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Dylan Martin - Royalston on music and creativity

Dylan Martin aka Royalston is a Sydney based drum & bass musician. He's an ex in-house designer and artist for Mambo and currently working on his fourth album. On this episode we chat about the Australian music scene and creativity in general. Dylan opens up about the years of rejection he faced from music labels and how he almost gave up only to be signed not long after. This is a must listen for any artist, musician or creative looking for inspiration to take their craft to the next...


600 Bottles of Wine - Dating, heartbreak & hope

This was our first time recording with three guests on the show, the core creatives behind 600 Bottles of Wine a new all-female Aussie made web/TV series. It has just premiered in Australia following success on screens in the UK & NZ. 600 Bottle Of Wine was produced off the back of a successful blog started by Grace Rouvray. She opened her heart on the blog and shared her dating woes. And people loved it. We watched the trailer and felt instantly connected and new we needed to meet the...


Ian Rumsby - Public relations, creativity and photography

Ian Rumsby is an ex-navy turned executive leader for one of the world’s largest public relations agencies. In this episode of Maker & Creator we delve into what shapes creativity and the biggest confidence fillers when it comes to expressing ourselves. Ian offers some profound advice and perspective for those looking to grow this part of their life and shares his perspective on photography.


Armando Percuoco - Buon Ricordo

Armando Percuoco is like the Italian godfather of the Australian food scene. His restaurant Buon Ricordo in Paddington, Sydney is a dining institution which has served everyone from A-List celebrities to notorious gangsters and the like for over 30 years. We chat to Armando about how the food scene has changed since 1972 when he first immigrated to Australia and how creativity can be expressed through food.


Eddie Foster - Millenials on film (and film making)

Eddie Foster owns a film agency in Vancouver. Originally from Sydney he’s certainly gifted when it comes to film, motion and telling beautiful stories. Eddie is only 21 years old and has already worked with some of the biggest brands in the world including North Face, Spyder, Hollister, Scott, Zeal optics and more. In this episode the conversation covers everything from our favourite films to the age old debate around generation gaps. Are millennials slow to enter the work force or are they...


Brent Wilson - A man who wants to sell some suits

Brent Wilson is one of Sydney’s most successful menswear designers. He owns a flagship store in The Galeries and has been crowned GQ Designer Of The Year. He's even been on the cover of DNA magazine. Brent's story is certainly unique. In this episode he shares his journey from being an electrician to entering the fashion world thanks to a lucky break at Fashion Week many years ago. His perspective on the Australian fashion scene has changed over time and Brent's agile ability to adapt to...


Tom Brennan - Waterford Crystal

Tom Brennan is the global brand ambassador for Waterford Crystal and has unquestionably one of the coolest jobs in the world. He gets flown around the globe to attend luxurious events including limited edition whisky tastings, special dinners and the Waterford Crystal ball drop at Time Square in New York each New Years Eve. Not just a hired spokesperson Tom was born in Waterford, Ireland where the company first started and continues to operate today. On this episode we chat about his journey...


Michael Kordahi - Nerds, geeks and evangelism

Glossophobia (fear of public speaking) is still the number one phobia with three out of four individuals suffering from speech anxiety. Some of the best people in their field often get overlooked because they can't articulate their knowledge. Michael Kordahi is here to help those people with his company Sumo Ninja Monkey. He helps people bring our their personal stories and shows how they can shape presentations to make them more interesting. A self professed nerd Michael is one of those...


Tamasein Holyman - Underground Cinema and immersive experiences

Tamasein Holyman is the founder and director of Secret Squirrel Productions a creative experience agency which amongst other wonderful things produces Underground Cinema a, live, immersive cinema experience held in undisclosed locations in Melbourne and Sydney. Despite being hugely successful these days it wasn't always easy. Tam opens up about the challenges of starting a new business when you're dead broke and how she gained new purpose in life after the loss of her father. Launched in...


Roger Ryan - The Barber (Bonus Episode)

Roger Ryan is one of Hong Kong's best barbers - an exceptionally talented and insighful human who looks at the connection between culture and cuts. Barbering and men's grooming is a fast growing category and is driven by experience and culture: and that's where Roger plays best.


