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Real and uncensored. Hosts Paula Pant and J. Money dive into chasing the dream and creating financial independence. They rap about net worth, investing, real estate, killing debt, budgeting, business, entrepreneurship, saving money and how to be a hustler. Grab a beer, put your spreadsheets away, and get ready to retire early.

Real and uncensored. Hosts Paula Pant and J. Money dive into chasing the dream and creating financial independence. They rap about net worth, investing, real estate, killing debt, budgeting, business, entrepreneurship, saving money and how to be a hustler. Grab a beer, put your spreadsheets away, and get ready to retire early.
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Real and uncensored. Hosts Paula Pant and J. Money dive into chasing the dream and creating financial independence. They rap about net worth, investing, real estate, killing debt, budgeting, business, entrepreneurship, saving money and how to be a hustler. Grab a beer, put your spreadsheets away, and get ready to retire early.




#166: Everything I Learned About Money Came from My Grandmother - with Michelle Singletary of the Washington Post

Michelle Singletary learned everything she knows about money from her grandmother. Well, okay, I shouldn't say "everything" that she knows. After all, Michelle also has an MBA from Johns Hopkins University. She writes about personal finance for the Washington Post. Her nationally-syndicated personal finance column, The Color of Money, is published in more than 100 newspapers nationwide. She's written three financial books. Oh, and guess what? Her column was nominated for a...


#165: Ask Paula - Should I Invest in Index Funds or Rental Properties?

Should Kim, an entrepreneur, invest in index funds or rental properties? Should Nick, an MBA student, househack into a more-expensive home with stronger cash flow, or a cheaper home with more budgetary wiggle room? Should Kelly, who is getting married soon, sell her current home and use the proceeds to buy multiple rentals? Or should she use her current home as a rental property? Should Trayci and her sister invest in rental properties or bare land? I answer these four questions in...


#164: How and Why I Took a Mini-Retirement, with Bob Lotich

Bob Lotich joins us on the Afford Anything podcast to discuss why and how he took a mini-retirement, and to offer advice to anyone (whether traditionally employed or self-employed) who might want to do the same. For more information, visit the show notes at


#163: Ask Paula - The Future of Index Fund Investing

Does my employer match count against my 401k contribution limits? Should I invest in a Traditional or Roth TSP? Should I invest more aggressively in stocks right now, or should I hold cash and bonds until the next downturn? Should I get a mortgage or keep renting until I can buy a home in cash? Do you think index investing will dramatically change in the coming decades? Former financial planner Joe Saul-Sehy and I answer these four questions in today’s episode. For more information,...


#162: AI and The Future of Jobs - with author Darrell West

How will artificial intelligence, AI, impact jobs? Former Harvard president and leading economist Larry Summers predicts that one-third of men will be out of work by 2050. Finance guru Suze Orman says not to be surprised if we see 25 percent unemployment by 2030. And major research institutions predict anywhere from 14 percent to 50 percent unemployment. But could this really be possible? Or is everyone panicking about what will essentially be a shift in the types of jobs that people hold...


#161: Ask Paula - How Can I Get My Friends Interested in FIRE?

Matt is interested in achieving financial independence, and he wants to encourage his friends to pursue the same goal. What podcast episodes provide a light, digestible introduction to the world of financial independence and retiring early? Daniel wonders why everyone pursuing financial independence seems to have a blog or podcast about this topic. Is the purpose of FIRE to sit around writing and talking about how you’re FIRE? If so, then what’s the point? Tom is an entrepreneur with an...


#160: The Paradox of FI -- with Jonathan Mendonsa and Brad Barrett of Choose FI

When Jonathan Mendonsa was 18, he researched which college degrees lead to the highest income. Pharmacy was near the top of the list of high-paying degrees, so Jonathan decided to become a pharmacist. He wasn't motivated by passion or calling. His decision was purely tactical. He wanted to make money. He spent four years in college, followed by another four years of graduate school. By age 28, he held a Doctorate in Pharmacy and an astounding $168,000 in debt. This debt burden might have...


#159: Ask Paula - I Have Three Kids and I'm Hoping for Financial Independence

Should a 36-year-old father of three invest primarily in Traditional or Roth retirement accounts? Should Rose, a grandmother of four, open a Vanguard account for each of her grandchildren? Should Nancy, who lives overseas and is the sole breadwinner in her family, invest in a Traditional or Roth TSP? Should Scott’s wife rollover her 403(b) from her former employer into an IRA? Should Patrick, age 35, cancel his life insurance plan? Former financial planner Joe Saul-Sehy and I answer these...


#158: What I Love About the FIRE Movement - with Clark Howard

Clark Howard loves the FIRE movement. That's because he's one of us. Clark began investing in real estate at age 22, started a travel agency at age 25, and retired at age 31. He sold his travel agency, moved to the beach and relaxed for four years; then he started a second career as the host of The Clark Howard Show, a popular radio show that's syndicated nationwide. Today, he's a personal finance celebrity. His website receives more than 50 million views per year. He has more than 1.1...


#157: Ask Paula - Can You Force a Rental Property to Cash Flow?

