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Happy Valentine’s Day

Episode 088 Happy Valentine’s Day - If you have someone special, keep loving them with all your heart. If you don’t have someone special, today is a great day to start loving yourself. If you don’t love yourself, you can’t give love to others. This year is about a little “you” time because before you can “do”, you have to “be”. The first step, then, is self-awareness. Who are you? Who do you want to be? What do you want? Step two is openness. Put on that Faccia Bella instead of that Faccia...


Robert Stern The Social Leader

Episode 087 Robert C Stern - The Social Leader. Robert learned how to use Facebook to connect with others and by connecting to people, he became a top selling real estate agent. Now Robert teaches others that success on Facebook is all about engagement. He suggests you Like and Reply to every reply your posts generate. He further suggests your posts be either Entertaining or Educational or else nobody is interested. Robert also suggests that you post to your Facebook business page at least...


Delayed Gratification

Episode 086 Delayed Gratification - Delayed Gratification is the opposite of impulse buying. We constantly find ourselves on the horns of a dilemma because, as a society, we have learned to acquire stuff. Bigger is better and more is better. Combined with the quick and easy availability of spending, we have become a society obsessed with instant gratification. Delayed Gratification is a skill that requires practice, discipline, self-control and patience. Listen to some of the benefits of...


Episode 085 Patience

Episode 085 Patience - Yesterday, Elon Musk successfully launched the world’s most powerful rocket, the Falco Heavy. He first reported this idea to the press in April 2011. Imagine the Patience Elon Musk and his team at Space X must have had to bring this amazing accomplishment to fruition. What kind of Patience do we need to realize our goals and dreams? Patience is a process consisting of self-awareness; who are you now. Who do you want to be or what is it that you want. What do you have...


The RE Brokerage Apocalypse

Episode 084 The Real Estate Brokerage Apocalypse - Listen to a recap of Gary Vaynerchuk’s podcast interview of Million Dollar Listing NY’s Ryan Serhant. Real Estate Brokerage is already evolving. EXIT Realty Int’l is proof of this because of their unique commission structure paying residual income to their agents. EXIT Realty is not trying to make a name for themselves. EXIT Realty, instead, provides their agents with all the state of the art tools so they can brand themselves. When the...


While You Are Waiting

Episode 083 While You Are Waiting - It’s February. Now what? All those great ideas you had on January first haven’t quite began to reap the benefits you had hoped. Now you are frustrated and ready to fall back into complacency. Eric Thomas has 4 great tips for what to do while you are waiting: 1. Work while you wait 2. Work on your focus 3. Work on your faith and 4. Work on yourself. Get out there and get what’s yours but you have to put in the time and the work. Don’t just sit there...


Complacency The Silent Killer

Episode 082 Complacency - The Silent Killer of Success. Are you in a rut; Paralyzed by Complacency? Here are some ways to overcome Complacency: 1. Embrace creativity 2. Transparency 3. Accountability 4. Help someone else achieve 5. Small successes and 6. Believe in Yes. When you are in that rut, that funk, walk by faith and pray to God for guidance.


Summer Leadership Opportunity

Episode 081 Summer Leadership Opportunities - What are your kids doing this summer? Now is the time to do research, submit applications and initiate communication to secure a great leadership opportunity this summer. Listen to some great tips. Today our kids have a gazillion more opportunities than we did. Encourage them to get on the right path towards a fulfilling future. Teach them well and let them lead the way.


Summer Leadership Opportunity

Episode 081 Leadership Opportunities For Our Children. What are your kids doing this summer? Now is the time to research, submit applications and initiate communications to line up a great summer leadership opportunity for your kids. Listen to a few tips to get your kids started to secure a rewarding summer leadership experience. There are gazillions more opportunities for our kids today than when we were young. There is no excuse for kids today to sit around all summer playing XBOX. Help...


Episode 80 Leaders in Disguise

Episode 080 Leaders in Disguise - Leaders are not always dressed a certain way. They don’t always have advanced certifications and degrees. They are sometimes just the guy or gal next to you on line but they are experiencing trials & tribulations you would not wish on anyone. These unassuming heroes are leading themselves back from their own living hell trying to land on their feet and reclaim their dignity. They could give up and wallow in self-pity, but Leaders don’t do that. Leaders get...


