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(15) Chris Whalen – Investor, Author, and Historian

Chris Whalen is the Chairman of Whalen Global Advisors, an author, and co-founder of Institutional Risk Analytics. Chris is recognized as one of the investors who anticipated the eventual bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers and has a reputation as one of the foremost banking analysts on Wall Street. Tune in to hear Chris discuss banks, interest rates, and the leadership changes at the Federal Reserve.


(14) Jim Lucier – Managing Director at Capital Alpha – Energy, Power, and Infrastructure Policy Expert

Jim Lucier is a Managing Director at Capital Alpha Partners, a leading Wall Street research firm providing strategic policy analysis and political forecasting. Jim leads the energy, environmental, and tax practices at Cap Alpha. Tune in to hear Jim describe Trump's proposal to replace the Clean Power Plan (CPP) with the Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) rule, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and its importance in the buildout of US energy infrastructure, and a conversation about...


(13) Chad Plotkin – CFO of NRG Yield (NYLD)

Chad Plotkin is the CFO of NRG Yield (NYLD). Tune in to hear Chad talk about the history of NRG Yield, the recently announced GIP acquisition, and how NYLD's diversified asset portfolio differentiates this yieldco from the others. It's an extremely insightful interview, especially for investors who want to learn more about the unique and compelling capital allocation profile that renewable energy businesses have.


(12) Steve Fleishman – Wall Street’s Top Ranked Utility Analyst – Utility Primer

Steve Fleishman is a Managing Director and Senior Analyst at Wolfe Research. Steve has been the top-ranked utility analyst on Wall Street 14 times! Tune in to hear Steve provide a brief history of utilities, the trends he and his team are following, and his thoughts on valuation.


(11) Curt Morgan – President and CEO of Vistra Energy (VST)

Curt Morgan is the President and CEO of Vistra Energy (VST). Tune in to hear Curt talk about the fascinating history of Vistra, some of the motivations and rationale for acquiring Dynegy, and a great explanation of how the integrated power model (generation + retail) provides cash flow stability. It’s a great interview that underscores […] The post Interview with Vistra Energy’s Curt Morgan appeared first on Investing with the Buyside.


(10) Mark Harding – President, CEO, & CFO of Pure Cycle Corp (PCYO)

Mark Harding is the CEO and CFO of Pure Cycle Corp. (PCYO), a provider of water and wastewater services in Colorado. Tune in to hear Mark talk about the fascinating subject of water rights in Colorado, the outlook for Pure Cycle to grow cash flows, and the compelling investment case for his company’s stock. If […] The post Interview with Pure Cycle’s Mark Harding appeared first on Investing with the Buyside.


(9) Steve Newby – Founder and CEO of Summit Midstream Partners (SMLP)

Steve Newby is the Founder and CEO of Summit Midstream (SMLP). Tune in to hear Steve discuss Summit’s operations, his view on industry fundamentals, and what Steve and his team are doing to grow the business and improve cash flow stability. It’s a great interview that highlights the disconnect between a positive outlook and a […] The post Interview with Summit Midstream’s Steve Newby appeared first on Investing with the Buyside.


(8) Kirk Andrews – CFO of NRG Energy (NRG) – Part 2

Part 2 of the interview with NRG Energy’s EVP and CFO, Kirk Andrews. The second part of the interview addresses the some of the changes the company has gone through over the past several years as well as the NRG Transformation Plan that was outlined in mid-2017. Most importantly, Kirk talks about his capital allocation philosophy and the potential uses of cash over the next few years. It’s a great interview with a […] The post Interview with NRG Energy’s CFO Kirk Andrews | Part 2 appeared...


(7) Kirk Andrews – CFO of NRG Energy (NRG) – Part 1

Kirk Andrews, EVP and CFO of NRG Energy (NRG), discusses the history of NRG and describes some of the big factors that have affected the merchant power generation industry since the turn of the century. Part 1 of the Kirk Andrews interview provides some really interesting background on the power business in general, and fascinating […] The post Interview with NRG Energy’s Kirk Andrews | Part 1 appeared first on Investing with the Buyside.


(6) Doug Blakeway – Founder and CEO of Nanotech Security Corp (NTS)

Doug Blakeway is the founder and CEO of Nanotech Security Corp., a technology firm that develops and produces products using nanotechnology. Nanotech’s cutting-edge products are currently used for anti-counterfeit and brand authentication purposes, but the applications are far-reaching. Join IwtB to learn more about a fascinating technology and its many uses. The post Interview with Nanotech Security’s Doug Blakeway appeared first on Investing with the Buyside.


(5) Professor Joshua Landis – Middle East Expert from the University of Oklahoma

A super educational interview with renowned Syria and Middle East expert, Professor Joshua Landis, the University of Oklahoma’s Sandra Mackey Chair of International Studies and the university’s Director of Middle East Studies, where we discuss the Trump Administration’s decision to renew sanctions against Iran, the Syrian Civil War and the parties involved, the Kurdish conundrum, […]


(4) Chris Sighinolfi – Jefferies Research Equity Research Analyst – Midstream/MLP Primer

Chris Sighinolfi is a Managing Director and research analyst with Jefferies Research, where Chris and his team are top rated analysts covering midstream, MLPs, and natural gas services. This episode is essentially what the money management industry calls a primer and Chris provides a lot of context and insight into the midstream/MLP sector. If you’d […]


(3) Mike Garland – President and CEO of Pattern Energy Group (PEGI)

Mike Garland, President and CEO of Pattern Energy (PEGI), is a wind energy veteran who leads one of the most formidable wind energy companies in North America. Mike provides an enormous amount of context and insight into the wind energy business and the outlook for the industry, as well as critical perspectives as to how investors […]


(2) Pat Sanchez – COO of Sanchez Midstream Partners (SMLP)

Pat Sanchez, COO & President of Sanchez Midstream Partners, talks about what SNMP does and what gathering, processing, and fractionation are all about.


(1) The IwtB Podcast – Intro to the Buyside

The intro to Investing with the Buyside, or IwtB, Podcast. The What, Why, How, and When for the IwtB Podcast. Corporate access and investing insights for the value investor