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Tara in the Neighborhood Episode 17 with Mike Limas

Micheal J. Limas is a retirement planning specialist, a financial consultant. In our talk, Micheal talks about how he has chosen to give back to his community not only by his professional career but he is what I call a "super Citizen". He is treasurer of the Brownsville Improvement Community Corp. (BCIC). The BCIC is our economic development corporation whose purpose is to enhance quality life projects. Michael talks about his work as Chairman of Leadership Brownsville which is a leadership...


Brownsville Police Officer Ruby Perez sings us through her life in Brownsville

This podcast is all about what Brownsville has hidden in our people. Ruby shares not just her voice but her story. Ruby is not just a police officer, she is a person who uses her "voice" to remind us all ---we have a choice. We can choose to sing our way through life or we can dance or we can use our voice to bring kindness and joy to those around us. In the middle of the podcast, we get introduced to Isreal Segovia, a local musician who is a friend of Ruby's and rounded off our interview...


Tara in the Neighborhood Episode 15 with Trey Mendez

Trey Mendez, is a local community leader in Brownsville, Texas. He attended UT Brownsville and graduated with a doctorate in Jurisprudence from the University of Texas in Austin. UT Law school is one of the best in the United States and Trey is using his knowledge to help transform Brownsville through investing in our community both with time and money. Trey serves as TSC Board member and is investing in downtown Brownsville with his new restaurant, Dodici Pizza. Trey and I discussed how he...


Tara in the Neighborhood Episode 14 with Ana Delagarza Dunn- A Different Perspective Art Studio

Ana Delagarza Dunn is a local artist who owns -A Different Preceptive Art Studio in Brownsville, Texas. We discuss how finding your voice leads to a more creative life of your own making. Ana explains how she colors her struggles and re-images them in bright colors to help transform pain into...


Tara in the Neighborhood Episode 13 with Craig Grove

Craig is a Real Estate Broker for Grove Realty Team. He has been in the community building through social media in Brownsville, TX since 2008. Craig created Brownsville Living. Be part of it and now created “Brownsville Live” a new video live streaming program. We discuss changing the broker real estate relationship. We discussed the idea of " owning a bit of Brownsville". Craig talks about his “soul” as a community advocate and shares his perceptive of how social media platforms can...


Tara in the Neighborhood Episode 12 with Sandy Feet

Lucinda is a local sand sculpture on South Padre Island. She created this profession for herself over 30 years ago and is going stronger than ever. She was one of the founders of Sand Castle Days which brings artists from around the World to create sand sculptures on South Padre Island. She discussed her history and what is considered a "local" on the Island. Facebook http://www.sandyfeet.com/ Enjoy Tara


Tara in the Neighborhood Episode 11 with Anabelle Cordona CEO Valley Grande Institute

An engaging conversation about creating a vision and moving the vision in reality. Anabelle Cordona, CEO of Valley Grande Institute is a dynamic woman from the Valley who is committed to creating opportunities for students of all ages and walks of life. When someone tells Anabelle "we can't" she says " We can and here is how..." Enjoy!!!! Below links to Valley Grande Institute: http://www.vgi.edu/ Tara


Tara in the Neighborhood Episode 10 with Scott Wolfe

Scott Wolfe is a local artist who is a Valley native. Scott attended Saint Josphe Academy and went on to attend the Art Center College of Design- Los Angelos and Parsons School of Design in New York. He is owner and founder of La Maquila, a new curated retail/art space in Brownsville, Texas. He discusses his passion for art in public spaces and his inspiration to "create" here in the Valley and bring a different perspective to his...


Tara in the Neighborhood Episode 9 with Dr. Tony Zavaletta

Dr. Zavaletta is a border anthropologist based in Brownsville, Texas. His discusses Brownsville history, his personal stories with shamanic healers and his new book about medicinal plants in the border region. Dr. Zaveletta grow up in Brownsville and is a member of one of the 13 founding families in Northern Mexico. http://www.tsc.edu/index.php/about/board-of-trustees/board-members/dr-tony-zavaleta.html


Tara in the Neighborhood Episode 8 with Three Trees

Three Trees is a music healer. He is currently on a trip across the country to "fill the well" and share his music healing with the country. In our conversation, we talk about music healing, nonvisible energy and the history of sound in shamanic customs. Information about Three Tree is found on his facebook https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001368446069


Tara in the Neighborhood episode 3 with Jordan Leech

Jordan is a local South Padre Island resident who gives his preceptive as a "white guy in the Valley" navigating being single and being a professional physical therapist. He is one of the first Podcasts in the Rio Grande Valley, his podcast is called the Wolfman. Enjoy the listen.... Tara Jordan's Podcast : The Wolfman Podcast https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-wolfman-podcast/id1299393047


Tara in the Neighborhood with Giselle from Bold Media

Giselle, owner and CEO of Bold Media in the Rio Grande Valley. She shares her thoughts on business, social media and her experience working with one of the Valley's most notable businessman. At one point, Giselle actually turns the table and interviews me on my "punched in the face" moment. She is a dynamic speaker and her positivity is palable in this conversation. Giselle can be found at www.beyoubold.com @giselleluspr-insta