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Are You Taking On Too Much Financial Risk?

There comes a time when you want less and less risk. But when? And do you really know how much risk you currently have? We’ll take a look at those questions and help you determine if you’re putting your portfolio at risk. Check out the show notes and get additional resources here: Today's rundown: 0:24 - When do you start avoiding investment roller coasters? 1:21 - As soon as you retire, you get more...


Financial Lessons From Suze Orman

What kinds of financial lessons can we learn from Suze Orman? What does Brian agree with her on in regards to financial planning and what strategy should you implement in your financial plan? Show notes and additional resources: Today's rundown: 0:17 - Suze Orman is a financial guru who is a big fan of financial planning. 3:21 - When Suze had a show, she talked in detail about variable annuities. 7:02 - Do you know...


How Much Money Do You Need To Retire?

It’s everyone’s favorite question, “How much do you need to retire?” But what is the answer? We explore that on this episode and discuss the factors that will help determine that number for you. Show notes and additional resources: Today's rundown: 0:17 - How do you find out how much money you need? 1:18 - Are you going to work in retirement? 3:53 - You have to start with a strong foundation when saving for...


Let’s Talk Real Estate With Hal Cone

Real estate is a major part of your financial portfolio, whether you have one family home or several investment properties. We talk with local real estate agent, Hal Cone, to hear about the market and what you need to be aware of when it comes to buying or selling properties. Read more about the topic here: Today's rundown: 0:40 - Who is Hal Cone? 1:40 - Taxes are different for a second home vs. a primary...


Estate Planning: A Love Letter For The Future

After spending so much time saving up a nest egg, do you have a plan for your financial legacy? Do you have a proper estate plan in place? Show notes and additional resources: Today's rundown: 0:15 - Estate planning used to be simple. What should people do about their financial legacy? 1:17 - If you put assets in a trust, then they should go to who you want them to. 3:50 - A trust or an estate plan is...


Should You Buy Long-Term Care Insurance?

We all need to be prepared for the possibility of long-term care. But when it comes to buying long-term care insurance it’s hard not to get sticker shock. Should you consider it as a part of your financial plan? Show notes and additional resources: Today's rundown: 0:18 - The premiums of long-term care is pricing half of baby boomers out of the market. 1:50 - Do you need long-term care insurance? 2:39 - Look...


Should You Pay Off The Mortgage?

Are you trying to decide if you should pay off the mortgage? Or if it’s worth refinancing? Would your investments be better made elsewhere? Show Notes and Additional Resources: Today's Rundown: 0:16 - Should you take the opportunity to refinance? 3:32 - Arbitrage is when you invest borrowed money but make a better rate of return. 5:14 - It comes down to preference on how you invest. 7:38 - Some people were taking...


Lessons To Take From Alex Rodriguez's New Show

Sometimes you put your money on the backburner--whether that means not knowing how much you’re really spending or not looking at what kind of investments you’re making. As we enter into the new year, it’s time to get back in the game with your finances. Show notes and additional resources: Today's rundown: 0:16 - Former New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez is helping athletes get back on their feet through a show...


Dumb Decisions We Make With Retirement Planning

We all mistakes in life and our finances are not excluded from our lapses in judgement. Don’t leave your retirement up to chance. Make sure you’re avoiding these dumb and dumber decisions. Show notes and additional resources: Today's rundown: 0:16 – 25 anniversary for this comedy movie. 1:58 – How much money did ‘Dumb and Dumber’ make? 2:12 – The dumb things we do when we try to plan our own...


Protecting Your Financial Investments, IRAs and Pensions

Whether you are invested in IRAs or in a company promising a pension, you want to make sure your investments are protected. How do you do that (without losing out on the growth)? Show notes and additional resources: Today's Rundown: 0:24 - Warren Buffett talks about someone always coming after you and your “castle.” 0:52 - How do you protect your retirement funds? 3:27 - Ed Slott was asked if...


