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33: “Ring in the New Year” Caller Special

Quorum Forum 33: “Ring in the New Year” Caller Special Quorum Forum podcast welcomes Ancel Glink’s Adam Simon to celebrate the new year and his recent appellate court victory helping municipalities correctly collect cable franchise fees. Then, we ring in 2020 by taking calls and answering questions about public employees, public comment, cannabis, and more. What questions are you facing in the new year? Leave us a voicemail at 312.604.9178, or email us at podcast@ancelglink.com! Resources...


32: Holiday Special! New Laws for 2020

It's a Quorum Forum podcast holiday special! Ancel Glink attorneys are telling Santa what local governments need to know for the holidays and beyond. Christy Michaelson discusses maintaining city sidewalks, busy sidewalks, while Aaron Bitterman talks recent tort immunity cases. Finally, Mark Heinle reviews new laws affecting local governments and employers in the new year, on topics ranging from sexual harassment to the minimum wage. What do you think local governments need to know for the...


31: Closed Session for Litigation

Ancel Glink litigation partner Ellen Emery joins us for a meeting at the dog park to preview the 2019 Illinois Association of Park Districts Legal Symposium and significant court decisions affecting your district’s day-to-day operations. Later, we adjourn to closed session to talk about what local governments should know about the Open Meetings Act exception for discussing litigation. What questions do you have about discussing litigation in closed session? Email us at...


#30 Cannabis Q&A – Live from #APAIL19!

Join us for a special meeting of Ancel Glink’s Quorum Forum podcast recorded live from the Expo Stage at the American Planning Association, Illinois State Conference in Evanston! Kurt Asprooth and Dan Bolin answer questions from planners about the forthcoming introduction of recreational cannabis in Illinois. Do you have questions about recreational cannabis? Email us at podcast@ancelglink.com! Credits --- Producer: Daniel J. Bolin Assistant Producers: Christy Michaelson, Matt DiCianni...


#29 Wagering, Watchdogs, and Websites - Live from IML 2019!

The latest Quorum Forum podcast was recorded live from Kitty O’Shea’s at the 2019 Illinois Municipal League Conference! State Rep. Chris Welch and Kurt Asprooth join us to discuss sports betting and gaming, while Keri-Lyn Krafthefer talks about government transparency and watchdog groups. Finally, Matt DiCianni takes a look at the future of local government websites. What interesting things did you learn at IML this year? Email us at podcast@ancelglink.com! Credits --- Producer: Daniel J....


#28 Nice Meeting U!

Quorum Forum podcast is heading back to school at Nice Meeting University! Ancel Glink’s Stewart Diamond teaches us about rules for good local government meetings, while Ashton Tunk covers Open Meetings Act news. We also study hard seltzer consumers' claims of immunity from statutes and local ordinances, based on the theory "there ain't no laws when you're drinking claws." What tips do you have for good local government meetings? Email us at podcast@ancelglink.com! Learn More --- Interested...


# 27 Avoiding Employment Mistakes

How can employers avoid common mistakes? Employment litigator John Hayes tells us during a regular meeting of Ancel Glink's Quorum Forum podcast, while law clerk Mike Halpin shares recent employment laws and cases that local governments and employers need to know. Does your organization have challenges with employees? Email us at podcast@ancelglink.com! Learn More --- Quorum Forum 6, What to do When Your Gov Gets Sued! https://bit.ly/2YxxJDh Bradley v. University Park: https://bit.ly/2ZloYND...


#26 Local Gov Legislation

After a historic legislative session, Ancel Glink partner and State Rep. Chris Welch joins Kurt Asprooth for a special meeting to discuss a capital bill bringing new casinos, sports betting, and more video gaming terminals to Illinois communities. We also discuss “Tobacco 21,” a new Open Meetings Act exception, and more important legislation affecting local governments. Questions about new #localgov legislation? Email us at podcast@ancelglink.com! Credits --- Producer: Daniel J. Bolin...


#25 Recreational Cannabis

The Illinois General Assembly recently approved recreational cannabis and, with the Governor’s expected signature, the new law will bring sweeping changes to local governments and employers. Ancel Glink’s Adam Simon and Matt DiCianni discuss questions local governments will have about cannabis business regulations, personal use, possession, home cultivation, state and local taxes, prosecutions, expungements, and more! We also discuss how recreational cannabis will affect employers and...


#24 Local Government Procurement

It’s Quorum Forum podcast’s first birthday party! We’re celebrating with David Warner and recent annexation cases from Municipal Minute. Then, Derke Price reviews what newly (and not-so-newly) elected officials need to know about local government procurement. Questions about purchasing goods and services? Happy birthday wishes? Email us at podcast@ancelglink.com! Download Ancel Glink’s Newly Elected Official’s Guide: http://ancelglink.com/Resource/Download/174 Visit...


