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Episode 27: How Marketing and Sales Should Communicate with Prospects, Clients, and Partners

In this episode, I sit down with Brett McGrath (, VP for Go to Market at RICS Software ( We dive into how marketing and sales should communicate. Brett explains the hurdles between marketing and sales. In the end, he mentions it comes down to what the customer resonates with... the right messaging. We go onto to talk about using the consistent messaging to partners and trade shows. Special Guest: Brett McGrath.


Episode 26: How This Marketing Tech Company Listens to Their Customers

In this episode, I sit down with Ashley Ward (, digital marketing strategist at SEMrush ( We dive into how SEMrush is going from a search engine optimization (SEO) tool into an all in one digital marketing tool. Ashley tells her story about her strengths being in content and social media. She travels the world speaking at conferences about SEMrush and how content and search goes together. We dive deeper into how tech moves...


Episode 25: How to You Market HR Program and Health Benefits AND Find the Right Audience

In this episode, I sit down with Dawn Lively (, COO of FullStack PEO ( We dive into how to market Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) and health benefits. Dawn goes onto explain how marketing in human resources (HR) is more about reactive than proactive. She found growing with companies like startups was the best way to help clients see the canopy and not be stuck in the weeds. Dawn helps varied businesses...


Episode 24: How Build Your Brand through Good Messaging

In this episode, I sit down with Mary Shores (, owner of Midstate Collections ( and author of Words That Work ( We dive into how Mary became the business woman she became. Mary explains how messaging and dedication to customers were extremely important when going into the debt collection business. Building the business wasn't easy. Mary talks about how studying how people perceive...


Episode 23: How to Focus on the Customer through the Sales and Delivery Process

In this episode, I sit down with Joe Mills (, business development manager at Element Three ( and co-owner of Summit Strength ( We dive into what companies should look for in marketing agencies when doing a request for proposal (RFP) ( Joe explains how the bad way and the good way do a RFP. The situation comes down to...


Episode 22: How to Build Trust to Improve Your Marketing

In this episode, I sit down with Edwin Richardson (, owner and president of Richardson Strategy ( We dive into Edwin's extensive military background. He goes onto explain what he learned transitioning into the public side. We talk about what the most important factor in marketing is... building trust. Trust provides to build great customer experience and helps with Edwin's marketing to future...


Episode 21: What Design Reveals about Brand Experience

In this episode, I sit down with Nakita Pope (, Chief Chick and primary brand strategist of Branding Chicks ( We dive into how teaching at the Creative Circus parallels to real life design work. Nakita explains how good design is about what the customer needs and not what the customer wants. Design reveals companies need to improve their brand experience. Special Guest: Nakita Pope.


Episode 20: Why Customer Experience Plays a Huge Role in Running a Profitable Service Firm

In this episode, I sit down with Josh Brammer ( He helps business owners streamline their business (, so they can deliver predictable revenue and faster growth for their service firm. We dive deeper into why customer experience plays such a big role in running a profitable service firm. We talk about the chicken and the egg and A, B, and C clients. Special Guest: Josh Brammer.


Episode 19: What are the Two Rule of Marketing and How to Apply to Your Startup

In this episode, I sit down with Mike Seidle (, co-founder and COO of WorkHere ( We dive into why to stick with the two rules in marketing: Do something. Then do it better next time. Mike goes deeper how WorkHere started and the marketing lessons learned from running a startup. We talk about how customer experience is the backbone to any startup. Special Guest: Mike Seidle.


Episode 18: Why Design Thinking Helps Find the Right Customers

In this episode, I sit down with Andrew Curtis (, president and creative of Fuel VM ( We dive into why B2C and B2B companies have problems targeting customers. Andrew goes deeper explaining companies have flaws when coming up with messaging and design. He goes onto explain what his company's process is to fix it. Surprise. Surprise. Its roots back to marketing strategy and how to connect with people. Special Guest: Andrew Curtis.


