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Episode 24: Predictions For The Second Half of 2018

After a week off, we are back with a great new episode of Intellicast! Catch up with Brian and Adam as they discuss: Ongoing Battle Between Sir Martin Sorrell and WPP New Sample DIY Tools Predictions For The Second Half of 2018 New Research Rant And Much More!


Episode 23: IIeX Recap

We are back after a week off! On this week’s Intellicast podcast, join Adam and Brian and they discuss: IIeX Recap Latest mergers and acquisitions in the market research industry New Mount Rushmore And much more! As a bonus, Adam explains that picture we tweeted out prior to the live recording! To watch Brian's recent webinar, The Art of Data Consistency: Sample Blending For Your Tracker Studies, visit You can also register for Screen Education's webinar on teen...


Episode 22 - Live From IIeX

We took Intellicast on the road this week to Atlanta and IIeX! We recorded live at The Barrelhouse down the street from the Georgia Tech Convention Center. We had some great guests drop by including: • Cassidy Hoffman of 84.51 (8:50) • Jaceey Sebastian of P2Sample (27:10) • Roddy Knowles of Research Now – SSI (34:56) • Tricia Houston of MMR (50:47) Topics discussed include best of favorite parts of IIeX, great things to do in Atlanta, top 4 Atlanta athletes, UGA’s market research graduate...


Epside 21 - IIeX Preview and The GRIT Report

It’s the first full week of June and we have another great episode of Intellicast for you. Join Adam and Brian as they discuss: • The new GRIT Report • The new AMA Gold Report • IIeX 2018 • What speakers and sessions at IIeX they are looking forward to • New research hot take • And much more! If you are interested in getting a copy of the GRIT report, visit to sign-up and download.


Episode 20 - Kristin Luck of Luck Collective & WIRe

We have an exciting episode of Intellicast for you! This week we are joined by Kristin Luck, founder of Luck Collective and Women in Research (WIRe)! Join Adam, Brian and Kristin as they discuss: • Kristin’s background in market research • What led her to start Women in Research (WIRe) • Her current work with Luck Collective • Kristin’s hidden talent • New 4 P’s on favorite global destinations • And much more If you want to learn more about Luck Collective, visit their website...


Episode 19 - Jerry Haselmayer of The Living Room

We have a great episode for you this! We normally talk a lot about quantitative market research, in this episode, we switch it up and talk about qualitative with Jerry Haselmayer, CEO and Founder, of The Living Room. The team traveled down to The Living Room to talk with Jerry about: • Innovation in Qualitative Research • History of The Living Room • Uniqueness of The Living Room • Creating a Great Company Culture • A New 4 P’s • And Much More! If you want to learn more about The Living...


Episode 18 - AAPOR Preview and More

Welcome back! This week’s episode of Intellicast has a little bit of everything! Brian and Adam are joined for a third time by Adam Dietrich to discuss: • Insights Association new code of standard and ethics • Research Now – SSI polling news • AAPOR • Sports gambling potentially becoming legal • New research hot takes • And much more!


Episode 17 - Research Hot Takes

Welcome back! We have another great episode of Intellicast for you. Check out as the team discusses the latest MRX news, current events, Kentucky Derby, and more. We also launch a new segment called Research Hot Takes! The hot takes include: Length of Interview Trap Questions in Surveys Millenials And much more!


Episode 16 - Baileigh Allen of ZigZag Research

We are back! Fresh off our live recording at MRMW, we are joined today by Baileigh Allen of ZigZag Research and Advisory Board Member of MRMW. Join Adam, Brian and Baileigh as they they discuss: Live recording recap MRX News MRMW How Baileigh Got Involved with Merlien Institute NFL Draft Top Thing to Do In Atlanta And Much More! If you want to learn more about ZigZag Research, visit their website or follow them on Twitter at @ZigZagResearch . You can also follow Baileigh on Twitter at...


Episode 15 - Live Show From MRMW

Our first live show! This week’s podcast was live recorded at MRMW 2018 at Biscuits to Burgers. We have a ton of guests drop by, including: • Dorothy Flesta of L’Oreal • Mike Mercier of Screen Education • Baillie Buchanan of Research For Good • Chelle Precht of Complete Research Connection • Any many more! We cover everything from MRMW, sampling, market research, to craft beer, Cincinnati and more. We even have a new segment called Rant Me Anything. You can also connect with the EMI team...


