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Valley Edition - November 12, 2021 - Transportation in Fresno County, Climate Change, Chris Colfer

On this week’s Valley Edition:What’s at stake for the future of transportation in Fresno County? Plus, how growers and academics are working to make Valley agriculture more resilient to climate change. And the TV show Glee made Clovis native Chris Colfer famous. This weekend he returns to the Valley to support a local theatre company. Listen to these stories and more in the podcast above.


Valley Edition - November 5, 2021 - Chinese immigrants impact on Yosemite, Tooleville, Mai Der Vang

On this week’s Valley Edition: The vital contributions of Chinese immigrants to Yosemite National Park. Plus, the latest on the state’s effort to end Tooleville’s long fight for clean drinking water. And poet Mai Der Vang reads from her new collection about Hmong refugees escaping Laos following the Vietnam War. Listen to these stories and more in the podcast above.


Valley Edition - October 29, 2021 - Homeless encampment, nurses leaving, drought impact

On this week’s Valley Edition : How is Fresno managing the challenge of a homeless encampment downtown in the face of limited shelter beds? Plus, the struggle to educate enough nurses to replace those driven out of the profession by pandemic stress. And how the drought is impacting small farmers right now.


Valley Edition - October 22, 2021 - Native American curriculum, Margarita Engle, Oildorado

On this week’s Valley Edition: An effort to change how Native American students, and their histories, are understood in California’s schools. Plus, the Newbery Award winning author who calls the Valley home releases two new children's books. And the city of Taft’s celebration of black gold: Oildorado. Listen to these stories and more in the podcast above.


Valley Edition - October 15, 2021 - Affordable housing crisis, local news, human toll of wildfires

On this week’s Valley Edition: Why Fresno has become such a hot housing market, and how rising prices are deepening the affordable housing crisis. Plus, the fight to keep small town newspapers in business. And we conclude our series Escape From Mammoth Pool with a conversation about climate change, forest management, and the increasing human toll of an intensifying wildfire season. Listen to these stories and more in the podcast above.


‘It’s like having another job’ - poverty assistance programs complicated to navigate during pandemic

Rain Chamberlain, who identifies with the pronoun they/them, lives in a small stucco home in Fresno with their child and a roommate. Chamberlain’s workspace is tucked into a corner of the living room. “This is my desk area over here,” they say as they sit at the desk and begin a usual routine, signing into one of several government websites they use to access assistance programs. “So if I were to go to 'My Benefits Calwin’,” they say, waiting for the page to load. “Oh hey, guess what. The...


Valley Edition - October 8, 2021 - Climate change, wildfires and the future of the Sierra Nevada

On this week’s Valley Edition: Rising temperatures have changed how wildfires behave - what that means for the future of the Sierra Nevada. Plus, living in poverty during the pandemic can be a job in itself. What it takes to keep up with government assistance programs just to survive. And we continue with the wildfire smoke investigation from NPR’s California Newsroom. Listen to these stories and more in the podcast above.


Valley Edition - October 1, 2021 - The Youth Squad, West Fresno services, health impact of wildfire

On this week’s Valley Edition: The Youth Squad. A group of high school students who are working hard to get other teens vaccinated. Plus, why some West Fresno residents are concerned about preserving access to social services in their community. And the effect of wildfire smoke on your health. Listen to these stories and more in the podcast above.


Valley Edition-September 24, 2021-Rural Schools And COVID, History Of Drag And LGBTQ Activism

On this week’s Valley Edition: H ow COVID-19 outbreaks in rural schools affect the surrounding communities. Plus, why dozens of Cal Fire firefighters have suffered from heat illness while training. And the rich history of drag performance and LGBTQ activism in the Central Valley. Listen to these stories and more in the podcast above.


Valley Edition - September 17, 2021- COVID Surge Strains Local Hospitals, Bakersfield Art Exhibition

On this week’s Valley Edition: We continue our podcast Escape From Mammoth Pool. This week: the heroes, big and small, who helped more than 200 campers survive being trapped by the Creek Fire. Plus, the strain on local hospitals as they cope with the latest surge of COVID-19. And a never-before seen art exhibition is headed to the Bakersfield Museum of Art. Listen to these stories and more in the podcast above.


