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Delete Your Tweets

WHEW CHILLAY! Delete your tweets before you fumble your bag! Or better yet, just don’t tweet anything foolish at all. Boss Of The Week: All the Grammys and Golden Globe nominees. Who do you think got snubbed? Icebreaker: What’s your favorite Christmas song? Faith Fix: There is a time for everything under the heavens. Including a time to be quiet and to stay private. This week we discuss the Kevin Hart Oscars fiasco and Michelle Williams breaking off her marriage and the role social media...


Tis’ The Season for Family Drama

It’s the hap-happiest time of the year! Or is your family getting on your nerves? Or maybe you’re a little down about your familial status. This week we’re talking all about family dynamics during the holidays! Boss Of The Week: Reynell Stewart, owner of Crayon Case Cosmetics, who made $1M in 90 minutes on Cyber Monday. Icebreaker: What’s something you want to do before the end of the year? Faith Fix: With the holiday season upon us, we discuss the role of family and traditions during the...


Forever My Lady

RIP to Kim Porter! Go call someone you love and let them know how much they mean to you! Boss Of The Week: Beyonce! Ain’t no racism or any sexual abusers in her camp okurrrrr. She recently gained 100% of Ivy Park after her partner was accused of sexual and racial abuse. Icebreaker: In honor of Auntie Michelle, what would you name your memoirs? Faith Fix: With the tragic passing of Kim Porter, we discuss how we are living our lives to the fullest. Beauty Fix: We discuss the wonders of...


Issa DevaCurl GIVEAWAY!

That’s right! We’ve partnered with DevaCurl for a holiday giveaway that your hair will LOVE First, we start with an icebreaker about which TV show / movie we’d like to live in! And surprise, surprise, Toni and Nikki have the same answer and Taylor hit us with a Disney throwback. Next, we finally answer the Hung Up Pod’s challenge and take an inventory of ourselves as we end the year. From finally being honest with ourselves to working on our anxiety and anger, we get DEEP deep yall as we...


Black Women Built My Business (feat. Nubian Skin CEO Ade Hassan)

We’re BACK for season three y’all! We start off with YOU, our listeners, as our boss of week. THANK YOU! And then we recap our breaks. Taylor was out her securing the bag, Toni began starting her days with the word and a devotional and Niccara worked on her mental health with the help of a therapist. Next we move into an entertaining interview with our first INTERNATIONAL guest, Nubian Skin CEO Ade Hassan. Live from her office in the U.K., Ade speaks on how her faith and support system aided...


The Journey To Joy (feat. Kurly Klips Owner Lana Boone)

We’re ending season two on a JOYOUS note with a powerful interview with Kurly Klips owner Lana Boone. In this episode, we get personal about what led her to start her business, how she stays inspired through the chaos of life, and how God answered her cry for help and in the end brought her so much joy. We hope this episode touches you as much as it touched us! If you like this episode share it with someone else who would as well. And leave us a 5 star review so we can continue to grow! Have...


Word to Nicki

We’re switching up the flow of the show little bit! Let us know if you like it! Boss of the week: Shoutout to Harlem Hops being the first 100% Black Owned Craft Beer Bar In Harlem, NY! Yasss to Black Excellence. Ice Breaker: To celebrate Father’s Day, we asking what is some good advice you got from a father or father figure... #FaithFix: This week we dive in deep with Nicki Minaj’s July Elle Cover Story. One co-host exposes her Barb fandom and another one asks about celebrities social...


Feminine Energy + The Half Blood Duchess

We’re switching up the flow of the show little bit! Let us know if you like it! Boss of the week: Janet Mock for being the first trans-person to direct a major network series, The Pose on FX. Ice Breaker: After dragging ourselves last week, this week we’re talking about what we *know* we do well. But we find it kinda hard… #FaithFix: This week we finally get around to talking about the Royal Wedding. We read portions of an article from a leading women’s empowerment site about feminine...


Don’t Rush The Process

It’s been a rough few weeks for us, but we’re back! We’re talking about not rushing to the goal and enjoying the journey. Powered by Hennessy, so prepare yourselves. Boss of the week: Stacey Abrams, the first black woman to be a major party nominee for governor in the United States. #LocalElectionsMatter Ice Breaker: We’re halfway through the year and we talk about what we *know* we need to work on. #CultureFix: Drake vs Pusha Tea (we live for the petty yall!) Racist-anne got cancelled and...


My Plan or God’s Plan?

How can you learn to be content with your life as it is versus how you think it *should* be? This week we’re encouraging you to seek God’s Plan, not your own. Boss of the week: All the mom’s listening (hopefully not Toni’s tho). Ice Breaker: We go over our best and worst fashion choices from the Met Gala #CultureFix: Speaking of Pope Rih Rih, we go over the launch of her Savage x Fenty and a lower price alternative for you ladies and gents. Then we talk about Spotify’s ban on R. Kelly’s...


