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We are Ashleigh & Alyx, and we are mighty. On this pod, we discuss UK trans news, events, pop culture and how being trans is better than being anything else.


United Kingdom


We are Ashleigh & Alyx, and we are mighty. On this pod, we discuss UK trans news, events, pop culture and how being trans is better than being anything else.






EP94 - Scotland Saves the Day Again!

On this episode, Alyx & Ashleigh talk about. References: https://whatthetrans.com/ep94/


EP93 - Struggles of Solidarity

On this episode, Ashleigh and Alyx bring the news of: References: https://whatthetrans.com/ep93/


EP 92 - An Educational Enigma

On this episode, Alyx and Ashleigh talk about;


Mini Episode: A Call to Action - The Puberty Blockers Consultation

On this mini episode, Alyx and Ashleigh encourage you, dear listener, to engage with NHS England's latest consultation. The team (and others) have put together an article along with a list of resources we used to do so. Please do check this out if you're unsure how to approach your own consultation response. Our article: https://whatthetrans.com/puberty-blockers-consultation-advice/ Abigail Thorn's Article: https://transwrites.world/nhs-england-is-proposing-to-ban-puberty-blockers/


EP 91 - A Confluence of Conferences

On this episode, Ashleigh & Alyx talk about;


EP90 - Chess, Toilets and a Constitutional Crisis

On this episode, Ashleigh and Alyx (a different Alyx this time, not Alex) talk about - Stonewall and GI fighting back against Westminster's block of the Scottish gender recognition bill - The International Chess Federation's transphobic new guidance - Free Sarah Jane Baker and Trans Pride Manchester! References: https://whatthetrans.com/ep90/ https://linktr.ee/whatthetrans


EP89 - A Labour U-turn & Trans Pride Brighton



EP88 - What should pride be? (Featuring Caroline Nokes MP)

On this episode - - We talk Trans Pride Brighton with founder Sarah Savage - We hear from Caroline Nokes MP how the government and the EHRC needs to do much, much better - And we discuss what pride should be featuring chats with Just Stop Oil and Stonewall Chair Iain Anderson References: https://whatthetrans.com/ep88/ https://linktr.ee/whatthetrans


EP87 - 5th anniversary self-absorbed special!

This podcast has been a thing for FIVE YEARS To celebrate we got a new look AND we got a bit self-absorbed On this episode - We see what NHS England has planned for trans youths - Legendary journalist Vic Parsons (Vice, PinkNews, The Guardian, Cosmopolitan) interviews us about doing this thing for half a decade References: https://whatthetrans.com/ep87/ https://linktr.ee/whatthetrans


EP86 - How the UK's equalities watchdog became the government's best anti-trans weapon

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) had one job: To protect human rights. When it comes to trans people they have arguably failed. On this podcast we go over the history of the EHRC and how it went from being pretty good on trans issues to dancing to the anti-trans tune of the government. Also: Anti-trans fascist Florida governor has announced his run for the US presidency. Nothing about that was good. References: https://whatthetrans.com/ep86/ https://linktr.ee/whatthetrans


EP85 - A United Nations expert is as alarmed as we are

Big podcast. Big news. Really important that you go through the references for this one. Got a lot of important stuff there. References: https://whatthetrans.com/ep85/ https://linktr.ee/whatthetrans


EP84 - This is a red alert for the UK's trans community

The Equality and Human Rights commission has said it is seriously worth considering allowing discriminating against trans people in regards to single sex spaces. This comes after Rishi Sunak has promised to review the Equality Act. This is a fight we cannot lose. Here is how to fight back, and also all the info you may need: https://whatthetrans.com/ep84/ https://linktr.ee/whatthetrans


EP83 - The Best Trans Movies Coming This Year

This episode of What The Trans contains frank discussions about transphobic violence and deaths by suicide. In this episode we discuss: - The story of Eden Knight, a trans woman who was co-erced into detransitioning in Saudi Arabia - The government has responded to the Brianna Ghey petition - We go through the best trans movies coming up this year! References - https://whatthetrans.com/ep83 https://linktr.ee/whatthetrans


EP82 - Nadia Whittome MP talked to us about the Labour Party

On this episode: - Nicola Sturgeon is out, but who could replace her and what does that mean for Scottish gender recognition? - Kemi Badenoch (boo-hiss) is grilled by MPs and gives updates on the government's worrying plans for gender recognition and the mythical conversion practices ban. - We tell the strange story of a trans woman being (allegedly...we don't like getting sued) lied about in the Daily Mail - We talk to Labour MP Nadia Whittome about allyship, whether trans people can trust Keir Starmer and what she believes her party should be doing for trans liberation. References - https://whatthetrans.com/ep82 https://linktr.ee/whatthetrans


EP81 - Brianna Ghey, GIDS staff speak out and more Scottish Gender Recognition turmoil

A podcast description that also serves as a content warning. - We discuss the murder of trans teenager Brianna Ghey and the communities response. -We talk about the open letter GIDS staff released - And Nicola Sturgeon has resigned, putting Gender Recognition Reform in Scotland in doubt. References - https://whatthetrans.com/ep81 https://linktr.ee/whatthetrans


EP80 - Roz Kaveney has done everything

Activist, author and critic Roz Kaveny has done everything. She has campaigned for trans equality with the Gay Liberation Front, attended the first London Pride and she even worked on the parliamentary forum that made the equality act and the gender recognition act things that exist. We talked to her for an hour about her life. Also: We cover the Scottish trans prisoner drama! We talk about Trump's terrifying plans for trans people! And Finland has done a wonderful thing! https://linktr.ee/whatthetrans


EP79 - The Scottish Gender Recognition Screwjob

The UK's government have really surpassed themselves this time. Weeks after the Scottish parliament voted through actual reform for trans people, Westminster blocked it. We break down everything you need to know. We also talk: A trans inclusive conversion therapy ban has been announced The Good Law Project case against NHS waiting times stumbles. References - https://www.whatthetrans.com/ep79 https://linktr.ee/whatthetrans


EP78 - 2022 can go f*** itself

On this pod - Scottish Gender Recognition update: Will Scotland beat Westminster? - Twitch allows the LGB Alliance to get donations (and then u-turns) - We talk about the victims of the Colorado Springs mass shooting - And we go through the biggest storys of 2022. References - https://www.whatthetrans.com/ep78 https://linktr.ee/whatthetrans


EP77 - New Trans health survey is shocking & how to sound how you want

On this pod - A brief report covering the horrific mass shooting at an LGBT venue in Colorado Springs - An indepth look at what can be learned from a massive healthcare survey of trans people by Transactual UK - We talk with an expert on voice training about how to change up how you sound. References - https://www.whatthetrans.com/ep77 https://linktr.ee/whatthetrans


EP76 - New Prime Minister! And we went to a bunch of protests

On this pod: - New PM Rishi Sunak and the NHS sound terrifying - Scotland's gender recognition reform passes stage 1! - Extinction Rebellion and Just Stop Oil speak on why they do what they do - The English Collective of Prostitutes speak to why they were protesting in London recently - And trans folks protest the LGB Alliance, which they should References: https://www.whatthetrans.com/ep76/ https://linktr.ee/whatthetrans