#23 Arbor Day Special!

Make like a tree and leaf your headphones on for our Quorum Forum Arbor Day Special! Brandon Naser and Joe Hansen of Park Ridge's Forestry Division discuss Arbor Day in the City, and the important benefits trees provide the community. They also share important tree-sources from the Chicago Region Trees Initiative (www.chicagorti.org), including a their recent 2050 Master Plan (chicagorti.org/MasterPlan) and a video encouraging tree investment (chicagorti.org/ReduceCosts). How does your...


#22 Defending Malicious Prosecution Claims

Prosecutions are on the agenda, as Aaron Bitterman joins us from Ancel Glink Defense E-News (emus?) with new and proposed rules affecting ordinance enforcement for local governments. Then, experienced litigator and former prosecutor Kathy Kunkle discusses ways local governments can avoid malicious prosecution claims. Email us at podcast@ancelglink.com to subscribe to Ancel Glink Defense E-News, and receive the latest court decisions and legislative changes in litigation that may affect your...


#21 Tiny Homes

Tiny homes are a big trend, and Kurt Asprooth joins our regular meeting to discuss local regulations for these unique structures; but first John Reding and Ancel Glink's "In the Zone" land use newsletter bring us the latest on recreational cannabis proposals in Illinois. Email us at podcast@ancelglink.com to subscribe to In the Zone, and stay up to date on important land use news! Credits --- Producer: Megan Mack Assistant Producers: Christy Michaelson, David Warner, Matt DiCianni Executive...


#20 APA-CMS Bar Exam Planning Law Session

Join Ancel Glink’s Quorum Forum podcast for a special meeting recorded live at Haymarket Pub & Brewery from the APA-CMS Bar Exam Planning Law Session, a realistic law school simulation for planners and land use professionals hosted by the American Planning Association’s Chicago Metro Section. Ancel Glink’s Greg Jones and Megan Mack discuss some of the audience’s favorite planning law topics, including annexation agreements, food trucks, dockless scooters, and more! What important land use...


#19 Silver Tsunami!

The "Silver Tsunami" has arrived for employers and local governments, so management of increasing numbers of older employees is on the agenda. Matt DiCianni joins us from Ancel Glink's Workplace Report to discuss the latest age discrimination cases. Then, Jim Rock talks retirement, IMRF, and his time at the 2019 IAPD/IPRA Soaring to New Heights Conference. How is your organization helping its most experienced employees? Tell us about it at podcast@ancelglink.com! Credits --- Producer: Matt...


#18 Workers' Compensation

Nearly all employers have workers' compensation claims, but how are they different for local governments? Experienced attorneys Britt Isaly and Greg Rode join us for a special meeting to discuss things local officials and staff might not know about worker’s compensation, including common defense strategies, the advantages and disadvantages of settlement, and a recent law providing new benefits to paramedics. We also discuss the Illinois Attorney General’s recent guidance on immigration...


#17 Sunshine Laws

We’re staying warm this winter with sunshine laws! Erin Pell talks about managing requests for public records under the Freedom of Information Act, while Ancel Glink Today’s David Warner brings us recent updates from the Illinois Attorney General’s Public Access Counselor. Then, Julie Tappendorf joins us from the popular Municipal Minute blog with top tips for holding legal meetings under the Open Meetings Act. We also talk about required electronic training, which you can find on the...


#16 Election Special! Governmental Issues and Electoral Boards

Election season isn’t just for candidates! Local election officials and electoral boards have many responsibilities to make elections happen. Meanwhile, local governments are asked to enforce political sign regulations and electioneering laws. Sometimes local governments get involved in elections themselves with their own referenda and public questions. With so many election-related issues, Ancel Glink’s Keri-Lyn Krafthefer joins us for another election special addressing governmental issues...


#15 Holiday Spirits and Liquor Control

It's a Quorum Forum holiday special! Christy Michaelson and Ancel Glink Defense E-News (emus?) talk about inspection policies for city sidewalks, busy sidewalks, dressed in holiday style. Then, David Silverman joins us to review recent liquor control laws that might spread more holiday cheer in municipalities. Finally, Britt Isaly discusses alcohol policies for events at municipal libraries and library districts. To subscribe to Ancel Glink Defense E-News, email us at podcast@ancelglink.com!...


#14 Election Special! Getting on the Ballot

Local election season is underway, and you can’t win an election if you’re not on the ballot. That’s why Keri-Lyn Krafthefer joins us to navigate you through the ballot access process, talking about nomination petitions, the statement of candidacy, the statement of economic interest, and more! How are you preparing for local elections in 2019? Tell us about it, podcast@ancelglink.com! Credits --- Producers: Christy Michaelson, Matt DiCianni, Megan Mack, David Warner Executive Producers:...