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Tom Sigelski - The future of work

The digitisation of processes is leading to a changing landscape for both employers and employees. Tom Sigelski spent 17 years working at Red Bull in various marketing roles all centred around developing culture. He now runs a business called The Human Sherpa where he consults to businesses on strategy, people development and culture creation externally and within their own business. As more and more jobs become automated in the workplace there seems to be a stronger emphasis on human skills...


Ben Mathews & Charlotte Chimes - Creative connections

Ben Mathews is a director, screenwriter, actor and acting coach. Charlotte Chimes is a successful Australian actress and small business entrepreneur. They recently performed together in a play called We Are the Himalayas produced by Brave New World Theatre Company in Sydney where they played an on-screen couple. They are also off-screen partners. On this episode we talk about what it’s like having two really, really creative people in a relationship. How you support each other through the...


James Sinclair - Motorcycles, fabrication and expression

James Sinclair (@spreadcheesefabrications) is a fabricator specialising in custom motorcycle modifications. On Maker & Creator we talk to a lot of people who create in the digital world but on this episode we talk about the resurgence back to traditional craft roles and making physical products. We also delve into James' creative process including the use of micro-dosing magic mushrooms to help solve creative problems.


Kady O'Connell - Creativity and courage

Kady O Connell, also known Kady Creative, runs a successful design agency, has written her very own cookbook and is a networking queen. On this episode Alex Adams and I talk about what it takes to start a business in the design industry, what inspired her to become a graphic designer in the first place and how she manages a team remotely. She also shares her tips on how maintain your worth as a creative and manage client’s expectations. #podcast #creativity#branding


Damien Cassar - Director

Damien Cassar (@damiencassardirector) is an award winning Australian director, writer and creative who picked up a camera at the age of six and has been making films ever since. On this episode we talk about finding his identity through film making, the vulnerability that comes with any creative outlet, especially comedians, and ways to manage stress and anxiety. We also make some bold predictions about the future of film and how people will consuming content in the decades to come.


Lindsay Bennett - Journalism, epic fails & faking it

On this episode of Maker & Creator we chat to journalist turned agency exec Lindsay Bennett on the state of journalism in Australia today, how it's changed and where it's heading. We learn about what it's like doing a cadetship along with some defining moments in Lindsay's career including a few epic fails. Interestingly Lindsay didn't consider herself a "creative" working as a journalist and at times had to switch on the "fake it till you make it" attitude to get a head start in a...


Georgia Draws a House

Some of the biggest and most successful campaigns in the world have had the simplest slogans. Got Milk? Share a Coke, VW’s Think Small are just a few examples. In this episode we meet Georgia Norton, the graphic designer who turned her quirky passion for something quite simple into a successful business. Georgia Draws A House is the name of that business and as you'll hear this started as a side hustle which exploded overnight after a chance article in the Domain / Sydney Morning Herald....


Ben Harrison - Music videos, fashion & culture

If you grew up in Australia in the 80s-00s you'll no doubt remember waking up early and watching the best music clips count down on ABC's Rage. Learning all the dance moves in time with the video clip and belting out the lyrics to your favourite bands was something that happened in lounge rooms all across the country. On this episode we chat to Ben Harrison, a creative who recently had his first music video on Rage. Take a trip down memory lane with us as we chat about our favourite video...


Better in Bed - Elena Gabrielle - Playing the dating game

This week something very different. A cross-over special with Jye's first podcast: Better in Bed which he hosts with sex coach Sara Tang - a podcast on sex and sexuality in Hong Kong. This episode is one of Jye's favourite's featuring fellow aussie Elena Gabrielle. Love it or hate it, we all have to play the dating game to stand a chance of finding love or even getting laid. Sara and Jye discuss the triumphs and travails of dating in today's world with the very entertaining Elena Gabrielle...


Shu & Ruby - Architecture & interior design in Australia

The good, the bad and ugly of Australian interior and architectural design with two up and coming designers.


