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New A&M-San Antonio Scholarship Promises Free Tuition To Students In The Top 10%

Texas A&M University-San Antonio is offering a new scholarship for high-performing students. The Achiever Promise scholarship provides free tuition to students in the top 10% of their class and students with at least 30 hours of dual credit. The new scholarship is supported by a $100 million diversity fund from the Texas A&M System. Each of the system’s 11 universities were given the freedom to tailor the scholarship to help their school “look more like Texas.”


ROTC Cadets Are Gradually Resuming Some In-Person Training

Like many college classes, ROTC training is mostly online because of the pandemic. But some cadets have resumed limited in-person training.


Two People Who Lost Parents To COVID-19 Are Advocating For Other Grieving Families

On this week's episode of “Side Dish,” TPR Bioscience Medicine reporter Bonnie Petrie speaks with Kristin Urquiza and Fiana Garza Tulip, each of whom lost a parent to COVID-19.


UTSA Receives $3M To Expand Internship, Research Opportunities For Students

San Antonio philanthropist Harvey Najim has committed to giving the University of Texas at San Antonio $3 million to help more students access internships and other hands-on experiences in their fields of study.


Texans Still Can't Register To Vote Online. That Matters More In A Pandemic.

Texas' October 5 deadline to register to vote in the November general election is right around the corner.


'The Choice: 2020' Focuses On How Trump, Biden Have Responded In Times Of Crisis

In the upcoming 2020 presidential election, U.S. citizens face a hugely important choice with major implications for the country's future: whether to keep President Donald Trump in office or elect former Vice President Joe Biden to replace him.


SAY Sí Says Yes To Taking Its Instruction Virtual

A local non-profit youth organization is finding its footing in the strange new COVID-19 reality. SAY Sí is a youth arts organization that Communications Director Stephen Guzman says helps young people find their voice through arts.


Ruth Bader Ginsburg Had 'Tremendous Impact' On Latino Civil Rights, San Antonio Litigator Says

Texas political leaders, activists and members of the public offered their thoughts and condolences throughout the weekend over the death of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Friday. TPR’s Jerry Clayton spoke with Albert Kaufmann, a professor of law at St. Mary's University School of Law, about Ginsburg's legal legacy and how her death affected him personally.


Mapping The Future Of A World In Crisis

With the coronavirus pandemic, climate change crisis and worldwide political tensions, humankind faces an uncertain future.


Texas Matters: Beto On Voter Supression And The House Elections Committee

Beto O’Rourke came within 2 percentage points of winning the election in 2018 against Republican Ted Cruz to represent Texas in the U.S. Senate. While disappointing, the loss does have a silver lining for Texas Democrats. Many saw this race as proof that Texas is now a swing state, and recent polling in Texas in the presidential race supports that theory. There is a demographic trend that demonstrates that Texas is moving to a shade of blue. But it remains to be seen if that is going to...


Fronteras: The Fight For — And Against — A Border Wall Between El Paso And The Rio Grande Valley

More than 600 miles of wall are already built along the U.S.-Mexico southern border but President Donald Trump’s administration is working hard to expand that. That includes possible construction in Laredo, where city officials continue to walk a fine line with federal officials throughout the project, and in the Rio Grande Valley across a historic cemetery that residents are working hard to preserve.


Vital Conversations: Raising The Bar For Educational Equity, Youth Success In San Antonio

The COVID-19 public health crisis has exposed the shortcomings of many systems in the U.S. As schools begin to reopen, education and its pivotal role in overall youth success are top of mind for many.


Review: 'Likes' By Sarah Shun-Lien Bynum

Likes is the latest short story collection by Sarah Shun-Lien Bynum, featuring nine stories. In these, she imagines Black and brown characters who don’t easily fall into neat categories and defy an easy understanding from those around them. Some of these characters are young girls.


Initiative Hopes To Cast Cool Shade On Toasty Downtown San Antonio

San Antonio's got a problem, and the city is looking for some help to solve it. So what’s the problem? Torrey Stanley Carleton said it’s a lack of shade downtown.


Will The Supreme Court Allow Easier Abortion Pill Access To Continue Amid The Pandemic?

Pre-pandemic, patients were required to go in person to get the abortion pill. COVID-19 prompted an easing of that restriction for patients seeking to safely terminate a pregnancy with medication in lieu of surgery.


Historian Jelani Cobb On Race, Rights And The Challenge Of 'Policing The Police' In 2020

Following a summer of protests against police brutality and in honor of the lives lost to it, FRONTLINE's latest documentary examines race, policing and the struggle to hold law enforcement departments accountable.


San Antonio Teacher Loses Job After Refusing To Stop Wearing Black Lives Matter Mask

About a week before students at Great Hearts Western Hills were scheduled to return to the classroom, art teacher Lillian White says she received an email from her boss. The school’s headmaster, Matthew Vlahovich, told her she no longer had a job because she planned to continue wearing a mask that says Black Lives Matter, despite being told that the mask was against the charter network’s dress code.


City, FAA Agree On Plan For Potential Chick-fil-A At San Antonio Airport

The City of San Antonio and the Federal Aviation Administration have agreed to a plan on whether Chick-fil-A can open a restaurant at the San Antonio International Airport.


Origami In The Garden Unfolding At The San Antonio Botanical Garden

A new art installation at the San Antonio Botanical Garden owes its beginnings to an ancient Asian art form. That art form is called origami, and artist Kevin Box explains it.


5,000 People Contract COVID-19 While In ICE Custody, Including This Father Of 5

Jessica and her five children haven’t seen Hilder Lainez-Alvarez — their husband and father — in several months. He’s being detained at the Port Isabel Detention Center in the Rio Grande Valley.