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Episode 14: Yoga Heals the Mind and the Body

Jarad and Leah sit down with the co-owners of Sacred Yoga to find what brings them inner peace in both life and in business. Listen to them discuss how their small start with Lori Stratton grew into a full community of local yogis now co-owned by Lori and her daughter-in-law Rachel Stratton.


Episode 13: Fun Hobbies: Hot Air Balloons

Even doctor's have hobbies. In this episode, join Leah as she sits down with Dr. Gordon Emry, a family medicine doctor who has an interesting hobby for Northeast Nebraska. Sit and listen while he tells stories of his first balloon adventures and some of his favorites.


Episode 12: Shape Tomorrow by Voting Today

Take back your power to choose. Motivate yourself to go vote with this podcast. In this episode, hosts Brittnay and Jarad sit down with City Councilman Rob Merrill and their team member Kristen Ohnoutka to discuss the importance of voting. You can either vote by voting or vote by not voting. If you choose not to vote, someone else's vote counts more. It's simple math. Now go change the world.


Episode 11: Busy is Just a Four-Letter Word

As young professionals, we are experts at taking on too many projects simultaneously and often run the risk of wearing ourselves out before they are all completed. While it is important to work hard when you are young, Troy Brooks (General Manager of Nucor Steel Mill) shares why it is important to never sacrifice your family and the smaller moments along the way, because before you realize it those moments are gone. Leah and Brittnay sit down with Troy in between his community presentation...


Episode 10: Maker of All the Things

In this episode of Speak Up! with CONNECT, hosts Brittnay, Leah, and Jarad attend the open house of the new maker space at the Norfolk Public Library in Norfolk, NE. Jessica Chamberlain explains all the technology gear that is available for public use and how they plan to keep some of the equipment for long-term. Learn along with us the awesome projects you can create and get your hands on some incredible equipment with the introduction of the new maker space.


Episode 9: Seasons of Entrepreneurship

In today's episode, co-hosts Brittnay and Leah sit down for coffee with Chad Barnhill, owner of Midwest Music located in downtown Norfolk, to discuss what it takes to start a business. Chad owns four businesses all together on both a local and global scale, and gives us advice on the need to create a vision and business plan for where you want your business to go, finding your niche, and how to properly prepare for "seasons" of income that commonly happens with entrepreneurship. He also...


Episode 8: The Red Coats are Coming

In this episode we sit down with Jenni Canham, Membership Director for the Norfolk Area Chamber of Commerce, to talk about ways young professionals can get connected and engaged with the Chamber. Jenni gives you insight into the world of being in the elite group of ambassadors for the chamber and how that can boost your career.


Episode 7: Do You Remember

Podcast hosts Brittnay, Grayson, Leah, and Jarad play a little game of "do you remember" reminiscing about the past of Norfolk and the memories shared.


Episode 6: Getting Real with Real Estate

Are you thinking about a career in real estate? In this episode, Jarad is joined by Shalle Wolff of Real Estate Solutions Team and Lillie Haas of Coldwell Bank Dover Realtors. Listen now as they explore the ins and outs of what it takes to become a realtor in Northeast Nebraska.


Episode 5: A Vibrant Downtown Attracts

Communities of all sizes are talking about talent attraction and quality of life, especially when recruiting young professionals. Those that are progressing are taking the holistic approach to making their communities attractive to newcomers, and investing into a vibrant downtown as a top priority. We sit down with Mayor Josh Moenning to hear his view on how the downtown is essentially the heartbeat of any community, and he shares some of the projects Norfolk has implemented to take steps...


Episode 4: Coldsweat Talks Live Music

We all know that smaller communities are struggling to keep young adults around on the weekends instead of skipping town, and often this is due to a lack of live music opportunities for entertainment. We meet up with band members Coldsweat to hear about some of their experiences and struggles with trying to book shows in small towns.


Episode 3: Retail Apocalypse Debate

People are quick to assume Millennials are killing retail, and that online shopping is the way of the future. Statistics reveal a high percentage of consumers (including Millennials) still prefer to shop in a brick and mortar store. We sit down in the middle of Target with manager, Andy Pfiefer, and Norfolk Area Visitor's Bureau director, Traci Jeffrey, to gain perspective to the retail trend in our area and squashing the myth of retail apocalypse.


Episode 2: Things that go BOOM

For as long as many of us can remember, the 4th of July holiday is a time to gather outdoors with friends and family to celebrate our independence. One of the biggest fireworks shows in the state takes place every year at Skyview Lake drawing an estimated 30,000 thousand spectators. In this episode we talk with Don Wisnieski "The Wiz" who has been heading up the Big Bang Boom fireworks show since 1976 to learn more of what it takes to put on this large scale production, and how younger...


Episode 1: Welcome to Speak Up! with CONNECT

Too often are the conversations about what "young people" want in their lives and careers being held behind closed doors without ever truly asking the input from all of us. This episode briefly explains why we started this podcast in the first place.