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Belabored Podcast #56: The Post–Harris v. Quinn Future

What does Harris v. Quinn mean for home care workers, for other public sector workers, and for any of us who care about labor? Belabored asks Harvard Law professor Benjamin Sachs and Minnesota care worker Sumer Spika. Plus: strikes in California and Greece, labor struggles at the opera, and more. {...}


Belabored Podcast #54: Teacher Tenure on Trial

This week brought bad news for public schools, when a California court ruled in Vergara v. California that teacher tenure laws were unconstitutional. Belabored talks to California teacher Frank Wells about the implications of the lawsuit, the motivations behind it, and why tech companies are so interested in changing schools. Plus: World Cup unrest in Brazil, a win for child care workers in Vermont, and more. {...}


Belabored Podcast #51: Taking on the Big Boys, with Ellen Bravo

Ellen Bravo sits down with Belabored to discuss new challenges and milestones in the movement for gender justice and why the basic, structural struggles for women’s economic empowerment are still far from over. Plus: the port truck drivers’ latest labor action; struggles led by sherpas, cabbies, and banking sector workers; divisions in NYC charter schools; and Donald Sterling. {...}


Belabored Podcast #50: The Future of Work, with Saket Soni

For Belabored’s one-year anniversary, Michelle and Sarah talk to Saket Soni of the National Guestworker Alliance about how the conditions faced by guestworkers are spreading to more and more of the workforce. Plus: a victory for UPS workers in Queens and a labor uprising in China; the drug-testing of public employees; the fight for $15 in Seattle; and more. {...}


Belabored Podcast #49: Mapping New York’s New Labor Movements, with Ruth Mi

In New Labor in New York, editors Ruth Milkman and Ed Ott of the City University of New York analyze thirteen worker centers and labor groups focused on the new "precariat": traditionally non-union sectors like street vendors, domestic workers, struggling freelance “creatives,” and restaurant workers. This week on Belabored, we speak to Milkman about what these case studies tell us about the future of labor. {...}


Belabored Podcast #48: Athlete-Students’ Big Win

Is the era of the student athlete over? This week on Belabored, Lee Adler joins us to discuss the groundbreaking NLRB decision that Northwestern University's football players are employees and thus eligible to form a union. Plus: a growing campaign to opt out of standardized testing, the difference between unemployment and retirement, the struggle against Amazon in Europe, and more. {...}


Belabored Podcast #47: Retail Hours, Wholesale Injustice

This week on Belabored, we speak to activists with theRetail Action ProjectandWomen Employed about the impact of unfair scheduling on the lives of retail workers.We also discuss the Supreme Court drama over employer-sponsored health insurance and reproductive rights, "the end of jobs," labor protections for unpaid interns, Wall Street's attack on Los Angeles, TaskRabbit, and more. {...}