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27: Caleb Klaces

In episode 27 we speak to Caleb Klaces, poet, academic and author of 'Fatherhood' (2019, Prototype). Caleb is also the author of 'Bottled Air' (2013), winner of the Melita Hume Prize and an Eric Gregory Award, as well as two chapbooks: 'All Safe All Well' (2011) and 'Modern Version' (2018). He is Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing and English Literature at York St John University, and runs the York Centre for Writing Poetry Series. Fatherhood is available here:...


26: Vesna Main

In Episode 26, we speak to Vesna Main, author of Good Day? (Salt, 2019) which was shortlisted for the Goldsmiths Prize last year. Vesna has previously published A Woman with No Clothes On (Delancey Press 2008) and The Reader the Writer (Mirador, 2015). Temptation: A User’s Guide, a collection of her short stories, was published by Salt in January 2018. https://www.saltpublishing.com/collections/author-vesna-main Vesna is on Twitter @VesnaMain (https://twitter.com/VesnaMain) Find us on...


25: Tony White

In episode 25, we speak to Tony White, author of ‘The Fountain in the Forest’ (Faber, 2018) as well as ‘Road Rage’, ‘Satan Satan Satan’, ‘Charlieunclenorfolktango’, ‘Foxy-T’, ‘Shackleton’s Man Goes South’, the non-fiction title ‘Another Fool in the Balkans’, and many other short stories, novellas and collaborations. He was writer in residence at the Science Museum, and his novella with artists Blast Theory, ‘Zombies Ate My Library’, was shortlisted for for best novella in the Saboteur Awards...


24: Yara Rodrigues Fowler

In Episode 24, we speak to Yara Rodrigues Fowler, the author of Stubborn Archivist (Fleet, 2019). We spoke to Yara about publisher demands to make her novel at least twice as long, the power of white space, developing a two-headed bildungsroman, the challenges facing contemporary Brazil and how writers are facing them. You can buy Stubborn Archivist via this page: https://www.littlebrown.co.uk/titles/yara-rodrigues-fowler/stubborn-archivist/9780708899076/ Yara is on Twitter @yazzarf...


23: Mazin Saleem

In Episode 23 we speak to Mazin Saleem, the author of 'the Prick', published as part of Open Pen's series of novelettes. We speak to Mazin about discovering that you're not really a night-owl, using software to improve your writing productivity, and the freedom of jumping around the manuscript while editing to keep things fresh. You can buy the Prick here: https://www.openpen.shop/store/p9/theprick.html You can find out more about Mazin and his writing at: www.mazinsaleem.com...


22: Shiromi Pinto

In episode 22, we speak to Shiromi Pinto, the author of 'Plastic Emotions' (2019, Influx Press) and 'Trussed' (2006, Serpent's Tail). You can order Plastic Emotions here (https://www.influxpress.com/plastic-emotions) . We spoke to Shiromi about her use of real letters to produce fiction; what she does with her writing offcuts; how far 500 words a day can get you; and losing faith, spiking a project, and then finding the courage to pick it up again to drag it all the way to publication....


21: Mathias Énard

In episode 21 we sit down with Mathias Énard, winner of the Prix Goncourt, to speak to him about his process, the line between history and fiction and the benefits of a good pair of slippers. Mathias' work includes the novels ‘Zone’, ‘Compass’, ‘Street of Thieves’ and ‘Tell them of Battles, Kings and Elephants’ which he was promoting when we spoke to him towards the end of last year. All of these novels have been published by Fitzcarraldo Editions and can be purchased here:...


20: Edy Poppy

This month we speak to Norwegian author and artist Edy Poppy. Edy's debut novel Anatomi. Monotoni. won the Gylendal Prize in 2005 and was recently published in English as Anatomy. Monotony. by Dalkey Archive. Tr. May-Brit Akerholt. Anatomy. Monotony. (https://www.dalkeyarchive.com/product/anatomy-monotony/) is available at Dalkey Archive Press, who will also publish the collection Coming. Apart. (containing the 'Dungeness' short story that we discuss) More information about Edy and her...


19: Samuel Fisher

In this episode we speak to novelist, bookseller and publisher Samuel Fisher. Sam's debut 'the Chameleon' was published by Salt in 2018. You can buy the Chameleon here: [Salt - the Chameleon](https://www.saltpublishing.com/products/the-chameleon-9781784631246) As we mention at the beginning, there were some technical issues with the sound on one of the microphones in this episode - apologies, but it should sound ok if you're listening on earphones/headphones. You can follow Sam on Twitter:...


