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Real and uncensored. Hosts Paula Pant and J. Money dive into chasing the dream and creating financial independence. They rap about net worth, investing, real estate, killing debt, budgeting, business, entrepreneurship, saving money and how to be a hustler. Grab a beer, put your spreadsheets away, and get ready to retire early.

Real and uncensored. Hosts Paula Pant and J. Money dive into chasing the dream and creating financial independence. They rap about net worth, investing, real estate, killing debt, budgeting, business, entrepreneurship, saving money and how to be a hustler. Grab a beer, put your spreadsheets away, and get ready to retire early.
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Real and uncensored. Hosts Paula Pant and J. Money dive into chasing the dream and creating financial independence. They rap about net worth, investing, real estate, killing debt, budgeting, business, entrepreneurship, saving money and how to be a hustler. Grab a beer, put your spreadsheets away, and get ready to retire early.




#126: Ask Paula - Should I Buy a Beachfront Rental Property?

It's time to answer real estate investing questions! Tom asks: "We're thinking about buying a duplex on a beach in a popular vacation destination in Florida. If the property stays 85 percent occupied as a short-term (VRBO) rental at current rates, the income from one unit of the duplex could cover the costs of a 30-year mortgage. "But if a recession hits, Florida real estate might tank. The rental rates or occupancy could drop. And we'd be stuck paying the mortgage out-of-pocket, which...


#125: Morgan Housel has spent thousands of hours reading about investing

As a former columnist for the Wall Street Journal and The Motley Fool, he's spent more than a decade reading, interviewing, thinking and writing about how to manage money. And he's come to a simple conclusion: less is more. Doing nothing is often the best course of action. Patience, humility and long-term thinking give individual investors a massive competitive edge over major institutions. The classic strategy of dollar-cost averaging into index funds is a smart approach. And...


#124: Ask Paula and Joe - Should I Sell My Brand-New Car (and Lose $6,000 in 4 Months)?

Former financial planner Joe Saul-Sehy and I answer five questions about investing, retirement, insurance, travel and selling an expensive car. Eliana is 25 and makes $63,000 per year, plus a little extra from freelance work. She holds $95,000 in cash, $67,000 in retirement investments, and no debt. She doesn't necessarily hold early retirement as a goal, but she'd like the option to access her funds before she's 59-and-a-half. She asks two questions: First, she's been spreading her...


#123: Your Money or Your Life -- with Vicki Robin, bestselling author

In the 1970's, a woman named Vicki Robin teamed up with a man named Joe Dominguez. They came from different backgrounds: she was an Ivy League graduate with a comfortable upbringing; he was raised in Spanish Harlem on "welfare cheese." But they shared one common thread: a commitment to financial independence, not just as a money management strategy, but as a philosophy on life. Vicki and Joe became partners in both work and life. They united over a definition of "FI" that expanded...


#122: Ask Paula - I'd Like to Airbnb a Yurt. Should I?

Tony lives in Chicago, where the returns on rental properties are so-so. He's thinking about investing in Indianapolis, where he consistently finds rental properties with cap rates that are greater than 8 percent. Should he invest locally, so that he can get a primary residence mortgage and keep a closer eye on the space? Or should he invest out-of-state, where the returns are stronger? Dan lives in California. He's curious: where should he look for rental properties? And when should he...


#121: How I Retired at Age 32 - with Liz Thames from Frugalwoods

After Liz Thames graduated from college, she couldn't find a job. "Nowhere would hire me," Thames says. "I had what I thought was this nice resume, and I sent out over 50 applications. Nowhere called me back." She took a temporary job at a document-scanning agency, then joined Americorps to serve as a full-time volunteer in a low-income neighborhood in Brooklyn. She lived on a stipend of $10,000 annually, plus food stamps and a transit pass. She saved $2,000 from her $10,000 stipend,...


#120: Ask Paula - I'm Retiring at 53. How Will Early Retirement Impact My Social Security?

Roger Whitney, age 51, calls himself The Retirement Answer Man. As a financial planner, investment analyst and podcast host, he focuses on helping Baby Boomers craft a traditional (past-age-60) retirement. Today, he joins me to answer two questions that come in from our community. Our first question is from Emily, who says: “I’m trying to help my mom decide if she should retire.” “My dad was a CPA and then a CFO, making great money, until 16 years ago when he was diagnosed with...


#119: How Much Can I Spend in Retirement? - with Dr. Wade Pfau

Once upon a time, in southern California in 1994, there lived a man named William Bengen. He read many claims, widespread at the time, that said that since the markets return at least 7-9 percent compounding rates on average, retirees could withdraw and spend 7 percent of their portfolio. William had a hunch that this was misguided. He decided to prove it. He looked at 30-year timespans in U.S. history, starting from 1926. The first timespan ranged from 1926 to 1955. The second timespan...


#118: Ask Paula - How Do I Buy a Foreclosure? - and Other Real Estate Questions

Questions -- I get questions! Today, I’m tackling four queries about real estate investing that come from the audience. Here are the details: Sam says: I work full-time and I’m not handy, so I definitely need a property manager. I’ve found an amazing property management company, but they only serve a small, specific neighborhood. Should I buy a property in this neighborhood so that I can use this fantastic property management company? Terri asks: I’ve heard that if you’re above a...


