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Hey! We’re #BookSquadGoals, a bi-weekly podcast about books and pop culture. We're trying to grow our audience, and we'd love to be added to the TuneIn directory.

Hey! We’re #BookSquadGoals, a bi-weekly podcast about books and pop culture. We're trying to grow our audience, and we'd love to be added to the TuneIn directory.
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Hey! We’re #BookSquadGoals, a bi-weekly podcast about books and pop culture. We're trying to grow our audience, and we'd love to be added to the TuneIn directory.






BSG #32: Back in the Habit / The Memory Police

Grab your earbuds before they disappear and listen to our discussion of The Memory Police by Yoko Ogawa. We talk about the setting, character development, memory and loss, and why this novel feels so timely even though it was originally published in 1994. Then we dig into some listener feedback for our Circe episode and tell you what’s on the #BookSquadBlog. Read along with us for our next #othersode, a spooky time with special guests Lisa Kroger and Melanie Anderson. We’ll be covering the...


Othersode #31: Laurence Fishburne is an E-mail / Where'd You Go Bernadette & Interview w/Kate Davies

Go missing with the #BookSquad as we discuss the new movie Where’d You Go Bernadette?, based on the novel by Maria Semple. We talk about how the epistolary form translates on screen, the depiction of a few female characters, and the thing everyone is wondering: What is Bernadette’s deal anyway? In the second half of this #othersode, Emily interviews Kate Davies, author of the new novel In at the Deep End, which has been described as a “lesbian Bridget Jones.” Then we get into listener...


BSG #31: Speaking of Boning / Circe

Get exiled with the #BookSquad to the deserted island of Aeaea as we discuss Madeline Miller’s second novel, "Circe." We talk about our favorite myths, whether this novel is feminist, what’s so great about mortals, witchy witchcraft, and more. We also get into some listener feedback for "The Mars Room" and hear about Emily’s featured bookstore, Star Line Books in Chattanooga. Head to the #BookSquadBlog for more content on your favorite TV shows, movies and other pop culture nonsense. Go see...


Othersode #30: Simba Did It Fully Nude / The Lion King 2019

In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the #BookSquad meets todaaaaay! Get your singing voices ready for our discussion of the new "Lion King" remake. Special guest Said joins us to talk about the visual effects, standout (and not-so-standout) performances, our favorite songs, and storytelling in the Pridelands. Plus we get into some listener feedback on our "Black Mirror" #othersode and talk about what's on the #BookSquadBlog! Read along with us for the next #bookpisode on Madeline Miller's...


BSG #30: Evvie Drake Starts Over (with special guest Liberty Hardy!)

Things get romantic this week on #BookSquadGoals as we discuss "Evvie Drake Starts Over," the debut novel by Linda Holmes. Special guest Liberty Hardy joins us to talk about pop culture in books, the romance genre, themes of grief and guilt, and of course, our favorite rom-coms. Then we read some listener feedback on "The Mars Room" and "Fruit of the Drunken Tree" and tell you all about the awesome content on the #BookSquadBlog — recaps, reviews and more! Go see "The Lion King" for our next...


Othersode #29: Kelli Is Single / Black Mirror Season 5

If this podcast was a "Black Mirror" episode, the #BookSquad would take over your brain and control your motor functions and force you to subscribe to our podcast...alas, this is just a regular BSG episode, but it’s about "Black Mirror" - Season 5. We dig into this three-episode season and discuss themes of gender, sexuality, teenage girldom, and more. We also talk about the best and worst episodes of the show overall, and what worked and didn’t work in Season 5. Head over to the...


BSG #29: Emma Fay Voice / The Mars Room

Grab an orange jumpsuit and cuff your ankles together because the #BookSquad is heading to prison this week for our discussion of Rachel Kushner’s novel The Mars Room. We talk about characterization, how this relates to other prison-based media, and what this book is or isn’t trying to say about the justice system. We also read lots of listener feedback on An Absolutely Remarkable thing. (Thanks, #goalies! Keep it coming!) Head to the #BookSquadBlog for various TV recaps, movie reviews,...


Othersode #28: I want it, I got it / Travelsode

This week, instead of traveling to the fictional locale of a novel, we’re going to New Orleans IN REAL LIFE. That’s right, the #BookSquad got together for real and spent a weekend trying food and drink, looking for lost cars, taking high-quality model photos, singing karaoke and basking in the sweet warmth of togetherness. Follow us on our trip where we did not actually see Ariana Grande, but we did talk about her a lot. You’re welcome. Send your feedback to, and...


BSG #28: This American Book / An Absolutely Remarkable Thing

Where were you when the Carls appeared? Join the #Squad for a discussion of Hank Green’s debut novel, An Absolutely Remarkable Thing. We talk about the book’s unique angle on its themes, voice and characterization, and what the heck new adult lit is. Plus we read some listener feedback on the Gunners and get into what’s on the #BookSquadBlog right now (lots of TV recaps!). Look out for our next #othersode on 6/3, our very first #travelsode as the #Squad takes on New Orleans together. Then...


Othersode #27: Putdownable: A Hatepisode / A Stranger in the House

Grab a drink because you’re gonna need it. It’s time for our second #Hatepisode, featuring "A Stranger in the House" by Shari Lapena. We discuss the bonkers plot, the cardboard characters, and the oh-my-goodness-it’s-so-bad writing. Then we dig into some reviews so you don’t just take our word for it. Everything gets way better after that because it’s also our second BIRTHDAYSODE! Listen as we exchange gifts and tell each other how awesome we are. Read along for our next #Bookpisode, a book...


