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Stories about the books, movies, tv, music and more that have changed the lives of gay men. Subscribe now for a new interviews, clips, and conversations every Thursday!

Stories about the books, movies, tv, music and more that have changed the lives of gay men. Subscribe now for a new interviews, clips, and conversations every Thursday!
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Stories about the books, movies, tv, music and more that have changed the lives of gay men. Subscribe now for a new interviews, clips, and conversations every Thursday!




An Etch-a-Sketch for my Life (Ep. 217 - Clue)

My guest this week has undergone an incredible change, from living in a deeply religious rural community to performing underground cabaret in New York City. John Coons is a singer, performer, songwriter, sometimes go-go dancer, and overall delight, and I’m so excited to chat with him about how he found a church he could truly believe in.


Bonus Episode: Science is Queer (Ep. 218 - ASAP Science's Mitch and Greg)

This bonus episode has two guests: Mitch and Greg are the creators of the super popular YouTube series ASAP Science. They met years ago through a Facebook hack, and grew close as they searched for a way to blend their love of science and art. Now they've built a quirky queer science empire together, as creative partner and life partners.


Hypersaturated (Ep. 216 - Knitting & Dance)

My guest this week was almost a world famous dancer, but instead he's a world famous knitter. Steven West's fiber art is known all far and wide for bright color, surprising stitches, and beguiling design -- you might think of it as hipster knitwear. Behind the celebrity knitter is a former Bible camp kid who loved to dance. Looking at him then, you might have had a feeling he'd become famous, and he did. Though it was for a reason no one could have predicted. And don’t forget to join us for...


Working on Something Big (Ep. 215 - Sci-Fi and Ham Radio)

There’s a good chance that the Internet as we know it wouldn't be a thing without this week's guest. Alan Emtage grew up in Barbados, where his connection to the outside world came through amateur radio projects that allowed him to talk with people around the world. He went on to pioneer the way we find information on the Internet at a time when there was no way to search, inventing the technology that eventually became familiar tools like Google. Alan made it possible for queer culture to...


Star Power (Ep. 214 - Tales of the City)

This week's guest is John Russo, a celebrity photographer who’s on a first name basis with subjects like Catherine Zeta Jones and Leonardo DiCaprio. John always projects a persona of complete and total confidence, a vibe that he also calls forth from his subjects. It’s a technique that's worked well for him, ever since he started out in his field, faking it until he made it. And don’t forget to join us for the next livestream! It’s on Saturday, January 26, at 2pm pacific.


Permission to be Sexual (Ep. 213 - Cher & Prince)

This Week’s Guest: Indigo Blue You might’ve seen this week’s guest onstage at some point — Indigo Blue is an accomplished burlesque performer and teacher. She also got a degree in anthropology by writing about sex work while working as a stripper, so she has a unique set of skills to pass along to students. And don’t forget to join us for the next livestream! It’s on Saturday, January 26, at 2pm pacific.


My Grubby Dark Weekend Secret (Ep. 212 - James Bond)

This Week’s Guest: Mark O’Connell My guest this week is Mark O’Connell, an ‘80s culture superfan who’s obsessed with Star Wars and James Bond. He’s the author of the books Watching Skies and Catching Bullets, and is also family friends with the producers of the Bond films. He’s also grown close with some of the actors from the franchise — no surprise, since those movies came to him as a kid when he needed them most. Join us for the next livestream — it’s on Saturday January 26 at 2pm...


It Was a Battle (Ep. 211 - Leather, Kink, and Watchmaking)

This Week’s Guest: Bolt My guest this week is Tyler, who you may know as Bolt — co-host of the YouTube series Watt’s the Safeword. Online, he’s known for providing fun cute silly sex ed, but did you know that when he’s not on camera, he’s super into watchmaking? Oh and also adventurous kinky sex of course. But that watchmaking! Also, a quick note about the next livestream: I've had to reschedule it from Saturday the 12th to Sunday the 13th at 10am Pacific. See you there! Stuff We Talked...


The Gothic Clarinetist (Ep. 210 - Mormon Musicals)

My guest this week is Timmy Roghaar, a Seattle actor, drag queen, go-go dancer, and ex-Mormon. Timmy left Salt Lake City behind to take off his pants and dance, and we chatted all about what got him out of a rut and in touch with his inner exhibitionist. (BTW in case you missed it, check out my livechat with Timmy a few weeks ago!) Stuff We Talked About


Behind the Sewers of Paris (Ep. 209 - Star Wars)

Hello there! I hope you had a nice holiday time and New Year season. We’re doing something a bit different this week — a kick-back chat with me and my partner James about why I started The Sewers of Paris, how it became what it is today, and the entertainment that changed my life (Star Wars, and also a roast). We’ll be back to the regular format next week, but let me know what you think of this slight departure from the normal Sewers style!


