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Episode 9: Get Out of Your Feelings, Sis. You're Settling

Episode 9: Get out your feelings, sis. You're settling. What's wrong with me? Everyone is getting married. Everyone is being proposed to. God, when will it be my turn? If that's a question you've asked countless times...if you're frustrated with your lack of options...or if you find God is nudging at your heart to let that man go -- this message is for you. Warrior Woman Joy Osahon is adamant about women knowing their worth. Her mission is to be the constant reminder that there is more! She...


Episode 8: Perspective - Loving People & Where God Places You

What would Jesus do? We've all asked that question at one point or the other. And while we may think the acronym is quite corny - are we living consciously with Christ at the forefront? Hanha Hobson of Transparency Blog will shift your perspective when you hear about her struggle of loving like Jesus. The warrior woman opens up about her new place and checking herself in the way she treats people. Your mind will be blown by the profound way she uses science to diagnose the problem and solves...


Episode 7 - It’s Not Your Fault: Isolation and Identity

Have you ever wished you could have a conversation with your younger self? Maybe you did in the form of a letter or maybe you’ve considered journaling. This interview with Warrior Woman Dominique Henderson (@dominiqueajai) will inspire you to look in your mirror in a new way. In this episode, we are looking back in order to push forward. We go from dwelling in insecurities to finding our identity in Christ. We cover self-condemnation, the difference between being alone and being lonely and...


Episode 6: The Chase, Your Choice

This week’s warrior woman is Drea of @dreaspeaks. A believer you definitely can’t fit into a box. She’s an engineer, a fashion enthusiast, a photographer — just an all around creative. In this episode, you’ll witness how creative God is too! I am entirely blown away by Dre’s testimony of how God saved her from herself. He will do anything in order to deliver a message straight to you. That’s love. You’ll relate to Drea’s current struggle as she learns to embrace and promote her gifts. You’ll...


Episode 5: Tarah's Time of Transparency

It’s just me and you today — ready to dig deeper? I have stories for DAYS to tell you. Funny stories, struggle stories — all stories with profound lessons. I’m taking this time to give you an update on my life and what I’ve been going through and to also talk to you about past episodes! I’m sharing my podcast struggles, my life update with the Miss Black USA pageant and grad school and also, anything I may I have missed when interviewing my previous guests! I promise, there will be no...