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Stick Together is Australia’s only national radio show dedicated to union and workplace justice issues.

Stick Together is Australia’s only national radio show dedicated to union and workplace justice issues.
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Melbourne, VIC


Stick Together is Australia’s only national radio show dedicated to union and workplace justice issues.




West Virginia Teachers' Strike

Stick Together in step with the ACTU call for 12 Days of Action to change the rules we have a special feature on a monumental strike action recently carried out in West Virginia by teachers who took illegal strike action and won pay and conditions for public workers in their state. Their actions have seen other teachers also standing up in other states in America calling for their rights as we speak. What happened? How did they win? Are there lessons for us in their fight back?12 days of...


Spotlight on Industrial Manslaughter Laws

With the Victorian State election looming the state’s trade union movement is escalating their campaign on the introduction of industrial manslaughter laws in Victoria. Queensland and the ACT have already introduced industrial manslaughter laws but currently there is little justice for Victorian workers who are killed at work due to negligence. Paul Sutton, OH&S lead from Victroian Trades Hall Council and Queensland Council of Unions, Assistant General Secretary Michael Clifford, join the...


Big Steps Walk Out

After some news we go to the biggest walk off by early childhood educators in Australia held on Tuesday 27th March. The fight for equal pay for the workers started in Victorian with United Voice members across the country now joining the protest. Centres in Brisbane, Darwin, Canberra, Sydney, Horbart, Adelaide and Perth were joined by rural centres with over 6,000 early educators marching. Stick Together was at the Melbourne rally.News1. Port Kembla Coal Terminal get go ahead to terminate...


A tale of two tactics - Strikes vs the Commission

In addition to a weekly wrap of union news, this week we look at two avenues that are used to lift the wages of workers. We first speak with Don Sutherland about the annual minimum wage case, where the commission uses legal argument to decide what low paid workers "need" to survive. We then cross to a picket line at Yakult, where workers are taking matters into their own hands - striking for better pay and conditions.


Strife on the Waterfront

There is strife on the waterfront and the rumblings are being heard right across the country. Today we speak to Will Tracey, National Deputy Secretary of the Maritime Union of Australia (the MUA) before he speaks to a meeting of retired seafarers about the new campaign to save wages and conditions on Australian Wharves.We speak to a stevedore working at Qube on Melbourne’s Webb Dock West where workers went on strike over the weekend to defend their wages and conditionsAnd we hear from...


Women Hold Up Half The Sky – IWD 2018

This week Stick Together brings you working women's voices from the International Women's Day March in Melbourne and the Women's Rights at Work Festival event, Feminism in the Pub.


International Working Women's Day 2018

We honour the passing of equal pay activist Zelda D’Prano. Alana Dave International Transport Federation’s Public Transport Programme Leader gives us an insight into her journey from grass roots activism in South Africa to her role in the International Transport Federation (ITF).


STOLEN! - Wage Theft as a Crime

This week on the show we look at wage theft. In the throes of an election, the SA Premier Jay Weatherill has announced that if re-elected, his government will introduce a new criminal offence for bosses who deliberately or recklessly underpay their workers. We learn more about the announcement from SA Unions Secretary Joe Szakacs. We also speak with Victorian hospitality worker and union activist Kim about her personal story of wage theft and what workers are doing to fight back.


Australian Paper - Change the Rules

News items including Port Kembla Coal Terminal Lock-out.The Fair Work Act is allowing bosses to kick workers off their agreements without geniune negotiations.In today’s program we go down to the picket outside Australian Paper in Raglan St Preston Melbourne just as the strikers have been told they have been ordered back to work by the Fair Work Commission after 5 weeks out.We follow this with a win in the ACT. UnionsACT has announced the defeat of worker surveillance laws in front of the...


Stick Together - Solidarity Without Borders

South Korea is in the global spotlight opening the Winter Olympic games, but behind the celebrations there is another story to hear. One about the ongoing imprisonment of two Korean confederation of Trade union (KCTU) leaders Lee Young-joo and Han Sang-gyun. Later in the Show we speak to the Australian Unemployed Workers Union's Jeremy Poxon about the Welfare Reform Bill 2017 and why fighting back on these changes currently before the Senate is a battle for all Unionist.