Taking Back Queer Femme Sexuality (Ep. 208 - Sylvia Plath)

The guests on this bonus episode are Erica Rose and Chelsea Moore, who talk about Sylvia Plath, The L Word, and the Well of Loneliness. Erica and Chelsea are a New York filmmaking team who push the boundaries of queer sex and sexuality on screen. Stuff We Talked About: The Well of Loneliness (Wordsworth Classics) By Radclyffe Hall The Collected Poems By Sylvia Plath


The Sewers of Paris Holiday Special Special!

This holiday season, I hope you're surrounded with good cheer, fabulous family and friends, and comforts aplenty to keep you warm in the dark winter nights. And when it comes to feeling cozy, I can think of no greater experts than Dave White and Alonso Duralde of the Linoleum Knife family of podcasts. Whether it's cooking glorious feasts, binging on cheesy specials, or unearthing obscure wintery films, this husband-and-husband team are the pinnacle of holiday warmth. Dave and Alonso were my...


A Little Space Alien (Ep. 207 - Superman)

This Week’s Guest: Glenn Kiser You might not recognize the name Glenn Kiser, but he's had a hand in countless films over the last three decades -- helping to craft films in editing rooms alongside directors like David Fincher, Spike Jonze, and Jane Campion, before moving on to run Skywalker Sound for George Lucas and now the Dolby Institute. As a kid, Glenn would obsess over movies and dream of the day he could make his own. And just like gathering elements of a story in an editing room, he...


What Do You Do When You're An Over The Hill Baton Twirler? (Ep. 206 - The Sound of Music)

This Week’s Guest: Henry Goldring How do you share your story when your story defies belief? My guest this week is Henry Goldring, whose upcoming memoir is entitled Unbelievable and recounts tales of audaciously bluffing his way into getting hired as Joan Rivers' opening act, despite never having performed before; and also getting committed by his siblings. Henry grew up in a generation that didn't have the internet, didn't have public role models, and was decimated by an epidemic....


Unleash the Queen (Ep. 205 - Freddie Mercury)

This Week’s Guest: Jim Provenzano I don't know if you heard, but somebody tried to make a movie about Bohemian Rhapsody recently. And it's nice that the film might introduce the band to a new generation, but there are some queers among us who got to live through Queen the first time. My guest this week is Jim Provenzano, author of the novel Now I'm Here, which tells the story of two small town boys who fall in love to the soundtrack of the late 70s. Jim's a product of that time as well, and...


This Boy is a Deviant (Ep. 204 - Jaymes Mansfield)

This Week’s Guest: Jaymes Mansfield How much do you know about the people who paved the way for you? We all benefit from foundations laid by those who came before, but so often -- and particularly for queer people -- those forebears are lost to history. But my guest this week is dedicated to shining a light on the incredible queer pioneers who led unimaginably fascinating lives and blazed the trail we now walk. You might know Jaymes Mansfield from her appearance on Drag Race Season 9. And...


Bonus Episode: Beyond the Sewers of Paris! We Were Born for This Moment (Ep. 203 - Annie)

This Week’s Guest: Kate Kendell Thanks to everyone who supports The Sewers of Paris on Patreon -- with your pledges I'm able to release monthly bonus episodes like this one. This week we'll be going beyond The Sewers of Paris with someone for whom I am truly grateful. Kate Kendell is the outgoing director of the National Center for Lesbian rights. Over the last 22 years of history-changing moments for LGBTQ people, she's not only had a front row seat, but she's been one of the key figures...


What Happens in a Gay Bar (Ep. 202 - Lady Gaga)

This Week’s Guest: Bryan Lowder This week's episode is going to be a bit of a song and dance. My guest is Bryan Lowder, associate editor at Slate and co-host of the Outward podcast. Known now for his cerebral essays and thoughtful analysis of queer culture, as a college student Bryan was drawn to New York's underground dance clubs, where years ago he found inner peace, and also encountered up-and-coming artists like Lady Gaga. And the next Sewers of Paris live chat is this weekend --...


What Makes You Have a Fabulous Life (Ep. 201 - Madonna)

This Week’s Guests: David and John How do you measure your success? For a lot of us it's career or fame or money or family, but the common theme among all of those is happiness. That is, what makes you happy? But often happiness as a goal gets drowned out by the things that we think are supposed to get us there. My guests this week are John and David, a husband-and-husband team behind the Queer Money podcast. They met on the dance floor and formed a bond that's only grown stronger for more...


She Made me Dress up as the Pink Carebear (Ep. 200 - Kevin Yee)

This Week’s Guest: Kevin Yee We're going back into the Sewers of Paris archives this week, for an interview with ex-boybander Kevin Yee. Kevin's new comedy special recently premiered Hulu, as part of the Comedy InvAsian series. He's been a performer for almost all his life, with his career taking a wild twist in his teens when he was cast in a 90s boy band. Three years later, things hadn't quite turned out as he'd hoped, and he thought his dreams of performing were over before he had even...