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Develop and grow your practice to dizzying heights.


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Develop and grow your practice to dizzying heights.








Stop Chasing The Silver Bullet And Get To Work: Understanding Strategic And Tactical Objectives To Get Things Done – Practice Perfect Podcast Episode #19

Start thinking about where you're going to play, what can you be the best at? Answer these questions. What can you be the best at? What can your practice do better than all of your competitors? And importantly on the back of that, is that something that the market wants? Because you can be really great at shining toenails, but if nobody wants to buy toenail shining, it's irrelevant. Okay? So think about that. What is it that you can be the best at? What can your practice be the best that...


How To Do PR The Right Way For Your Medical Business – Practice Perfect Podcast Episode #18

You have to think about PR as a funnel, right? Initially, you want to make sure that, a, your name is getting out there as much as possible in the right way and so you start off with a really big opening of the funnel, but then over time you can distill that down into what your particular area of expertise is.


Treat Your Customers Unfairly So You Can Grow Your Business – Practice Perfect Podcast Episode #17

Learn how to treat your customers so you can grow your business in the best way possible.


How To Find And Hire Influencers To Promote Your Cosmetic Practice – Practice Perfect Podcast Episode #16

If you as a physician don't know how to bring that conversation down to the level of the purchaser, you are doing yourself a disservice. This is where the influencer marketing comes in because it really is in their words. It's their understanding. They're using the same vernacular, the same language. The reviewer or the influencer was going to be another mother of two that's got to go to soccer practice and she just happens to have a YouTube channel and she's going to talk to that mother in...


Should You Charge For A Consultation? Paid Vs. Free Consults – Practice Perfect Podcast Episode #15

This is where you can start thinking about the strategy of your practice. When I say strategically is you need to look at your practice and how it's going to impact it and what stage it's at. If you need to take the beach versus take the stronghold tactically and strategically in order to win the war, you have to look at it. So what stage of this battle are you in? What part of the war are you engaged in that you need to move forward?


The Number One Success Factor For Your Cosmetic Practice – Practice Perfect Podcast Episode #14

On today's episode, we're going to discuss probably the number one thing that leads to success or failure in a practice, and that is the ability to follow up with your leads. Any monkey can start generating you leads online. The quality of a lead varies. We're going to get into that a little bit. But today, we're going to really dive deep into what makes that work.


If Your Practice is Failing, It’s Your Fault – Practice Perfect Podcast Episode #13

I want you to get a handle on your mindset and your limiting beliefs. So this podcast is going to be all about the way that you think, all about the way that you are holding yourself back, and ultimately it's going to be about accountability. I want to keep you accountable. I've seen too many doctors fall into the victim mentality where they'll start blaming everyone from their staff, to the marketing companies, to the economy, anything they can think of just to avoid taking responsibility...


Your Practice Is Falling Apart Every Day. What Are You Going To Do About It? – Practice Perfect Podcast Episode #12

You can accept change and use it as a jumping board, a platform for you to move your practice forward. Because entropy, change, chaos problems, those are nothing more than veiled opportunities for you to become better and set yourself apart from your competitors and really take the lead in your city.


It’s Okay To Make Nonfatal Mistakes In Business, Even Fatal Ones – Practice Perfect Podcast Episode #11

So life is going to move forward, business life is no different. Business life is going to move forward. The market, market conditions, market realities will change every single day. And if you're not in the market, you can't adapt to that change. If you're getting ready to get into the market, you can't adapt to that change. If you're getting ready to build that new website and you haven't done it, right? Even if it's crap, it's better than not having one. Because you can change it, right?...


How Your Social Media Is Holding You Back – Practice Perfect Podcast Episode #10

When you are engaging in social media, when you are taking selfies, putting out videos, and relying on that for business, the control is 100% out of your hands. If Facebook goes under or the government decides to shut them down or break them up, whatever, anything can happen, your business can tank.


How To Create KPI Dashboards That Motivate Staff And Drive Results – Practice Perfect Podcast Episode #9

"For me, KPI is almost like a shortcut to get inside your business performance. So when you look at the metrics of customer acquisition costs, so you look on conversion rate except just the number that you see and your result in terms of conversion go up, in terms of acquisitions goes down, there is a lot more to that. It represents an entire aspect of your business."

How to Fight Large Competitors with Large Budgets Using Digital Marketing – Practice Perfect Podcast Episode #8

"That's the biggest problem I see facing professional practices. They do not stand out at all. Worse, they don't understand the principles to stand out."

How to Keep Patients Coming Back To Your Practice – Practice Perfect Podcast Episode #7

"If you can take care of this seemingly very boring topic, it can exponentially increase the growth of your business. And that stability, and that free money that keeps coming back will let you advertise more aggressively and put your competitors where they belong which is in your rear view mirror."


How to Get Buyers to Take Action Now – Practice Perfect Podcast Episode #6

"The amygdala is pure survival instinct and you can leverage this instinct to get people to take action in your practice and to increase your overall sales in an ethical manner. But in a way that gets people to take the action that they want to take, that, they should take but have not had a reason to take."


How To Handle Incoming Phone Calls – Practice Perfect Podcast Episode #5

"Staff at medical practices feel that their job is to inform the patient, inform the caller, how well you do at informing the customer, is not going to translate to sales, because their number one job is to get the booking. Nothing else really matters on incoming calls."

How To Design A Winning Cosmetic Surgery Website – Practice Perfect Podcast Episode #4

""The more you tell the more you sell and that's what you should be thinking about. And that's true for any industry that you're in. The more you tell the more you sell."


How To Create A Great Patient Experience – Practice Perfect Podcast Episode #3

"You have to have the mindset that you need to win the business out of the market. You don't deserve the business. You have to take it. You have to win it. You have to be better than the competition."


How To Create A Brand When You Can’t Afford Branding – Practice Perfect Podcast Episode #2

"Your brand isn't the foundation of your business. Your business is the foundation of your brand."


How To Identify What’s Working And What Isn’t – Practice Perfect Podcast Episode #1

The number one problem most practices have isn't getting more patients, it's in not converting the patients they get. Find out how to make a difference in your practice using the marketing assets you already have.