Many people take advantage of the On-Demand economy – Uber instead of taxis, food delivery by Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Foodora. Does it matter delivery riders are struggling on low wages, no superannuation, no sick pay, no annual leave, no insurance and no right to challenge being sacked? We give you some highlights from the launch of a new campaign launched on Feb 3 by the Transport Workers Union, the TWU the Australian Council of Trade Unions the ACTU and the Victorian Trades Hall....


The Right to Strike

The Fair Work Commission's decision to stop strike action on Sydney trains. What does it mean for these workers and workers in general. We get an over view from Sally McManus the Secretary of the ACTU the Australian Council of Trade Unions. #Abolish Australia Day was the call from Aboriginal march leaders at the enormous rallies across the country. We speak to unionists in Melbourne who joined the 30,000 strong gathering in Melbourne's centre on January 26th.


Strike! RTBU set to shut down Sydney rail network

Faced with a recalcitrant government and management failure to negotiate, NSW rail Workers have called the first network-wide strike in almost 20 years. We speak with NSW State Secretary of the Rail Tram and Bus Union about the dispute.We also bring you the story of more than 200 Fijian baggage handlers who were locked out before Christmas last year and the international campaign launched to support them.


Stick Together - Unions2000

This week we pop back in time to the year 2000. On this summer special of Stick Together we catch up with Max Ogden to talk about Unions 2000, a temporary super union which organised, negotiated and proudly presented the Best Olympics Ever! in Sydney 2000.Part two, a re-run of interview with Zoe Angus (MEAA Equity Section Director) on the screen industry’s fight of their lives. The “Make It Australian Campaign” and content laws on aussie tellies. ACTU Banks Sre Not Super- Tell your Story:...


PAYG Taxpayers v Social Security Recipients

Revenue problems for Turnbull Government. Their answer- attack Social Security. We investigate this failing Federal Government.


Workers of the World Unite (Revisited)

This week on the show we return to our feature from July about international stevedoring company ICTSI. Their international record of poor industrial relations and union busting has continued - this time in Papua New Guinea and here in Australia at Webb Dock. We speak again to ITF Campaign Director, Shannon O'Keeffe about how their campaign against this international giant is progressing.


Win @ Webb Dock

Will Tracey assistant secretary of the MUA speaks about the Web Dock Melbourne dispute: what happened and finally a victory in a dispute that looks like many of the anti union anti worker behaviour that has been a hallmark of 2017.Finally we talk with Josh Cullinan the Secretary of the newest Australian Union the Retail, Fast Food Workers Union (RFFWU), after it’s first year of operations.


Here To Stay

This week Stick Together brings news from The Melbourne Docks. A peaceful community assembly has taken residence outside the Victoria International Container Terminal (VICT) at Webb Dock in Port Melbourne after a casual employee was denied shifts following taking action against management over workplace bullying and harassment. The community has taken up the fight sending a very clear message; Touch one, touch all. Then, later on the show, we speak with Brett Edgington from Unions Ballarat...


Unions and the QLD Election

This week in addition to your weekly wrap of union news, we look at how unions were involved in the QLD state election campaign. We speak with the Secretary of the Queensland Council of Unions about their campaign and how it dealt with the question of One Nation. We also speak with Not4Sale campaign co-ordinator Stuey Traill about the campaign to keep public assets in public hands.Extended interview with Ros McLennan available here.Extended interview with Stuey Traill available here.


Union Brings Woolworths to the Party

Today we are featuring the ground breaking grass-roots work being done by the National Union of Workers. The NUW had two enormous wins this week – not only did Woolworths warehouse workers win a 4% pay rise but the Union’s work on fair pay and conditions in the fresh fruit and vegetable supply chains in Australia have also borne fruit in a separate agreement with Woolworths going into Christmas. The NUW campaign started with organising at the grass-roots. We hear from some of those migrant...


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