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#53 – Valerie Morris – Tintero Creative

In this episode, Scott interviews marketing strategist, author, and speaker Valerie Morris of Tintero Creative. Valerie has a very interesting story in how she "architected" her marketing career and today she has some tips and advice for how to manage your marketing efforts, your business, and ideas for how to move forward in an ever-changing world. Also, check out Valerie's SLV - Simple Life Vibes. We didn't touch on this much in the episode, but I hope to get her back to discuss this more soon! Follow her on Twitter!


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#52 – Kelsey Hoff on Better Blogging Tips

Hello everyone! This episode is a special hybrid recording of a recent Livestream I did with content specialist and copywriter Kelsey Hoff. Kelsey Hoff is a professional content creator and writer and is the creator of her special community called Journal to Blog. This is a really cool way to create content and Kelsey shares some ideas with us on how journaling can actively help your content creation plus other tips and tricks that you should consider for creating the content you want today. Check out Kelsey's website: and her Facebook Group for Journal to Blog Writers Room.


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#51 – R.R. Noall of From Whispers to Roars

Hello everyone! After a bit of a hiatus, we're back with a stream of interviews coming on the BYW Podcast. First up is an interview with a very awesome creator, author, poet and influencer, Rachel Noall who is based out of Denver, Colorado. Rachel is a poet, author, and founder and Editor-in-Chief of an arts and literary magazine called From Whispers to Roars. They host weekly writing prompts, a blog, and published its first issue in April of 2018. After only two years in existence, the magazine has a readership of over 25,000 globally. In this episode, Rachel shares some tips and ideas for how she monetizes her content submission site and some strategies for managing her several projects and clients at once. Watch the video version of this interview on the Content Academy® YouTube Channel.


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#50 – Alana Dawson of The Podcast Party

Alana Dawson and I have a lot in common, we both are bloggers turned podcasters and have been at the content grind for many years. In this episode, I bring Alana who is a Podcast Coach, Producer, Editor Host of The Podcasting Party. We talk about her experiences and how she manages to be a mom, content creator and entrepreneur and great tips for just getting it done. Kudos to her as she is fully rocking it out. Thanks for listening! Links from the episode: Alana Dawson's WebsiteGrowing Older with Gusto Interview WordSpaces Hosting (Sponsor)


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#49 – Blog You Want update with Scott

In this episode, Scott Winterroth provides an update on some strategies and experiments he has been testing over the last couple of months. Plus, he shares some ideas for how things are going to go down in the future on this podcast. You guessed it, it's going to be awesome and stay tuned! Mentioned in this episode: Digital Acquisition Cycle for Content CreatorsBohemian Trixie (Heather's Instagram)Descript App for PodcastsContent AcademyWordSpaces WordPress HostingStrategy Head Book Club BYW Update #49 Transcript (Some editing was done to make it readable) Hello Everyone! It's Scott Winterroth, and this is episode number 49 of the Blog You Want in the Time You Have Podcast, and this is a little bit of unscripted episode. I am just going to sit down and talk about where I've been the last, you know, almost six months now. It's been quite a ride, sort of fun and I've learned a lot. I've had a lot of experiments, and I've also had some setbacks. Nothing crazy, no personal setbacks, just, business setbacks. Last September, I launched my first book called the Digital Acquisition Cycle for Content Creators. Wow, it's been an amazing experience and lots of sort of failed learning successes. I launched a book and, it's self-published, so I didn't work with a publisher or anything like that. I did it all myself. I mean, I worked with an editor, but in the day it was all done through me. And, It's been an interesting experience. I can't say it's been a boon for my business, per se, but it has been a great, for a couple of reasons. One, I didn't sell, I haven't really sold that many books on Amazon, not enough to make it a return on my investment. In fact, barely any. And I know that's an entire strategy on its own. So I've been spending time trying to figure out how to optimize Amazon and how to. Build visibility and Amazon. I do know that having just one book and being your first book, it's, it's a hard thing. Usually, the people who are killing it in Amazon have several different books or have multiple books and they also create books that sort of reach people, through like almost like SEO or search strategy. So I don't have that. I created a book that I think provides tons of value for people, and that's why I put it on Amazon to help share it with the world. What has been really helpful for me is that I've been doing a series of sort of workshops and presentations, and I bring the book to the presentations and I've sold a few at my events, which is great. I've also, Given several away to clients and to people who I think will find value in it, which that, of course, is one way to help build marketing because obviously, I'm asking these people to give a, give it to a friend if they think it's as a value. I realized it's going to take time, like any content endeavor, you can't start a blog and expect it to be a hit overnight. Along with trying to figure out this whole book world. My wife and I are really trying to figure out Instagram right now. Heather, my wife, shout out to her. She's actually away this evening, so that's why I'm recording a podcast, but she is and I are really trying to focus on building her visibility online at Her profile called the Bohemian Trixie on Instagram. She's like a fashion lifestyle blogger on there, and I'm trying to help her with that as well as figuring out Instagram for myself. It's challenging. I think it's actually in some ways easier for her, but just because it's so much, so much of a platform geared towards like fashion and, and lifestyle and photos that it's easier that way per se. But for me, I know I've been trying some WordPress tutorials and doing different things. You know, I've had some success, but, I'm not quite sure if I want to double down on that. I think it's better for me to help double down and help Heather and not so much focusing on my own Instagram. That kind of brings me back to the podcast. I really want to


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Should you use Medium or LinkedIn for posts or self-host with WordPress?

