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Driven women business owners and leaders passionately improve the lives of their families, employees, communities and the customers they serve. These female professionals join Amber Hurdle each week as she uses her experience working with international celebrities, Fortune 100 companies and small businesses to show women how to increase their self-awareness, build their confidence, improve their communication, and ultimately ground themselves in their personal power. Through strong company cultures, branding, marketing, networking, business systems and smart employee practices, women in business can and will change the world.


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Driven women business owners and leaders passionately improve the lives of their families, employees, communities and the customers they serve. These female professionals join Amber Hurdle each week as she uses her experience working with international celebrities, Fortune 100 companies and small businesses to show women how to increase their self-awareness, build their confidence, improve their communication, and ultimately ground themselves in their personal power. Through strong company cultures, branding, marketing, networking, business systems and smart employee practices, women in business can and will change the world.








A Never Give Up Mindset with Rebecca Lombardo (161)

Today, marketing pro Rebecca Lombardo shares her story of tenacity and continuous self growth that eventually led her to realizing her dreams. Rebecca shares: How pushing through for just one more day landed her in LA working her dream job Her process of breaking through a limited mindset and getting out of her own way The aha moment that led her to branching out on her own entrepreneurial journey How she and her business partner leveraged their individual strengths to build a unique,...


Create Abundance with A Spending Plan with Mikelann Valterra (160)

In today’s episode money coach Mikelann Valterra shares her tools and processes to help you take control of your finances, become financially clear and focused, and thrive. Together we explore the following concepts: Why is a personalized spending plan the ultimate tool to creating a life you love? What is your money autobiography? What are the three main types of money personalities? What is “money fog” and why does it cause so much financial anxiety? How does high earning trap people...


Leverage Your Strengths as a Minority Woman Executive with Martha Aviles (159)

In today’s episode high-tech marketer Martha Aviles shares her story to give other women, especially minorities, the encouragement to continue pushing forward in their careers - even when it seems impossibly hard. Our discussion dives deeper into: How to acknowledge your own self-worth as an employee and negotiate pay raises. She explains how she once asked her supervisor for a 30% pay raise – and got it. How to “operate scared” and to speak up and present your worth through facts and...


New Year Intentions for 2023 & What to Leave Behind in 2022 (158)

Let’s talk about the five things you should add for a successful year and talk about the five things you need to leave behind in 2022! Five things to leave behind in 2022 #1. Leave behind at least one person who takes energy and doesn’t give energy to you. #2. Leave behind at least one activity that moves you away from your goals. #3. Leave behind at least one belief that has no evidence to support it. #4. Leave behind at least one habit that keeps you from being your best. #5. Leave behind...


Turn Your Passions into Profits with Matt McWilliams (157)

This episode features my friend of many years, Matt McWilliams, who is the undisputed king of affiliate marketing, at least in my corner of the internet. That’s why I loved sharing his actionable advice in such simple and understandable ways. In this episode, we talk about: How to gain clarity on the exact steps it takes to start, grow, and monetize your online platform. How to ​build up the confidence necessary to share your message with the world. ​ Why you deserve to create a good income...


From Impoverished Immigrant to Successful IT Bombshell Business Owner with Alejandrina Aguilar (156)

Alejandrina Aguilar came from a very low-income background and started working at the age of five years old in Mexico. Her mother went to the U.S. before her to make a better life for her, as she waited years for her mother to earn enough money for her daughter to join her. “Allie” endured significant challenges to become the Bombshell Business Woman she is today, owning an IT firm and serving on multiple boards in the largest urban economy in Florida and the 12th largest in the U.S.,...


Embracing a Community of Leadership and Belonging with Nina Simons (155)

You won’t want to miss this episode where my guest, Nina Simons, engages us in a fascinating discussion on leadership that is probably unlike one you’ve experienced before. I’m throwing out floaties to those who need them because we are swimming in the deep end this entire episode! (My favorite!) Some takeaways from this chat include: How to step into leadership by surrounding yourself with other women leaders so you can support and accelerate each other’s learning. (And men need this, too!...


The Magic of Surrender with Kute Blackson (154)

Best-selling author and transformational speaker, Kute Blackson teaches us the art of surrender through his own story and observations from working with countless people seeking a greater purpose. He talks about the lies we tell ourselves that keep us from our greatness, as well as why pain can be a powerful teacher. Pointing out how many of us want a baked cake without putting it in the oven, Kute offers the following solid advice to navigate the big questions : Stop seeking your purpose....


Breaking Your Upper Limit Barrier with Sarah Walton (153)

Grab your favorite mug because you’re about to get a steamy cup of real talk poured from Sarah Walton, this episode’s guest. Together, we discuss: Common themes women in the business world. How rampant “high functioning codependency” is among women and how women do the invisible work to keep society functioning as we overglorify “selflessness.” Honoring anger as an indicator of a boundary violation. Why women in business plateau and what to do about it. How unspoken family rules act as...


