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Episode #13 - The Marathon Starts With A Step (Motivation w/ Mike Prendergast)

Host Nina B. Clarke is back with another episode of Nina's Got Good News, your good news podcast! This week, Nina welcomes another Good News VIP guest into the studio, Mike Prendergast! Mike is a fashion executive and entrepreneur, as well as an expert in motivation and self-starting. Nina and Mike discuss the importance of being able to self-motivate, and mention a few tips and tricks from Stephen Covey's book "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" that helped each of them. They talk...


Episode #12 - Rhodie Lorenz, Co-Founder of JoyRide Cycling Studio

Nina’s Got Good News is back for another week! Host Nina B. Clarke is joined in-studio by Rhodie Lorenz, the Co-Founder and Creative Director of JoyRide Cycling Studio in Westport, CT. Nina and Rhodie discuss her history with JoyRide, and how they’ve transformed the single studio into a business with multiple branches. They talk about the importance of including fitness into your daily routine, and how to motivate yourself to improve your physical and mental well-being. All that, and they...


Episode #11 - Vera Gibbons, Founder of Non-Political News

Nina’s Got Good News is back! On this week’s episode, host Nina B. Clarke is joined by Vera Gibbons, the founder and editor of! Nina and Vera talk about the importance of her website’s service, which is to provide news that does not relate to politics in any way. Vera also discusses the concept of “political exhaustion” in America, and how consumers seem to be losing interest in political news put out by other news outlets. This week’s challenge: visit Vera’s website (...


Episode #10 - Working With My Gal Pal (w/ Kristine Gardner)

This week on Nina’s Got Good News, host Nina B. Clarke is joined by her friend and colleague at Beautycounter, Kristine Gardner! Nina and Kristine break down Kristine’s role at Beautycounter, and the many values that clean beauty products can have for you and your family. They discuss a number of products that they’ve used in the past, and outline where to go to get more information on which products are clean and safe to use in the home. Here are some of the products that Nina and Kristine...


Episode #9 - Make Your Bed (w/ Jeff Clarke)

On today’s episode of Nina’s Got Good News, it’s the return of Jeff Clarke! Host Nina B. Clarke welcomes her husband back for his third episode of the podcast, and the two debut the first book in the Nina’s Got Good News Book Club! The book is called “Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life...And Maybe the World” by William McRaven, and Nina and Jeff break down the major lessons that the book promotes. They discuss the importance of making your bed every morning, and how...


Episode #8 - Why I Love Being Social On Social Media

It's another episode of Nina's Got Good News! Host Nina B. Clarke returns this week to talk about one of her favorite topics: social media! Whether you prefer Instagram (like Nina), Twitter, Facebook, or something else, Nina breaks down the main benefits of using social media, and how you can grow your presence both personally and professionally. This week's challenge: on your social media platform of choice, try to post something everyday for an entire week to grow your own brand!...


Episode #7 - Best-Selling Author Casey Sherman

This week on Nina's Got Good News, host Nina B. Clarke is joined on the phone by best-selling author, Casey Sherman! Casey and Nina discuss their careers working together in TV news, and how Casey's love for writing got him to where he is today. They also talk about his new book, "12: The Inside Story of Tom Brady's Fight for Redemption", and the process that Casey went through to put the book together. -------------- Follow Nina on Instagram: Follow...


Episode #6 - Current Trends in Real Estate (w/ Tyler Bradley)

On this week's episode of Nina's Got Good News, it's the return of Tyler Bradley! Host Nina B. Clarke and Tyler, her brother, discuss the current trends in the real estate market. The duo discusses the influx of young people moving to the city, the importance of "walkability" when buying and selling real estate, and more! This week's challenge: what tips and tricks did you learn about real estate that may help you when you buy your next house or apartment? Let Nina and Tyler know on...


Episode #5 - Switching Careers (w/ Tyler Bradley)

On this week's installment of Nina's Got Good News, host Nina B. Clarke is joined in-studio by none other than her brother, Tyler Bradley! Nina and Tyler discuss their lives as siblings, and then jump into their discussion about careers. Tyler talks about his career change, and how important it is to find a career that you're passionate about. This week's challenge: What tip have you learned today that might help your work situation? Let Nina and Tyler know on Instagram! --------------...


Episode #4 - Life Lessons at 45

Nina’s Got Good News is back! On this week’s episode, host Nina B. Clarke gives us the most important lessons she’s learned through 45 years of life. From taking more pictures to wearing sunscreen ALL of the time, and everything in between, Nina lists off all of the tips that have helped her live a happy, wholesome life. This week’s challenges: think of one of Nina’s tips and how it can help you, and share your best life tips with us on Twitter and Instagram @ninabclarke! --------------...


Episode 3 - Health and Wellness Journey (w/ Jeff Clarke)

This week on Nina’s Got Good News, her husband Jeff Clarke returns for a second week in a row! He and host Nina B. Clarke discuss Jeff’s journey to live a healthier lifestyle, and the changes that he made to his diet and exercise schedule in order to do so. They offer some examples of healthy food alternatives that have worked for their family, and provide possible changes that you can implement into your daily life to help drop that extra weight and help increase your energy level. This...


Episode #2 - Meet My Person (w/ Jeff Clarke)

On this week’s episode of Nina’s Got Good News, host Nina B. Clarke welcomes her very first guest, her husband, Jeff Clarke! Nina and Jeff reminisce about how they met, and how they ended up together. Also, they use their experiences as a married couple to help give advice for couples, and what it takes to have a healthy relationship with a significant other. This week’s challenge: think of what is working in your relationship, and what is not working, and work on making changes for...


Episode #1 - The Power Of Kindness

It’s our first episode of Nina’s Got Good News! Host Nina B. Clarke kicks off the weekly program talking about one of the most important concepts we can all practice: kindness. Nina begins with a story of an act of kindness that she recently experienced. She then breaks down just how powerful kindness can be, and gives advice on how we can all be more kind in our everyday lives. This week’s challenge from Nina: do one act of kindness for someone around you! -------------- Follow Nina on...


Nina's Got Good News - Preview Episode

It’s our official preview of the brand new podcast, Nina’s Got Good News! Host Nina B. Clarke brings you new inspirational stories and messages each week. She’ll also talk to a number of interesting guests, each with an inspirational story of their own. Every week, Nina will give a new challenge for each listener to accomplish during the upcoming week. Episode #1 premieres next week! -------------- Follow Nina on Instagram: Follow Nina on Twitter:...