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Brad Slingerlend and Brinton Johns – Tech Investing with the Co-Founders of NZS Capital – The Stock Podcast, Ep.36

The post Brad Slingerlend and Brinton Johns – Tech Investing with the Co-Founders of NZS Capital – The Stock Podcast, Ep.36 appeared first on The Stock Podcast | CEO and CFO Interviews.


Mark Harding – Pure Cycle Corp (PCYO) CEO – Follow-Up Interview – The Stock Podcast, Ep.35

Mark Harding is the CEO of Pure Cycle Corp (PCYO), a growing water utility in Denver, CO. Mark rejoins The Stock Podcast to talk about the progress his company has made on the first two phases of Sky Ranch, a master plan community his company has been developing over the past decade. Mark also provides his perspectives on the oil and gas industry in the state of Colorado, his thoughts on the valuation of PCYO stock, what he's been hearing from investors, and some insight into how he's...


Porter’s Five Forces for Podcasting – The Stock Podcast, Ep.34

One concept that every student learns in business school is Porter's Five Forces. So I thought that with this episode I'd walk through Porter's Five Forces for podcasting businesses. It's a good way to demonstrate some of the things I've learned over the past year, while at the same time provide listeners with an annual overview. I'm also using this episode as an opportunity to talk about some changes to The Stock Podcast. At the very least, you'll learn about one of the most well-known...


Meg Gentle – CEO of Tellurian Inc (TELL) – The Stock Podcast, Ep.33

Meg Gentle is the CEO of Tellurian Inc (ticker symbol TELL), a company that is developing a massive LNG export terminal in Louisiana called Driftwood. Meg joins The Stock Podcast to talk about Tellerian Inc.'s asset portfolio, US energy exports, and the LNG industry. If you don't know what LNG is, you really need to listen to this interview with Meg. LNG is one of the fastest growing exports in the US. Why? Because the cost to produce natural gas in the US keeps falling, and with growing...


Gabriel Weinberg – CEO of DuckDuckGo – The Stock Podcast, Ep.32

The Stock Podcast is super excited to have Gabriel Weinberg on the program. Gabriel is the founder and CEO of DuckDuckGo, a privacy-focused search engine. And if you’re like me, when you heard the name DuckDuckGo, you probably did a double take. It’s a strange name, but so was Google. Yeah, I’m comparing this company to Google because it makes sense. That’s because DuckDuckGo is one of Google’s biggest competitors. You might be scratching your head at that statement because, well you...


Nolan Watson – CEO of Sandstorm Gold Royalties (SAND) – The Stock Podcast, Ep.31

The CEO and co-founder of Sandstorm Gold Royalties (SAND), Nolan Watson, joins The Stock Podcast to talk about his company and a truly compelling investment story. Sandstorm Gold is a precious metals royalty company. Sandstorm helps finance mining operations in exchange for a royalty interest in the precious metals that a mining company produces. It’s a really interesting business model, and Nolan does a phenomenal job describing a company that screens as quite undervalued. The interview...


Ted Seides – Host of the Capital Allocators Podcast – The Stock Podcast, Ep.30

Ted Seides is the host of the Capital Allocators Podcast, one of the few podcasts I try extremely hard not to miss. Capital Allocators is a phenomenal podcast where Ted talks to investors, managers, strategists, and thought leaders. He was a founder and Co-Chief Investment Officer at Protégé Partners, an alternative investment firm. Tune in to hear Ted talk about his motivations for starting a podcast, hedge funds, and hedge fund fees. If you listen to this podcast, there’s probably a good...


Anhydrous Ammonia (NH3) with Norm Olson – The Stock Podcast, Ep.29

Anhydrous ammonia isn’t well-known as an alternative source of fuel, but it’s economic and environmental attributes make it a very compelling alternative to hydrocarbons. That’s why the IwtB Podcast is extremely honored to have Norm Olson on the program to explain some important characteristics of NH3. My favorite quote from this interview really sums up how fascinating anhydrous ammonia is. “It’s kind of a miracle how well this thing works in so many different applications.” If you’re a fan...


Michael Rucker – CEO of Scout Clean Energy – The Stock Podcast, Ep.28

Michael Rucker is the CEO and Founder of Scout Clean Energy, a private renewable energy developer. Michael is a renewable energy veteran with many years of experience developing utility-scale renewable energy facilities. Tune in to hear Michael talk about the history of Scout Clean Energy and renewable energy project development. The post Michael Rucker – CEO of Scout Clean Energy – The Stock Podcast, Ep.28 appeared first on The Stock Podcast | CEO and CFO Interviews.


Bob Frenzel – CFO of Xcel Energy (XEL) – The Stock Podcast, Ep.27

Bob Frenzel is the CFO at Xcel Energy (XEL), one of the largest and greenest utilities in the US. Tune in to the Buyside podcast to hear Bob breakdown everything you’ve wanted to know about utility investing. Topics discussed include the regulatory process, renewable energy, carbon-free target, replacement cost, and how to value utilities. In this interview, you’ll hear Bob talk about some of the elements that are required for a utility to be, well, a great utility. You’ll also hear about...


