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Maximize the return from every piece of content that you create! This podcast will teach you how to repurpose your content like a pro. Whether you're a podcaster, blogger or video content creator - creating great content is never easy. Neither is keeping up with the ever growing array of social media platforms. Content repurposing is a critical activity to ensure that your content finds it's audience and your message is heard. Amy Woods, Founder of Content 10x, reveals everything you need to know about content repurposing in biweekly episodes released every other Thursday! Find out more at


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Maximize the return from every piece of content that you create! This podcast will teach you how to repurpose your content like a pro. Whether you're a podcaster, blogger or video content creator - creating great content is never easy. Neither is keeping up with the ever growing array of social media platforms. Content repurposing is a critical activity to ensure that your content finds it's audience and your message is heard. Amy Woods, Founder of Content 10x, reveals everything you need to know about content repurposing in biweekly episodes released every other Thursday! Find out more at








3 Ways To Review Your Content Strategy (& Big Changes After Reviewing Ours!)

In the new year it’s good practice to review your content strategy. There are so many benefits to doing this, because in our business things move fast. Content trends come and go, platform popularity waxes and wanes and if you’re not careful, you might end up creating and repurposing loads of great content that no one is seeing. This year, we reviewed our content strategy and this has resulted in big changes. We’re excited to share them with you, along with 3 top tips on how to effectively...


How to Improve Your Interview Skills with Sarah Goff-Dupont

How do you prepare and conduct a really excellent expert interview? To help answer this question, host Amy Woods spoke to Sarah Goff Dupoint in this episode of the Content 10x Podcast. Sarah is Principal Writer for Work Life by Atlassian where she has worked in different roles for 11 years. She is also an executive ghostwriter and public speaker. Sarah delivered a talk at Content Marketing World 2022 called Your Words, Not Mine: How (And Why) To Spice Up Your Content With Expert...


How to Repurpose Your In-Person Offerings Online

If you deliver a lot of in-person content – talks, presentations and seminars for example, chances are you have thought about how you can capture that content and turn it into something online… And if you haven’t thought about it, perhaps you should! The pandemic showed us in the B2B marketing world, that there are many creative ways to repurpose in-person offerings to online, so we can continue to add value to our audiences and provide new and interesting ways for them to consume our...


5 Content Marketing and Repurposing Predictions for 2023

What do the next 12 months look like for content marketing? What are we going to see more of, or less of, and how are we going to be rolling out our content and repurposing strategies in the months to come? In the first episode of the Content 10x Podcast for the new year, host Amy Woods takes out her crystal ball and gives some of her predictions for what she believes will happen in content marketing in 2023. Amy has hosted this style of show every year since 2018 and her predictions have...


Why Being Everywhere Isn’t the Goal of Content Repurposing

Is the ultimate end goal of content repurposing to be everywhere? Because if you’re everywhere, you will reach, connect with and convert more people… The truth is, while this might have been the case for our forebears, it’s not the best approach now – for you or your audience. There’s no doubt that you put loads of time and effort into your content. Therefore, you want that content to reach as many people within your target audience as possible, and that’s the ‘phrase that pays’ here –...


Exploring Zero Click Content with Amanda Natividad

You can’t get around the fact that it’s tough out there for content creators and marketers. It’s getting harder and harder to convince audiences to click on your call to action. Plus, over half of all Google searches end without a click, and social media platform algorithms clearly reward platform-native content and penalize content with clicks. So how do marketers navigate this brave new world where platforms reward zero-click behavior? In this episode of the podcast, VP of Marketing at...


Repurposing Content with Neurodiversity in Mind

Neurodiversity is a fascinating topic – it’s so important to remember that we all learn and communicate in different ways and if we want people to connect with our content, we need to ensure it’s accessible and inclusive. Content repurposing is at the heart of this. Because it’s all about adjusting your content to meet and connect with different audiences and their preferences and needs. Find out: Important links & mentions: How to Ask your Audience What They Want...


Why Evergreen Content Makes Repurposing Easier

As a content marketer, you will know and understand the power of evergreen content. It has sustained interest over time so it generates a steady stream of traffic. Plus, all the repurposed content you create from it will have a longer shelf life too, meaning the ROI is high. It really is the gift that keeps on giving! In this episode Amy looks at how we define evergreen content and how it can make repurposing that much easier and more rewarding. Find out: Important links &...


8 Ways to Find out What Your Audience Wants

Creating and repurposing content is great, but it only really works if your audience finds your content helpful and want to come back to it over and over again. So, how do you find out exactly what they care about most, and what they really want solutions for? In this week’s episode, Amy breaks down eight ways that you can ask your audience exactly what they want to see more of from you and how to repurpose their answers into valuable content. Find out: Important links & mentions: Amy...


