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Join Vance Bastian, SA Collins, and their guests in weekly podcast discussions about LGBTQ storytelling in all genres and mediums

Join Vance Bastian, SA Collins, and their guests in weekly podcast discussions about LGBTQ storytelling in all genres and mediums


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Join Vance Bastian, SA Collins, and their guests in weekly podcast discussions about LGBTQ storytelling in all genres and mediums






Ep308-MD Neu-Oh God What Was I Thinking

M.D. "Marvin" Neu unveils his upcoming release, "The Called." He & Baz also catch up on the virtual cons he's participating in this year, and a short election themed story anthology, "A More Perfect Union."


Ep307-Tyler Davis-A Handbag with a Paintball Gun

Tyler Davis delivers the first in his new political dystopian series, New America: Awakenings. We talk about how to craft a dystopian work without being centered on futuristic tech or fictional epidemics. It's a great conversation all around.


Ep306-Mike Munich-Choose Your Own Adventure

Mike Munich shines in a FABULOUS conversation on finding our inner divas! As a queer performer and healer, Mike leads a thought provoking and humorous exploration into why divas are so important to queer culture and how harnessing yours can lead to a more healthy life. Use promo code "WROTE" at getstardusted.com to get $50 off your first session!


Ep305-Chris Zyda-Who Are You Texting at 232 In The Morning

Chris Zyda shares his cathartic work, The Storm: One Voice From the AIDS Generation. Though a deep subject, our conversation focuses on the journey of writing a deeply emotional memoir and his approach to the work.


Ep304-Jade Winters-Get Some Reins On Me

Jade Winters jumps into a discussion on her journey from author to filmmaker. She shares her books, film, and pending project in a discussion about storytelling and funding.


Ep303-Rachel Mann-Sex Death and Religion

Rachel Mann, one of the first ordained transgender priests in the Church of England, teases us with secrets about her page-turner novel, The Gospel of Eve. We discuss ancient religious texts, conspiracies, and the historic church's taboo practices!


Ep302-The Magic Emporium Authors-The Save Me Sack

Meghan Maslow, EJ Russell, Ari McKay/Rachel Langella, and Morgan Brice/Gail Z. Martin explode onto the 2021 scene with their multi-author series "The Magic Emporium." The four bring their wit and banter to our show to share the project's concept and their individual contributions! We also explore what a world bible can do for an author writing as part of a team.


Ep301-Matt Lubbers-Moore-ReQueered Tales-Its A Win Win Win

Matt Lubbers-Moore from ReQueered Tales shares which out-of-print queer works they've published this year, and what they have slated for 2021!


Ep300-Rick R Reed-Big Screen Small Screen Any Screen

Rick R. Reed shares his latest release, The Man From Milwaukee, which leads us into a talk about the value of #ownvoices in the horror genre.


Ep299-Angel Martinez-I Cant Remember My Website Dot Com

Angel Martinez returns to preview her upcoming The Anti-Quest, as well as dive deeply into the changing landscape that is the Romance Genre, and crack each other up!


Ep298-Frank W Butterfield-I Knew the Answer to This Yesterday

Frank W. Butterfield returns to share a year of holiday-oriented short stories, dealing with COVID in contemporary novels, and his deep dive into a real 1947 murder in Daytona Beach and how he's using it as a template for a novel!


Ep297-Wayne Goodman-Im Missing a Part Of My Brain

Wayne Goodman, writer of historical fiction and producer of the Queer Words Podcast, joins us to discuss his recent releases, Tim Tam and the Space Pirates, and his collection of queer short stories, All the Right Places.


Ep296-Andrew M Faulk MD-Things Will Never Be the Same After This

Dr. Andrew M. Faulk joins us for a powerful and thought provoking conversation about his journey as a doctor during the hard days of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. His book, My Epidemic: An AIDS Memoir of One Man’s Struggle as Doctor, Patient and Survivor shares personal memories of those he treated, and offers advice on saying goodbye. He currently blogs about the healthcare industry and state of COVID, and is someone you're going to want to follow.


Ep295-J Marshall Freeman-Coming Out As A Novelist

J Marshall Freeman shares his latest release, The Dubious Gift of Dragon Blood. We talk about the evolution of the book and real, self-discovering queer characters in a world with dragons!


Ep294-Kirsten Beverley-Waters-Lean Into It A Bit

Kirsten Beverley-Waters, a motivational speaker, author, and movement coach, joins us to discuss some life lessons and wellness approaches presented in her book Struggle Guru.


Ep293-RL Merrill-Weird Stuff Tends To Happen

RL "Ro" Merrill joins us to discuss paranormal romance, have some Halloween fun (the day we recorded the ep), and reveal her two recent releases: Fang Me Three Times and A Peculiar Prom Night.


Ep292-Dr Tim Seelig-Waving My Arms at Gays

Dr. Tim Seelig joins us to discuss his book, Tale of Two Tims, that documents his personal journey from the golden boy of the Baptist ministries, to being publicly outed and losing everything in his life, only to find a freedom in authenticity on the other side. This is one not to miss.


Ep291-Liz Faraim-It Takes Some Time

Liz Faraim joins us for her first interview ever! We discuss the first book in her series, Canopy, due Oct 26 from NineStar Press. Come find out what Liz's debut novel is all about and what the she has planned for the rest of the series.


Ep290-Benjamine Lester-Who Doesnt Like Sexy Big Men In Their Underwear

Benjamine Lester shares his figure skating-to-figure painting story, and we discuss the artist's role in promoting body positivity and mental health awareness. On our NEW YouTube channel , we have the visual of this great conversation with examples of Benjamine's incredible work.


Ep289-Abigail de Niverville-They Went There

Abigail de Niverville returns to share her latest novel, We Go Together, and we discuss healing from abuse, bi-representation, trans love interest, and music's role in a story. A great discussion all the way around.