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Episode 38: Interview with Jack Henderson

Jack Henderson is a 22 year old property investor. At such a young age, he already has over 3 million dollars of property. He made his first purchase at 18. Age is only a number for this one, as his success has equipped him with experience and knowledge about the industry that's taken him far. On today's show he shares how he got his start in real estate, his view on young people in the real estate industry, and advice on how to search for the best property investments.


Episode 37: Interview with Ricky Briggs

Ricky Briggs is the director of Briggs Auction Services and Bon Villa Property Management. His experience in the field has equipped with skills that make him an auction guru. He's participated in thousands of auctions. On today's show he shares how he got his start in real estate, how to behave at auctions to yield the best results, and other tips and tricks to help you navigate the ins and outs of the world of auctions.


Episode 36: Interview with Arjun Paliwal

Arjun Paliwal is the director of Investor's Kit, a buyer's agency. He grew up in New Zealand with posters of high performing NBA players on his wall-- players like Michael Jordan and Koby Bryant. Arjun, himself, has become to be a high preforming investor. He reached a six-figure salary in his early twenties and has accumulated a 9 property portfolio before the age of 27. On today’s episode, he walks us through his experiences as property investor and talks about how his company helps other...


Episode 35: Interview with Dr Tony Hayek

Dr Tony Hayek is the founder and CEO of Blue Wealth Property. Growing up, nothing pointed to Tony's future career in property research. However one thing was clear, he knew the value of hard work. He grew up in a middle class family. His parents were factory workers and pursued their own small business endeavors. When Tony was in his late 20s, he realised property development was the world of riches and success. But, he soon learned that he loved property, but hated development. This lead...


Episode 34: Interview with Michael Yardney

Michael Yardney is the CEO and founder of the Metropole Property Group of Companies. Michael has been investing since the 70s. At 23, while Michael was still in university, he worked at Portmans and managed to save for a deposit. With the help of his parents, he bought a house in 17 Large Street, South Corfield. They paid $18,000 and they took a 30 year loan. From the investment, Michael got $12 a week for rent. Since then, they have built two townhouses on the property and it is worth well...


Episode 33: Interview with Luke Moroney

Luke Moroney is director of First Time Property Investing and Search Party Property Buyers Agency. He bought his first property in the suburb of Blacktown and admits he made mistakes many first time investors still make. At the time, Luke didn’t know what he was looking at, what he was looking for, or his reasons to buy the property. He just knew he needed to make money, so he dove in and took the first plunge to make the first investment. Luke's experience has grown a lot since then. On...


Episode 32: Interview with Jacob Field

Jacob Field is the founder of Ripehouse, a software artificial intelligence platform for selecting property around Australia. He's got a background in marketing and web development and has been a property investor for 15 years. On today's episode, Jacob talks about why he started the platform and explains how it works. He delves into how artificial intelligence and machine learning contributes to the success of Ripehouse. He also shares how his clients are getting up to 25% growth in the...


Episode 31: Interview with Andrew Woodward

Andrew Woodward is the CEO at the University of Sydney and recently wrote an opinion piece for on Why You Shouldn't Pay Off Your Mortgage. The article was highly popular and given it's non traditional advice so it was a pleasure to chat to Andrew and unpack the mindset behind this opinion piece.


Episode 30: Interview with Julie Crockett

Julie Crockett is the CEO and founder of Australian Property Investment Solutions. She loves working with people by helping them invest in residential real estate and build their property portfolios. In this podcast, Julie will share insights into how to select property that matches the local demographics and how she conducts her research to identify growth areas. This podcast will also cover investment opportunities under the $400,000 mark in growth areas.


Episode 29: Interview with Cate Bakos

This week on Geared for Growth - we're chatting with Cate Bakos of Cate Bakos Property. She's the winner of the Best Buyer's Agent in Your Investment Property magazine and she's a published author with successful property investment. We have a chat to Cate about her background in the sciences field, how she purchased her first property at the ripe young age of 21 and how she goes about the due diligence process and purchasing process for her property investor clients. We also delve into some...


Episode 28 - Interview with Leanne Pilkington

Leanne Pilkington is the President of Real Estate Institute of New South Wales, the second female since when it was established. She is also the managing director of Laing+Simmons, the founder of the Real Women in Real Estate networking group and an industry heavyweight in the real estate industry. In this episode, she shared about how she got to where she is, the lobbying work that she's doing on behalf of the Real Estate Institute and her investment tips. Time Stamped Notes 01:02 –Who is...


Episode 27 - Interview with Belinda Smith

Directors and Renovate and real estate. Renovations specialist. We talk about the rise in renovation shows and how she uses a renovation to climb the property ladder, managing trades and not over capitalizing to get the best result.


Episode 26 - Interview with Craig Cobb

Craig Cobb is the founder and head trader at TraderCobb. Craig is a trading expect with an investment portfolio of his own. We chat about his entrepreneurial upbringing and he gives us the low down on Cryptocurrency and what’s happening in the crypto space!


Episode 25 - Interview with Philippe Brach

Philippe Brach is the CEO of Multifocus properties and finance. Philippe is a published author and an investment property Guru. We chat with Philippe about his background and how he got started in property. Philippe shares some excellent tips from his books about making money in any market and his tips for succeeding as a serial property investor. It’s a great listen!


Episode 24 - Interview with Rob Southwell

Rob Southwell is a Managing Partner at Pitcher Partners Sydney. Rob is a Former Announcing Executive of the year winner and an accounting guru with a passion for property. We chat about Capital growth trends in the current market and where opportunities for investors are likely to be.


Episode 23 - Interview with Kieran Clair

Kieran Clair is an award-winning journalist, former head of API magazine and has two decades of experiences as a property valuer and investor. We chat to Kieran about the state of property journalism in Australia and the role it has in shaping the market.


Episode 21 - Interview with Marty Sadlier

Marty Sadlier is an expert Quantity Surveyor and Director of MCG Quantity Surveyors. In this shamefully incestuous interview (Marty is Mike’s business partner), we chat to marking about all things estimating. From sinking funds, to contract milestones, disputes, and insurance.


Episode 20 - Interview with Corissa Dimitrakopoulos

Corissa Dimitrakopoulos is a renovation strategy expert and CEO of Refurb to Sell. Corissa is blessed with boundless enthusiasm and unleashes herself on renovation projects for her clients. She works with both home owners and investors to increase equity and rental returns.


Episode 19 - Interview with Heather Stevens

Heather Stevens is a climate change expert and accomplished investor. She bought her first property at 24 and continues to expand her portfolio. We discuss the impacts of climate change on the property market and the implications for investors. It’s a fascinating listen.