Distribution is everything and platforms like Medium and LinkedIn provide a built-in user base of readers for your content. Does posting your content on these paste-and-publish platforms come at a long-term cost? Scott shares his thoughts on if you should invest in a self-hosted WordPress site in 2019/2020 or just give up and use LinkedIn or Medium to post your blog content to promote your online product. Episode Links MediumLinkedInWordPress vs WordPressWordSpaces HostingThe Digital...


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#47 – Can you make money with your blog?

I launched a book! I'm pleased to announce my new book, The Digital Acquisition Cycle™ for Content Creators! In this episode, I cover some concepts of how you can make money and I share a FREE chapter of my forthcoming audiobook version of the book. Take a listen, and please enjoy! Thank you for being a loyal listener to my podcast. Mentioned in this Episode: The Digital Acquisition Cycle for Content Creators by Scott WinterrothAmazon Paperback version


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Extending WordPress with Plugins

WordPress is a fantastic content management system, but plugins are what makes WordPress go from good to great. In this episode, Scott shares some helpful tactics and strategies for finding and installing plugins, plus tips for evaluating a plugin before you install it in your website or blog. Cheatsheet coming soon, please check back asap! 50 WordPress Plugins You Should Know eBook Download WordSpaces HostingThe Digital Acquisition Cycle for Content Creators Book Click here or the WordPress infographic to download a high-resolution version which is much easier to read. WordPress Plugin Cheat Sheet Infographic


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Advantages of the New WordPress Block Editor

WordPress launched the new Block Editor - AKA Project Gutenberg - with the release of WP 5.0 in late 2018. After some legit field testing, now using the new Editor for several months, I wanted to share some reasons why content creators should be 100% behind this new editing experience. From the tactical and practical reasons to the fundamental logic of open-source publishing, this new block editing experience brings new advantages to content creators. In this episode, I explain why you should work your way towards leaving the Classic Editor behind. As mentioned in the show: Hello Gutenberg, an introduction to WordPress redesigned editor with samplesEssential Elements of an Ideal Blog Post - more on visual cues The Digital Acquisition Cycle for Content CreatorsWordSpaces Hosting


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Optimize your WordPress site settings

Out of the box, WordPress is a powerful content management tool for websites and blog but there may be some default settings that you will want to change to achieve optimum performance. In this episode, I deep dive into some of the most important WordPress admin settings that you should know in order to best manage your self-hosted blog. Of course, this comes with a plethora of warnings as I don't want you to make a change that creates a negative impact on your site's performance or search engine optimization. Listen in to learn the @WordMentor's tips and tricks and get ready for a big tease dropped at the end of this episode. Download my WordPress Settings Cheat Sheet and get the details on all 50+ WordPress Settings Options and Hacks! Mentioned in this episode: Episode 41 - WordPress vs WordPressRedirection PluginWordMentor Facebook Group by Content Academy Where to find the start of the WordPress settings panels. If your dashboard does not look like this, you may need to ask someone to upgrade your credentials to admin.


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Is WordPress secure? How to harden your blog.

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging software programs on the planet, but does that mean it is secure? The truth is, it may not be and if you don't prepare yourself with these WordPress security tips then you might be on a crash course to disaster. Prepare yourself with some practical advice on how to harden your WordPress site and maximize your time management by preparation and prevention. See also: Episode 41 - WordPress vs. WordPress Watch the Vlog version of this episode on the Content Academy YouTube [WordMentor Vlog] => WordMentor Facebook Group by Content Academy - Join for Free! Mentioned in this episode: SiteGround Hosting with rolling backupSucuri SecurityWordFenceGotmls Scanner PluginWordPress First Time User Course by Content Academy Download the episode transcript


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#42 – Gail and Scott launch a podcast!

In this episode, I introduce you to one of my collaborators Gail Zugerman. Gail is the host of a new podcast, Growing Older with Gusto, and is a 10+ year blogger now turned podcaster. We sat down in a very awesome lobby to discuss our podcast project and how we're planning to document our journey on this podcast as we work to build this new media endeavor. Listen in and get the details on how we got started, what we're doing and how you can follow along with our progress.


