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KalyeSpeak teaches Filipino - as Filipinos really speak it. Listen in to great and funny lessons which focus on the language and slang of the Filipinos.

KalyeSpeak teaches Filipino - as Filipinos really speak it. Listen in to great and funny lessons which focus on the language and slang of the Filipinos.


Manila, Philippines


KalyeSpeak teaches Filipino - as Filipinos really speak it. Listen in to great and funny lessons which focus on the language and slang of the Filipinos.






Elementary – Ang Trapik! I’ll Walk!

Is this a dream? Is this real? Is this really a new episode? It is! And the lesson explains the long wait… traffic! No one does traffic like Manila does! So, listen in as the crew talks about getting stuck in EDSA… and Razi almost dying in a mountain! Doesn’t make sense? Well, if you […]


Elementary – Suntanned from the Beach

It’s not a Christmas episode, we know, but who wouldn’t want a lesson about the beach? Well, here it is! Mickey and Cris talk about getting a tan from the beach! And be careful how you pronounce that B word (unless you want to emulate our favorite VJ)! The lesson will also talk about focus […]


Elementary – Lilipat Migration

Saying goodbye is never easy, but remembering always softens the blow. In this new lesson from the Kspeak Crew, we talk something every Filipino can relate to – migration! We will also learn how easy it is to use the future tense in Filipino! Kinig na! A: Lilipat kami papuntang States. B: Hah? Kailan kayo […]


Elementary-We’re Late. Maliligo Lang Ako.

You’re in a rush, you have to get going, but your friend stinks. What to do? Well, practice this helpful dialog of course! Mickey and Jovitt break down the useful phrases of this episode, while Pupay and Razi talk about palangganas, tabos, and taking a shower! A: Pare, huli na tayo! B: Maliligo lang ako […]


Elementary – Driving School

They say that if you can drive in the Philippines, you can drive anywhere. But this innate talent of driving has to come from somewhere right? Of course! And all roads lead back to driving school which is what Mickey and Cris will discuss in 2012’s first Kalyespeak episode. A: Marunong ka ba magmaneho? B: […]


Elementary – Gutom! Sisig!

After a long wait, we’re back with, yes, you guessed it, another food-related lesson! Cris, Jov, and Mickey tackle a classic Pampangueno dish: sisig – a staple for almost every Filipino who drinks beer or hangs out in a grill. It’s delicious. It’s succulent. It’s pig’s head. And it’s making us hungry. A: Gutom na […]


Pika-pika! – Bahala Na Si Batman

Caught in a pickle? Bite off more than you can chew? Crap hit the fan? Thinking of eating that balut? In love with Katy Perry but you’re not Russell Brand? Well, if you don’t know what to do, then listen in! Cris and Mickey talk about this odd, yet interesting, Filipino expression! [audio https://kalyespeak.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/pika-pika-bahala-na-si-batman.mp3] Download me!


Elementary – Joke Time!

Is there a better way than to start your day with a joke? Of course! That’s by saying a joke in Filipino! In this (long-awaited!) installment of Kalyespeak, Cris and Mickey share a classic Filipino joke, while Jovitt gets off his pison and shares some insights on Filipino jokes. A: May joke ako! Anong tawag sa […]


Try Mo Try Ko! – Bilangan ng Baboy

Let’s start July off with a new lesson to pig out on! Ah, did you get that? Did you get that clue? If you did, then this month’s offering of Try Mo, Try Ko will be as easy as pie (even if its an advanced lesson!). Don’t forget to leave your answers on the message […]


Try Mo Try Ko! – Sundutan!

Clean those ears and sharpen those minds because it’s time for another listening lesson with Try Mo, Try Ko! Cris and Razi eavesdrop on an odd conversation between Jovitt and Bernice. So, what’s happening??? Let us know what you think!


Try Mo Try Ko! – Breaking Up

Lessons too basic for you? Well, here’s a good way to test your Filipino listening and comprehension skills! Listen in as Razi and Cris introduce Kalyespeak’s newest series “Try Mo, Try ko!” Leave your answers to the questions in the comments section! Who knows, you might even get a shout-out for being the first to […]


Pika Pika! – Ang Bait Mo Naman!

Why, thank you, you’re so kind! Ever the polite language, Filipino can actually be used sarcastically, as is often the case with this phrase, “ang bait mo naman!” Listen in as Cris, Mickey and Jovitt discuss this ubiquitous phrase. Download me!


Pika-pika! – Yiheeeeeee!

Ever notice that something romantic’s a-brewing between two of your friends? Ever see the subtle touches on the shoulder, the intimate whispers, the exceedingly awkward politeness? Ever want to put them on the spot?! Well, in this Pika-pika, you’ll learn how! With just one annoying word (can it even be considered a word?!), you’ll be […]


Extra Ispesyal Pika-Pika! – Lasing Ako! (With Special Guest Beth!)

We know, we know, Pika-pika’s usually a once-a-month thing… but not this month – especially with this EXTRA SPECIAL PIKA-PIKA! Listen in as Kalyespeak finally tackles the “L” word and Cris talks about his upcoming foray in Beijing! And if that’s not enough, we have our very first guest – all the way from New […]


Pika-Pika! – Susmaryosep!

Ever arrive home and find your kid doing something he isn’t supposed to be doing? Ever had a bad day at work, get stuck 5 hours in ridiculous traffic, and get a text message that your boss wants you to come back for overtime? Ever been flabbergasted and wanting for a Filipino expletive to express […]


Pika Pika! – Merienda Tayo!

Need a break? Have a banana cue! Filipinos love to eat so much that in-between meals are part of our culinary culture. What do we call it? Merienda! In this lesson, we’re giving you another excuse to go out and have a break – because we know you can never have too much of that. […]


Pika-Pika – Anong Pangalan Mo?

We’ve all known each other for quite some time and fortunately we’ve all been courteous enough to introduce ourselves. But what if you encounter a stranger, a little lost kid, or a duwende perhaps? I’m sure they won’t be going all James Bond with their names. So in order to get the ball rolling in […]


Pika Pika! – Pahingi!

Imagine yourself in the desert, the malevolent sun beating down on your burning skin, your throat as dry as the sand around you. Then, out of nowhere, you see an angel holding a bottle of Coca-cola. The thing is, the angel only speaks Filipino. So what now? Well, listen in as Cris and Mickey discuss […]


Updates from the Kalyespeak team!

We’re back! The Kalyespeak team is back in business! It’s been quite a while since we last released an episode since we’ve been busy with work and school! But the team is back! Listen in for some updates and some new stuff to look forward to! 🙂 Download


Pika Pika – Inuman na! Let’s all get drunk!

Get the party started with this new phrase! Learn how Filipinos officially declare the festivities open. Are you ready? Inuman na! Download