Episode 17: Why Marketing is a Partnership and NOT a Transaction

In this episode, I sit down with Raj Kapur, ( managing director of &Marketing ( We dive into why small to medium sized companies need help with their marketing. Raj goes deeper on his philosophy to partner with companies to help each other succeed. &Marketing's whole experience revolves around working with people they like and customers they like. Special Guest: Rajat Kapur.


Episode 16: How to Market Internship Programs

In this episode, I sit down with Paul Waltz (, program director at Apprenace ( We dive into why companies need internship programs and how Apprenace markets their programs. Paul goes deeper into how companies can market their internship programs better. He gives some insider tips and tricks to connect with people. Special Guest: Paul Waltz.


Episode 15: How to Build a Community with Design

In this episode, I sit down with Johnathan Grzybowski (, co-founder of Penji ( We dive into why Johnathan started Penji. He goes deeper into why connecting an underserved market with great people not able to find jobs. Johnathan goes onto explain why companies should be and market themselves as social conscious organizations. Special Guest: Johnathan Grzybowski.


Episode 14: How Helping Your Current Customers Builds Your Marketing

In this episode, I sit down with Casey Gauss (, Founder and CEO of Viral Launch ( We dive into how Viral Launch got started. Casey goes deeper into why customer experience is crucial for the company's marketing in the beginning. He goes onto explain the company doesn't have all the answers but still tries to figure out how to best serve their current and future customers. Special Guest: Casey Gauss.


Episode 13: Going All in Blockchain Marketing

In this episode, I sit down with Jeremy Epstein, CEO of Never Stop Marketing (, co-founder of Cryto Explorers (, and has written a few books. We dive into why everyone needs marketing and never stop learning about marketing. Jeremy goes deep into blockchain. He talks about a lot of the unknowns. More importantly, he tells a story about setting yourself apart from all other marketers by going into the known like blockchain....


Episode 12: How the HE-Doublle Hockey Sticks Do You Brand Yourself

In this episode, I sit down with Erik Deckers, president of Pro Blog Service ( and co-author of Branding Yourself (, and its never too early to start your brand. We dive deeper into the importance of personal branding and why the HE-Doublle Hockey Sticks make money being yourself. Oh, we talk about Erik's whit in the book and how he made money writing about personal branding that...


Episode 11: Marketing an International Design Tech Product

In this episode, I sit down with Yali Saar (, CEO and Co-Founder of Algorithmic Branding Agency, Tailor Brands (, and talk about how to market a design tech/SaaS product and how to teach computers how to design products making it easier for the end customer with a great design. Yali and I dive deeper on how to combine computer learning with human interaction to build a community, Small Biz Nation...


Episode 10: Paid Acquisition and Media Buying Strategic Steps

In this episode, I sit down with Jack Paxton, owner of Paxton Project and co-founder of Vyper, and talk about the steps to be an effective paid marketer today. We dive deeper on Jack's experience spending more than $100 to $150 million in advertising. Jack goes more in depth on these steps in the episode. 1) Use data to make decisions 2) Always be testing, never assume results 3) Use pixels to be more accurate in your testing 3) Segment your traffic in cold, warm, and hot and use different...


Episode 9: How Should Product, Customer Success, and Marketing Work Well Together

In this episode, I sit down with Eric Prugh (, COO, at PactSafe (, and talk why product, customer success, and marketing should openly talk to help the customer. We dive deeper on how PactSafe helps companies make legal transactions quicker and more effective. Eric talks about the challenges and successes of working in a SaaS startup and offers advice staying true to your customers, finding the right product fit, and how each team should...


Episode 8: Why Marketing Should Focus on Agile and Employee Engagement

In this episode, I sit down with Eva Jackson, Director of Marketing Operations, at Emplify (, and talk why companies need agile marketing and employee engagement. We dive deeper on how Emplify builds a framework for companies to understand their company health. Eva and I talk about her founding Agile Marketing Indy ( and how that plays into her job at Emplify. Special Guest: Eva Jackson.