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Welcome to The Geek in Review, where podcast hosts, Marlene Gebauer and Greg Lambert discuss innovation and creativity in legal profession.


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Welcome to The Geek in Review, where podcast hosts, Marlene Gebauer and Greg Lambert discuss innovation and creativity in legal profession.








Successful Brand Awareness for Legal Professionals - Tips from Stefanie Marrone (TGIR Ep. 188)

"Whether you like it or not, everybody's searching for us online. And everybody is looking at your LinkedIn profile, whether you're on LinkedIn every day, or once a year, so you might as well make it work for you." - Stefanie Marrone Stefanie Marrone is an Outsource Marketer who advises legal professionals on improving their social media presence. Even legal professionals in large law firms can benefit from a strong social media presence because clients and potential clients relate to the...


The Secret Weapon: Leveraging Patent Agents to Gain a Competitive Edge - Shayne Phillips (TGIR Ep. 186)

This week we are joined by Shayne Phillips, Director of Analytics Solutions at Anaqua/Acclaim IP. Shayne talks about the value that Patent Agents bring to the legal industry. She explains how Patent Agents can use data to uncover insights about competitors and potential markets, and how they can go beyond the typical patent search to provide competitive intelligence and business intelligence. She emphasizes how Patent Agents can help R&D teams use the patent literature to their advantage,...


The (ALMOST) Completely AI Generated Podcast (TGIR Ep. 186)

This is going to be something that all of you will find "interesting," but maybe not something that you will like. Last week on 3 Geeks, I posted a blog that talked about how to use AI to generate summaries of legal articles. This week, I wanted to expand on that project a little and see if I could turn the summaries into a podcast. The goal was to try to get it completely automated, and completely AI generated. Well... as you can see from the title of this episode, it was almost completely...


ChatGPT - If It Sounds Too Good To Be True... - Tony Thai and Ashley Carlisle (TGIR Ep. 185)

There is a lot of buzz around ChatGPT and GPT 3.5, but is it really the next Tesla, or is it the next IBM Watson? We talk with HyperDraft's Tony Thai and Ashley Carlisle about OpenAI's popular tool and why, lawyers at least, shouldn't be ready to go all in on this specific technology. While there are great examples of how GPT 3.5 impressively handled things like Bar Exam questions, there are still a lot of unknowns from this resource from a company that started out as Open Source and...


Redgrave Data's Mollie Nichols on the De-Commoditizing of Data in the Legal Industry (TGIR Ep. 184)

Mollie Nichols is the CEO of Redgrave Data, a company that uses data analytics and technology to assist the legal industry. After leaving Hogan Lovells, Mollie launched Redgrave Data in January of 2022 and has seen a strong demand for their services in data analytics, regulation, compliance, and internal investigations. Companies often seek the expert assistance of Redgrave Data in order to improve efficiency among the law firms, eDiscovery services, ALSPs, and internal legal operations. She...


APIs are the LEGO Building Blocks of Data - API Panel Discussion with Emily Rushing, Pam Noyd, Chris O'Connor, Keli Whitnell, and Erik Adams (TGIR Ep. 183)

This week, we have a jam-packed episode featuring five of our colleagues from a 2022 American Association of Law Libraries panel on APIs. Emily RushingPam NoydErik AdamsKeli WhitnellChristopher O'Connor APIs, or Application Programming Interfaces, have become an increasingly important tool in the legal industry. The panel included members with diverse backgrounds and perspectives, including both librarians and non-librarians. This diversity provided a holistic view of the topic, covering...


Creating Actual Transparency Between Law Firms and Clients - Litify's Ari Treuhaft and Pam Wickersham

We give you the true "3 Geeks" experience on this week's show as we are joined by an OG (original geek) Toby Brown. Toby, Marlene, and Greg talk with Litify's President and COO, Ari Treuhaft, and Pam Wickersham, the VP of Product and Engineer there at Litify. One of the taglines at Litify is that they #BreakLegalSilos. Treuhaft and Wickersham explain what that means, and how they focus on providing an operating system, built on Salesforce, that creates transparency between Corporate Counsel...


Nearly Two-Thirds of Legal Contracts are Gender-Biased and Why That Matters - Alex Denne and Caroline Hill (TGIR Ep. 181)

In a recent article from Legal IT Insider, Caroline Hill wrote about how "63% of all legal contracts are gender-biased" based on a report from Genie AI. We wanted to dive deeper into that topic, so we asked Caroline and Alex Denne, Genie AI's Growth Marketing Lead, to come on at talk with us. Genie AI is an Open-Source product with some 1,500 legal templates available in the UK currently and is looking to expand into the US in 2023. Alex Denne mentions that in the evaluation of these...


LinkSquares' Tim Parilla and Juliette Kopecky: These Aren't Legal Problems or Tech Problems, These Are Business Problems

Tim Parilla isn't just the Chief Legal Officer at LinkSquares… he's also a customer. That unique position of being the leader of the legal department of a company whose mission is to improve the workflow and efficiency of corporate legal departments, creates an exciting environment for Tim and his team. Juliette Kopecky is the Chief Marketing Officer at LinkSquares and is leading the company's DEI Initiatives and works closely with the in-house legal team to handle everything from internal...


