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6 Ways to Repurpose Your In-Person Offerings To Online

Businesses are struggling right now – a pandemic is not something anyone can truly prepare for – but traditionally offline businesses are struggling most. For some, finding new ways to monetize their services and content in the digital space might come naturally. For others, it might feel pretty alien. Not every business can pivot to digital content, but you’d be surprised at how many are able to. Restaurants and bars are setting up delivery services and sharing the news on social media....


How To Approach Your Content During A Global Crisis

In times of crisis, we all need to pause, take stock, and adapt what we are doing given the extraordinary circumstances. The COVID-19 pandemic is a crisis like few others in modern times. Hard times bring the best out of people and I’ve already heard news of countless good deeds worldwide, from communities coming together to help self-isolating neighbors to the beautiful singing echoing across Italian balconies. My singing voice isn’t something I want to expose you to, but I can reach out to...


How To Repurpose Your Speech for Maximum Social Media Impact

Walking off stage after delivering a speech – whether it’s your first or 1000th – is one of the best feelings. That mixture of excitement, adrenaline, and pride is something that we, as speakers, want to experience all the time. With the power of content repurposing, your speech can help you get that feeling more often. By turning photos and video footage of your talk into a set of powerful content marketing assets, you can grow your audience, reach and impact. As a result, you could find...


How to Spend Quality Time with Your Audience

When we are deciding whether we want to do business with somebody, we need to know who they are. We don’t just buy something or hire someone without thinking about it, we need to have spent some quality time with them first. The great news is that quality time is quality time – it doesn’t matter whether it’s in-person or through a screen… that’s where content repurposing comes into it. Content repurposing helps you take your core message and explode it, reaching people in more places in...


Using Answer The Public to Help With Content Repurposing

One of the most common questions I’m asked is: “where do I start when it comes to content repurposing?” It’s understandable, right? After you’ve realized every piece of content you make can be repurposed into countless more pieces of content, the possibilities become overwhelming! I want to help you break that feeling of overwhelm and start repurposing your content so you can get more results from less work. If you’re not sure where to start, or where to go next, with your content...


Repurposing Content on Reddit

When I talk to people about repurposing their content on social media, they’ll list off Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and maybe throw in something new and on trend like TikTok. What I rarely hear, though, is people wanting to repurpose onto Reddit. Sometimes it’s because they’re uncertain about how to approach it, other times it’s because they don’t even know what it is! You might be surprised at just how big Reddit is, so I want to explain more about the platform and what you need...


How Storytelling and Repurposing Can 10x Case Studies

Ah, case studies – one of the most tried and tested marketing tools at any business’ disposal. Oh, case studies – one of the most tired and testing marketing tools when used incorrectly. They divide opinion, but it’s not the concept of case studies that can be problematic – it’s the execution. With a bit of repurposing magic, you can turn a stuffy old corporate nightmare into a jargon-busting, jaw-dropping, crowd-pleasing piece of storytelling. Okay, that might be overdoing it slightly, but...


Reasons to Not Give Up on Facebook with Gavin Bell

We’re experiencing what feels like a groundswell of uncertainty around Facebook at the moment. The company has not been without its controversies over the last few years and I’m starting to see this reflected in conversations with friends and clients. Despite this, Facebook is still growing its userbase and earning more money. Talk about mixed messages! So, I wanted to speak to someone who understands Facebook better than anyone else I know – it could only be Gavin Bell – Founder of Facebook...


Content Repurposing Is a Habit – Here’s How You Build It

Most people want to effectively repurpose their content. After all, why would you not want to make the most of the time you spent creating all of that incredible content? But, no matter how much they want to do it, somehow it just doesn’t happen. It doesn’t stick. It takes time to get good at content repurposing but, if you take it one step at a time, it will be much easier to make content repurposing a habit instead of a chore. That’s the secret – it isn’t being a mastermind, it isn’t...


Repurposing Your Core Content into Companion Content

What do you do after you’ve finished watching a great TV show? Go and find more content related to it, of course! This is why so many TV and radio shows offer companion content – live content that you publish immediately after publishing your core content. All the best TV shows are doing it and have been for years. Even reaction phone-ins on sports radio stations are a kind of companion content, and they’re older than old! We’ve been surrounded by companion content for decades already, but...