BSG #27: We Need To Talk About Gretel / Gingerbread

Things get magically weird this week as the #BookSquad discusses ‘Gingerbread’ by Helen Oyeyemi. We discuss childhood and nostalgia, friendship and family relationships, and what the heck is actually happening plot-wise. Plus, we talk about some of our own family recipes and get into 'Pet Sematary' feedback. Head over to the #BookSquadBlog for more content, including TV recaps, book reviews and other miscellany. Next Up: HATEpisode #2! Rage-read along with us for Shari Lapena’s novel ‘A...


Othersode #26: Sometimes Dad Is Better / Pet Sematary

Get unburied with the #BookSquad (and special guest Charlie, Emily’s dad!) as we come back from the dead to talk about the new 2019 film adaptation of Stephen King’s “Pet Sematary.” We discuss grief, death and the big changes between the book (and the 1989 film) and the new movie. Plus, you get to learn a little about our childhood pets! Then we dig into some Captain Marvel listener feedback and tell you what’s on the #BookSquadBlog right now. Up next for our #bookpisode: "Gingerbread" by...


BSG #26: Is Eggplant A Berry? / Fruit of the Drunken Tree

The #BookSquad takes a shady trip to 1990s Colombia this week as we discuss "Fruit of the Drunken Tree" by Ingrid Rojas Contreras. We talk about the historical fiction genre, trauma and violence, womanhood, and the relationship between the book's two protagonists, Chula and Petrona. Plus, we talk more about "Captain Marvel" and get Susan’s thoughts on how awesome the movie is. There’s plenty of great content on the #BookSquadBlog, including TV recaps, movie reviews and more! LISTEN UP,...


Othersode #25: What's a cat? / Captain Marvel!

The #BookSquad crash lands on planet C-53, aka Earth in the mid-90s, to talk about "Captain Marvel," the newest origin story movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We discuss where this movie fits in the MCU, how it works as trauma narrative, the film's feminist themes, how it compares to other superhero origin stories, and — of course — Goose the cat! Plus, we give you a rundown of what's on the #BookSquadBlog (it's a lot of recaps!) and what's up next on the pod. Read along with us for...


BSG #25: Asexual Baiting / The Gunners

Feel like a townie with us as we go to Lackawanna, NY for a strange reunion of a group of childhood friends in Rebecca Kauffman’s novel, The Gunners. We talk about revealing secrets, character development, the problems with Mikey, and whether people can really change. Plus, we tell you all the goodies currently on the #BookSquadBlog. Go see Captain Marvel, and join us for our next #Othersode on 3/11/19! Email us your feedback to and don’t forget to rate, review,...


Othersode #24: Begging to be Poked / #BOOKSQUADGAMES

Things get downright whimsical this week as the #BookSquad plays Magical Fury with special guest Todd! Join Becky, Kitty, Heather and Hook at North Bay High School as they encounter a ~strange happening~ and transform into magical girls to battle with some unsavory creatures. We'll let you decide who has the coolest magical girl powers after you listen. After the magic dust settles, we cover what's on the #BookSquadBlog and what's next on the podcast. Write to us about anything you'd like at...


BSG #24: Pop It Back Up / The Power

What if women all across the world were suddenly given the power of electricity? The Book Squad entertains this question and so many more as they dive into Naomi Alderman’s speculative alternate history novel “The Power.” Get ready, because we’re going to talk about race, we’re going to talk about gender, and we’re going to talk about erections. You don’t want to miss out on this. Plus, we get into a little Riverdale and Bachelor chat as we discuss what’s going on in the blog world, and...


Othersode #23: The Worst Game of F, Marry, Kill / My Brilliant Friend

Come with the #BookSquad on a not-so-luxurious European vacation to 1950s postwar Naples, Italy to discuss the HBO series My Brilliant Friend. We talk female friendship (and frenemy-ship), toxic masculinity, and the show’s (forgive us) brilliant choices in setting, design, and photography. And of course, we answer the most important question: F*ck, Marry, Kill: Stefano, Nino, and Marcello? Yes, we fully expect you to write in with your answers. After the show, we get into listener feedback...


BSG #23: Banana Word Cloud / Girls Burn Brighter

Finish 2018 the right way: with the story of a powerful friendship and #squadgoals. In our final episode of the year, the Squad discusses "Girls Burn Brighter" by Shobha Rao. We talk about the novel’s themes, including grief, light/dark, and hope, as well as Rao’s writing style. We get into what shapes and drives the two main characters, and of course, we discuss the harrowing (seriously, it’s really bad) journey the women endure as they try to find one another again. Plus, we’ve got...


Othersode #22: Drink Every Time We're Self-Congratulatory / Favorites of 2018

It's time for our second annual End-of-the-Year celebration here at the Book Squad Goals clubhouse. Grab a hot cuppa tea and/or a tall glass of wine and party with us as we go through our favorite things of 2018. And then... we open presents! Sorry, we didn't get you anything. This is awkward. Please don't forget to rate, review, subscribe and come back for our final episode of the year when we'll be discussing Shobha Rao's novel "Girls Burn Brighter"! Table of Contents 1:07 - Intros & New...