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Frazzled at Forty: Episode #23 - Changes

In his 23rd episode, Marc talks about returning over-priced pants at an outlet store on a casino-weekend, and then turning around and spending the money immediately on kitchen items. He then discusses the main topic, changes in our lives. They are difficult, chaotic, awkward, and uncomfortable BUT we can learn from them, gain wisdom, and have to accept that they are a part of our lives!


Frazzled at Forty: Episode #15 - RIP Chris and Jared & Thanksgiving Cabin Memories

For Marc's 15th podcast, he reminds us that Tuesday was "Giving Tuesday" but we should try give to charity throughout the year as well. He also takes a moment to remember Jared Hain and Chris Dwyer, two lives lost over the Thanksgiving holiday. Chris was one of Marc's best friends during his "waiter" days in Philly during the late 90s. Chris and Jared will both be so missed by their friends and family. In the third part of the podcast, Marc recounts some tongue-in-cheek wisdom that he...


Frazzled at Forty: Episode #12 - Voting and Marc's Guardian Angel

Marc explores two topics this evening. With the first topic, he talks about voting tonight in the midterm elections and recounts how several years ago he was voter #666 and cast the "devil's vote" in his local election. In the second topic, Marc's car broke down last week and as he believes, his guardian angel helped him get the ride home he needed! But that ride home first involved a pit-stop at the pediatrician. Enjoy!


Frazzled at Forty: Episode #2 - Yardwork vs Gardening

In the second episode of Frazzled at Forty, Marc discusses the differences between yardwork and gardening and which one he prefers. (Hint hint, it's the one involving less physical labor!) Marc explains via memories how much yardwork and gardening during his youth affected him with respect to the plants, flowers and vegetables that he grows and tends to as an adult.