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Episode 6: The Chase, Your Choice

This week’s warrior woman is Drea of @dreaspeaks. A believer you definitely can’t fit into a box. She’s an engineer, a fashion enthusiast, a photographer — just an all around creative. In this episode, you’ll witness how creative God is too! I am entirely blown away by Dre’s testimony of how God saved her from herself. He will do anything in order to deliver a message straight to you. That’s love. You’ll relate to Drea’s current struggle as she learns to embrace and promote her gifts....


Episode 5: Tarah's Time of Transparency

It’s just me and you today — ready to dig deeper? I have stories for DAYS to tell you. Funny stories, struggle stories — all stories with profound lessons. I’m taking this time to give you an update on my life and what I’ve been going through and to also talk to you about past episodes! I’m sharing my podcast struggles, my life update with the Miss Black USA pageant and grad school and also, anything I may I have missed when interviewing my previous guests! I promise, there will be no...


Episode 4: "Jesus, Why Don't You Just Meet Me In The Middle?

Has God trapped you in the middle? You know, the place that gives you vision for where you want to be but it’s just not time yet? Or maybe you have no idea but you just know you’re in the middle. How do you deal? You’ll hear how Jireh of fashion meets God is struggling with letting go of the details. She has moved from Michigan to California to the Philippines and now faces the struggle of learning a new industry and making a different country home. You’ll go from feeling like God’s not...


Episode 3: Is This God's Plan Or My Own?

Why, God? How, God? You said what, God? Okay, maybe that was me, God. Have you ever questioned what God revealed to you? Have you ever asked Him, are you sure? He gave you signs. He whispered it into your spirit. He sent people to you. He spoke it loud and clear. And you believed Him...at least until life hit you. Brenda of @justlivingforjesus_ and I, took to the outdoors to sit down and discuss God’s plan. This year, she conquered believing in who God says she is. But now she’s struggling...


Episode 2: Struggling In Silence - Spiritual Attacks On The Mind (Mental Illness & The Church)

I met up with Nana Yaa Ansah (@themidimaven), the faith and wellness influencer behind @themidimaven. This episode gets real, real quick as we discuss a topic that isnt talked about until it’s too late. One that is almost taboo to not only society, but even the Christian community: mental health. Nana opens up about the breakdown that changed everything — we have the conversation about being mindful of calling people crazy and the debate on whether or not mental illness is a health thing,...


Episode 1: Singleness, A Silent God & Savoring His Love in Loss

This week, I sit down with warrior woman Sade Solomon (@sadesolomon). You'll hear about how she went from embracing her singleness to being fed up. You'll relate to how she's awaiting answers from God. And after recently losing her father, you'll be encouraged to hear how God demonstrates His love as the good, good Father He is. Throughout listening to her struggle, I pray you too adopt what helps her to keep going. Keep in touch! Follow @dressedforbattlepodcast and @adornedinarmor. For...


Dressed For Battle Podcast Pilot

Welcome to Dressed for Battle Podcast! This pilot episode covers how this podcast came to be, a little about me and how we'll slay life together! For more, follow @dressedforbattlepodcast. Thanks for listening!