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Informative, jargon-free stories about law reform, legal education, test cases, miscarriages of justice and legal culture. The Law Report makes the law accessible.

Informative, jargon-free stories about law reform, legal education, test cases, miscarriages of justice and legal culture. The Law Report makes the law accessible.


Melbourne, VIC


Informative, jargon-free stories about law reform, legal education, test cases, miscarriages of justice and legal culture. The Law Report makes the law accessible.




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Proceeds of crime

If you earn a million dollars from selling drugs and are convicted under proceeds of crime legislation, you don’t get to keep it. But what if that conviction is quashed years later? Some of the most notorious figures in the gangland era are heading back to courts to appeal their convictions following the Nicola Gobbo scandal. What happens to the 70 million dollars confiscated? Greg Muller asks, what are the laws around proceeds of crime and are they always fair?


Climate change litigation

Climate change is increasingly being raised in courtrooms around the world. The latest was brought by eight Australian school students and a nun who argued that the government owed a duty of care to protect children from the harmful effects of climate change. As journalist Greg Muller reports, climate change is now seen as a legal and financial risk as well as an environmental one.


Bougainville independence talks underway. And are judges too lenient when sentencing sex offenders?

Could we soon see the creation of a brand new country immediately to Australia's north? PNG's Prime Minister and the President of the Autonomous Bougainville Government are negotiating Bougainville's future. Also, what are the most important factors that judges weigh up when sentencing sex offenders? And are judges out of touch with community expectations?


Overwhelming support for constitutionally enshrined indigenous voice

The Uluru Statement from the Heart called for a constitutionally enshrined indigenous voice to parliament. In response, the federal government created a co-design process, which produced an interim report outlining what form this voice might take. A new report has found that 90% of the 2500 submissions received following the interim report support constitutional enshrinement.


Witness K and the public interest. And should Australia adopt private sponsorship of refugees Canada style?

Can revealing Australia’s security operations ever be in the public interest? A former spy, Witness K received a three-month suspended sentence for revealing the Australian government spied on the Timor Leste government during negotiations over oil and gas resources in the Timor Strait. And, since the 1970s, over 300,000 refugees have settled in Canada under the country’s private sponsorship scheme. Could a similar scheme work in Australia?


Crime and Justice in the Torres Strait and Cape York’s Licensing Muster program

Torres Strait's low crime rate, the Muster program


Vaccine passports and global snapshot of LGBTQI discrimination

Some countries and states have introduced a Vaccine Passport, to allow more domestic and international movement and businesses to return. What are the technical and legal obstacles to a COVID-19 vaccine passport here in Australia? And in this Pride Month, while the LGBTQI community has a lot to celebrate in Australia, in many countries they face ongoing legal discrimination, even the death penalty.


Porter v ABC and AGL v Greenpeace

Former Attorney General Christian Porter has discontinued his defamation litigation against the ABC. And power company AGL is taking Greenpeace to court arguing breach of trademark and copyright. AGL says the activist group should not have used its trademark in a series of parody advertisements that highlights its CO2 emissions.


Victoria's Yoo-rrook Justice Commission and new research on Magistrate stress levels

We speak to the Chair and one of other the four commissioners who will preside over Victoria's ground breaking Yoo-rrook or Justice Commission. And new research has found that local court magistrates are the state-based judicial officers who suffer most from work-related stress.


Improving the justice system for sexual assault survivors

Many victim survivors of sexual assault say they found giving evidence at trial a harrowing and re-traumatising experience. The Victorian Law Reform Commission is currently conducting an inquiry into ways to improve the responses of the justice system to sexual offences.


Federal Court rejects challenge to India travel ban. And rugby's no fault standdown rule [Updated audio]

The Federal Court dismissed a challenge to the Morrison government's ban on Australian citizens returning from India. Justice Thawley ruled that the government was acting within its powers under the Biosecurity Act 2015. And should professional sports people be able to continue playing when facing serious criminal charges?


Drug driving truckies and outraging public decency

Mohinder Singh, the truck driver responsible for the deaths of four Victorian police officers has been sentenced to a non parole period of 18 years. Richard Pusey, who callously filmed the tragedy has also been sentenced to 10 months jail after pleading guilty to a number of offences including outraging public decency. And, why did the NSW Workers Commission award $500,000 to the family of a truck driver who was high on ice and died after crashing his rig into a home, injuring a sleeping...


Australia's whistle-blower protection laws. And is it time for a vaccine injury compensation scheme?

Australia's whistle-blower laws will be in the spotlight when a long-running, high-profile prosecution involving former ATO officer Richard Boyle comes back before the courts. Also, if a vaccine causes an injury, many countries have a vaccine injury compensation scheme. Do we need one in Australia?


Court rules couples can conspire and how brain implants might transform criminal law

The High Court of Australia rules that a married couple can conspire to commit a crime. Also, the challenges posed by emerging neuro technologies.


The findings of two significant Coronial Inquests

NSW State Coroner Teresa O’Sullivan has found that the murders of teenagers Jack and Jennifer Edwards by their father were preventable. The Coroner identified a series of serious systemic failures which contributed to the crimes. Also, Victorian Coroner Paresa Spanos has recommended the adoption of pill testing after investigating the deaths of five young men who died in separate drug related incidents between July 2016 and January 2017.


Full decriminalisation of sex work on the cards in Victoria

The Victorian government is set to consider fully decriminalising sex work this year. Guest producer Carly Godden traces how, over the eras, the law in Victoria has regulated the commercial sex and adult industries. *Note there are sexual references in this program


Christian Porter no longer Attorney General. And eminent scientists petition for release of convicted killer Kathleen Folbigg

On advice from the Solicitor-General, the PM shifts Christian Porter to Minister for Industry, Science and Technology. And following the NSW Court of Appeal ruling that Kathleen Folbigg stay behind bars, the Australian Academy of Science issues a strong statement saying 'there are medical and scientific explanations for the death of each of Kathleen Folbigg's children'. A petition from ninety eminent scientists also called for her immediate release.


Inside Thomas Embling Hospital, a Forensic health facility

For the first time a journalist is allowed to record in the Thomas Embling Hospital, Melbourne's Forensic healthcare facility. Meet therapists, the psychiatrist in charge and some of the patients who have committed a serious crime but are deemed not responsible for their actions due to mental illness.


Politicians suing for defamation and research on re-offending by forensic patients

Attorney-General Christian Porter has just lodged a defamation action against the ABC. And recently, the full Federal Court upheld a $120,000 damages payout to Senator Sarah Hanson Young by former Senator David Leyonhjelm. Also, new research on who is most likely to commit a serious crime. A former prisoner or former forensic hospital patient?


Debate over independent inquiry into Christian Porter rape allegations

Should there be an an independent inquiry into historic rape allegations against Attorney-General Christian Porter and if so, what should it look like?