Content Marketing: Knowing when Enough is Enough with Robert Rose

If you’ve never thought about approaching content creation like you would a game of golf, then, according to our podcast guest, Robert Rose, perhaps it’s time to start. Robert is the Founder and Chief Troublemaker for The Content Advisory, and the Chief Strategy Advisor with the Content Marketing Institute, as well as being a best-selling author, keynote speaker, and one of the world's most recognized experts in content strategy and marketing. He joins Amy on this episode of the Content...


5 Ways to Dig for Content Gold

Every content marketer wants to produce relevant content that speaks straight to their ideal client and encourages lots of engagement. But how do you ensure those content ideas keep flowing? The truth is our ideal clients are providing hints about the content that would be most useful to them all the time. We just need to know where to dig for them. In this week’s episode, Amy reveals her top five places to go digging for content gold. Find out: Important links &...


5 Lessons Learned from 5 Years of Podcasting

It’s the Content 10x Podcast’s 5th birthday! The first episode went live on 19th October 2017 and it’s amazing to see how far it’s come, how many repurposing angles have been analyzed and dissected, and how much amazing support it has picked up along the way. In this episode, Amy shares five of the most important lessons learned about creating episodic content over the past five years and how these lessons can be applied to all forms of content creation, not just podcasts! Find...


How to Do More with Less

As content marketers, we want our content to be next-level-stop-scrolling amazing. It has to be to cut through the noise. But when we’re stuck in a busy cycle of creating and repurposing content on a daily, weekly or monthly basis it’s hard to maintain the high standards we need – and when the core content is average, the repurposed content comes out as equally average. In this week’s episode, Amy focuses on how we can be doing more with less in order to maintain those high-standards we...


How to Repurpose an Award-Winning Podcast into a Thriving Community with Kate Cocker

An engaged, thriving community is the dream of every content marketer. But how do you use your content to build one? Our podcast guest is award-winning podcaster and presenter coach, Kate Cocker, whose podcast, Everyday Positivity, won the Best Daily Podcast at the British Podcast Awards. It delivers a short, powerful daily snippet that really resonates with the listenership and has blossomed into a thriving community. Part of the reason why Everyday Positivity won this fantastic award was...


Content Repurposing for Scorecard Marketing

Have you heard of scorecard marketing? A scorecard is a questionnaire/quiz but instead of just collecting answers it immediately responds with a personalized report. It’s a valuable lead magnet for you, and your audience gets so much value from it too. The good news is, scorecard marketing and content repurposing go hand in hand. In this episode discover everything you need to know about repurposing for scorecard marketing. Find out: If you want see an example of scorecard marketing in...


How to Encourage a Content Repurposing Mindset in Your Team

Does your team have a content repurposing mindset? While systems and processes are important when it comes to your content repurposing, so is having the right mindset. If you’re team aren’t approaching content creation with a content repurposing mindset, you could be missing out on a myriad of ways to maximize the content you have worked so hard on. In this episode, Amy focuses on what a content repurposing mindset means and how to encourage it in your team. Find out: Important links &...


How to Develop Systems & Processes for Content Repurposing

Systems and processes play a huge part in the success of a business. And more specifically, they can guarantee the success or failure of your content repurposing efforts too. Effective systems and processes help you achieve consistency, which is important for your audience and liked by algorithms – it also helps you manage your workflow. Plus, they can ensure you repeat successes and avoid repeating mistakes. They improve team work too. That’s why they are an absolute must for your content...


Content Repurposing: Who Not How

There are times in our lives and careers when we ask the question, “how can I do this?”, when the question should actually be, “who can help me do this?” ‘Who not How’ is a formula strategic coach Dan Sullivan and organizational psychologist Dr. Benjamin Hardy explore in their book of the same name. In this episode of the podcast we look at how best to apply this mindset to content repurposing, to maximize ROI and re-energize your content marketing. Find out: Important links &...


How to Create Powerful LinkedIn Video Content with Alicia Henderson

Video content helps you to get your point across. It’s a medium which engages people with ease and gives you tons of repurposing potential. But how do you create powerful video content for LinkedIn specifically? In this episode, Alicia Henderson, a LinkedIn Video and Business Strategist, shares her top tips on how to create binge-worthy videos for LinkedIn. Find out: Important links &...


How to Repurpose Content for YouTube Shorts

Short, vertical video has taken over social media and it’s here to stay. The popularity of TikTok and Instagram Reels is impossible to ignore, and since its original launch in September 2020, there has been a huge rise in the significance of YouTube Shorts. So, how do these short videos differ from the others, and how can you utilize content repurposing to get noticed? In this episode, Amy looks at YouTube Shorts and dissects what you need to know when repurposing content for this...