19: Sam Fisher

In this episode we speak to novelist, bookseller and publisher Sam Fisher. Sam's debut 'the Chameleon' was published by Salt in 2018.


18: Marc Nash

In episode 18, we speak to Marc Nash, most recently author of 'Three Dreams in the Key of G', published by Dead Ink in 2018. Marc joined us in London to discuss choosing the playlist to write to, intense bursts of writing during the summer holidays, using the editing process to add material rather than remove, playing through language, writing across gender and plenty more. You can follow Marc [@21stCScribe](https://twitter.com/21stcscribe) on Twitter To find out more about the podcast,...


17: Eimear McBride

Welcome all to the first Unsound Methods of 2019! This month, we are delighted to be joined for a second time by Eimear McBride. In episode 12 we spoke to Eimear alongside Noémi Lefebvre but we didn't have much time to speak to them before that evening's event, so Eimear was kind enough to come to the studio for a more extended chat. Among other subjects in this episode we discuss Eimear's process, experimental fiction and the role of the novel in modern life. Thanks again to Eimear for her...


16: Christmas Special 2018

No guest this month (don't worry, more fantastic writers will be appearing here starting again in January). In this Xmas '18 special edition, Lochlan and Jaimie get tanked up on port and mince pies to conduct a brief dissection of the first year of Unsound Methods as well as a review of what they've learnt before getting stuck in to a couple of most commonly quoted lists of writing advice from Messers Vonnegut and Orwell. Full of the Christmas spirit, this episode contains many swears… Thank...


15: Tom Lee

This month we speak to Tom Lee award-winning short fiction writer and author of The Alarming Palsy of James Orr. We talk about Tom's approach to writing and how he finds new ideas, the impact of ill-health on his writing as well as the difficulties in moving from short stories to longer form fiction. Tom's work has appeared in The Sunday Times, Esquire and Prospect in the UK, The Dublin Review in Ireland and in Francis Ford Coppola’s Zoetrope All Story in the United States, among others. In...


16: Tom Lee



14: Lars Iyer

In this month's episode we speak to Lars Iyer, weaver of fiction in blog-form, novelist and erstwhile philosopher. Among many other things we talked to Lars about turning blogs into novels (as he did with his first three novels 'Spurious', 'Dogma' and 'Exodus'), his path to being a serial producer of trilogies and making the most of your spouse as your first reader and editor. Post-interview, Lars confirmed for us that 'Nietzsche in the Burbs' will be coming out next year on Melville House....


13: Azareen Van Der Vliet Oloomi

Welcome to the second series of Unsound Methods. In this episode we speak to Azareen Van Der Vliet Oloomi, the author of Call Me Zebra from Alma Books (in the UK). Azareen's debut novel was Fra Keeler. Topics covered in our chat included research, working with editors and the paths that reading can take while putting a novel together. Thanks to Burley Fisher bookshop for providing us with the recording space for this episode. You can find Call Me Zebra here:...


12: (Event) Beyond Words: Noémi Lefebvre and Eimear McBride

This is the audio recording of the event at the Institut Francais that followed our chat with Noémi Lefebvre and Eimear McBride. The Institut Francais have kindly shared the audio of this event which took place on 17th May 2018. Thanks to: Nicci Praca, Cecile Menon, Sophie Lewis (who hosted the event), Axelle Oxborrow (translation) and Lucie Campos.


12: Beyond Words: Noémi Lefebvre & Eimear McBride

This episode was recorded at the Beyond Words Festival at the Institut Francais on Thursday 17th May 2018\. We sat down with Noémi Lefebvre, the author of 'Blue Self-Portrait' (available from Les Fugitives: [http://www.lesfugitives.com/books/#/blue-self-portrait/](http://www.lesfugitives.com/books/#/blue-self-portrait/)) and Eimear McBride, author of 'A Girl is a Half-Formed Thing' (Galley Beggar Press/Faber) and 'The Lesser Bohemians' (Faber). It was hot, and there was a lot of noise in the...


11: Olga Tokarczuk & Jennifer Croft

We speak to Olga Tokarczuk and Jennifer Croft, fresh from winning the International [@ManBookerPrize](https://twitter.com/ManBookerPrize) for the superb 'Flights', out now on [@FitzcarraldoEds](https://twitter.com/FitzcarraldoEds) - [https://fitzcarraldoeditions.com/books/flights](https://fitzcarraldoeditions.com/books/flights) Among other things we discuss the whirlwind of prize-winning, composing constellation novels, suppressing your first published book, and the challenges of translating...