Episode 14 - MRMW 2018 Preview

Two podcasts in one week – what!?! That’s right we’ve got a second episode of Intellicast for you this week. Join the team as they preview MRMW 2018 in Cincinnati, April 24 & 25. They also touch on some of the top things to do in Cincinnati and a Mount Rushmore of Kentuckians! Be sure to stay to the end, it gets a little deep. Listen now! Don’t forget to join us for our upcoming live recording at Biscuit to Burgers at RiverCenter, 50 E. RiverCenter Blvd. Covington, KY, next to the Embassy...


Episode 13 - Rod Antilla of Action Based Research

We’ve got another great episode for you! Today’s episode we are joined by Rod Antilla, President of Action Based Research. Join Adam and Brian and they discuss with Rod: History of Action Based Research How he got into market research Upcoming presentation at the Northeast Ohio AMA Top thing to do in Cleveland And much more! If you want to learn more about Action Based Research, visit their website. If you to contact Rod, follow him on Twitter at @RJA_ABR or email him at...


Special Announcement - Live Recording April 24

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!!! We will be doing a live recording of Intellicast at 7:00 PM EDT on April 24th, 2018 at Biscuit to Burgers RiverCenter, 50 E. RiverCenter Blvd. Covington, KY, across the street from the Mariott at RiverCenter. If you are coming to Cincinnati for MRMW, or are in town and just a fan of the show, please be sure to come by!


Episode 12 - The Cambridge Analytica Scandal

In this week’s episode of Intellicast, we have our first returning guest, EMI’s political polling expert, Adam Dietrich! Join Adam Jolley, Brian Lamar and Adam Dietrich as they discuss: Facebook / Cambridge Analytica data scandal How it impacts market research Impact to the future of political polling AAPOR (American Association for Public Opinion Research Mount Rushmore of Chicago eateries And much more! Check out Adam’s blog, Facebook and Cambridge Analytica – A Turing Point in Data...


Episode 11 - Baillie Buchanan of Research For Good

We have another great Intellicast episode for you. This week’s guest is Baillie Buchanan, Co-Founder of Research For Good. Join Adam, Brian and Baillie as they discuss: What “For Good” means in Research For Good Baillie’s Background and What Led Her To Start Research For Good Favorite Charities A New Research Rant Of The Week And much more! If you want to learn more about Research For Good and their charitable goals, visit their website. You can also subscribe to the Good To Know blog...


Intellicast Ep 10

Another week, another great episode of Intellicast! This week’s guest is Rachel Alltmont, the Executive Director of SampleCon. Join Adam and Brian as they get the inside scoop of pulling off a conference from Rachel, including: • Selecting a location • Overcoming challenges • Keeping the conference fresh • Selecting speakers and topic • And much more!


Intellicast - Episode 9

We have a great episode of Intellicast for you this week! Dan Quirk and Joe Rydholm of Quirk’s Media join Adam and Brian for a great conversation. Join the group as they discuss: • History of Quirk’s • What they look for in articles for the publication • 2018 Quirk’s Event • Growth of Quirk’s • What’s next for Quirk’s • And much more!


Intellicast - Episode 8

We have an exciting episode of Intellicast this week! Adam Jolley and Brian Lamar are join by EMI’s Sara Goetz and Andrew DeCilles, who were in Salt Lake City last week for Qualtrics’ X4 Experience Summit. Join them as they discuss: • Breakdown X4 • Favorite speaker/session • Top trends • Advice they would give future attendees • New research rants of the week • Final Four picks • And much more!


Episode 7

We have a great episode for you! In this week’s episode of Intellicast, Adam Jolley and Brian Lamar are joined by Sima Vasa, Founder of Paradigm Sample and Infinity Squared Ventures, as well as the new Chairman of SampleCon. Join them as they cover: • Evolution of SampleCon • Challenges in keeping the SampleCon fresh • History of Paradigm Sample & Infinity Squared Ventures • New research rant of the week • And much more!


Intellicast - Episode 6

In this week’s episode of Intellicast, Adam Jolley and Brian Lamar are joined by Kelly Claydon of EMI Research Solutions. They give a preview of The Quirk’s Event in Brooklyn starting today, and discuss a few other fun topics. Join them as they cover: What a first time attendee should expect at Quirk’s Favorite market research conference experience Market research career-path and how they got into the industry A new research rant of the week from Brian Lamar Mount Rushmore of New...