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Australia's only national radio show focusing on industrial, social and workplace issues. Distributed nationally on the Community Radio Network.

Australia's only national radio show focusing on industrial, social and workplace issues. Distributed nationally on the Community Radio Network.


Melbourne, VIC


Australia's only national radio show focusing on industrial, social and workplace issues. Distributed nationally on the Community Radio Network.




Staying alfoat during COVID-19

Loads of news about how workers all over the country are standing up for their rights at work and an unemployment crisis.Peter Arndt talks about the work of the Queensland Community Alliance on the ongoing wage subsidy campaign.Marcus Banks talks about the group Unionists for Refugees and what they are doing to support refugees and asylum seekers, particularly during this uncertain time.


Infectious Diseases Leave for Casuals

The ACTU is calling for a two week payment for all workers, what ever their status, if they are unable to go to work during the Covid-19 virus.What about the issues of climate & inequality. Can we afford to have the covid-19 virus be used to worsen these growing emergencies?


The Boot & the Virus

Australia is in lock down, Deserted streets, empty supermarket shelves, stage & picture theatres shut down, concert & festivals cancelled, galleries and libraries closed. Workers are facing the prospect of self isolation for up to fourteen days to contain the spread of the Covid – 19 virus. At the front line the causualised workforce made desperate by low wages, no conditions and the prospect of homelessness.


Safe Respect Equal

This has been an important week for workers internationally and locally. In Victoria and Tasmania we celebrate the first eight hour day victory as our Labour Day on Monday March 9th. This was a world first and as legend has it stone masons working on Melbourne University in 1856 downed tools and walked from from work site to the next advocating and gaining support for the idea of eight hours work eight hours recreation and eight hours rest. It was also about sharing out the work not just...


Fire Fighters & Climate

Leading up to the recent fires there was an acrimonious fight going on in Victoria around the role of professional fire fighters and the volunteer status of the CFA. It would be fair to say that the Liberals characterised the campaign to extend the coverage of the United Fire Fighters Union members – the professional fighter fighters – as an attack on volunteerism. We hear from Peter Marshall the secretary of the UFU as Victoria moves to the creation of Fire Rescue Victoria on July 1 with...


Integrity & Cashless Welfare

The Ensuring Integrity Bill aiming to put Unions on the chopping block and the universal introduction of the cashless welfare card including for old age pensioners.


Closing the Gap?

The Federal Government defunding Aboriginal Organisations while giving WesFarmers $15.6 million for an employment scheme they probably should be doing anyway. Is this a legitimate use of the funds in the Indigenous Advancement Strategy (IAS)?


Visa Privatisation & Grill’d workers Action

Today we go to the murky machinations of the Federal Governments move to privatise our Visa system and hear from Grill’d workers standing up against the use of trainee-ships to screw young workers out of an honest days pay for an honest day’s work.


Community v Business: no part time RBTU

In a battle for community versus corporate profit Tram drivers in Melbourne say no to part time contracts.Yarra Trams and the workers are in a battle over such part time contracts that the workers see as the demise of their job security and the very culture of service and safety that under pins public transport. Yarra Tram sees profits.


AI & the future of work

The CEO of Siemens Australia talks about smart cities and what the '4th industrial' is about.



Dave Kerin talks about his work in building the local co-operative model of business for a better future.Peter from Red Gum Cleaning Co-operative talks about his lived experience within a workers' cooperative


Regional Jobs

This program looks at regional jobs. Jobs that pay properly with conditions and Sound like a pipe dream?Actually it is serious business and there has been a Senate inquiry into the issue especially for the folk who live outside the cities. I spoke with Emma Dawson, Chief Executive Officer of Per Capita a Labor think tank who gave a presentation to the Senate Select Committee Inquiry into Jobs for the Future in Regional Areas link.


Too Little Too Late - The Firey's Lament

The fires across NSW were predicted by scientists and fire fighters. We speak to Leighton Drury secretary of the NSW Fire Brigade Employees Union who calls again for planning and funding for the present and future fire danger.Arthur Rorris secretary of the South Coast Council describes how the workers are footing the bill for this fire devastation. The load needs to be shared and planning needs to take into account the 'new normal'. Links for donations for Bushfire Relief & Recovery:Red...



Eureka Rebellion was a formative working class battle against unfair legislation and moneyed interests and the State control of working people and their dreams. We bring you the Eureka story as celebrated on this its 165th Anniversary.


Julian Assange & Press Freedom

Hero or criminal? The Julian Assange case has become a clear case of press freedom as he waits in the Belmarsh jail in England detained while the Americans to apply for his extradition for espionage. Where does Australia sit? Where does press freedom stand?If you wish to write to Julian Assange in his darkest hour the following address will get the message through:Mr Julian AssangePrisoner #:A9379AYHMP BelmarshWestern WayLondon SE28 OEBUK



Today we bring an extended interview with Lyndsey Jackson director of the campaign Not My Debt following the landmark challenge and win by Deanna Amato with assistance from Victorian Legal Aid against the Federal Government’s automated debt collection system fondly called Robodebt.


Public Service Cuts

Today we talk to Melissa Donnelly from the CPSU the Community and Public Sector Union about the shock announcement by the Federal Liberal National Party Government to cut the number of Federal Departments from 18 to 14.


New Laws Set to Save Lives

This week new laws passed the Victorian parliament making industrial manslaughter a crime. We speak with the head of the VTHC's OHS unit about the new laws - what do they mean for bosses and workers, how could they save lives and how do they compare with laws in other states. We also explore the OHS concerns and hazards confronting workers, volunteers and members of the public due to the ever growing threat of bushfires.As always, a wrap up of the week's union news - following the defeat of...


Ensuring Integrity Bill

We spoke to Renee Burns Executive Director of the Australian Institute of Employment Rights about why the Ensure Integrity Bill is a bad piece of legislation particularly for the most vulnerable workers.


Feminism in the Pub and Activism in the streets

Chris Spindler from the AMWU gives us an update about the situation facing workers at the Alstom rail workshop in Ballarat. After the launch of the "Respect the rule" campaign and the recent reports of sexual harrasment and abuse in the hospitality industry I chat with Pia Cerveri from Feminism in the Pub about the upcoming event they are having during the 16 days of activism against gender based violence on November 28th. A panel of union women and non-binary feminists will discuss their...