The Mission: Eliminate Systemic Racism in the Legal System - LexisNexis' Ronda Bazley Moore (TGIR Ep. 179)

This week we are joined by LexisNexis' Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer and Head of Global Talent Development, Ronda Bazley Moore. Ronda and a team of LexisNexis leadership in the LexisNexis African Ancestry Network & LexisNexis Rule of Law Foundation Fellowship tasked 18 Fellows from Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU) Law Schools with one very complex task: Uncover how LexisNexis products could be used to address and eliminate systemic racism in the legal system. The...


An Overview of the 2022 Partner Compensation Survey with Law360's Craig Savitzky and MLA's Jeffrey Lowe (TGIR Ep. 178)

For the first time, Law360 and Major, Lindsey, and Africa team up to survey BigLaw partners in their 2022 Partner Compensation Survey. We are joined by Craig Savitzky, Senior Data Analyst at Law360 and Jeffrey Lowe, Global Practice Leader of the Law Firm Practice at Major Lindsey and Africa. With this being the first survey of law firm partners since most firms have made some effort to return to the office, there were some surprises on how much remote work partners want to take versus how...


It's Not Legal Technology That's the Problem… It's the Culture - ALM's Tomek Jankowski (TGIR Ep. 177)

In a recent ALM Pacesetter survey, the report found "that innovators among professional services providers are grappling less with technology installation and more with process and culture reengineering." We sit down with one of the people behind that report, Tomek Jankowski, Director, ALM Intelligence Pacesetter Research, and dive into the ways law firms and in-house legal departments are working to change the cultural roadblocks to advance innovation and improve overall client experiences....


Preparing for the Legal Team of the Future - Adam Curphey (TGIR Ep. 176)

Adam Curphey's new book, The Legal Team of the Future: Law+ Skills guides the reader through the need for less silos in legal practice and much more reliance upon teams and collaborative efforts. The idea of a "Law+" model for the profession brings in the essential processes of adding people, business, change, and technology to the law and creating legal teams to solve legal problems. Curphey's experiences at law firms like White & Case LLP, Reed Smith LLP, and Mayer Brown LLP helped...

What Does a Post-Pandemic Conference Look Like? Martha Breil on ILTACon (TGIR Ep.175)

Four speakers and a moderator were presenting at a conference. That sounds like the beginning of a joke, but according to the 2022 ILTACon Conference Co-Chair, Martha Breil, that type of conference presentation just won't draw in the next generation of conference attendees. Workshops, hands-on experiences, and interactive presentations are needed for conferences to stay relevant as we emerge from the two and a half years of lost conferences due to COVID. While ILTACon made an appearance in...

A Data Diva and Two Geeks Talk Data Privacy - Debbie Reynolds

This week we have Debbie Reynolds, "The Data Diva," join us to discuss the current state of data regulations, privacy, access, and what's on the horizon for data in the legal industry. Debbie is a 2022 ABA Women in Legal Tech Honoree and the host of The Data Diva Talks Privacy Podcast. According to Debbie, there is exponential growth going on in technology and the types of data that is being captured. At the same time, governments across the globe are trying to find ways of regulating how...

Intentional Leadership is about Owning Your Purpose - HBR's Axelle Flemming

This week's guest, HBR Consulting's Axelle Flemming, stresses that "Intentional Leadership" creates leaders who "own their purpose." And a purpose is separate from a business "goal." Axelle's experience showed her that when a leader truly knew what their purpose was, the purpose they were trying to achieve, they went to that level of execution. In addition to being an Intentional Leader, that must be balanced with the wellness of the organization and its people. In today's work environment,...

The Future of Legal Innovation Will Be Built In By Design - Olga Mack

When it comes to the future of legal innovation, Olga Mack of Parley Pro at LexisNexis says that as the legal industry becomes more focused on being a 'service', legal technology will just become part of the overall design of products and services. It will not stand alone as a separate process, but rather legal innovation will be built into products such as HR tools that build in compliance processes, or financial tools build in legal components by design. Legal tech simply integrates into...

Teaching (and Pressuring) Law Professors to Teach Technology - Katie Brown

For the first time ever, we have a guest co-host this week while Marlene wears her fancy sneakers around ILTACon seeking answers to our Crystal Ball question. Katie Brown, Associate Dean for Information Resources at Charleston School of Law is on a mission to increase the teaching of practical technology skills to law students. In her view, law professors "are required to educate people so that they can go out into the practice and successfully do that. And so beyond just, rule 1.1 with...

11 Steps Law Firms Can Take to Stop "Women Leaving Law" - Laura Leopard

As Laura Leopard's team at Leopard Solutions was analyzing the 2021 law firm lateral movement data, a glaring statistic stood out. There were a lot of women attorneys leaving AmLaw200 firms, and were not coming back like their male counterparts were. As with any good data expert, Laura worked with her team to find out the reasoning behind this trend. The results of that study were released earlier this summer in Leopard Solution's "Women Leaving Law" report. We sit down with Laura to...

Increased Revenue, Profits, and Efficiencies through "Smarter Collaboration" - Dr. Heidi Gardner

Five years ago, Dr. Heidi Gardner, Distinguished Fellow at Harvard Law School and co-founder, Gardner & Co, wrote the book, "Smart Collaboration" where she laid out the "why" behind smart collaboration efforts. In her upcoming sequel, "Smarter Collaboration: A New Approach to Breaking Down Barriers and Transforming Work," Dr. Gardner explains the "who" and the "how" behind collaboration. The issues that law firms face today are incredibly complex and multifaceted. And in an industry famous...