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Hosted by Ryan Warner, CPR News' daily interview show focuses on the state's people, issues and ideas.

Hosted by Ryan Warner, CPR News' daily interview show focuses on the state's people, issues and ideas.


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Hosted by Ryan Warner, CPR News' daily interview show focuses on the state's people, issues and ideas.




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April 7, 2020: Getting Outdoors Responsibly; Why Is Construction An ‘Essential’ Business?

Outdoorsman and Colorado author Craig Childs talks about getting outside responsibly during the stay-at home directive. Then, tracking deaths in Colorado's senior care centers. Plus, answering questions about essential businesses like child care and construction. And a nurse in Moffat County shares perspectives on the pandemic.


April 6, 2020: Finding Ventilators for Colorado; Relationships In Isolation

A Fort Collins company is making low-cost ventilators for Colorado. That's just one example of the effort by a special state task force established to answer the need. Plus, isolation can start to weigh on relationships. Today, how to keep togetherness from becoming too much of a good thing. And a rabbi's perspective on Passover during a pandemic.


April 3, 2020: Coronavirus Update From UCHealth; Your Spring Gardening Questions Answered

Meet Pickin’ Peggy: She’s switched to remote performances from her bathroom for nursing home residents. Then, an update on COVID-19 from an ER physician at UCHealth. Later, how Coloradans show solidarity by clapping and howling at 8 p.m. Finally, CSU Extension Master Gardener Loni Gaudet is back to answer your questions this season.


April 2, 2020: Working To Treat COVID-19; How to Hack Isolation

An Englewood restaurant owner reflects on closing, and helping others. Then, CU Anschutz researchers are working on ways to treat COVID-19. Plus, using furnace filters in medical masks. And the new CPR podcast, "At a Distance," shares the story of a woman with unique perspective on living in isolation and her easy ways to make it bearable.


April 1, 2020: Losing A Loved One To Coronavirus; How Laughter Can Be Medicine Right Now

A Denver family recounts what it’s like to lose a loved one to the novel coronavirus. Then, the toll this shutdown has taken on the state’s ski resorts. Plus, tips for parents and children on how to keep anxieties in check. Finally, two Colorado comedians provide a little levity and laughter.


March 31, 2020: Getting Supplies Back In Stores; Colorado’s Music Evolution Over 50 Years

When will items like toilet paper and ground beef be consistently available again? We get insight into the supply chain and what to expect at stores. Plus, how local musicians are performing while staying at home. And, exploring the evolution of music in Colorado over the past 50 years.


March 30, 2020: Your Questions About Colorado’s Stay At Home Order, Answered

Colorado is under a stay at home order. When people do venture out, for an essential job, for groceries or a little sunshine, their minds race. Today, we answer your questions about the statewide order. For example, why are gun stores and liquor stores essential? We lined up medical, legal, and ethical experts to get clarity on life in the pandemic.


March 27, 2020: The Scene Inside A Denver ICU; A New Film Looks At Clyfford Still’s Life

An update on Ian, one of Colorado’s first COVID-19 cases. Then, how hospitals are dealing with mask shortages. And, state park trails are open during the stay-at-home order, but still take precautions. Later, a Denver Health pulmonologist describes the scene in his intensive care unit. Finally, a documentary on the life of late painter Clyfford Still.


March 26, 2020: Preparing For ‘The Surge’; Art Teacher Keeps Kids Engaged Online

A high school senior reflects on how coronavirus is disrupting the rites of teen passage like prom and graduation. Then, an update as doctors anticipate a surge of COVID-19 cases. Plus, how coronavirus impacts court cases and incarceration. And, a Denver teacher uses online art to keep kids engaged. Also, a special father-daughter bond on El Capitan.


March 25, 2020: What Congressional Aid Deal Means to Colorado; Gun Safety During Isolation

What the coronavirus response aid package approved by Congress means to Coloradans. Then, a Singapore man reflects on racism possibly connected to the virus. And, why it’s even more important to store guns safely right now. Later, what a day in the life for Gov. Jared Polis is like during this time. Finally, acoustic guitar master Trace Bundy.


