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Stick Together is Australia’s only national radio show dedicated to union and workplace justice issues.

Stick Together is Australia’s only national radio show dedicated to union and workplace justice issues.
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Melbourne, VIC


Stick Together is Australia’s only national radio show dedicated to union and workplace justice issues.




Big Steps & Queensland Wage Theft

Early Childhood Educators increase the pressure for professional pay rates with 7,000 workers, lead by United Voice, staging a nation wide walk out.Queensland Parliamentary Enquiry into wage theft is underway - Craig Garret reports.


A Tale of Two Strikes - Workers Hit the Streets

In addition to your weekly wrap of union news, this week we bring you the story of two large strikes.We speak with Paul McAleer of the MUA about the planned mobilisation in Sydney on Thursday 6 September, where several unions will turn out in support of a number of different demands. We then cross to Melbourne where we speak with Kerrie Devir (United Voice's Victorian President and Early Childhood Educator), about why she is joining the nation-wide walk off of educators on September 5 -...


Public Dentists, Death Leave & Nuclear Waste

Three reports. Community Dentists in Victoria took protected industrial action on Wednesday August 22 for more State and Federal funding for this essential health service. We turn to the call for bereavement leave for workers to be increased from 2 days to 10 days and finally report on what the South Australian MUA think about the idea of nuclear waste moving through South Australian ports.


State of the Union

Last Thursday ACT Unions called a rally in support of the Secure Local Jobs Package being put forward by the ACT Labor Government. What’s it all about? Alex White secretary of ACT Union says Canberra has a big problem with dodgy contractors winning ACT Government jobs, then ripping off workers, committing wage-theft, or disregarding workplace safety laws. We talk to Alex to find out more about why workers needed to go to the streets around the new laws. In our second report we go to The...


Downer EDI Strike & Jobs in Renewables

Today we go to the Downer EDI dispute in Queensland where workers at the unanimously voted to take industrial action over personal leave entitlements and cost of living wage increases. We then speak with Cam Walker campaign officer for Friends of the Earth about the Victorian Liberal Opposition leader’s statement that if elected he would scrap Victoria’s Renewable Energy Target. We want to know what this will mean to jobs especially in rural Victoria.


Meet Michele O'Neil

This week we bring you a special edition of Stick Together. We spoke with Michele O'Neil, who last month was elected as the new ACTU President. In an extended interview, we ask Michele about her early political activity and her time at the TCFUA. We also discuss some of the political questions facing the Australian trade union movement and the next steps in the Change the Rules campaign.


Politics & Mining

This week we have two reports that look at two perspectives on mining in Australia. We hear from Dusty a retired Hunter valley coal miner and ex CFMEU activist Dusty about a major employee privacy breach at BHP Billiton and follows up with an overview of coal mining projects in the area. We follow this with a first nation’s perspective on the Northern Territory Intervention and it’s role in opening up traditional lands to mining.


ACTU Congress & Direct Sales Workers

This week we feature a report by Stick Together’s Queensland reporter Craig Garrett on ACTU Congress 2018 held at the Brisbane Convention Centre. We follow up with a look at the National Union of Workers next step in the campaign to get a living wage for direct sales workers – you know those people on street corners asking for donations for well known charities or knock on your door asking if you want a new deal on your power service.


STRIKE! - Bus Drivers Demand a Fair Deal

This week on the show we bring you the story of the first Victorian bus strikes in more than 20 years. We take you to the picket, where 600 drivers are taking action for better pay. You'll hear from TWU officials and members about their struggle against multinational greed. We also bring you the news of the launch of the Young Workers' Hub in Queensland.As always, we bring you the regular wrap of the weekly union news, including the Irish workers engaged in the pharmacy sector's largest...


Longford Anniversary

The Esso/ Ugly dispute down in Longford, Gippsland Victoria has reached over the 374 day mark making it the longest industrial dispute in Australian history overtaking the Wonthaggi coal dispute in the 1940s coincidentally also in Gippsland. Stick Together’s Matt Kunkell joined 500 or so unionists who went down to the Longford community picket on June the 28th to show support. More about that laterNews- Laverton Cold Storage win- Unfettered powers given to private jobcentre operators over...


