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How Bark disrupted pet retail with a great customer experience...for dogs

When entrepreneur Matt Meeker went shopping for his Great Dane, Hugo, he came away from their local big box pet store less than impressed with the unexciting products. So he decided to start a subscription service for dogs called Bark. But here's the question: when you're selling to furry friends, who is the customer experience aimed at? Humans or dogs? Hernan Giraldo, Bark's VP of Customer Experience Operations, outlines the company's "direct-to-dog" ethos. Expert Phil Chang aka Retail...


How Brooklinen woke up the bedding industry by going direct-to-consumer

When millennials Rich and Vicki Fulop couldn't afford the luxury bed sheets at their hotel in Las Vegas, they did the unthinkable: build a company to make the sheets themselves. In the process, they also created a customer experience, and brand loyalty, where none had really existed before. Brooklinen's Rich Fulop tells the story of how he bootstrapped a direct-to-consumer bed sheets company by focusing, at first, on the underserved millennial demographic. Fast Company's Liz Segran breaks...


How Eaze is changing the customer experience for a newly legal product: cannabis

Eaze totally changed shopping for cannabis in California with its on-demand delivery app. But creating a leading customer experience for something that used to be illegal presents a whole set of challenges most companies will never have to deal with. Starting from the prohibition era and continuing through the medical marijuana years up to the current legalization of adult-use cannabis in California, we see how the retail and delivery industry has changed as the laws have changed. Sheena...


How Sephora created a futuristic, omnichannel customer experience

Cosmetics and beauty products might seem like a tactile pleasure best sampled and enjoyed with one's own hands, but Sephora has completely transformed the way we buy not just makeup, but also retail in general, with a digital-first, omnichannel customer experience. Altimeter's principal analyst Brian Solis and TechRepublic's Alison DeNisco Rayome take us behind-the-scenes of Sephora's Innovation Lab. Fashion journalist Lauren Hubbard recounts Sephora's original impact on the cosmetics...


How Slack changed the way we work by putting the customer experience first

Workplace messaging app Slack provided a much needed centralized solution to teams that had been struggling to stay connected via a convoluted mish mash of email, Skype, text, WhatsApp. But with only eight employees, none of them in marketing or sales, the question became: "how to share this with the world?" Slack's Ali Rayl and Stewart Butterfield explain how various levels of the customer experience were key to its roll out and quick rise. James Allworth of the podcast Exponent explains...


How MoviePass radically changed the movie theatre customer experience

When MoviePass dropped its monthly subscription fee to $10 a month, it introduced a radically different customer experience to moviegoers, and people headed back to theaters in droves. But did they know that Mitch Lowe, the CEO responsible for MoviePass's viral success was one of the guys partly responsible for the decline of movie theaters thanks to his work at another movie-industry-changing company?


Beyond cookie butter: The secrets behind Trader Joe’s great customer experience

Trader Joe's is renowned for its folksy charm, super helpful staff, and of course, its cookie butter, but there's way more than that behind the supermarket chain's leading customer experience. We talk to retail guru Kevin Kelley, and Mark Gardiner, a marketing executive, who took a job there as a floor clerk, to find out how the secretive company attracts loyal superfans like Julie Geller, and Russ and Sandy Shelley.


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