How a Bombshell Launched a Business & Crushed Sugar Addictions with Amanda Ament (152)

Talk about tenacity! Amanda Ament took seven years to bring her product SIMPLE bars to market with no cane sugar, no artificial sweeteners and no sugar alcohols, and she hasn’t looked back since! As a frequent traveler with MANY dietary restrictions I was an immediate fan girl! I met Amanda at a conference where her mentor shared her product from stage and I had a sample sitting in front of me, so I immediately asked her to be a guest on my podcast. Amanda, who is remarkably young, is on a...


Becoming the Reigning Queen of the Guest Experience with Tyann Marcink Hammond (151)

Tyann Marcink Hammond has truly earned her title in the Vacation Rental Industry as the “Queen of the Guest Experience.” Generous with her knowledge, Tyann freely shares just how she is able to drive direct bookings, repeat bookings and even capture guests' passionate testimonials because their minds are blown by their experience with her two brands: Branson Family Retreats and Missouri Haus. But life would not be nearly full enough for this leader with remarkable bandwidth with just that!...


Leading with Love with Lauren Madewell of Auntie Belham Cabin Rentals (150)

If you’re not following Lauren Madewell, Chief Operating Officer of Auntie Belham's Cabin Rentals, on LinkedIn for her insightful posts and funny guest-facing videos, you are missing out! Her adorably on-brand campy (in the best way) guest videos both deepen the emotional connection with their brand while offering helpful guidance to make guest stays easier and less stressful. Never afraid to look goofy to share the love, she also takes her employee experience, her guest experience, her...


Take Your Vision to the Next Level with Alex Husner (149)

Cue: “This Girl is On Fire,” and THEN start this episode! Alex Husner, along with her partner in crime and our guest on episode 148, have taken the Vacation Rental Industry by storm! One of the many things I love about this Bombshell is she always operates in a spirit of continuous improvement and never settles, while taking others along with her as she elevates. Committing to and announcing the Alex & Annie Podcast at VRMA International 2021, she and Annie took a leap of faith that paid...


Personal Growth as the Path to Personal Power with Annie Holcombe (148)

Most people would describe Annie Holcombe as experienced, supportive and about as genuine as they come. This unassuming rock star came into my world, and let’s just say neither of us let the other go! We, along with her podcasting partner in Crime, Alex Husner, became fast friends, all fully committed to being women who support other women, while still cheering on the guys, too, of course! That’s why it’s been incredibly overwhelming for me to have a front row seat to her personal journey...


Growing Your Brand with a “Wow” Factor with Robin Craigen of Moving Mountains (147)

Robin Craigen, CEO of Moving Mountains, is the perfect example of my branding philosophy that breaks brand success into three parts: personal brands, employer brands and business brands. You see, when leaders leverage their personal brands to uphold their company’s employer brand through communication, engagement and infusing the company’s culture into every aspect of operations, customers then enjoy a strengthened business brand experience, true to the heart and soul of the organization. It...


The Best Teams Win with Better Talent (146)

In this episode I get to interview four key players on the Better Talent team, an outsourced talent acquisition team for the vacation rental industry who finds full-time, part-time, on-call, seasonal and contract workers to round out their customers’ people stacks and offers ongoing talent strategy and support through an easy, affordable, subscription-based model. Tune in as Steve Trover, Adam Tully, Stephanie Rounds and Corrie Baguio walk you through what best practices they use to attract...


Create Spaces You Want To Be In with Natalie Palmer (145)

Our guest today is Natalie Palmer, who runs a boutique vacation rental management company, is actively growing her real estate portfolio, and hosts No Vacancy The Podcast, where she shares weekly hosting advice. She works diligently to help set up hosts for success, and loves sharing relatable hosting content. She lives in Southern California and manages her mountain listings remotely, while staying home with her two kids under two. (Yes, you read that right!) Natalie shows how niching down...


Self Awareness, Culture and Systems for the Win with Ryan Luke, Short Term Rental Titan (144)

Our guest today, Ryan Luke, CEO of Luke Capital Group, exploded onto the Short Term Rental scene and acquired a controlling portfolio of over $80m in under three years. He believes his previous jobs and failing businesses helped change his mindset and actions which have led to this result. He also firmly believes the product or service doesn’t matter, that business is business, and there are some core principles that great success rests on. Tune in to find out what he focused on to find this...


Passion, Profession and Imposter Syndrome with Sarah Franzen (143)

Today’s guest is someone I’ve had the privilege to get to know over the past year, and as a brand connoisseur have developed a deep respect for her unapologetically authentic personal brand. What I’ve learned about her is that she has found her way to pursue both her passion and her vocation, as different as they may be, while overcoming limiting beliefs to successfully define and position her value within her industries. Importantly for me, anyway, I have fallen in love with her deep...


Creative Careers: Making a Living with Your Ideas with Jeff Madoff (142)

What a joy it was to chat with Jeff Madoff, who has his fingerprints all over brands such as Ralph Lauren, Victoria’s Secret, Radio City Music Hall, and the Harvard School for Public Health. He also had the opportunity to pull from his many years teaching as a professor to hone his message into easily absorbed ideas for his book and his podcast, both named Creative Careers. He talks about the value of experimenting with different forms of expression and remaining curious as you pursue...