Penalties & Laverton Cold Store

Penalty cuts on July 1 and on Monday June 25 workers at Laverton Cold Storage in Tuginini a suburb of Melbourne started 24-hour rolling stoppages after negotiations for their first workplace agreement broke down. We speak to Junior a delegate with the NUW National Union of Workers for an insight into the dispute.


Govt, Jobs & Renewables

Government funding for solar projects does not mean local jobs. The ETU and others want to know why Federal Government policy is stopping local people getting secure employment.News items:-Coles Laverton cold store industrial action-Telstra axes 8,000 jobs-Pension Age to 70?


Rights for Riders - The Fight At Foodora

This week on the show we speak with TWU national secretary Tony Sheldon about the Fair Work Ombudsman's legal action against Foodora for alleged wage theft and sham contracting. We also speak with Tasmanian CPSU secretary about what the recent state budget means for public sector workers on the Apple Isle.It's been a big week for strike and industrial action. As always we bring you a wrap of the week's union news and workers' stories.


Basic Wage Decision

On Friday June 1, the first day of Winter the Fair Commission handed down the annual Minuim Wages Case. We hear from workers why it isn’t enough and more about the big end of towns guzzling ways.Melbourne University is ranked as one of the top universities in Australia but is this on the back of workers who have wages stagnation and work overload? In the latest enterprise bargaining the National Tertiary Education Union the NTEU members has put in place in-definite bans as an incentive for...


Fair rights for sex workers

On this week's show we talk to Jane Green from Vixen Collective and Elena Jeffereys from Respect Inc about sex work and how these workers organise in a space which has legal barriers faced by no other group of workers in Australia. These collectives work to support and better sex worker rights in regards to legal, health, industrial, civil concerns. We also here from Lori-anne Sharp from ANMF about the ratios for age care campaign. for more information visit about sex work organisation...


CDP & the War Industries

Indigenous workers are fighting CDP - Kara Keyes from the ACTU explains.The closing of factories, unemployment and lack of investment in manufacturing in Australia has been turned around apparently by massive investment in manufacturing weapons and other war requirements. We hear from Jacob Grech who spoke at this years May Day Rally in Melbourne about what this means on the ground.


UK Workers looking to "change the rules" for a "New Deal"

This week on the show, we head to the UK and speak with union organiser Hazel Nolan about Britain's Trades Union Congress' campaign for a "New Deal for Workers". We discuss the recent mobilisation in London and examine the similarities and differences between the "New Deal" campaign and the Australian movement's efforts to Change the Rules.We also speak with the CPSU's Lisa Newman about what the recent Federal Budget means for workers at Centrelink and those who seek to access the welfare...


Mass Worker Rally May 9 - Change the Rules

The mass rally of workers in Melbourne on May 9th - the last event in the Australian Council of Trade Unions 12 days of action to rally Australian workers to the Change the Rules campaign was a cracker. Over 100,000 workers took over Melbourne CBD from unions across the spectrum of Australian work places. Public sector and private sector, public servants and farm workers suits and ties boiler suits and hard hats. Lining up to call for change some balance to industrial laws in this country.


Hit The Streets to Change The Rules

People are ready to take action to change the rules and win more secure jobs and fair pay rises. On today’s show we whip around the country to bring voices and speeches from the May Day celebrations and Change the Rules rallies from the last week in Queensland, South Australia and Victoria.


International Workers' Memorial Day

As we move in to rallies across the country to Change the Rules and celebrate Labour Day workers took a moment to remember their fallen comrades who left for work one day but never returned. We go outside Victorian Trades Hall to the ceremony held on 27th of April. We then go to Queensland where Stick together reporter Craig Gaerett talks with Beth Mohle, secretary of the Queensland Nurses and Midwives Union (QNMU) as they prepare for their rally on May the 7th.