You keep postcards. We all do. This podcast is about sending and receiving postcards for more than 100 years. There are postcard love stories. Passive-aggressive postcards. And postcard stories that will make you laugh.

You keep postcards. We all do. This podcast is about sending and receiving postcards for more than 100 years. There are postcard love stories. Passive-aggressive postcards. And postcard stories that will make you laugh.


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You keep postcards. We all do. This podcast is about sending and receiving postcards for more than 100 years. There are postcard love stories. Passive-aggressive postcards. And postcard stories that will make you laugh.






E72: Sara McNally, Author of The Year I Became Snail Mail Superstar

I interviewed Sara McNally about her new book, The Year I Became Snail Mail Superstar. Sara started writing the book when she was gifted a large postcard collection from her great-grandfather. But what started out being a book about a postcard collection grew into what she says "chronicles a year in which she walked with grief, took a deep dive into her family history, and got to know her great-grandfather through his postcard collection." Get The Year I Became Snail Mail...


Episode 70: Talking About Christmas Postcards

In this short episode, I talk about Christmas postcards I'm writing and sending. I spend some time chatting about Edition Tausendschön cards; getting a special cancellation from Santa Claus, Indiana; and why I have so many postcards on my desk but am always looking for more.


Episode 69: Postcard Hunting on an Epic Road Trip

What does a Postcardist do on a 2,762-mile road trip? Stop and look for postcards, of course. This show was recorded on highways of the United States, from Connecticut to Minnesota. And it chronicles how Steven Roche (E44) and I stopped at nine Cracker Barrel stores searching for Lantern Press postcards. We also visited Niagara Falls, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and Notre Dame University. Did we buy postcards? You bet we did. And we talk about that, too.


Postmarked New Orleans Author Jason Smith

In this episode, I talk with Postmarked New Orleans author Jason Smith from his home in The Big Easy and we talked about where he got the idea for the book, about New Orleans history, and about a famous postcard featuring Oysters Rockefeller at Antoine's.


Help Me Get to Inbox Zero with My Postcards

This short show is asking for audience feedback about how they acknowledge and display incoming postcards. Help!


Ashli Ahrens and the Post Office Murals First Day of Issue Event

In this episode I'm delighted to welcome back Ashli Ahrens of Mailbox Memories to talk about a First Day of Issue event she attended to celebrate the issue of the Post Office Mural stamp set. In the show Ashli refers to to a special giveaway she created. You can find her @mailboxmemories on IG. A set of links to items mentioned during the show: Evan Kalish's Living New Deal post about the post office murals USPS YouTube video of the Post Office Murals FDOI (1:11) Post masters: Arkansas...


A Postcard Jazz Session with Dr. Russ Romano

In this episode, Dr. Russ Romano talk about postcards and all the places that can take us. From his Postcards for Good to a world tour on The Partridge Family Bus, we cover a lot of ground on this show.


Apollo 11 Postcards and Lots More with Mark Routh of Mark's Postcard Chat

The Apollo 11 moon landing happened 50 years ago. And that event was memorialized in many ways -- including on postcards. In this episode, I talk to preeminent postcard collector Mark Routh of Mark's Postcard Chat. Of course, when I get a chance to talk to Mark, we also cover a lot of postcard collecting ground. Mark offers pointers about how to get the best cards in spinners; where to find collectable cards in obscure places; and securing cachets for your postcards.


Magdalena Wojcicka and the New Bohemian Postcards

In this episode, I chat with postcard enthusiast Magdalena Wojcicka. You know her on Instagram as Bohemian Me, Stamp and Away, and on her stamp jewelry site Travel Trinkets Canada.


E62: Is This Thing On?

After what started out to be a brief hiatus turned into a couple months of radio silence. But your host, Frank Roche, is back with a new show with three stories: one about a hand cancellation experience at a post office in Minnesota; a second story about a man who listened to short-wave radio during WWII and sent postcards to families if he hear their solider was alive; and a third about meth-laced postcards being sent to prisons. Yep. Welcome back.