Paul Comfort – Host of Transit Unplugged and former CEO of MTA Maryland – The Stock Podcast, Ep.26

Paul Comfort is the host of Transit Unplugged, an award-winning public transportation podcast. Paul formerly served as CEO of MTA Maryland, one of the largest public transit systems in the US, and is currently a VP and chief transit evangelist at Trapeze Group. Tune in to The Stock Podcast interview with Paul describe some of the changes taking place in the public transit systems across the US and Europe. The post Paul Comfort – Host of Transit Unplugged and former CEO of MTA Maryland – The...


Lynn Mueller – CEO of Sharc Energy Systems (SHRC) – The Stock Podcast, Ep.25

Lynn Mueller is the Chairman, CEO, and Co-Founder of Sharc Energy Systems (SHRC / INTWF). Sharc Energy has a patented system of recovering thermal energy from wastewater. Tune in to The Stock Podcast to hear Lynn describe one of the most interesting heat recovery and energy recycling systems around today. It's a truly fascinating interview about a company and a technology that could alter the course of natural gas demand going forward. The post Lynn Mueller – CEO of Sharc Energy Systems...


Darren Gacicia – CFO of Eden Enterprises – The Stock Podcast, Ep.24

Eden Enterprises CFO Darren Gacicia joins The Stock Podcast to talk about his company and the cannabis industry. Eden Enterprises, also known by its retail brand, Garden of Eden, is a vertically integrated marijuana company based out of California. Tune in to hear Darren talk about one of the fastest growing industries in the US. Eden Enterprises is one of the premier cannabis companies in California. One of the things that’s so interesting about this industry is the absence of interstate...


Jimmy Brock and David Khani – CEO and CFO of CONSOL Energy (CEIX) – The Stock Podcast, Ep.23

CONSOL Energy's CEO, Jimmy Brock, and CONSOL's CFO, David Khani, join The Stock Podcast to describe the CONSOL investment thesis and the business of mining coal. CONSOL is one of the premier coal producers in the country. Tune in to hear management talk about the outlook for the business, the industry, and one of the most valuable coal assets in North America, the Pennsylvania Mining Complex. The post Jimmy Brock and David Khani – CEO and CFO of CONSOL Energy (CEIX) – The Stock Podcast,...


Wouter van Kempen – CEO of DCP Midstream (DCP) – The Stock Podcast, Ep.22

Wouter van Kempen is the Chairman and CEO of DCP Midstream, the largest natural gas gathering and processor company in the United States. Tune in to hear Wouter describe DCP‘s operational footprint, the game-changing technological advancements his company is implementing, and a truly compelling investment story. DCP Midstream is one of a few MLPs that can boast of having consistently delivered on the inherent agreement between shareholder and management. The agreement relates to the cash...


Bahir Manios – CFO of Brookfield Infrastructure Partners (BIP) – The Stock Podcast, Ep.21

Bahir Manios is the CFO of Brookfield Infrastructure, one of the largest diversified infrastructure companies in the world. Tune in to hear Bahir discuss BIP‘s asset portfolio, investment philosophy, and a very compelling investment story. The post Bahir Manios – CFO of Brookfield Infrastructure Partners (BIP) – The Stock Podcast, Ep.21 appeared first on The Stock Podcast | CEO and CFO Interviews.


Will Eglin – CEO of Lexington Realty Trust (LXP) – The Stock Podcast, Ep.20

Will Eglin is the CEO of Lexington Realty Trust (LXP). Tune in to hear Will describe Lexington‘s portfolio transformation from a commercial REIT to an industrial REIT, the outlook for the LXP dividend, and the most important insider’s perspective on the value in LXP stock. Lexington Realty is a REIT that has been around for years. But the business model has changed over time. Today is one of those times of change, especially as management sees the writing on the wall with respect to...


Devina Rankin – CFO of Waste Management (WM) – The Stock Podcast, Ep.19

Devina Rankin is the CFO and SVP of Waste Management (WM), the largest waste services company in North America. In this episode of The Stock Podcast, Devina provides a brief history of the company and a great overview of the waste management business. Tune in if you’d like to learn about the waste management business, the recycling industry, and how landfills work. I realize that Waste Management probably doesn’t need an introduction. Just about everyone out there has probably seen WM’s big...


Ken Anderson – Texas Public Utility Commissioner – The Stock Podcast, Ep.18

Ken Anderson served as Commissioner with the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) from 2008-2017. Tune in to this episode of The Stock Podcast to hear Ken describes the success of Texas renewable energy, the history of ERCOT, and his views on an ERCOT capacity market. Ken also provides some of his perspectives on the current issues the PUCT will likely have to deal with down the road. In addition, Ken outlines some really interesting regulatory and market considerations regarding...


Tom O’Flynn – CFO of AES Corporation (AES) – The Stock Podcast, Ep.17

Tom O’Flynn is the CFO of AES Corporation (AES). Tom provides a great overview of AES Corporation’s business model. He also discusses some really interesting catalysts for the company and highlights a compelling investment case for the shares of AES’ stock. AES is a power company, but it’s different from regulated utilities, IPPs, and yieldcos, yet at the same time has similar characteristics. The asset portfolio includes traditional generation facilities, renewables, and a lot of the...