March 24, 2020: Aspiring Colorado Olympian On Delay of Games; Alcohol & COVID-19 Anxiety

An aspiring Olympian in the heptathlon from Wheat Ridge reflects on the delay of the 2020 Olympic games in the face of COVID-19. Then, the changing way caregivers are helping. Also, what panicked purchasing of alcohol says about dealing with the anxiety of the outbreak. Plus, the new embrace of telehealth. And Colorado abolishes the death penalty.


March 23, 2020: How ER Rooms Are Prepping For Coronavirus; A Faith Leader’s Reflections

An emergency physician in Colorado explains how ER’s are preparing for patients with COVID-19. Then, one Denver faith leader -- who used to be a nurse -- reflects on this time. Later, how adopting a pet right now helps shelters and your mental health. Finally, why is there a designated bike route along Pena Boulevard to Denver International Airport?


March 20, 2020: The Pianos At The Brown Palace Fall Silent; What A Ventilator Is

With dining rooms closed due to COVID-19, the Brown Palace Hotel’s piano player is finding himself out of a job after 33 years. Then, a doctor at National Jewish Health explains what a ventilator is and how it helps patients with the new coronavirus. Later, an update on unemployment claims in the state. Finally, advice for parents with bored kids at home.


March 19, 2020: Developing A Coronavirus Vaccine; A Relief Fund To Help Coloradans Get By

A CU Boulder senior reflects on the news of no spring commencement. Plus, how one Aurora lab is working on a COVID-19 vaccine. And, the role state public health agencies play in emergency preparedness. Later, the organization HelpColoradoNow is raising money and finding volunteers to help in the fight against COVID-19. Finally, meet Walter the dinosaur.


March 18, 2020: Fighting Anxiety Of Social Isolation; Are Modern Elections ‘Jim Crow 2.0?’

A restaurant owner shares her hope of avoiding layoffs. Plus, we put the economic effects of COVID-19 into perspective. Then, how to overcome the anxiety of social isolation.


March 17, 2020: The Increasing Impact Of Coronavirus; Medical Ethics & Treatment

A restaurant owner reflects on the ban on dining-in as he is forced to lay-off most of his employees. Then, the impact of coronavirus on food banks. Also, coping with anxiety, mental health, and addiction while in isolation. And, the ethical discussion surrounding medical treatment for COVID-19.


March 16, 2020: What Is Life Like In Isolation? And Colorado Wonders About The Front Range

We get perspective on what life is like in isolation from one of the first people diagnosed with a presumptive case of COVID-19 in Colorado. Then, the impact the virus is having at the state capitol. Plus, lessons learned after dealing with a different virus in Mesa County. And we answer a Colorado Wonders about the Front Range.


March 13, 2020: Colorado’s Treasury And COVID-19; Inside A ‘Haunted’ Hotel

A Colorado writer shares a personal story about how COVID-19 impacts artists and those in the gig economy. Then, state Treasurer Dave Young talks about how the state's reserves are withstanding the novel coronavirus. Plus, state prisons halt visitors to keep the virus at bay. And, inside a Colorado hotel known for its ghostly patrons.


March 12, 2020: Coronavirus Impacting CU Boulder; Teens Talk The Stress Of Climate Change

In an effort to slow the spread of coronavirus, universities and colleges across the state are moving to online-only classes, including CU Boulder. And, what Gov. Polis’ emergency declaration means. Finally, the “Teens Under Stress” series continues with existential stress. How teens are managing fears of climate change and if older generations can relate.


March 11, 2020: Proving Success Of Cloud Seeding; Tasty Treat From ‘Shalom On The Range’

Understanding the COVID-19 state of emergency in Colorado, and how society reacts to fears of the outbreak. Then, researchers prove cloud seeding for snow is worth the effort. Plus, how a fantasy role-playing game helps teens in real life.