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The Long Goodbye

“So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu” as the Inside Learning podcast bids farewell to listeners everywhere, and nowhere. For reasons we discuss on the podcast, Matthew and I have decided that this will be the last one; the archive will remain. Thank you to fellow presenters, loyal listeners, former guests and friends for being with […]


Episode 163: Who you gonna call?

insidelearning of course, as we root out some more zombie ideas (although horror fans might not forgive us for mixing up ghosts and zombies, but we can’t take either them or ourselves too seriously). A couple of quick news items to ‘kick off’ with: ‘Ofsted warns secondary school progress ‘stalled'” Link here “Primary 1-3 class […]


Episode 162: Zombie ideas

VAK up your troubles in your old kitbag… as Matthew and Steve chat through some ideas that really should be dead but still seem to be stalking the pedagogic corridors. VAK and learning styles is one. Are there also ideas with potential that are turned into zombies through their misuse? Bloom’s Taxonomy might be an […]


Episode 161: Eduporn?

Steve and Matthew are delighted to be joined by the ineffable Bill Boyd, Literacy Adviser, as we chew over some recent education news and events. We talk about the political mood in Scotland and notice in passing that England’s Secretary of State for Education Nicky Morgan is promising a less confrontational style than her predecessor: […]


Episode 160: Brass and Mahogany

Matthew and Steve are back on the education news trail tonight, and excited by the scientific achievements of landing a bunch of experiments on a far distant comet. However, we start with some historical reflection: “The anarchic experimental schools of the 1970s”, By Tom de Castella BBC News Magazine. Link here See also this blog […]


The Language Coup

Beautifully hijacking the podcast tonight is guest ranter and welly wearer Gillian Campbell -Thow who is joined by two language legends and podcasting pros Mark Pentleton and Joe Dale. “The Language Coo” All three are participating in the Scottish Association for Language Teaching conference this weekend. A bit of lingo showboating and Gillian manages […]


Episode 157: Welsh Farrago

We are delighted to welcome back the campaigning Bill Boyd as the three musketeers return to the digital highway, cutting a swathe through education news items. A discussion on inspection, accountability and support sparked by Education Scotland: Education inspection and review consultation underway, link here What does the growth of the Khan academy signify? “The […]


Episode 156: Sweet streams are made of this

Tonight Matthew and Steve chat post-referendum and discuss some current education topics: “Low-level classroom disruption hits learning, Ofsted warns” story from Katherine Sellgren BBC News education reporter, Link here, and “Heads reject Ofsted’s poor classroom behaviour claims” Sean Coughlan BBC News education correspondent link here “Streaming ‘widens rich-poor achievement gap'” story from Hannah Richardson […]


Episode 155: Schleicher liker

Matthew, Gillian and Steve chat about education news as nerves are jangling and we all think: bring on tomorrow! Amongst the chat we get round to stories about: “Teachers face shambles over school places” Andrew Denholm, Education Correspondent, The Herald, link here “Longer school days will help learning crisis in white working class children, DfE […]


Episode 136: Voices from the choir

Addicted as we are to well informed and influential guests, tonight we are delighted to welcome back on to the podcast, the Real David Cameron. Matthew introduces us to a story about gaming and the curriculum, and before we know it our conversation takes in the purposes of education, the curriculum, and assessment. Matthew, despite […]


EP 134: The Sunlit Uplands

Tonight Matthew welcomes back Jay Helbert (@learningjay), a podcast stalwart making an all-too-rare appearance, and we are joined by Bill ‘The Literacy Adviser’ Boyd (@literacyadviser) to look at what’s fresh on the educational news front. First up though, Jay has been reviewing the latest project from educational guru Sugata Mitra (@Sugatam). Mitra is the instigator […]


Ep 133: Not the Ready-Brek School of Education

Tonight we are delighted to be joined by Mike Russell, taking time out from a busy schedule especially to talk to us. Mike is Scottish National Party MSP representing the region of Southern Scotland. His current government position is Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning. In this conversation with Mike he clearly demonstrates that […]


Episode 132: Myth, Heresy and Misconception

Tonight we enjoy a rich and stimulating conversation with Professor John MacBeath, prompted by the publication of his new book: “Education and Schooling: Myth, heresy and misconception”. John talks about some of the big themes from his book, tells some wonderful stories, reads some passages and embarrasses Matthew in one of them! The podcast showcases […]


Episode 131: Some like it warm

Tonight we are delighted to be joined by Vivienne Brown who has a distinguished CV in the field of careers education and advice. A field that Matthew and I are rather ignorant about, but are now much more enlightened after this interesting conversation! You can read more about Vivienne’s work and experience on her websites […]


Ep 130: Six of the Best!

Well, here we are at the end of 2013 and it has been a good, if short year for Inside Learning. The education stories have been plentiful between Michael Gove’s continued dominance of the English scene and the constant dominance of the Curriculum for Excellence agenda North of the Tweed! Steve and I have continued […]


129: Nel Noddings in the Right Direction

Tonight we are joined by Louisa Hussey, acting headteacher of a Nottinghamshire primary school. Louisa is a passionate and committed teacher with a lot of insight and makes a wonderful guest. Although the technology did its best to ruin the conversation, we have hopefully pieced together a really interesting programme. We start with some further […]


Duelling Panchos

Fantastic episode tonight with new Guest, the busier-than-though Language teacher, adviser and national guru, Gillian Campbell-Thow. We finally have a return visit from old-guest Jay Helbert and Matthew is just delighted! We keep it tight in time terms and stick to only one story so that we can get in and about Gillian’s work on […]


Episode 127: Flipping Socrates

Tonight Steve is joined by Bill as Matthew takes a break, which means that we are short of puns on our main story (mercifully?) We talk about The PISA’s “delivery man”, Andreas Schleicher, and the process in general. The next PISA report is out on Tuesday and it seems to be taking on ever more […]


Episode 126 Govebusters!

Who you gonna call? Insidelearning, of course. (Sorry, the department have told us this should read: “who are going to call?”) . Matthew begins the show on a very positive note following conversations with young people in a comprehensive school on his patch. We toast them and their teachers. It all goves downhill from then […]


Episode 125: Canon, and on, and on, and on….

As promised, we get stuck into Alfie Kohn’s list of points to make schools “our children deserve”. Inevitably, we are thoroughly ill- disciplined about it and enjoy ourselves too much, which means the programme is a long one. Stick with it, from out of the mash condense little droplets of fine drinking, or something like […]