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The Storyline is a podcast produced by The Day in New London, CT and it takes a look at the top stories on and from around southeastern Connecticut with conversations with journalists about the communities they cover and the stories they report. Hosted by Carlos Virgen.

The Storyline is a podcast produced by The Day in New London, CT and it takes a look at the top stories on and from around southeastern Connecticut with conversations with journalists about the communities they cover and the stories they report. Hosted by Carlos Virgen.


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The Storyline is a podcast produced by The Day in New London, CT and it takes a look at the top stories on and from around southeastern Connecticut with conversations with journalists about the communities they cover and the stories they report. Hosted by Carlos Virgen.




The Day launches the Norwich Times

Community editor Lee Howard talks about The Norwich Times, the latest weekly community newspaper launched by The Day


Artist Diane Barcelo on the intersection of her art and the recent social unrest

Reporter Rick Koster talked to New London installation artist and art instructor Diane Barcelo about how her studio practice has intersected with the social unrest that has gripped much of the country this summer.


How absentee voting expansion will present challenges for local officials

As the state expands provisions for absentee voting due to the COVID-19 pandemic, city and town clerks are dealing with an unprecedented amount of ballots and ballot applications during this election cycle. Reporter Sten Spinella talked to a town clerk and registrar, and a college professor who has studied the use of mail-in ballots to get a sense of what can be expected during the primary and general election in Connecticut.


Jazz pianist and pastor Jack Madry talks about how rhythm imbues everything including the BLM protests

Jack Madry, jazz pianist and pastor at Madry Temple Church, talked to Rick Koster about how music has inspired him throughout his life, how music played a big part during the civil rights movement and how he finds rhythm imbued within so much of the world, including the recent Black Lives Matter protests.


A teacher and playwright on finding inspiration and hope in these times of unrest

As part of our ongoing conversations with local artists of color, reporter Rick Koster speaks with Michael Bradford, head of the Dramatic Arts Department at UConn and artistic director of the Connecticut Repertory Theatre, about how he finds inspiration and hope during the current period of civil unrest.


Health, economic disparities and their impact on the COVID-19 pandemic

Reporter Sten Spinella spoke with Connecticut College economics professor Mónika López Anuarbe about how long-standing healthcare and economic disparities have exacerbated the COVID-19 pandemic for communities of color, in particular, the Hispanic community.


Poet and educator José B. Gonzalez on the immigrant experience, poetry and education

Poet and educator José B. Gonzalez talked to Rick Koter about immigration, the power of poetry to inspire, and what it means to not see an accurate representation of yourself in popular culture.


Social worker speaks about racial trauma and ways to cope

Social worker Janelle Posey-Green spoke to reporter Julia Bergman about the trauma of racism and what she is doing to help the black community cope.


Executive director of Writer's Block Ink talks about the role of art during times of social upheaval

Kolton Harris, executive director of Writer's Block Ink, talked to The Day's Rick Koster about the role of the performing arts during periods of social upheaval and he shared a song that he co-wrote in the weeks since the death of George Floyd titled "Another One Dead."


New London's Poet Laureate Rhonda Ward talks about how art can soothe and inspire during these trying times

The county begins to reopen during the COVID-19 pandemic while we also brace ourselves for another spike in cases. And as protests and unrest hit many parts of the country as a result of recent examples of police brutality toward the black community, including the recent death of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis police, we have started to reach out to local artists of color to get their thoughts on the unrest, the events that led up to it, and the role that art can play during...


Dining out during the COVID-19 pandemic

We asked our readers if they had plans to go out to eat at a local restaurant starting on May 20. Of 180 responses, 18% said they were planning on dining out, while 43% said absolutely not. Another 38% said they were going to take a wait-and-see approach. The Day wants to help our readers and listeners make an informed decision. We sent journalists - those who felt comfortable doing so - to various restaurants in the area during the Memorial Day weekend to report back about their...


As Connecticut restaurants and other businesses reopened this week, we were there

Restaurants and retail shops in Connecticut opened on May 20 after months of closure due to the coronavirus. Reporters from The Day visited various locations in southeastern Connecticut to talk to customers and business owners.


How is the pandemic affecting crime and community policing in Connecticut?

Reporter Taylor Hartz joined the podcast to talk about a story she is working on about how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting crime in Connecticut and how those changes and the circumstances of the pandemic might change police strategies moving forward. She shared insights from her in-depth interview with John DeCarlo, University of New Haven associate professor and director of the master's degree program in criminal justice.


Video storytelling and creative expression during a time of social distancing

Multimedia director Peter Huoppi joined the podcast to talk about how The Day continues to produce video stories during a time of social distancing. He talked about the creativity that is required during this crisis, not only from our staff of visual storytellers but also from the community, as various groups continue to look for ways to connect and to express themselves. He's recently worked with local musicians and music students from Ledyard High School to tell their stories through...


A New London teen recovers from COVID-19

Reporter Julia Bergman joins the podcast to talk about a 13-year-old New London boy who is recovering from COVID-19 and how that experience affected his family.


We answer your COVID-19 questions and local towns come together in music and sound

The Day has received almost 100 reader-submitted questions about the COVID-19 pandemic. We are trying to answer as many of them as possible. In this week's episode, we go through 14 of your questions as answered by a nurse practitioner at Ledge Light Health District. We also hear about what some southeastern Connecticut communities are doing to show solidarity and unity during this time of social distancing.


Local sports stories during a pandemic and how grocery stores are dealing with the crisis

The Day's sports editor Chuck Banning joined the podcast to talk about how the sports department continues to tell local stories during a time when all sports, from high school through the professional level, have been canceled or postponed. And we talk to two grocery store employees about the challenges they are facing and how they are handling the increased demand for certain products while working long hours to sanitize their stores and restock empty shelves.


Mental-health tips in a time of crisis and the science behind flattening the curve

Reporter Julia Bergman talked to Dr. Peter Morgan, chair of psychiatry at L+M Hospital, about the mental health needs of people as they navigate the onslaught of news in this time of crisis. He also shared some tips for parents on how to communicate with their children without causing anxiety and stress. And reporter Erica Moser talks about her recent explainer story that looked into the science of social distancing, flattening and the curve and other recommendations that health officials...


The latest coronavirus updates from L+M Hospital

The Storyline host Carlos Virgen and reporter Brian Hallenbeck met with Lawrence + Memorial Hospital's chief medical officer Dr. Oliver Mayorga as hospital staff finished setting up an outdoor staging area to take samples for coronavirus testing. The station is set up in a parking lot near the hospital's main entrance. Dr. Mayorga answered questions about the hospital's preparation for combating the pandemic and he answered some reader-submitted questions.


Connecticut campaign volunteers canvas in New Hampshire ahead of the primary vote

Reporter Julia Bergman joined campaign volunteers from around the southeastern Connecticut region as they travelled to New Hampshire to canvas for Democratic candidates ahead of the New Hampshire primary.