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A monthly book club and podcast for readers who enjoy an eclectic variety of books - and talking about them nonstop.

A monthly book club and podcast for readers who enjoy an eclectic variety of books - and talking about them nonstop.
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A monthly book club and podcast for readers who enjoy an eclectic variety of books - and talking about them nonstop.




Episode 52: The Bear and the Nightingale: Two Rants for the Price of One

Susan loves Crazy Rich Asians, so we had to discuss film adaptations! Are they ever better than the book? Jeannette and Meredith may have Feelings about this. Then we talk The Bear and the Nightingale, Vasya’s house elves, and country bumpkins who end up in cities. Discuss The Bear and the Nightingale with us on Goodreads (! The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden on Goodreads...


Episode 51: America's First Daughter: Foiled Again!

School is back in session! Tara, Susan, and Jeannette talk about prepping for the school year, Harry’s 20th (31st) Birthday, and the American Revolution. Listen in as they talk about their fav Harry memories and whether Jefferson was kind of… you know… a manipulative $#^! The Two Towers on Goodreads ( and Amazon (// Harry Potter and the Goblet for Fire on Goodreads...


Episode 50: A Man Called Ove: Is Curmudgeon a Lifestyle Choice?

Susan, Jeannette, and Meredith look into translated books and what makes it a good translation or not. Then they bring out their inner curmudgeon as they discuss A Man Called Ove. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban on Goodreads ( and Amazon ( Fangirl on Goodreads ( and Amazon ( Anne of Avonlea on Goodreads...


Episode 49: A Discovery of Witches: I’m a Little Sassy This Morning

Discuss A Discovery of Witches with us on Goodreads ( A Discovery of Witches on Goodreads ( and Amazon ( The Belles on Goodreads...


Episode 48: The Last Black Unicorn: I Listened With My Eyes

Jeannette, Susan, and Tara discuss free comics, what our memoirs would be about, and give you dates for the upcoming Eclectic Readathon in June! Then we discuss Tiffany Haddish’s memoir The Last Black Unicorn and all the many humorous and not-so-humorous topics it covers. Discuss The Last Black Unicorn with us on Goodreads ( Interview with Tiffany Haddish...


Episode 47: The Sparrow: This is Why the Prime Directive Exists!

Susan, Jeannette, and Meredith confess the size of their TBR along with habits like how they decide what goes on their TBR and how they remove a book from their TBR. Then they take flight and discuss The Sparrow and how it’s more than just Jesuits in space. The Sparrow on Goodreads ( and Amazon ( What Ho, Automaton on Goodreads ( and Amazon...


Episode 46: Shadow and Bone: We’re Smart, Okay, We Know Things

Shadow and Bone on Goodreads ( and Amazon ( The Martian on Goodreads ( and Amazon ( The Lord of the Rings on Goodreads ( and Amazon ( Sense and Sensibility on Goodreads...


Episode 45: American War: We're the Old Guy on the Bus

Party for 2 with Meredith and Susan! They discuss weird books that they love to recommend and just needs people to trust them on it. Then they discuss Sarat from American War on how war changes a person and how likely another American Civil can be. American War on Goodreads ( and Amazon ( Let us know your thoughts on GoodReads ( Reign of the...


Episode 44: Sorcerer to the Crown: He’s Good-looking, I Trust Him, Too Bad He’s Such a Drag

In this episode, Susan, Tara, and Jeannette review how they did on last year’s reading resolutions and set new goals for this year. Then they discuss Zen Cho’s Sorcerer to the Crown and discuss all the ways Regency romances and fantasy novels both work and don’t work when mixed together. Discuss Sorcerer to the Crown with us on Goodreads ( Interview with Zen Cho on her influences...


Episode 43: Her Body and Other Parties: It's OK to Not Be OK

All 4 hosts come together to wrap up 2017 with favorite books they have read. Also, 2 fun announcements about the 11th Hour Readathon and the ER Mad Libs reading challenge! Then they dive into the Main Read of Her Body and Other Parties. WARNING: Adult themes and trigger warnings of sexual violence. Her Body and Other Parties on Goodreads ( and Amazon ( Let us know your thoughts on GoodReads...