#117: How to Avoid Killing Your Spouse (and Should You Get Married in the First Place?) - with Farnoosh Torabi

My friend and financial expert Farnoosh Torabi joins me to answer a relationship & money question from a listener named Janice.⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ Janice is engaged, and she calls to ask: Should she get married?⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ She earns double what her fiancé makes. She has no debt except her mortgage. Her retirement accounts are well-funded. He makes half of her salary. He’s carrying $20,000 in credit card and student loan debt. He has two children from a previous marriage and pays 25 percent of his income...


#116: Ask Paula -- Help! I'm Underwater on My Car!

Stacy and her boyfriend would like to downsize to one vehicle. But they're collectively $14,500 underwater on their car loans. Stacy owes $11,000 on her car, but its trade-in value is $7,200. She's paying a 12.74% interest rate and her payoff date is 2021. Her boyfriend is in worse shape. He owes $18,500 on his vehicle, but its trade-in value is $7,800. He's paying a 21.5% interest rate and his payoff date is 2022. Theoretically, they could sell Stacy's car to a private party, and...


#115: How Dave Ramsey Taught His Kids About Money -- with Rachel Cruze

Rachel Cruze was born the year her father, Dave Ramsey, filed for bankruptcy. During her childhood, she watched her parents transition from struggling and rebuilding from their bankruptcy, to becoming debt-free multimillionaires. Her dad went on to become the host of The Dave Ramsey Show, a money management radio show and podcast that reaches more than 12 million people per week. It’s central message is to budget carefully and avoid debt. Despite their success, the Ramseys committed to...


#114: Ask Paula -- How Should I Invest $100K in Real Estate?

This week, I answer four questions about real estate investing from the audience. Joelle asks: I own a home outright on the West Coast. I’m thinking about taking out $100,000 from my home equity, and using this money to buy a rental property. I found a community out east where I can buy a property outright in cash for $100,000 in a good neighborhood. Should I pay cash for one house (via the home equity loan)? Or should I split this $100,000 into multiple down payments on many...


#113: How I Run a Six-Figure Business and Host an Airbnb while Traveling the World -- with Natalie Sisson

Natalie Sisson was tired of the corporate world. She wanted freedom, adventure and fulfillment. In 2008, she quit her job and co-founded a tech company -- but soon she discovered that running a company felt a lot like having a day job. Two years later, she quit her own company in order to truly strike out on her own. Since 2010, Natalie has run an online business from her laptop while traveling the globe. She's visited 70 countries, living out of a suitcase while running a lucrative...


#112: Ask Paula - How to Convince a Spouse to Invest in Low-fee Index Funds?

How can I convince my spouse to invest in low-fee index funds? How should my fiancé and I combine our finances? If I'd like to invest in rental properties, should I also buy stocks? Former financial planner Joe Saul-Sehy joins me to tackle these audience questions and more. Thomas asks: My wife is suspicious of Vanguard. She questions how they could stay in business while charging low fees -- isn't there a catch? She's also reluctant about investing the majority of our money in a...


#111 - How We Retired at Age 38 and 41 -- with Tanja Hester & Mark Bunge

Tanja Hester and Mark Bunge used to have demanding but fulfilling careers as political and social cause consultants. While they loved the mission behind their work, they grew tired of the exhausting hours and grueling travel. Their home felt like a weekend crash pad. They had no time or energy to pursue outside passions like skiing, biking and volunteering. Six years ago, they read a book that changed the course of their lives. The book, How to Retire Early, set the couple on the path...


#110: Ask Paula -- Get Ready for the Next Recession

Happy New Years! We're kicking off this year on a bright and cheerful note -- with a conversation about the impending recession! Yay! The U.S. stock market is at a peak, continuing its 9-year bull run. The markets have been rising since March 2009 without any major corrections or pullbacks. We are living in one of the longest periods of economic expansion in our nation's market history. That's worrisome. Speculators with short memories are popping champagne corks thinking the good...


#109: How to Create a Complaint-Free World -- with Will Bowen

Happy holidays! I thought it would be nice to wrap up this year with a lighthearted holiday episode about the importance of keeping a positive attitude. Will Bowen, my guest on the final episode of 2017 (wow!), started a campaign to motivate people to complain less. He noticed that many people in his community said they wanted more stuff -- more possessions -- but they complained about what they already had. So he wondered if perhaps people could find happiness not by purchasing more,...


#108: Ask Paula - I Don't Know How to Invest

Former financial advisor Joe Saul-Sehy joins me to answer audience questions about investing strategies, early retirement, and tax planning. Whitnee calls in with this: I'm 31, and my husband and I save half of our combined income. We've maxed out our H.S.A. accounts and we're getting an employer match in our 401k. We have $80,000 stashed as cash in a checking or low-yield savings account. We're paying nearly $2,000 per month for insurance policies, most of which is a whole life...


#107: How Scott Harrison Brought Clean Water to 7.3 Million People

Scott Harrison spent 10 years as a New York City nightclub promoter, partying until sunrise every morning and ingesting almost every substance imaginable. But when he was 28, he realized his life lacked meaning. "My tombstone might say, 'here's the guy who got thousands of people drunk,'" Harrison said. Feeling lost, he decided to volunteer for a medical charity in Liberia. Harrison spent the next year-and-a-half in West Africa, where he encountered people with diseases he'd never seen...


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