Valley Edition - September 10, 2021 - Food Insecurity In Bakersfield, Escape From Mammoth Pool

On this week’s Valley Edition: We continue our series Escape From Mammoth Pool, about the dramatic rescues of hundreds of campers during the first days of the Creek Fire. Plus, young filmmakers in Bakersfield document food insecurity in Kern County. And how you can attend this year’s Dark Sky festival from your own backyard. Listen to these stories and more in the podcast above.


Valley Edition-September 3, 2021-Creek Fire Anniversary, Dolores Huerta On Peace And Justice Center

O n this episode of Valley Edition: One year after the Creek Fire broke out, we debut a new series all about last year’s dramatic rescue of hundreds of people from Mammoth Pool Reservoir. Plus, civil rights legend Dolores Huerta shares her vision for an upcoming peace and justice center in Bakersfield named in her honor. And music educators tell us how they’re handling the pandemic. Listen to these stories and more in the podcast above.


Valley Edition - August 27, 2021- Latino Voters And Recall, Local Music Venues, Poetry In Prisons

On the next Valley Edition: The latest in the effort to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom, and why Latino voters could play a deciding role in the election’s outcome. Plus, we explore the return of live music to local venues and how those venues are dealing with the pandemic. And poetry written from inside California’s prisons . Listen to these stories and more in the podcast above.


Valley Edition - August 20, 2021 - Wildfire And COVID Deaths, Redistricting, Fresno Art Museum

On this week's Valley Edition: Fresno's homeless and affordable housing crisis has exploded in the wake of the pandemic. We take a closer look at the struggle to find shelter for the unhoused and the city policies in place to offer relief. And a new study from Harvard explores the link between wildfire smoke and COVID deaths last year. Plus, how will the decennial process of redistricting shape politics in the Valley? And the Fresno Art Museum reopens to the public .


Valley Edition - August 13, 2020 - Disability Equity Project, Mesa Verde, Stonewall Art Exhibition

On the next Valley Edition: In Fresno County, the Disability Equity Project is offering targeted support to those impacted by COVID-19. Plus, a new study from the USC Medical Center shows ICE violated its own internal medical care standards during a seven-year period. Current and former detainees at Mesa Verde in Bakersfield tell us they’re not surprised. And an art exhibition on the Stonewall uprising opens at Fresno State . Listen to these stories and more in the podcast above.


Valley Edition - August 6, 2021- Vaccination Deserts, Black Winemakers, Traveling Nurse

On the next Valley Edition: Access is not an issue, so what is stopping some Tulare County residents from getting the COVID-19 vaccine? Plus, Black entrepreneurs share how they are overcoming bias and racism within the wine industry. And we hear from a travelling nurse who wrote a book about his pandemic work . Listen to these stories and more in the podcast above.


Valley Edition - July 23, 2021- Poplar Brush Fire, Vaccine Clinics At Gurdwaras, Yosemite Bears

On the next Valley Edition: Now that pandemic restrictions on places of worship have lifted, some temples serving Punjabi Sikhs have partnered with COVID-19 vaccine clinics. Plus, w hat happened after a brush fire tore through four immigrant-owned businesses in a Tulare County community. And the danger reckless driving poses to wildlife in Yosemite. Listen to these stories and more in the podcast above.


Valley Edition - July 16, 2021- Small Farmers, Disability Rights, Fresno Cambodian Market

On the next Valley Edition: With the recent excessive heat wave and the drought, small farmers worry about the survival of their crops. Plus, the legislative effort to overturn a state law that allows some workers with disabilities to earn less than the minimum wage. And Fresno’s Cambodian community launches a weekly night market. Listen to these stories and more in the podcast above.


Valley Edition - July 9, 2021- Vaccine Deserts, Safe Drinking Water, Smoke Pollution

On the next Valley Edition: Rural communities throughout California lack vital healthcare infrastructure: how some local counties are grappling with vaccine deserts. Plus, the political fight to bring safe drinking water to San Joaquin Valley communities. And how to prepare for yet another summer of dirty air. Listen to these stories and more in the podcast above.


Valley Edition - July 2, 2021 - Revolutionary War, Bakersfield Sound, Coalinga

On the next Valley Edition: In 2020, more patients died at a psychiatric hospital in Fresno County than at many prisons three times its size. An FM89 investigation looks into why. Plus, State Legislators and Governor Gavin Newsom arrive at a deal that will allow undocumented residents 50 years and older to apply for Medi-Cal. And a new book by a Fresno State history professor looks at the Declaration of Independence from the perspective of those who stayed loyal to Britain. Later, a museum...