lane A well-told joke doesn't just have the effect of making an audience laugh -- it can also provide armor for the person telling it. My guest this week is actor and comedian Byron Lane, whose projects include the webseries Last Will and Testicle, and the stage show Tilda Swinton Answers an Ad on Craigslist. Through his work, he went from the kid who always wanted someone to protect him to a man who could protect himself through laughter. Byron's show is coming...


Making Things up as You Go (Ep. 171 - Björk)

This Week's Guest: Santiago Melli-Huber How do you know when it's time to move versus when is it time to stay put? My guest this week is Santiago Melli-Huber, who's on a constant hunt for a place that feels right. Whether trying new jobs, new cities, or new social circles, he's made himself into a bit of an investigator, always asking what needs to change and then taking action to try something new. Huge thanks to everyone who makes The Sewers of Paris possible with a pledge of a dollar...


No More I Love Yous (Ep. 170 - Drag Families)

Special Guest: Alexis Nicole Whitney No matter how thoroughly you've planned, life has a way of taking you by surprise -- and when it does, it's often family that gets you through the tough times. Alexis was born to a woman unprepared for motherhood, and so grandparents stepped in to raise her. As she grew older, Houston's drag scene provided a second family where she was free to express herself more freely. But it was an unexpected health crisis that brought both families together when...


Spitefully Outed (Ep. 169 - So You Think You Can Dance)

This Week's Guest: Phil Stamper My guest this week is Phil Stamper, whose book The Gravity of Us tells the story of two young men who fall in love amidst the drama of a mission to Mars. For years, Phil struggled to balance competing impulses to be silly and serious, and to keep his creative spark alive throughout the drudgery of office work. The result is an upcoming debut novel that amplifies his own queer experiences with some help from science fiction. Just a reminder -- I hope you'll...


How to Make Something About Making Something (Ep. 168: Bedknobs and Broomsticks)

This Week's Guest: James Connelly What if you had the power to make the places you imagine real -- so real that people can walk through them and touch them, and millions of strangers could see the setting that once only existed in your mind? My guest this week is James Connelly, who designed the sets for shows like The Voice, Bill Nye Saves the World, the Teen Choice Awards, and many more. When he's building worlds for television, he draws on his memories and experiences and daydreams,...


The Only Boy on Paradise Island (Ep. 167 - Wonder Woman)

This Week's Guest: Richard Andreoli This week's guest grew up idolizing comic book heroes, which presented a problem as he entered adulthood: how could he possibly measure up to the flying, crime-fighting, invisible-jet-flying role models of his youth? Richard's mission in life became seeking out the opportunities for heroics in everyday life. In other words -- not expecting to become a superhero, but finding pride in being a normalhero. By the way, if you're heading to DragCon in LA...


Becoming Real (Ep. 166 - The Velveteen Rabbit)

This Week's Guest: Wyatt Fenner My guest this week is actor Wyatt Fenner, who you've seen on Veronica Mars, Bones, and the movie Take the Yuletide Gay. New Yorkers, you can see him right now in the show Transparent Falsehood at Theater 511 on West 54th Street. As an actor, Wyatt's an expert at inhabiting personas and hiding himself behind someone else. But an accidental outing and an attack that could have killed him helped him realize just who it was he was hiding. By the way, if you're...


Vampire Drag Queens (Ep. 165 - Marilyn Manson)

This Week's Guest: Evan J. Peterson What's the difference between confidence and arrogance? My guest this week is Evan Peterson, author of the memoir The PrEP Diaries. For years, he trained himself to be aggressive, aloof, above it all, as a way to pre-empt criticism. That meant erecting masks and disguises, from gothic costumes to club-kid confusion. But what was missing behind his ostentatious displays for others was confidence in himself -- something Evan's still reaching for as he...


I Don't Have Any Shame in my Game (Ep. 164 - Aydian Dowling)

Special Guest: Aydian Dowling Hello, and welcome to a bonus episode of The Sewers of Paris! Thanks to the support of everyone on Patreon, I'm able to bring you extra episodes with guests beyond just gay men. This month, we're going beyond the Sewers with a very special guest: Aydian Dowling, the first trans man to appear on the cover of Men's Health. You might know him as the physically fit model who appeared on a special cover of Men's Health a few years ago. Aydian Dowling's made a...


The Wrong Kind of Gay (Ep. 163 - Jem and the Holograms)

This Week's Guest: Drew Mackie My guest this week is Drew Mackie. You might know him from the podcasts Gayest Episode Ever, or Singing Mountain, or We Are Not Young Anymore. The point is that he does a lot of podcasts, generally about the art & entertainment that makes the world a more joyful place. It's a long way from where he started his career, as a hard journalist covering a quadruple murder in his college town. For years, he did the serious work that he thought was expected of him,...


Zombies, Witches, and Talking Dolls (Ep. 162 - Passions)

This Week's Guest: Ira Madison Why is villainy so much fun? Whether it's cackling Emperor Palpatine or Joan Collings smirking smugly on Dynasty, bad guys invariably seem to be having such a good time ... and it can be hard to resist wanting to join them. My guest this week is Ira Madison, culture writer for The Daily Beast and co-host of the Keep It podcast. As a kid, he was quick to notice that the most fun part of his favorite soap operas were the over-the-top scene-chewing scoundrels....


Evil Glamour (Ep. 161 - Anime & Maleficent)

This Week's Guest: Justin Saint Is there some secret to turning pain into art? My guest this week is Justin Saint, whose artistic expression takes the form of makeup and cosplay. Justin's chosen medium involves costumes and disguises, but behind those beautiful facades are some struggles that are still pretty tender: periods of homelessness, parents setting his creative works on fire, and a relationship that nearly drove him past a point of no return. Now he's back on his feet and leading...


People Who Have Real Magic (Ep. 160 - Dune)

This Week's Guest: Ryan Kendall We often talk on this show about escape, and it’s usually with the assumption that having an escape is a good thing. But there can be consequences to leaving the world you've always known behind -- even when that world is actively causing you harm. My guest this week is Ryan Kendall, whose parents subjected him to devastating homophobia, and dangerous "ex-gay" abuse. After Ryan legally emancipated himself from his parents, what followed was a period of...