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12: Live From #APAIL18!

Quorum Forum is live from the 2018 American Planning Association – Illinois Chapter State Conference! Ancel Glink’s David Silverman joins us to discuss endearing (enduring?) public hearings, and lessons learned to effectively process requests for zoning relief. Have you ever been part of a crazy public hearing? Tell us about it, podcast@ancelglink.com! Credits --- Producers: Christy Michaelson, Matt DiCianni, Caitlyn Sharrow Executive Producers: Julie Tappendorf, Keri-Lyn Krafthefer Chair:...


11: Live from IML 2018!

From billboards to board civility, we cover it all live from Kitty O’Shea’s at the 2018 Illinois Municipal League Conference! Mayor Gail Johnson (Oswego, IL), Trustee Andr’e Satchell (Matteson, IL), and Ass’t Village Manager Roy Witherow (Lake Zurich, IL) join us for public comment, and Ancel Glink’s Greg Jones, Kurt Asprooth, Stewart Diamond, and Keri-Lyn Krafthefer offer their thoughts on IML 2018! Share your questions and thoughts on the conference with us at podcast@ancelglink.com!...


10: Election Special! Local Election Officials

It’s a Quorum Forum Election Special! Keri-Lyn Krafthefer joins us for a special meeting to discuss how local election officials can prepare for the 2019 elections. In addition to her top election tips, Keri-Lyn shares a useful “Receipt for Filing Nominating Papers” form, available on the episode page at http://quorumforum.ancelglink.com! Don’t forget to share your questions and show ideas with us at podcast@ancelglink.com! Credits --- Producers: Christy Michaelson, Matt DiCianni, Caitlyn...


9: Drone On!

Whether you think drones are pretty cool, or really creepy, they are increasingly used in commerce and recreation. Derke Price joins our regular meeting to discuss how local governments can regulate drones, and appropriately use drones themselves. Ancel Glink Today’s Caitlyn Sharrow also joins us to review new laws affecting local government employers and more! Read more about these new laws at www.municipalminute.ancelglink.com, and email your questions and show ideas to...


8: Union Dues and Don’ts

In the past, public employees refusing to join the union were often required to pay “fair share” fees, sometimes amounting to 80% of a full union member’s dues. That recently changed with the Supreme Court’s decision in Janus v. AFSCME, and Ancel Glink’s Matt DiCianni joins us for a special meeting to talk about this important case. Local government employers and employees can read more about this decision at http://workplacereport.ancelglink.com, and send us questions and show ideas at...


7: What's the Big Deal with Small Cells?

The increased demand for wireless services means that street lights, utility poles, buildings, and more are now home to small wireless facilities. Top telecommunications attorney Adam Simon stops by our regular meeting to discuss how municipalities can regulate these small cells. We also go "In the Zone" with Greg Jones for the latest in economic development from Ancel Glink's land use newsletter. Questions? Show ideas? Email us podcast@ancelglink.com! Subscribe to "In the Zone," Ancel...


6: What to Do When Your Gov Gets Sued!

People sue the government all the time, but (hopefully) your local government doesn’t receive a lawsuit every day. Ancel Glink litigator Aaron Bitterman joins us for a special meeting to discuss some of the first things your local government should do when a lawsuit comes in the door. Do you have questions for public comment, or ideas to include on the agenda for our next meeting? Email us at podcast@ancelglink.com!


5: Defending Claims Against Police

What challenges do local governments face defending police misconduct allegations? Christy Michaelson joins our regular meeting with updates on police legislation from Ancel Glink Defense E-News, and Tom DiCianni discusses how technology and media attention affect the defense of high-profile police cases. Email your questions and show ideas to podcast@ancelglink.com!


4: Land Banks

Take it to the bank! Ancel Glink’s Brent Denzin joins us for a special meeting on blighted, vacant, and abandoned properties. Brent discusses how local governments can team up to form “land banks” that acquire problem properties, and return them to productive tax-paying use. Do you have Quorum Forum questions or show ideas? Email us, podcast@ancelglink.com!


3: Sexual Harassment

Important employment issues are on the agenda for this regular meeting of Ancel Glink's Quorum Forum podcast! Matt DiCianni shares important news affecting public and private employers from Ancel Glink's Workplace Report. Then, Darcy Proctor and Bob McCabe join us to discuss another headline-grabbing topic -- sexual harassment. Don't forget to send us your questions and show ideas to podcast@ancelglink.com!


2: Township Consolidation

"Consolidation" is the topic that brings us together for this special meeting of Ancel Glink's Quorum Forum podcast! We'll have an update on consolidation legislation affecting municipalities, and Keri-Lyn Krafthefer's takes on township consolidation. Questions? Show ideas? Email us at podcast@ancelglink.com!


1: Email Mania

“Welcome to Ancel Glink’s Quorum Forum, the podcast local governments need to do business! At our first Regular Meeting, Caitlyn Sharrow highlights pending local government legislation, and Julie Tappendorf discusses the use of personal cell phones to communicate about government business. Questions or show ideas? Send them to podcast@ancelglink.com”