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Chat With Traders is your key to the minds of trading's elite performers. Start listening to learn how a diverse mix of traders went from zero to hero, how they successfully trade markets today, and get their best tips 'n pointers for profitable performance, plus much more. Note: You are responsible for your own trading decisions—this is not financial advice.

Chat With Traders is your key to the minds of trading's elite performers. Start listening to learn how a diverse mix of traders went from zero to hero, how they successfully trade markets today, and get their best tips 'n pointers for profitable performance, plus much more. Note: You are responsible for your own trading decisions—this is not financial advice.


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Chat With Traders is your key to the minds of trading's elite performers. Start listening to learn how a diverse mix of traders went from zero to hero, how they successfully trade markets today, and get their best tips 'n pointers for profitable performance, plus much more. Note: You are responsible for your own trading decisions—this is not financial advice.




209: Neeraj Monga – Contrarian Stances on Fundamental Inflection Points

For more than a decade, Neeraj Monga was Head of Research at Veritas—a Canadian independent equity research firm—where he published numerous stock reports that garnered plenty of attention from investors, analysts and media… Although it’s not the case he’s most proud of, Neeraj is perhaps best-known for revealing the shady dealings of Kingfisher Airlines—founded and lead by the larger-than-life billionaire, Vijay Mallya. Neeraj’s damning report was ultimately the precursor to the airliners’...


208: Brannigan Barrett – Adopting Systems to Improve Decision Making and Trade Results

Having traded prop for a large part of his career, Brannigan Barrett has since branched out and backed himself by establishing Habitus Capital—a private, discretionary fund that trades select futures markets across multiple asset classes; commodities, currencies, indices, bonds. When Brannigan first appeared on Chat With Traders (114), we mostly covered his process orientated approach to becoming a bigger and better trader. So naturally, this episode is somewhat of a continuation,...


207: Rishi Narang – Evolving Trends—How Quants Are Earning Alpha

Rishi Narang’s the founding principal of T2AM, a fund-of-funds investment manager with a sole focus of allocating to quantitative strategies. He’s also the author of Inside the Black Box, an advisor to DARPA’s Financial Markets Vulnerabilities Project, and previously appeared on Chat With Traders in 2016. Given Rishi’s close contact with many quantitative managers—and being well-versed in the space after 20+ years of seeking alpha—I figured it’d be interesting to catch up and discuss...


206: Dan David – The Investigative Research of an Activist Short Seller

Dan David is the founder of Wolfpack Research, a short-biased firm that goes to great lengths to meticulously understand the business operations, technical aspects and financials of listed companies. When uncovering a disconnect between what a company announces to the market and what Wolfpack deems to be the truth, the firm may build a short position and publish their findings in a detailed research report (commonly regarded as short activism). Dan also hosts the “I Hung Up On Warren...


205: Michael Katz – Day Trading: The Questions You Want Answered

Active equities trader and managing partner of proprietary trading firm Seven Points Capital, Michael Katz, returns for a third appearance on Chat With Traders. As we’ve previously done a 'regular' interview and an episode analysing how Mike traded the Lyft IPO, we’ve tweaked the format again and this time Mike’s answering questions submitted by listeners of the show. There were many brilliant questions sent in, which I’ve sorted into four categories: Strategy, Trade Management, Trader...


204: Brian Lee – Esports pro attains high score playing the stock market

Three years ago, Brian Lee—a former esports professional—took a leap into day trading equities. Having since developed a talent for shorting the backside of inflated moves, paired with a great emphasis on risk management, Brian’s experienced tremendous growth, both financially and in terms of market knowledge. In this chat with Brian, we go over; his first year challenges and overcoming such challenges, the time he lost it all and how he bounced back, his most frequently traded setup, and a...


203: Bob Bright – The Pursuit of Edge

Casino floor or trading floor, Bob Bright has forever sought an edge for favorable odds… Counting cards in Las Vegas at blackjack tables, calculating three-way options at the Pacific Exchange, pairs trading correlated stocks, exploiting the tracking error of leveraged ETFs; Bob’s always pursued a mathematical advantage to win the game. Also considered by many as a pioneer of proprietary trading, Bob and a partner formed Bright Trading in 1992—at its peak, the firm was home to 490-traders...


202: Wayne Himelsein – Betting Against Stability

Wayne Himelsein begun his career on a proprietary trading desk at Carlin Financial Group in the mid-90’s, doing statistical arbitrage—complimentary to his mathematical nature. Come 1999, Wayne launched his first fund to begin managing money for clients and institutions. Then in 2011, Wayne founded Logica Capital Advisers, where he currently takes the role of Chief Investment Officer. Logica, as a quantitative investment firm, relies on rigorous research to develop its various model-driven...


201: Hayden Beamish – The legwork, execution and management of institutional investments

For the past 5-years, Hayden Beamish has been a portfolio manager and director at Endeavor Asset Management—a hedge fund based in Melbourne, with ~$300m AUM. The Hedge portfolio that Hayden manages ended the 2020 financial year up 28% after fees—in comparison, the benchmark Australian All Ordinaries ending down 7%. The main purpose of speaking with Hayden was to gain insight to his institutional investment process. This includes talk of; researching companies and prerequisites for...


