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The Facebook Roller Coaster

The months leading up to and following Facebook's congressional hearings in April of 2018 have been a roller coaster for the company. The stock took a massive hit when they announced on the last earnings call that revenue growth would slow over the coming quarters. Have all the scandals and bad PR truly inhibited the future of Facebook? Or is this just another stumbling block along the way for a company that will be around for generations. Nicole and Jon dig into what moves the needle for...


An Inside Look at Deschutes Brewery with CEO Michael LaLonde (Part II)

In part two of the conversation, Jon interviews Micheal about how Deschutes views growth and marketing in the modern world of craft beer. Michael believes if you aren't growing your dying because of the rising costs of making beer. He talks about the biggest changes he's seen in marketing over his career, the marketing KPIs they use to measure success and the surprising way Deschutes views their 'competition'.


An Inside Look at Deschutes Brewery with CEO Michael LaLonde (Part I)

Michael LaLonde leads one of the largest micro breweries in the nation as CEO of Deschutes Brewery in Bend, Oregon. He took over the job from founder and long time CEO Gary Fish in 2017. In part one of their conversation, Jon interviews Micheal about his journey. Michael gives a fascinating look at the inner-workings of Deschutes' operations and how they manage everything from people to what beer to brew next. He believes building a company where people aren't employees but rather...


Dissecting the Business Model of Google (Alphabet)

Google (parent company Alphabet) has been one of the most valuable companies in the world for many years. Recently, they released Q2 2018 earnings. Revenues grew 26% quarter-over-quarter. That is incredible given the massive scale of their business and the fact they were fined $5B by the EU. Nicole and Jon talk about how Alphabet spends money to feed one of the most powerful business models ever created: search advertising. Can Alphabet ride the Google cash cow to sustain their position as...


The Power of Vulnerability with Michael Mack

An interview with Michael Mack. As co-founder and CEO of Garden Fresh Restaurant Corp., he led an expansion from 2 to over 125 Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes restaurants in 15 states. But Micheal's journey would see him fired from the company he founded. How he handled being fired and the years following is a fascinating study in the power of being vulnerable.


When to Venture Outside of a Niche

Venturing outside of a niche can be the right decision to make. On this episode, Nicole and Jon talk about the power of having a successful niche but also lay out some scenarios where you may want to diversify your product, service or marketing. During the conversation they covered some of their own experiences and the founding stories of Twitter and Slack to outline how there can be benefits to looking outside your niche.


Making Big Career Changes

Making a big change in your career can be scary. In this episode of STC, Jon and Nicole talk about the times they decided to take a leap and the times when they decided the timing wasn't quite right. They also tackle: Is there anyway to know you are truly "ready" to make a big change?


Chatbots: A New Frontier

With the help of chatbots, companies are creating great experiences for visitors to their website. The rise of Conversation Marketing shouldn't be ignored by anyone responsible for driving results through digital channels. Jon and Nicole talk about the progression, usefulness, and future of chatbots in the digital world on this episode of 'Shape the Conversation'.