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Episode 11-1: Salon Business Series - Productivity by Neil Ducoff from Strategies

In this six-part series, Neil Ducoff from Strategies focuses in on the 6 most important business outcomes and topics each and every owner must embrace, understand and execute against in their business each and every day. In this first episode in the series, Neil discusses the importance of Productivity and how to measure your salon's productivity rate. He also discusses why it is more important to measure retention vs. request rate and why you must take control over where you want your...


Episode 10: Matthew Fairfax - Making Dreams a Reality in the US and Cambodia

Matthew Fairfax is president/CEO of James Alan Salon & Spa in Seattle Washington. Just a few years ago, Matthew and his colleague Lauren Ebright were on a salon retreat with each other. The two of them discovered their shared passion and desire to make a difference. Before they ever even communicated it to each other, they were individually introduced to the horrors of sex trafficking and the impact on young women, young men, and children around the world. With the support of their...


Episode 09: Nicholas French - A Talk About Making A Difference in the Beauty World

Nicholas French's heritage hails from his father Freddy French (French of London) who was an early groundbreaker in the British hair industry creating key looks that changed the way we look at hair today. Nicholas has followed in his father's footsteps with a far more global outreach having produced over 1,500 education shows and seminars worldwide. He has expanded his interests to working in print, video, and film, and has traveled the world as an international icon. In this podcast,...


Episode 08: Penny Burns - Connect, Grow & Advance with Beauty Cast Network

Join us as we talk with Penny Burns, Founder & CEO of Beauty Cast Network about what needs she saw in the industry that led her to the creation of BCN. She is dedicated to helping beauty professionals throughout their career path to connect, grow, and advance. The company's dedication to beauty professionals and their careers is demonstrated through the BCN online resources, Job fairs, seminars, and more. Future podcasts will feature some of the partners of BCN as they share information...


Episode 07: Reuben Carranza - Advice for Beauty Professionals: Get Involved!

Reuben Carranza was just appointed the president of Olaplex after more than three decades of experience and expertise in growing beauty businesses. In this podcast, Reuben shares his thoughts about his new role. He also stresses the importance of the professional license that industry professionals work hard to earn and need to protect. As Chairman of the Board for the Professional Beauty Association, Reuben provides insight and advice about how important it is to get involved and be...


Episode 06: Neil Ducoff - A Talk about a Bike, Business and Courage

Neil Ducoff, CEO, and Founder of Strategies is an accomplished author, speaker, consultant, and coach in the beauty industry. He is also a passionate cyclist. In this episode, Neil shares details of the horrific accident he had last year when he was struck by a car while riding his bike. He talks about overcoming physical adversity, his miraculous recovery, and the connectivity between being tenacious and courageous in your business life and your personal life. Watch for a 6 part series...


Episode 05: John Heffner- Leadership in Beauty "Founder" Organizations

Melanie Kopeikin interviews John Heffner, CEO of the successful salon chain, the Drybar. John's career is built on multi-faceted experience with premier "founder" companies including Creative Nail Design, OPI, and currently, the Drybar. John shares the attributes of successful entrepreneurs and sheds light on why he is often called the "founder whisperer".


Episode 04: Daniel Kaner - Oribe Hair Care & Kao Salon Division: Synergies & Opportunities for the Future

We were thrilled to have the opportunity to catch up with Daniel Kaner, president of Oribe Hair Care, and have a talk about what is happening at Oribe. Daniel has had a long successful career in the beauty industry starting at Aveda, then Bumble and Bumble, and as co-founder and now president of Oribe. Previously we had an opportunity to speak with Cory Couts, Kao Salon Division global president about the acquisition of Oribe by Kao and we thought it would be great to spend some time with...


Episode 03: Cory Couts - The Kao USA & Oribe Hair Care Marriage

In this episode of Pro Beauty Talks, Cory Couts, Global President for Kao Salon Division, shares details about the acquisition of Oribe Hair Care by KAO USA. Oribe was acquired late in 2017 after a long-standing alliance between the two companies. KAO is known as a global powerhouse whose US brand portfolio includes Goldwell and KMS. Oribe Hair Care enjoys prestige positioning in the professional salon industry and is recognized for its innovative formulations, top performing products,...


Episode 02: Sonya Dove - A Talk About Authenticity

In Episode 2 of the podcast, host Melanie Kopeikin speaks with award-winning hair dresser Sonya Dove. During their conversation Melanie & Sonya discuss many things, including Sonya's impressive resume as a highly respected hair-colorist, award winning hair dresser & member of the Ulta Beauty Pro Team. The two also discuss Sonya's openness about her vulnerabilities as well as her journey professionally up to this point.


Episode 01: Michael Polsinelli and the Creative Process

In Episode 1 of the podcast, host Melanie Kopeikin sits down with globally recognized hair-dresser, salon owner & platform artist Michael Polsinelli. With over 20 years of experience in his industry, Michael is known & respected for his unique approach to his art form. Listen as Melanie & Michael discuss his creative process, how he manifests his creative ideas through his craft & what it has taken for him to be a leader in the industry.


Episode 00: Introducing Pro Beauty Talks

In this trailer episode for Pro Beauty Talks, we hear from Melanie Kopeikin, the host & producer of the podcast as she gives the listener insight into the professional beauty industry & what you can expect to hear from Season 1 of the podcast.