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WordPress vs WordPress

Believe it or not, there are two types of WordPress. In this episode, Scott Winterroth shares his knowledge of working with WordPress over the last 11 year and preps for a series of WordPress tips and tricks episodes coming out over the next few months. If you're brand new to WordPress or you're a seasoned pro, this is still a good episode for you as I share some great ways for how to explain to other new users on the difference between vs plus I share some history of how we got to WordPress today. Mentioned in the episode: WordPress.comWordPress.orgVentureBeat: Automattic, the company behind WordPress, is worth $1.16B in new $160M The Blogging Software DilemmaThe Month in WordPress: March 2019WordPress First Time User Course on Content Academy


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Tools for editing your blog's photos and graphics

This episode is a continuation of my mini series on working with images and your blog. In the podcast, I discuss the tools I use to create great content from touching up photos to creating graphics and more. In the lesson video tutorial, I dive into showing you how the built-in WordPress media editor works and what you can do with it to save time and edit your photos on the fly. This is a great episode, I really share some of my best tips for blogging and content marketing. Please share! Episode Resource Links Links to the tools mentioned in this episode, broken down into three categories of pro, accessible and smart. PRO Learn valuable skills: Adobe PhotoshopAffinity DesignerAffinity DesignerSketch for MacGIMP Accessible Use on the go! CanvaStencilAdobe Spark Smart! Outsource FiverrUpwork99designs Other "Random" recommendations: Just for fun or great and easy tools for creating great things: - Easy remove the background from an - Download their free apps to create animated gifs - New tool in beta for creating great mobile experiences As I mentioned in the episode, here's the simple e-book cover I created with Canva: 5 Signs that You're Ready to Take On your Own WordPress Site


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Maximize your blog's images for optimum performance

This is episode 2 of my back to basic series on working with images and your blog. In this episode, I share with you why I optimize my images before I upload them into my WordPress site and share some free and low cost resources for optimizing your images for delivery. This is a great episode regardless if you're just getting started or you've been at it for a while as I feel everyone should optimize images regardless of what type of platform they blog on. Plus, be sure to check out my free cheat sheet for using Adobe Photoshop to save images for the web. (Optin below resources) Show Resource Links: (Pixel to Inch)Organize your computer for success (Content Academy)WordPress Plugin Recommendations:Imagify.ioSmush.itSiteGround Hosting (Affiliate Link)JetPack for WordPressPingdom Page Speed Test [et_bloom_locked optin_id="optin_1"] Thank you! Download the cheat sheet here! [/et_bloom_locked]


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Bonus: WordPress 5.1 FB Live

Hey There! This is not a full episode rather it's just an overview of what's new in WordPress 5.1. This originated as a Facebook live video so to watch the video, rather than listen, click on the link below and be sure to join my free Facebook WordMentor Group for future updates like this. WordPress 5.1 includes many enhancements and updates. Learn what they mean to content creators and every day WordPress users and how to go about updating your site to the new release. Thanks for being a loyal listener. Link to FB Live Video on WordMentor FB Group: WordPress 5.1 Blog Post on How to update WordPress post on Content Academy


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Sources for great photography

Back to Basics Join me for the first of many episodes where I'm sharing some back-to-basics lessons for amplify your blogging and content marketing efforts. Photography and images for your blog are critical and in this episode I share some resources for sourcing for photography for your blog as well as tips for keeping you safe when it comes to licensing images. Plus, we dig deep into some ideas for going beyond the traditional stock photography sources and look at what Creative Commons (CC)...


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Should I copyright or trademark my blog?

Starting or growing a blog and trying to decide if you should copyright or trademark your blog's name? In this episode, Blog You Want in the Time You Have™ host Scott Winterroth shares his opinions on how to approach copyrights and trademarks and what you should do to protect your blog's intellectual property. No portions of this episode should be considered legal advice, listeners should use this information at their own risk - seek an attorney for professional legal advice. Show Resources: U.S. Copyright OfficeU.S. Patent and Trademark OfficeSucceed with Content Strategy
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My Guiding 3 Daily Tasks

In this episode, I share a revelation I've had about a popular productivity hack called the daily 3. I'm reinventing how I plan my three to maximize areas in my life that are important to me, including blogging more in 2019. This is a rather short, but personal episode but I hope you find it inspiring and actionable. Read more about My Guiding 3 on this blog post. Mentioned in the episode: Creative Year Ever! Succeed with Content StrategyNext Door Chicago
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Preparing for your most Creative Year Ever

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years is I’m much more of a creative person then I ever thought I was growing up. For some reason, I thought creativity meant it was the ability to sketch or to play an instrument. But as I launch blogs and build my online businesses I realized that creativity comes in many shapes and sizes and it is something that can be learned and worked as a muscle - most importantly I’ve learned it’s highly valuable. Creativity is intelligence having fun - Albert Einstein Key concepts: Creativity is a muscle, you must work it to achieve your fullest potential Live with intention so you can better align your daily tasks and commitments to be in line with your long-term vision and goals for yourself and not what others want for you. Make better New Years resolutions by balancing your goals and working for stretch goals. Prepare for your most Creative Year Ever™ in 2019! Download the CYE Workbook. * Denotes an Affiliate Link. Disclosure and I may receive a commission if you purchase something on the referring website after you visit this link. I use this to help create more content. Show Notes/Resources: Smarter, Faster, Better by Charles DuHigg* Switch: How to change things when change is hard by Chip Heath and Dan Heath* The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy* Creative Year Ever Workbook by Scott Winterroth CYE Facebook Page for Speical Online Events and Content