200: Best of Trading Psychology, Pt. 2

As an extension of the previous episode, I present to you the second installment for the ‘Best of Trading Psychology.’ Taken from past episodes of Chat With Traders, this is a compilation of snippets on psychology and mindset—an important topic to highlight, given the psychological aspect can truly make or break many traders. With any of the snippets, if you’d like to hear the full episode, direct links are listed in the show notes at:


199: Best of Trading Psychology, Pt. 1

Much like the recent Best of Risk Management episodes, here is another compilation. Except this time, I’ve compiled the best clips on trading psychology, for you to hear how varying types of traders deal with mindset maters to stay focused and competitive. Again, I dug up way too much from the back catalogue of almost 200-episodes to pack into a single episode, so this is only part one—part two will follow shortly. Besides creating a go-to trading psychology resource, I hope this might...


198: Christina Qi – Dorm room start-up defies odds, rises as large-scale quant fund

In her early-20’s, after graduating from MIT, Christina Qi and two classmates; Luca Lin and Jonathan Wang—who had collectively been trading futures from a campus dorm room—founded Domeyard. It was 2012, and Domeyard was to be one of the few high frequency trading hedge funds… As Christina states during the interview, “By all means we should have failed,” given the three of them had little trading experience and minimal insight to the hedge fund industry. Not to mention, the three had almost...


197: Haim Ben Ami – Accelerating high-speed traders to higher speeds

Featuring on this episode is Haim Ben Ami; CEO of Raft Technologies. Having constructed shortwave radio towers in Chicago, Frankfurt and London, Raft have established ultra-low latency connections between various exchanges, which are leased to algorithmic trading firms who seek a speed advantage. In talking with Haim, we discuss why some firms are prepared to pay big bucks in order to be a few milliseconds quicker than other market participants. Haim also draws comparisons of the various...


196: Ryan Trost – My First Year Trading Full-Time...

For this third episode in the My First Year Trading Full-Time series, I speak with Ryan Trost. At the time of recording, Ryan had recently crossed 12-months as a junior equities trader at SMB Capital in New York City. Our conversation begins with Ryan speaking to how he was trading the massive intraday ranges of TSLA during it's parabolic run in February. From there we chat about Ryan’s trajectory in life prior to trading, how he landed a seat on a proprietary trading desk, lessons from...


195: Ilan Israelstam – The inner workings of an ETF manager

Ilan Israelstam’s a co-founder of Australian ETF manager BetaShares and a principal at VC firm Apex Capital Partners. Betashares first begun trading in 2010, and currently, it manages approximately $10-billion dollars in assets, across 61 funds—all of which trade on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). The motive in asking Ilan to be on the podcast was to learn more about how ETF managers operate and to delve into some of the technical aspects of ETFs. In summary, the topics we cover:...


194: Liam Vaughan – Bedroom trader amasses fortune, becomes prime suspect of Flash Crash

Liam Vaughan is a finance author and senior reporter for Bloomberg. His latest book Flash Crash tells the story of Navinder Singh Sarao, a London trader, living at his parents house, who made ~$70M from his bedroom and was later accused by the U.S. government of playing a role in the 2010 Flash Crash. For anyone unaware, this was a deeply perplexing event in which the U.S. stock market, one afternoon, plunged approximately 9% and then almost completely rebounded, all in the space of just...


193: Greg Newman – Dynamics and themes impacting the global oil market

Returning guest, Greg Newman, is a founding partner and the CEO of Onyx Commodities—a London-based proprietary trading firm, prominent in market making of oil derivatives. This episode focuses on recent events pertaining to the global oil market. More specifically, Greg talks through; key themes impacting prices, supply and demand dynamics, why Crude and Brent futures alone aren’t entirely a true reflection of the oil market, how lower prices affect producers and corporates, etc. Given the...


192: Kevin Muir – ‘Whatever it takes’—how reserve banks react to economic pressure

As we’ve seen making headlines recently, reserve banks around the world have been adding liquidity to the market in an effort to stabilize economies. While some listeners will already understand how reserve banks conduct these operations, I figure there will be others who don’t completely grasp what takes place below the surface… To get clarity on the subject, I kindly asked Kevin Muir to appear on Chat With Traders for a second time and to explain the actions of reserve banks during this...


191: Nishant Porbanderwalla – Extreme volatility—trading markets during a global pandemic

This is an episode to cover the extreme volatility in markets, following the recent outbreak of coronavirus… Joining me is Nishant Porbanderwalla, returning for a second time on Chat With Traders and here to discuss how he’s been navigating through the turmoil of a global pandemic. Nishant is a proprietary equities trader at Kershner Trading Group, with well over a decade of experience behind him. For the purpose of a timestamp, please note this conversation was recorded immediately after...


190: Christian Castillo – My First Year Trading Full-Time...

In a recent episode, I mentioned that I'd be doing a few more interviews with less-experienced traders, who begun with $20,000 or more, have completed 12-months of full-time trading and are making a real effort to get better. Here's another one in the series... My guest is Christian Castillo, he resides in California and trades the foreign exchange market using methods of technical analysis. Although Christian is relatively fresh as a trader, he put up—what I would consider to be—a solid...