Steve Willis - Mindfulness & mindset

To most he's known as Commando Steve, the stern-faced trainer on The Biggest Loser and other popular reality TV shows. In this episode meet the real Steve Willis as we delve into the power of ones mindset and how that shapes us individually and as a society. In this heartfelt interview Steve shares his journey from adolescents to the army, the challenges of being your own brand and how to be more present in this chaotic world.


Lizi Hamer - Journey of a creative director

Lizi Hamer (@lizihamer) is a story-hunter. She's fascinated with human beings and has crafted a career where she can captures genuine stories and shares them with large audiences. She is the Asia Pacific regional Creative Director for Octagon - a leading global sports marketing organisation, an enviable job for many. But as you'll learn in this episode Lizi's interested stretch well beyond the illustrious world of sport and into more philanthropic avenues, especially those empowering women.


Chris & Cameron Grant - Unyoked, tiny houses and escapism

Mindfulness, meditation, minimalism and more. Sometimes it's hard to know where to start when you're trying to unplug from the daily grind. Enter Unyoked, a company that offer tiny cabins in the Australian wilderness designed for people to get away and reconnect with nature. Brothers and founders of Chris and Cam Grant tell us about their journey from corporate workers to barefoot entrepreneurs.


Young Henrys - Crafting culture and identity

What started as a small neighbourhood brewery in the heart of Newtown in Sydney has grown into one of the nation's most beloved beer brands. Young Henrys have not only created a popular product but a sense of community that's stretched well beyond their 2042 postcode. You'll find them on tap at venues all around the country, at festivals, incorporated into artwork and more. So how did they do it? Founders Oscar and Dan share the secrets to their success on this episode of Maker & Creator.


Georgia Mappin - Creative producer

This is already one of our favourite episodes. A very special story about inspiration and re-discovering a creative side. Georgia Mappin always considered herself a creative until she got into advertising and fell into the role of a producer. Despite being a natural at "getting shit done" she took a turn back into the creative side with the encouragement of her writer father which lead to the commission of her first TV series Seconds. In this episode Georgia shares how she got her break,...


Ben Gollan - A man and his sandwich

Meet the guy who quit being a government lawyer to run sandwich tours in New York. Ben Gollan aka A Man And His Sandwich runs the number one food tour on Airbnb experiences in the US and is 100% living his best life. Who would have thought a 45 min episode on sandwiches could be so entertaining and inspiring? You need to listen for yourself to believe this story.


SPORTS - DJing, gender equality, and personal brand

Purple Sneakers have called Madeline Carr aka SPORTS one of Australia’s hottest up and coming DJs. We speak to her about creativity in the music industry, how she got her first break and take a look at the current state of Sydney's nightlife. Is Sydney in danger of becoming irrelevant as a global city? With limited late night venues are we losing the breeding ground for our future breakthrough artists. All this and more on our first episode of Maker & Creator season 2.


Dylan Martin - Royalston on music and creativity

Dylan Martin aka Royalston is a Sydney based drum & bass musician. He's an ex in-house designer and artist for Mambo and currently working on his fourth album. On this episode we chat about the Australian music scene and creativity in general. Dylan opens up about the years of rejection he faced from music labels and how he almost gave up only to be signed not long after. This is a must listen for any artist, musician or creative looking for inspiration to take their craft to the next...


600 Bottles of Wine - Dating, heartbreak & hope

This was our first time recording with three guests on the show, the core creatives behind 600 Bottles of Wine a new all-female Aussie made web/TV series. It has just premiered in Australia following success on screens in the UK & NZ. 600 Bottle Of Wine was produced off the back of a successful blog started by Grace Rouvray. She opened her heart on the blog and shared her dating woes. And people loved it. We watched the trailer and felt instantly connected and new we needed to meet the...


Ian Rumsby - Public relations, creativity and photography

Ian Rumsby is an ex-navy turned executive leader for one of the world’s largest public relations agencies. In this episode of Maker & Creator we delve into what shapes creativity and the biggest confidence fillers when it comes to expressing ourselves. Ian offers some profound advice and perspective for those looking to grow this part of their life and shares his perspective on photography.