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S2: E022 Fear

Fear prevents us from opening certain doors, driving certain roads and climbing certain mountains. What are you really afraid of? The unknown, failure, or the opinion of others. Not facing your fears leads to a life of mediocrity, unfulfilled dreams and lack of growth. The only way to overcome your fear (F) is when the pain of not moving forward (P) plus the desire for something more, your why (Y) is greater. Then you will succeed (S). When P + Y > F = S. God gave you Heart, Soul, Spirit,...


S2: E021 Legacy

What are you giving your children? What Legacy are you leaving for them? The best thing you can do for them is to become the best person that you can be. To actually become the men and women who you are encouraging them to be. Show them that life is about being happy and that they should follow their dreams. That success is not money, a fancy title or power. Show your children that success is doing what you want to do; when, where, and how you want to do it - on your terms. The best way to...


S2: E020 Motivation Monday

Listen to a compilation of motivational clips to put a little fire under your butt this Monday morning. https://anchor.fm


S2: E019 Patience

To achieve any goal, you have to become the person who can and will achieve that goal and you need patience to become that person. The patience to keep grinding even though results are not immediately evident. You may be on the road to success but do you have the patience to see it through. https://anchor.fm


S2: E018 2019 Professional Goals

Professional goal setting is a little more involved because it requires Self-awareness. Before you can Do, you have to Be. Do you actually have a profession or is it just a job? Are you capitalizing on who you are; your DNA, or are you just trying to fit a square peg into a round hole? Assuming that you are doing whatever it is that moves you, then here are some tips. https://anchor.fm


S2: E017 2019 Financial Goals

2019 Financial Goals: 1. STOP SPENDING- you cannot move forward financially if you are constantly buying bullshit. 2. PAY OFF DEBT- credit card debt can paralyze you for years. 3. DOWNSIZE- the more stuff you have or more expensive, bigger stuff you have, the harder and longer you are going to struggle financially. 4. INVEST- once you have stopped the bleeding, paid off debt and made life simpler for yourself, start buying dividend producing stocks when they go on sale. https://anchor.fm


S2: E016 2019 Personal Goals

Goal setting is so much more than just making a list. Goal setting is results oriented but the process is more valuable than the outcome. It’s one thing to achieve a particular goal, but you have to become the person who can and will achieve that goal. Please don’t rush your goal setting process. Take your time, think it through and incorporate self-awareness. Do this right and you will set yourself up for a successful year. https://anchor.fm


S2: E015 Goal Setting

There are hundreds of studies demonstrating that writing your goals down increase your chances of successfully achieving them. I know firsthand that when I write my goals down, on average, I have an 80% success rate. When you have goals, you need to do whatever it takes to achieve them. Write them down on paper or in the Notes app on your smartphone. Write them on post-its and put them on the fridge or your bathroom mirror. Whatever it takes. You have to want the desired outcome more than...


S2: E014 Trim the Fat

We have to trim the emotional fat in our lives. Get rid of your loser friends and tune out the noise. We all have one or two friends who are such emotional wrecks that they not only waste our time and wear us out; they just suck the life out of us with their drama. For those family members or housemates who we can’t just blow off; distance yourself as much as you can, share less of your future plans and tune them out. When you are moving toward your goals and dreams, make like a butcher and...


S2: E013 Self-Awareness

Before you can set goals for yourself, you have to know who you are. Self-awareness is ground zero. If you embark on any path without knowing who you are, you run the risk of just spinning your wheels. Before you waste any more time, before you start on a path of unfulfilling mediocrity, become self-aware. Take the time now to discover who you are, what you like to do and where you want to do it. Assess your strengths and ask yourself what do you have a passion for, what are you good at?...


S2: E 012 Happy New Year 2019

This is going to be our year. We are going to accomplish small short-term goals and we are going to move closer to those bigger long-term goals. My friends, with God, all things are possible and, along with a recipe of self-awareness, clearly written goals, drive, determination and tenacity, you can become the person who can achieve his or her goals. Remember, before you can DO, you have to BE. Before you can achieve your goals, you have to BECOME the person who is willing and able to...


S2: E011 May Old Acquaintance Be Forgot

The New Year is just hours away. Tomorrow is a very big day. Tomorrow, we move forward. But today, we have to think about what needs to be done to allow us to move forward and what or who is preventing us from moving forward. There are two things you need to do today. First, I want you to emotionally purge yourself of the people in your life who are preventing you from going for your dreams. Second, I want you to picture yourself years from now sitting in a rocking chair thinking about what...


S2: E010 Countdown to 2019 - T Minus 2

The New Year is 2 days away. As a leader, did you cultivate a culture of respect? Or do you entertain and enable the cry babies at work? Did you steer the ship yourself or did you captain your crew to navigate the rough seas? Use a leadership checklist year-round not just year-end. Hold yourself accountable for who you are and for the kind of leader you want to be. https://anchor.fm


S2: E009 Countdown to 2019 - T Minus 3

The New Year is 3 days away. As a leader in 2018, did you cultivate leadership in others? Did you lead with positivity? Did you take ownership? Did you manage your relationships? Did you lead with inspiration? This is the last weekend before the New Year. Please take the time today to reflect, assess and plan your new strategy for 2019. https://anchor.fm


S2:E008 Countdown to 2019 - T Minus 4

The New Year is four days away. Let’s continue with Lolly Daskal’s Year-end Leadership Checklist. Did you build others up; instilling confidence in them? Did you communicate effectively; were you clear, concise and specific? Did you listen to your people; with the genuine intent to learn from them? Do you encourage feedback from others? https://anchor.fm


S2:E007 Countdown to 2019 - T Minus 5

The New Year is 5 days away. Listen to a year-end checklist for effective leaders. Take the time today to reflect on 2018. Were you a person of character? Did you visualize who or where you wanted to be; getting everyone involved on board? Did you pull the trigger and execute? https://anchor.fm


S2:E006 Six Yards To Goal

It’s December 26th, 2019 is 6 days away and I want you to finish strong. Your are on the six yard line, just 18 feet from the goal line. Listen to your options because in life, my friends, it’s all up to you and to win, you have to be stronger, faster, more determined and more tenacious than the guy/gal in front of you. https://anchor.fm


S2:E005 Twas The Night Before Christmas

It is Christmas Eve 2018 and it is game time. Listen to 4 great tips for the day. Remember, the best gift of all to give others is You. Your compassion, empathy, advice or just plain good conversation. When you connect with others on these simple levels while sharing a Holiday moment, that my friends, is where the magic happens. https://anchor.fm


S2:E004 Can’t See Past The End Of Your Nose

Are you so pre-occupied with yourself that you are uncaring of the people in front of you? Open your eyes and see past your nose. Then open your mind so you can process what you see before you. Then open your heart and embrace the situation before you. Now, my friends, you have the potential to make the magic happen. https://anchor.fm


S2:E003 It’s A Wonderful Life

S2:E003 It’s A Wonderful Life - When you are disillusioned because of unfulfilled dreams, take a step back and evaluate your situation. You may truly have a Wonderful Life or you may just have to tweak a few things. Come up with a game plan and change what you can change or just change how you react to people. You deserve to be fulfilled and your loved ones deserve the fulfilled version of yourself. https://anchor.fm