Alex Luther - Chasing Canguro

In 2010 Alex Luther’s mother passed on a scrapbook which had belonged to his late grandfather Harry Luther. He was the world’s top marathon water-skier during the 1960s and 70s. The scrapbook was filled with Harry’s water-skiing adventures including and his greatest achievement- a world record which involved him water-sking from Tangier, Morocco to Cervia Italy in 1970. Inspired by this Alex decided he would recreate his grandfather’s journey and continue the family legacy. There was just...


Fred Schebesta - what it takes to build an empire

He sold his first company for over a million dollars at the age of 22, wakes up at 3am every night and does his best thinking over a long run. He doesn't have Facebook or follow the news and you'll only ever find him wearing all black. Fred Schbesta is the co-founder of, Australia's largest comparison website. In this episode we chat about the importance of rituals, training your emotional empathy and the sacrifices that come with building a successful multi-national empire at...


Rob Kelly - Black Out Tattoo (Bonus Episode)

Our first bonus episode direct from Hong Kong! Our episode with Mark Nara was really well received so we thought we would follow that up with one of the first interviews Jye did in Hong Kong. Jye talks to Rob about his story and journey to tattooing and the role of creativity, environment and culture. Make sure you check out Rob's work @blackoutbob - Founded in 2010, BLACKOUT is driven by the core belief that tattoo art is more than a book of tired designs and worn clichés. The soul of...


Lizbeth Pal - The runaway strategist

Wake up. Go to work. Sleep. Repeat. It's the reality for most people but Lizabeth Pal broke this cycle when she decided to quit her job and go traveling. She soon discovered there were other means to make a living that didn't rely on one employer and entered the roaming freelancer life. She now travels the world, working remotely as a digital strategist, blogger and presenter. In this episode Liz shares the benefits along with the not-so-glamourous realities of this lifestyle. Join our...


Mark Nara - Therapeutic tattooing

There is something incredibly vulnerable about getting a tattoo. Voluntarily putting your trust in someone who is going to permanently mark your body and hopefully accurately express your creative vision is daunting. Mark Nara is a tattoo artist specialising in therapeutic and conscious tattoos. The complete opposite to a drunken mistake his clients seek to mark a time and moment in their life with real intention. Covered in tattoos today Mark once despised them and vouched never to get one....


Peter Rix - Music industry in Australia and the ARIAs

He's been called the "Godfather of the Australian music scene" and after spending an hour listening to music industry legend Peter Rix you'll realise why. A pioneering artist manager, acclaimed event producer, and founder of the ARIA Awards you could easily fill a whole podcast purely on his stories alone. We chat about the state of the music industry today compared to "the good old days" and hear countless entertaining stories including how he signed singer Marcia Hines. Learn about what...


Nick Maricic - Alter egos and organic cotton

Would the real Trance McShady please stand up? Nick Maricic is a NIDA trained actor, performance artist, director, web series creator, story teller and founder of an ethical organic cotton clothing range called Trance McShady. We chat to him about the challenges of making and creating on a shoestring budget. Also, what happens when you feel you're not as good as other people in your field and don't think you ever will be? Do you walk away completely or pivot into a new direction? Nick shares...


Georgia Branch (Hemple) - Cannabis for your health

In November 2017 hemp foods became legalised in Australia. This week we chat to Georgia Branch, co-founder of Hemple a hemp food company that's leading the way for this new category. We ask Georgia all of those questions about the difference between hemp and cannabis as well as the challenges faced in branding something that's so new to market and comes with a level of stigma attached. Is this just another health food fad in Australia? What are the real benefits of hemp products and how...


Rob Peters - Reality TV & voices in your head

Listen to this episode for the impersonations alone. From Alan Rickman to that guy from SBS through to quite possibly the best rendition of Ramsey Bolton from Game Of Thrones you'll ever hear. Rob Peters is an actor, musician and voice over artist. In this episode of Maker & Creator we talk about the future of Australian television and what makes one genre more “high-brow” or trashy than the next. Join our Facebook Group - Maker & Creator Podcast Alex Adams (@msdarlinghurst) is the...


Renée Baltov - Manhood, brotherhood, & motherhood

Renée Baltov is the creative mind behind The Barberhood - a new breed of barbershop that pays homage to traditional barbering techniques with a new modern approach to luxury men's grooming. On this episode of Maker & Creator we chat about her diverse career background and the journey from FMCG to men's fashion and taking the calculated leap to starting her own business. We find out what it's like giving birth to a business whilst balancing motherhood and her new baby. Renée's approach...