Where The Cash At?

Episode Title: Where The Cash At? Welcome to a special episode of The Remedy! We’re breaking away from our normal structure and we’re getting into it! Boss of the week: ASAP Ferg for being the first rapper to work with Tiffany’s and the first rapper to perform in Tiffany’s flagship store! Let’s get into the mess! Inspired by this (clickbait) post about Nene Leakes and wanted to know: what’s wrong with wanting a man with the coins? We took some listener feedback from social media on these two...


Wake Up Mr. West

Men, especially our Black Men, have to do better. We can’t save you all. Boss of the week: Ashley Lamothe for being the youngest franchise owner of a Chic-Fil-A. Shoutout to Black Women bosses! Ice Breaker: After riding the high of Broccoli City Fest, we ask each other what Cardi B song best describes you. #CultureFix: Taylor and Nikki delve into Broccoli City Fest, all the highs and the low. This week was a truly put it in rice week for Black Men. From #MuteRKelly to Bill Cosby to Nas to...


Cater To You?!

Inspired by a post on Facebook of all places, we start a conversation about the expectations and realities of marriage. Can a woman over catering to her man and taking the brunt of child care / home care survive in the modern world? Boss of the week: Tammy Duckworth for being the 1st senator to give birth while in office. Ice Breaker: After seven transformative seasons, Scandal has come to an end. So we look back on our favorite gladiator moments. #CultureFix: K. Michelle botched booty has...


Pop My Butt

How do we keep our history alive for our future children, children, siblings, and peer in the mist of white walkers. Boss of the week: Terps killing Beychella ! Shout to Tina Jackson & Ariel O'Neal. Ice Breaker: If you could only have Beyoncé perform 3 songs, what would they be? It was hard for one host. #CultureFix: The hosts are reeling from the sensation that was BeyChella ! We are moving to BeyChella, Wakanda...who’s coming? We also discuss the comparison of Michael Jackson to Bey & is...


The Miseducation of The Remedy Podcast

What do you do when you realized that your thinking and behaviors are problematic? This week we’re tackling how to handle the process of unlearning. Boss of the week: The State of New York for providing menstrual products in public schools. Ice Breaker: Last week we recounted bad dates, so this week we’re talking about what makes dates good! Take notes yall! #CultureFix: Tyrone the (alleged) scammer is back in the news (by his own doing). He’s suing the school for $10 million. Scammers gon...


Managing Perceptions and Giving Yourself Grace

People talked about Jesus, so they’ll talk about you. So how do we manage other’s perceptions of us while being our full selves and how do we give ourselves grace for our shortcomings? Boss of the week: 11 year old Naomi Wadler for speaking her mind and being an inspiration for us all during the #MarchForOurLIves. Ice Breaker: We recount our worst dates. Toni’s involved a tinder proposal and Nikki shows her savage ways. #CultureFix: Yall know we had to talk about Tyrone the (alleged)...


Closed Doors and Open Windows

How do you manage after you didn’t get something you genuinely thought God wanted for you? It’s hard, but you have to believe God has the best in store for you. Boss of the week: Baltimore-bred Jess Hilarious will be starring in a FOX opposite Lil Rel. What a journey from Instagram to network TV! Ice Breaker: We play a fun game of ‘This or That’ that has been sweeping IG. And get ready for a fun IG game from The Remedy! #CultureFix: Racially ambiguous rapper from the DMV leaves his wife...


Just Do The Work

We all have to wait patiently for the good things in our lives to happen. But how best can you use that time to improve yourself? We say… just do the work! Boss of the week: Ava DuVernay for directing A Wrinkle in Time and being an all around boss! Ice Breaker: We’re running ourselves thin tryna do everything! Listen to how we try to maintain balance #CultureFix: Of course we have to discuss Beyonce and her OTR 2. And oh yeah Jay-Z will be there, but also Beyonce! And speaking of running,...


It Be Yo Own Co-Hosts

Y’all ambushing your female co-worker on live radio!? On international women’s day!? WE WILL NOT HAVE IT! Boss of the week: All the ladies in the place with style and grace! Happy #InternationalWomensDay! Ice Breaker: Womanly advice we’d give to our younger selves. #CultureFix: Terry Crews’ assaulter gets off scotch free, RuPaul makes a controversial comment about transwomen, and Disney is putting weight behind Black Panther for the 2019 awards season. #PoliticsFix: Compton’s black female...


Read Your Bible! (Before It Reads YOU)

If your pastor has to dress up like The Black Panther to keep you interested in church… it might be time to move on. Boss of the week: Melissa Harville-Lebron: first Black woman owner of a nascar team Ice Breaker: We share our highs and lows of February. #CultureFix: Michelle Obama has a new memoir coming out, Jay-Z passes Diddy as the wealthiest hip-hop act and (finally!) companies are cutting ties with the NRA and enacting their own gun control efforts. #PoliticsFix: Stacey Dash is running...