Public Speaking & Leadership 3

Episode 079 Public Speaking & Leadership Part 3 - Hear about some of the venues where you can speak to an audience as well as some public speaking training available. We all have something of value to say, just get out there and say it. Leaders have a voice and use it to inspire.


Public Speaking Part 2

Episode 078 Public Speaking & Leadership Part 2 - Here are some quick tips to become a better speaker: 1. Never memorize your speech. 2. Use conversational language. 3. Practice & Rehearse. 4. Focus on your message and 5. Take a Public Speaking class. Becoming a confident and competent public speaker is achieved only through focused effort and a lot of practice. “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?”....”Practice, Practice, Practice”.


Public Speaking & Leadership

Episode 077 Public Speaking & Leadership - The ability to communicate is the top 3rd Competency of Leadership. Leadership is influence and public speaking provides 3 avenues that are paramount to bestow influence. 1. Exposure - A person who is willing to step forward and speak has a voice. 2. Connection - When you connect with your audience by sharing your personal stories, they will connect with you. 3. Change - When you stand up and speak in a powerful way, you will get people thinking...


Episode76 Jeff Mistretta Live

Episode 076 Jeff Mistretta Real Estate Agent Extraordinaire Live. Listen to a live interview with Jeff Mistretta from Episode 002. Jeff explains his specialty as a Buyer’s Agent as well as the importance of working with a Buyer’s Agent. Jeff also shares his thoughts on Leadership and his suggestion for all Real Estate Agents. Jeff Mistretta is a true leader and is changing peoples’ lives. Get out there and be like Jeff.


Great Leaders Inspire Others

Episode 075 Great Leaders Inspire Those Around Them. Do you? Here are 10 Ways to Inspire others: By expecting the most of them. By challenging them. By caring about them. By taking a stand for what you believe in. By having the courage to change course. By being vulnerable. By practicing Integrity. By sharing the credit. By sharing your influences and By listening to them. I believe God put us on this earth to inspire others to be more, to be the best that they can be and to not give up....


Let’s Empower Our Youth

Episode 074 Let’s Empower Our Youth - Today’s teens & young adults have a desire to lead and make a difference but they often feel that their efforts are unsupported and untapped. They sometimes feel they have neither a voice nor a venue for their contributions. These aspiring great minds and big hearts are looking for ways to be part of the solution, but need training and support to take the next step. So, what can we, as leaders who pride ourselves on inspiring others, do to help? 1....


Lifelong Regrets Part Two

Episode 073 Lifelong Regrets Part Two - When you are sitting in that rocking chair 20, 30 or 40 years from now, what are you going to say that you wish you did? Mistakes to STOP making NOW to avoid lifelong regrets: 6. Forgetting to live in the moment 7. Giving up true love 8. Denying others happiness 9. Not standing up for yourself and others and 10. Disregarding your health & wellness. When you are in that rocking chair, will YOU smile knowing that you did your part to make the world a...


Episode 072 Lifelong Regrets

Episode 072 Lifelong Regrets - When you are sitting in that rocking chair, 20, 30 or 40 years from now, what are you going to say that you wish you did? Mistakes to STOP making NOW to avoid Lifelong Regrets: 1. Following someone else’s dream 2. Taking your loved ones for granted 3. Pretending to be someone you are not 4. Burning bridges and 5. Telling lies.


When DO You Monetize

Episode 071 When DO You Monetize - It is important to be patient and wait for your money. The moment you decide to monetize, you give up your leverage. Once you start monetizing, it is not about your audience or followers...It’s now about you. Once you move out of the friend zone and start putting your hand in their pockets, you better have a leg to stand on. If it’s too soon and they do not know, like and adore you, then you just jumped the shark. The right way to monetize is to WOW your...


What Is Your Side Hustle?

Episode 070 What Is Your Side Hustle? - You have a variety of interests. Which one do you focus on, how do you tap into your expertise and what are the first steps to take?: 1. Don’t fall in love with your first idea 2. Go with your strengths 3. Don’t quit your day job 4. Build your skill set and 5. Stay in Your lane and run Your race. Do it on the side and do You....Boo.