E61: How I Became the World's Leading Collector of Bigfoot Postcards

Some stories just have to be told. This is one of those stories. I have the world's largest collection of Bigfoot postcards. Here's why.


E60: Postcard Stories with Jim Lynch

Jim Lynch is a collector. He collected baseball cards. Football cards. basketball cards. Bottle caps. And postcards. And he collects information. Jim is an active Postcrosser and participant in the currency tracking project, Where's George? He and I got together to talk (what else?) postcards. And a lot of other interesting topics. Now Jim has me searching through my collection looking for baseball park postcards. Additional items in this episode: Snail Mail Superstar's one-year...


E59: The Snail's Mail Postcard Shop with Jess Davis

Postcards for People Who Love Postcards. That's the tagline of Jess Davis's new online postcard store, The Snail's Mail. And in this show, it’s proof -- once again -- of the idea that postcards connect people. I connected with Jess in Episode 51, where we talked about the imminent launch of her online postcard store. Well…that moment came…and so as I mentioned on that initial show, I invited Jess back to talk about how the launch has gone and how she sees the postcard business in the near...


E58: The World's Most Expensive Postcard and Postcards for Good

I recently bought a couple lots from a postcard auction in Ireland. And that got me wondering about The World's Most Expensive Postcard. And that led to another thing, and then another. Plus, I had a chat with Russ Romano of Postcards for Good, so I got that in there too. Here are all the topics I cover in this show: Guinness Book of World Records Most Expensive Postcard The Picasso Postcard Dear Data Peep Machine Pinups (yes, this is about postcards) Bozo's Circus Postcard Delivered...


E57: Sissy Cross of Lone Star Letter Writers

The clack of a typewriter. The flow of a pen across paper. The fact someone thought about you while they wrote you a real piece of mail. That's what Sissy Cross and I talked about one Saturday morning recently. Sissy is the founder and creator of the Lone Star Letter Writers group, which meets once a month in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in Texas to create written correspondence. In this episode, Sissy tells us about how she created Lone Star Letter Writers, how she views written...


E56: Heidi Belinsky of Mx & Co Post

This jam-packed show features Heidi Belinksy, the owner and proprietor of Max & Co Post. We cover the gamut in this show -- from antique postcards to writing postcards to the business of selling modern postcards.


E55: Love Hearts Project Live

Russ Romano and I did a live radio show from Love Hearts Project's love letter writing event. Love was in the air. This was the second annual event put on by Alex Krohn, the creator of Love Hearts Project. We sat down with Alex, and a number of people who were at the event writing postcard love letters. Want to feel the love? Here you go.


E54: Fairy Tale Postcards with Jack Zipes

What's the first fairy tale you remember hearing as a child? And do you know fairy tales are told to you throughout your life? In this episode, we hear from the world's preeminent scholar on fairy tales -- the author and postcard collector Jack Zipes, who wrote the fabulous coffee table book Tales of Wonder: Retelling Fairy Tales Through Picture Postcards. Jack is the author numerous books, including the definitive translations of two version of the Brothers Grimm tales. In this episode,...


E53: Postcard Short Story Experiment - The Results

I sent 147 postcards in the first two weeks of January. The same postcard titled 1967: A Memoir. I had written a short story that was 3,534 words long and 147 paragraphs. So, what would any writer do? Sit down one night with a list of recipients and a random number generator...and get writing. This show is my observations about what happened. Peoples' reactions about everything from my handwriting to the stamps to the story. It's about how much ambiguity people can handle. And it's about...


E52: Postcard Perspectives with Pop Surrealist Camilla d'Errico

Camilla d'Errico joins me this week on Episode 52 ( a year's worth of shows!) to talk about her pop surrealist art, her love of postcards, and her creative life. I became fascinated with Camilla's art a couple years ago when I got a pack of postcards that featured her very compelling manga-style art. And that morphed into more and more fascination with her art and her energy. I'm always dazzled to talk to people who are at the top of their field. To hear their origin story...and their...