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How To Get A Big Social Impact (Even If You Don’t Have Any Digital Presence).

In this episode, angie explains her technique to get a huge impact on Social Media (specially on Instagram), and the good thing is that you can apply this technique even if you don’t have social channels or a website! Some of the benefits of her strategy are: Word of mouth for your brand; spreading the presence of your brand, and your products; and increasing the experiences of your customers with your brand. She will also give you some fantastic real life examples you can start using...


Increase Traffic To Your Business Or Blog

In this episode you are going to learn how you can send lots of traffic to your business or your blog, with this step by step strategy created by Angie. It also works fo for local businesses! You can apply this technique if your want to increase your conversions, since the first step to get results is to have eyes to see what you have to offer. Bonus: At the end of the episode, Angie will reveal 3 ways to send traffic from Instagram to your website. Podcast brought to you by...


4 Powerful Instagram Actions To Grow Your Business, For Real!

In this episode Angie teaches you 4 Instagram tactics you can use to really grow your business or your brand. Using these 4 strategies, you will really (I said really) increase your customers and your sales! If you have a business, you shouldn’t miss the possibilities that you can get with Instagram. If you know how to use it properly, Instagram can be a powerful tool to expand your brand, communicate with your potential customers, show your products, drive people to your business and...


How To Generate Social Content When You Don’t Have Much To Share

This episode is very useful for those who want to amplify the volume of their content (even those who already have a lot of content to share). When you are starting on your business or your blog (or pretty much anywhere) you still don’t have a lot of content to be shared on social channels like Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook. By the way these social channels are the best to drive traffic to your website. In this episode, Angie reveals the steps to follow to generate lots of content from...


Twitter New Rules & VIP Bonus Tip

Twitter has new important rules. One of them is Twitter is cracking down on bots and automations, so for everyone scheduling Tweets on tools like Buffer or Hootsuite or users of followers management apps like Crowdfire, this podcast is vital Angie will explain what is all that about and will let you know how to avoid being suspended or banned from Twitter Also she will reveal a fantastic secret VIP tip to increase your engagement on Twitter! Podcast brought to you by Social...


How To Grow Your Business With Social Media

Angie Perez B explains in what way social media can grow your business and what are the exacts benefits your business can get. Podcast brought to you by Social Media Marketing Made Easy For Business And Bloggers. Social Media Marketing, Social selling, SEO, Blogging Tips, Entrepreneur, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Business, Management, Instagram Marketing, Business.


2 Proven Buying Triggers That Convert Visitors Into Customers

Angie Perez B reveals 2 foolproof techniques you can apply on your website, on your posts, on your eCommerce, etc. that make your visitors to buy immediately; and one of the techniques is the secret weapon to instant conversion! Consumers have so many options out there of other products / services / blogs like yours, so it is essential that you stand out from the crowd and give them a reason to choose YOU! Podcast brought to you by Social Media Marketing Made Easy For...


How To Grow An Engaged And Devoted Community

Today we listen our host Angie Perez B explaining what are the secrets to build your own community, a community of engaged and loyal members. Also, Angie will explain how being honest on your social interactions will benefit you, and you will learn how to position your brand as a relevant account in your niche. Podcast brought to you by Social Media Marketing Made Easy For Business And Bloggers. Social Media Marketing, Social selling, SEO, Blogging Tips, Entrepreneur,...


Social Media Success Fundamentals & Key Ingredient

On the inaugural podcast episode, Angie talks about the most important elements to be successful on Social Media, on any platform. Also she will reveal some other fundamentals of a solid social media strategy, that will help you build your brand. She will explain how to pick the right social media channels for you, your business, your blog or your brand. Finally she will share her 5 keys tips to a successful social media or blog strategy. Learn: What you need to ask yourself before you...