Very British Problems and a Tale of Twitter Repurposing

Your tweets might not be the first content you think of repurposing, but you might be missing out on book deals, TV shows, and newspaper columns… There’s no guarantee your Twitter account will get you any of that, but it is possible! Very British Problems is the perfect example of how a content repurposing mindset can produce incredible results – even with the shortest content imaginable. In this episode, I explain the four cornerstone principles that helped Rob Temple go from 140 characters...


How to Grow Your Business on Instagram with Sue B. Zimmerman

As content creators, marketers and business owners, we need to maximize the return we get from the time and effort we put into our content. One very effective way to do this is by repurposing your content on Instagram. Instagram is the ideal social hub for repurposing content because you can share different forms of content across Instagram’s ‘four neighborhoods,’ – the main feed, IGTV, Stories, and Live. Top Instagram educator, Sue B. Zimmerman, joins me on this episode of the podcast to...


8 Content Marketing Predictions for 2020

It’s become somewhat of a tradition to start the year by sharing my content marketing predictions for the year ahead. At Content 10x we are always looking at what’s working and not working, what’s hot and not…regardless of the time of year. Listen in to hear my 8 predictions for 2020. Listen in to hear: Why I think video content is going to be such a focus in 2020 and the platforms I think will dominate Podcasting will continue to grow, more video creators will repurpose videos to audio...


The Content Repurposing Mindset

Mindset plays such an important part in our lives. Some would argue that mindset is the one thing that truly sets apart those who achieve their goals in life, with those who don’t. Mindset is a belief that guides us in making decisions and helps us with handling situations. Mindset helps us frame situations, process information and it can help, or hinder, our progress. But have you ever heard of a content repurposing mindset? Did you know that to be successful with content repurposing it’s...


The Content 10x Audiobook is Here: How to Repurpose an Audiobook into a Podcast Episode

I’m excited to announce that the audiobook version of my book, Content 10x: More Content, Less Time, Maximum Results is out now! You can get it on Amazon, Audible and Apple! Of course, being a little obsessed with content repurposing, I couldn’t just write a book, convert it into an audiobook and leave it at that…not when I’m a podcaster. So, in true Content 10x spirit, I decided to repurpose my audiobook (or at least a chapter of it) into an episode of the podcast! Hit play and listen to...


How to Repurpose An Epic Livestream into a Book with David Bain

Writing a book is hard. No doubt – anyone who tells you otherwise is lying! It takes hours of brainstorming, writing, editing and rewriting. Ideas fizzle out. Words become hard to come by and people just…give up! A mistake I see a lot of people make is assuming that if they want to write a book, they need to completely start from scratch…yet they are prolific content creators. You can save a lot of time by repurposing some of your existing content (from your podcast, blog, videos, etc.) into...


5 Ways to Repurpose Content for Lead Generation

If you spend time consistently creating quality content then you know just how time consuming it can be. It’s so important that we maximize our return and we do so by content repurposing. However, all too often we look at repurposing by breaking long form content down (which is great to do)…but how about bringing long form content TOGETHER into even bigger masterpieces?! Bonus if those big, masterpieces of content can be used for lead generation. In podcast episode 110, I shared how you can...


Content Repurposing & When Less is Not More!

Consistently creating quality content will help you to reach your target audience and ultimately grow your business. It’s not to be overlooked, but coming up with the topic for your next video, blog post, podcast episode…etc can sometimes be challenging, even for the most prolific of content creators! A mistake that I see a lot of people make is that they share too much all at once, missing the opportunity to make their content ideas go so much further. I help you avoid falling into the...


Creating Online Courses by Repurposing Content with Teresa Heath-Wareing

Creating and selling online courses can be a great way to monetize your expertise. Often portrayed as the ‘holy grail’ of online passive income. There’s no doubt it’s a great way to help people, share your expertise and generate an income. But, how do you go about creating your own online course? Can you repurpose content in order to create a course? Can you repurpose your courses?! Thankfully, my guest on the podcast, Teresa Heath-Wareing, was able to spill the beans on how she repurposes...


Book Repurposing: How Quality Content Can Lead to Publishing a Book with Mike Morrison

How does a busy business owner and content creator launch a book when time is not on his side? The answer is simple. Repurposing! My guest this week is Mike Morrison from The Membership Guys. We discuss the ways in which he leveraged his content in different formats to produce 2 books. How he repurposed his podcast into book content Using a 30-day email challenge as the starting point for his 1st book The mindset needed for every content creator to repurpose effectively Find out more and...