The Importance of Estate Planning

Do you have a plan for your assets and portfolio after you pass away? Or are you hoping your loved ones figure it out for you? Show Notes and Additional Resources: Today's Rundown: 0:30 - Ricky Gervais says he’s going to let all of his family fight over his money and not prepare a will. 1:29 - Not having an estate plan can create confusion or pain later on. 2:52 - One option for your estate is to give to a...


Finding Financial Strategy From The Game Of Football

In the middle of football season, it’s hard not to get pulled into the game and root for your favorite players and teams. Watching the strategy and athletic ability compete is captivating. What lessons from football can you apply to strengthen your own financial strategy and ability as you work towards retirement? Show Notes: On This Episode: 0:16 - America loves the game of football, which even...


Owning a Business as a Part of Your Retirement Plan

Have you always dreamed about owning your own business? Or do you see the financial opportunity that owning a business could provide? How does that work alongside your retirement plans? Show Notes: On This Episode: 0:49 - When you’re young, you probably had less to worry about. 4:43 - How many people would actually leave the corporate world right now to make their own way? 6:05 - If you want to...


Does Your Advisor Have A Conflict Of Interest?

How do you know if something is really right for you? Ever wonder if there is more going on behind the scenes when it comes to what kind of retirement products are being recommended? Show Notes: On This Episode: 0:16 - Northwestern Mutual is highly advertised for its insurance but is now pointing out their conflicts of interest. 2:45 - The higher rate of commission on permanent life insurance vs. term...


Should You Get An Annuity?

Is an annuity right for you? Are you clear on what an annuity entails and what it costs? Why would someone want an annuity? Find out on today’s podcast! Show Notes: On This Episode: 1:01 - Does an annuity provide a steady form of income worth having in retirement? 5:05 - Ask, “How much will I get out of an annuity if I pay X amount of money?” 5:40 - Brian shares a story about a client who had an annuity and had to pay a...


What’s Your Financial Health?

How would you rate your financial health? Is it thriving? Or is it failing? Or maybe somewhere in between? Let's find out. Show Notes: Today's Rundown: 0:16 - How to find out your financial health. 2:15 - Are you making mistakes and if so, is there time to recover? 4:04 - Listeners of the show recently came in wondering what was wrong with their financial plan. 7:21 - A client in Lynchburg checked their variable annuity...


Serious Tax Mistakes To Avoid In Retirement

Taxes hugely influence how much of your money you get to keep. Without a proper strategy in place, are you making any of these major tax mistakes? Show Notes: Today's Rundown: 0:15 - How can you make the most of your life savings and keep more of your money? 0:54 - Many CPAs don’t have time to plan and project taxes in retirement. 2:34 - Tax mistake: Not planning for Social Security taxation. 2:55 - Tax...


Tracking Down Forgotten Money

Have you ever come across a $20 bill you had forgotten you’d tucked into a pants pocket or drawer? Sometimes retirement accounts and life insurance policies can also get lost or forgotten if you aren’t careful to keep track of where everything goes. How do you locate what you’ve lost? On this episode: 1:20 - Often money in a 401(k) is lost or forgotten when people leave a job. 3:36 - What happens if you don’t take enough of your RMDs? 4:54 - You can invest in thousands of different...


Is Life Insurance Right For You?

For years you may have invested in life insurance, but is it still the right thing for you? Depending on your situation: maybe yes, maybe no. If not, where else should you focus your investments and plans? On this episode: 0:16 - Do you still need life insurance? 1:23 - Ask, where will your retirement income come from? 3:21 - Who benefits most by having life insurance? 3:49 - Consider your living benefits or long-term care costs. 5:48 - Do you have a plan for yourself and even, for...


DIY Or Don’t DIY When It Comes To Your Financial Planning

Sometimes you see a house project that was DIY, and it’s beautiful. But what about all of the failed projects? Maybe you see them, maybe you don’t. Is DIY worth it when it comes to your finances? Today's rundown: 0:17- Home Improvement was a popular show in the 90s. Have you been inspired to do home repair on your own? 4:08- Brian shares an example of someone who did DIY with his assets for 30 years but then decided against it. Are you making emotional mistakes with your money? 5:30- DIY...