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Frazzled at Forty: Episode 35 - Accents, Personal Budgets, and Surviving Drama

For my 35th episode, I talk in my normal rambling way about the sexiest accents in America, creating a personal budget, and surviving drama in your life! As always, I throw in several other topics to ramble about! Enjoy!


Frazzled at Forty: Episode 34 - Passwords & Text Lingo

For Marc's 34th Episode, he discusses a couple odd topics first: the coming season of yard work and how to order your steak properly. It's not a science but get it right! Then in his usual frustrated curmudgeonly-self, he shares his views on the thousands of passwords he must keep up with and all the text lingo these darn kids are using these days! Enjoy.


Frazzled at Forty: Episode 33 - Notre Dame Cathedral and Podcast Announcement

For his 33rd Episode, Marc talks about the tragedy of the fire at Paris's Notre Dame Cathedral. Marc then discusses a major podcast announcement with major thanks to the Project Entertainment Network for their continued support throughout the last several months. It has been an incredible journey.


Frazzled at Forty: Episode #32 - Traveling & Dropping Pants

Marc spends his 32nd episode going through his neurotic traveling and packing routines. People can definitely relate to them on some level! Lastly, he recounts a story where he misunderstood airport security AND the National Guard and dropped his pants prior to boarding the plane!


Frazzled at Forty: Episode 31 - Updates!

For the 31st Episode, Marc gives updates on his latest Frazzled happenings including a 2nd trip of torture to the dentist, working off the winter weight, paying his taxes, Max the Cat's issues, and buying cigars! (Take a breath) And of course, your weekly drink and quote of the podcast!


Frazzled at Forty: Episode #30 - Spring Cleaning

For his 30th Episode, Marc talks (excitedly) about the coming spring! He is in the midst of spring cleaning which also means going through stuff and purging. Why have six of one item when you only really need one? Kitchen, household stuff, books! Everything is on the table to purge! While going through books, Marc chooses his "picks" for summer or travel reading.


Frazzled at Forty: Episode #29: Papercuts & Lobster Mac n' Cheese

Marc recounts his sucky week and bounces from dreaded paper cuts (he got three on one hand in one day) to an awesome recipe for Lobster Mac n' Cheese. Yes he bounces around, but then again he is Frazzled at Forty. :) Enjoy!


Frazzled at Forty: Episode #28 - Dentist

For his 28th podcast, Marc takes a trip to the dentist. He relives everyone's nightmares from childhood dental visits to braces to the needles to getting older with your teeth. Enjoy and commiserate with him on his latest dental visit!


Frazzled at Forty: Episode #27 - Casino!

For Marc's 27th Episode, he talks all about his casino adventures of the previous week from the horse races to the slots to the roulette table to the crazy people you see at the casinos! And he shares an awesome recipe for a casino-inspired cocktail! Enjoy!


Frazzled at Forty: Episode #26 - Winter, Scotch, and Tie Clips

In Episode 26, Marc discusses how the groundhog lied to everyone and talks about winter preparedness while driving. In the second part, Marc goes into detail about his favorite Scotch whisky blend and rounds out the section discussing Scotch single malts and blends, and 5 things you should know! Finally, Marc talks about his collection of guy antiques: razors, bar stuff, cuff links, tie bars and tie clips!


Frazzled at Forty: Episode #25 - Pets

Marc touches on a couple subjects including being a good Samaritan and an ethical dilemma which he faced this past week. He then dives into the meat of this podcast, PETS! This post is dedicated to Bernie the Skunk who was the best pet ever to good friends Gaylene and Dave!


Frazzled at Forty: Episode #24 - Snowcast

For the 24th Episode, Marc takes a snow day from work and talks about all things related to snow. But first, he talks about an amusing tattoo fail by a celebrity which reminds him of one of his own. Next, he dares to violate HIPPA laws and asks, Why do our necks creak? Lastly, the topic at hand! SNOW! Memories of it: the good, the bad, and the inappropriate. ENJOY!


Frazzled at Forty: Episode #23 - Changes

In his 23rd episode, Marc talks about returning over-priced pants at an outlet store on a casino-weekend, and then turning around and spending the money immediately on kitchen items. He then discusses the main topic, changes in our lives. They are difficult, chaotic, awkward, and uncomfortable BUT we can learn from them, gain wisdom, and have to accept that they are a part of our lives!


Frazzled at Forty: Episode #22 - Winter and Your Pets

First, Marc talks about a misunderstanding online which can occur when you Facebook before bed! He then discusses the main topic, pets and winter: tips to make sure your pets have a safe and comfortable winter. He then ends the podcast with some tips for the home! Be warm, be safe, and take care of your pets!


Frazzled at Forty: Episode #21 - Mishmash

Marc couldn't decide which topic to settle on for his 21st Episode so he spends a couple minutes tackling a mishmash of subjects: the warm winter; how long should you keep up Xmas decorations; working out again and a healthier diet; moving his office to a new location; and his upcoming 2019 vacations! PLUS, there is special appearance from the Big Ragu!


Frazzled at Forty: Episode #20 - New Years Stuff

For Marc's 20th Episode of the Frazzled at Forty Podcast, he discusses New Years Eve and Day, his own history and traditions. In the second part, he talks about the superstitions, traditions and foods surrounding the holiday. Finally, he wraps up the podcast with his views on the dreaded New Year's resolutions and some advice for keeping them! Enjoy!


Frazzled at Forty: Episode #19 - Christmas Recap

Enjoy this podcast as I recount my Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with a bit of wit, wisdom, eggnog, coquito and Christmas beer! It was a wonderful holiday but I'm still not sure what day it is due to holiday haze. LOL


Frazzled at Forty: Episode #18 - Holiday Traditions

Marc first recounts his last night bartending and the reason for his attractively horse voice. He then gets into the main topic, "Holiday Traditions!" What were your traditions? Enjoy! Happy Holidays!


Frazzled at Forty: Episode #17 - Gettysburg and Holidays

Happy Holidays Friends and Family! I spent overnight in Gettysburg this past weekend to see the Christmas lights and visit the historical sites. I spent more time in the antique stores and many taverns and bars! It was a fun weekend nonetheless. :) In the second part of the podcast, I talk briefly about Christmas cards, holiday shopping and finally those pop-up gift stores that my brother, sister and I went to as very young kids to buy my parents Christmas gifts. They were in the mall or a...


Frazzled at Forty: Episode #16 - Giving to Charity

In Episode #16, Marc discusses the tradition of giving to charity during the holidays. He first discusses "donating" in someone's name. One should take into account what charities they would like if you are donating in their name. Second, Marc goes through three articles on what are the worst and best charities to give to. Also, a couple tips to consider when giving. Lastly, Marc goes local and promotes donating to local charities in terms of not only money, but also goods and time.