We're back with another Ask Paula - Real Estate Edition of the show! In this episode, we cover down payments, cash flow, investing in condo hotels, building a rental on the side of your own house, selling your properties, and whether it's better to buy actual properties or REITs. Erin asks: Would you ever put 30% down (or more) in order to make a rental property cash flow positive? Avy asks: In 4-5 years, I'd like to have a rental property for diversification and passive income. Is it...


#156: How to Build Incredible Habits - with James Clear

James Clear wanted to start flossing, but he never managed to follow through. Despite his best intentions, his dental floss sat unused in a bathroom drawer. Fortunately, James had learned a thing or two about human behavior and habit formation. As a self-improvement writer, he'd spent hours pouring over scientific data about behavior changes. He decided to apply a few of these concepts to his own quest. First, he placed the floss on the bathroom counter, rather than tucking it inside a...


#155: Ask Paula - How Can I Send My 4 Children to College?

How can a schoolteacher dad and stay-at-home mom send their four kids to college? Where should a 23-year-old keep the savings that she’s accumulating to buy a home by the time she’s 27 or 28? What should we know about retirement planning if we have a pension? And should I rollover my 401k from my old employer? Former financial planner Joe Saul-Sehy and I tackle these four questions in this week’s episode. Here are the details. Miguel asks: When I hear friends and coworkers talking about...


Suze Orman Says $2 Million is Nothing; You Need $10 Million to Retire Early. Internet Explodes

Want to retire early? You'll need at least $5 million, more likely $10 million, says famous financial personality Suze Orman. I should know. She said that to me, directly, on my podcast. I asked Suze for her opinion about a frugal, flexible person who wants to retire early with a $2 million portfolio. She warned that retiring would be a massive mistake. "Two million dollars is nothing," Suze said. "It's nothing. It's pennies in today's world, to tell you the truth." Wait,...


#153: Why I Hate the FIRE Movement, says Suze Orman

A few weeks ago, Suze Orman's team reached out to me and asked if I'd be interested in chatting with Suze on my podcast. "Um, duh," I replied. Sure Orman is one of the most famous voices in the world of personal finance. From 2002 to 2015, she hosted The Suze Orman Show on CNBC. She's the author of 10 mega-bestselling books, she wrote a financial column for O, The Oprah Magazine, and she's made multiple appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show. I turned to Twitter and Facebook and asked this...


#152: How to Make Better Decisions -- with Dr. Brian Portnoy

Dr. Brian Portnoy is an expert in making decisions. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago, he's a Chartered Financial Analyst, and he's the Director of Investment Education at Virtus Investment Partners. Dr. Portnoy joins me on the podcast to discuss how to make smarter decisions -- not only about investments, but also generally in life. How do we sharpen our decision-making skills? How do we improve our critical thinking processes? Here are some of the takeaways from our...


#151: Ask Paula: "I Feel Like I Don't Deserve My Success. What Should I Do?"

We’re back with another “Ask Paula” episode of the show! As usual, my friend and former financial advisor, Joe Saul-Sehy joins me in answering your questions! Let’s dive right in. Hailey: I just graduated from college with a major in Computer Science and minor in graphic design. The whole time - it was rough. I come from a family that didn’t have a lot to give me going into this journey of getting a college degree. So I did it basically on my own - they gave me things here and there - but...


#150: How I Reached Financial Independence through Real Estate - with Chad Carson

Chad Carson's friends called him a "nerdjock." When former college football linebacker Chad Carson graduated from Clemson University, he decided to start a business. But he didn't have any money. He was a 235-pound athlete who attended college on a football scholarship. He graduated debt-free with $1,000 in savings from various odd jobs. He wanted to become an entrepreneur, and he knew he was starting from zero. As Chad viewed it, starting from zero meant he had nothing to lose. He...


#149: Tell Me About Something That Scared You - from Camp FI

Welcome to the September 2018 First Friday bonus episode! We recorded this episode at Camp FI, which stands for Camp Financial Independence. It's a gathering of people who are pursuing financial independence; we spend a few days eating, drinking, and having late-night poolside conversations about money. There are several Camp FI's throughout the year; I recorded this bonus episode at the Camp FI at Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California in early August. I invited several of...


#148: Ask Paula - Should I Sell My House and Invest the Equity?

Welcome to a special episode of Ask Paula! Today I’m answering questions about real estate investing, and I’ve brought a special guest on the show to join me. His name is Lucas Hall, and he’s a landlord with 5 properties in three locations (D.C., Virginia and Colorado). He’s also the founder of Landlordology and head of investor relations with Cozy. We met about five or six years ago through blogging about rental properties, and I invited him on the show today to answer questions alongside...


#147: How to Believe Your Time is Abundant -- with Laura Vanderkam

Which of the following two attitudes describes you? "I'm crunched for time." -- or -- "I have all the time in the world." I'm guessing your answer is the first, rather than the second. But what if you could feel like your time is expansive and abundant, without drastic changes to your schedule? Most of us want to feel "off the clock," enjoying an existence in which we can linger, without feeling pressure from the demands and stresses on our schedules. According to Laura Vanderkam, even...