Episode 42: Pachinko: I Get It!

The hosts discuss what’s on their holiday wish list because we can always use more bookish things. Then they discuss the characters of Pachinko as well as the symbolism of Pachinko and Korean society in Japan. Pachinko on Goodreads ( and Amazon ( Let us know your thoughts on...


Episode 41: Dark Matter: My Brain Hurts!

Meredith, Susan, and Tara discuss book banning along with some of their favorite banned books. Do you think books should ever be banned? Then they take a deep dive into the novel Dark Matter and leave with headaches after talking about the multiverse...though, there’s probably other versions of the co-hosts out there that have a total grasp on this science…is your head spinning yet? Dark Matter on Goodreads ( and...


Episode 40: This Savage Song: Heavy-Handed But Awesome

The hosts discuss auto-buy authors where they can't help but give them our money. They also discuss Schwab's upcoming books. Then they dive in to This Savage Song and cut the discussion short because they could all talk about this book for hours. -This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab on Goodreads ( and Amazon ( -Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare on Goodreads...


Episode 39: The Captive Mind: Finish A Chapter, Eat A Cookie

Susan, Tara, and Jeannette talk about DNF'ing a book; why do you DNF, what makes you DNF, would you go back to a DNF? All this leads to a discussion of The Captive Mind. We discuss if it has captivated our minds. What did you think of The Captive Mind? Tell us about it on GoodReads! ( -The Captive Mind on GoodReads ( and Amazon (


Episode 38: Wallbanger: Entertain Me, Please

In this episode, Meredith, Susan, and Jeannette wrap up the Eclectic Readathon and ER Madlibs and announce the winners! We speak on the weird happiness of adulthood, and how we overcome reading slumps. Finally, we discuss Wallbanger - its characters, the unreality of Caroline’s cat, and the reality of sex in romance. -Discuss Wallbanger with us on Goodreads ( -Wallbanger by Alice Clayton on Goodreads...


Episode 37: Interview with Patrick Phillips

-Patrick Phillips’ website ( -Blood at the Root GoodReads ( and Amazon ( -Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America’s Great Migration by Isabel Wilkerson on GoodReads ( and Amazon ( -Isabel Wilkerson’s website ( -Ta-Nehisi Coates on The Atlantic...


Episode 36: Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe: A YA With Parents!

The Eclectic Readers Podcast is two years old! In celebration, we’re gearing up for our next Eclectic Readathon (starting Friday, June 23rd at 8:00pm EST) and the end of our first ER Mad Libs Reading Challenge (submissions due at the end of the Readathon.) In this episode we talk about books that helped shape us into who we are today and discuss the Young Adult (YA) book “Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe,” which focuses on two teenage boys discovering their personal,...


Episode 35: Romeo and/or Juliet: Everything Would be Better with a Buff Captain Picard

In this episode, Tara, Jeannette, and Meredith discuss what makes a good “retelling” of a classic story as well as share some of their favorite and least favorite (Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies) retellings of all time. We’re also ramping up for the end of our ERMadlib challenge and the start of our 24 hour readathon! Now with new great prizes! Then we dive into the multiple endings and laughter of Ryan North’s “Romeo and/or Juliet.” -Discuss Romeo and/or Juliet with us on Goodreads...


Episode 34: Love Warrior: Mind the Gap

Susan has updates on our reading challenges, while Jeannette has a stack of new books to recommend. And we’re all excited about the PRIZES we’ll be handing out in June! Then we talk about the memoir Love Warrior and gaps between what we want and what authors give us. Come dig into Love Warrior with us on Goodreads (! Glennon Doyle Melton’s Blog ( Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton on...


Episode 33: Girl Waits With Gun: Future Historical Fiction

Susan, Meredith, and Jeannette discuss historical fiction: what is it, what isn’t it, and do we like it? Then we dig into Amy Stewart’s novel Girl Waits with Gun, and the complicated relationship between sisters, mothers and daughters, and women, sheriffs, and Singer salesmen. Show Notes - Discuss Girl Waits with Gun with us on Goodreads ( - Interview with Amy Stewart...