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053 - Chatbots and Content Repurposing with Kelly Noble Mirabella

Chatbots are a quickly rising force in digital marketing. Join me this week with chatbot-expert Kelly Mirabella as we talk about how to use chatbots and content repurposing together to maximise engagement on Facebook and get your content in front of as many people as possible. We cover: For the full blog post, head over to


052 - Lessons Learned After 1 Year Hosting The Content 10x Podcast

The Content 10X podcast has hit its one year anniversary! Thank you so much to everyone who has listened to the podcast, I really appreciate it and hope you find it super valuable! In this episode, I reflect on five big lessons I’ve learned from running the podcast. I also give you my best examples of creative repurposing so you can get the most out of your own episodes. I talk about: For the full blog post, head over to


051 - Having a Content Repurposing Strategy When Reviewing Content Requests

Creating content for others can be a great thing to do. But when it comes to putting in your own time and effort for someone else, how can you be sure that every ‘yes’ is also going to be beneficial to you? In this podcast episode I talk about what to do when someone comes to you with a content request (e.g. deliver a masterclass, write a blog post, talk at an event…etc), and why it’s so important to have a content repurposing strategy in mind. Find out: Tune into this week’s episode at...


050 - How To Use Analytics To Decide What Content To Repurpose

How much repurposing potential is trapped in your content archives, waiting for you to tap into it? There might be more than you think. But even if you were to start tapping into it, which piece should you repurpose first? In other words, which one struck such a chord with your audience that it’s almost guaranteed to do well again if you revived it and gave it a fresh coat of paint? In this week’s episode I talk about how to do just that. We cover how to use analytics from multiple sources...


049 - How Transcriptions Can Play A Key Role in Content Repurposing

It’s time we talked about transcripts. They might not seem like the most exciting form of content, but they represent huge repurposing potential if you use them correctly. This week’s podcast episode is all about how to get your transcripts done cheaply, and once you have them in hand, how to use them either as they are or as a springboard to create a host of other forms of written content, getting you in front of more and more people. If you have a podcast or video content, it’s well...


048 - How to Repurpose Your Content on Instagram with Jenn Herman

This week’s podcast episode is all about repurposing your content on Instagram. I’m extremely excited about this week’s guest, Jenn Herman. She’s the world’s forefront blogger on Instagram marketing. Although it’s my favourite platform, it’s not always easy to keep up with all their tweaks and changes. Fear not! Jenn breaks it down to the absolute fundamentals that get results on Instagram, the things that are and aren’t likely to change, along with a wealth of specific tips and tricks that...


047 - How to Incorporate Content Repurposing into your FB Ad Strategy with Julia Bramble

Get ready to lose all fear of Facebook’s dreaded Ads Manager and find out how it’s possible to get attention to your business for pennies. Plus, you don’t need to scratch your head wondering what new content you need to create for your ads, because the answer may lie in repurposing existing content. Julia Bramble is a social media strategist, coach, and speaker who helps small businesses and marketers get results from their online marketing in the simplest way possible. If you’ve ever felt...


046 - The Increasing Importance of Video Content

It’s finally happened. Mainstream companies are beginning to understand what many of us have known for a long time. Online video is big enough to shape the world! The Official Charts Company have decided to incorporate online video views into the official pop charts! Isn’t that crazy? Maybe not. We’ve been harping on about the importance of video for so long, maybe it’s surprising that it’s taken so long to go mainstream in this way. In this week’s podcast episode I discuss: If you want...


045 - How Content Repurposing can Improve SEO with Andy Crestodina

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a topic that can confuse and overwhelm the best of us. Which is why I was so excited to interview content marketing expert, Andy Crestodina. With 18 years of experience in SEO and analytics and 10 years of experience in content strategy and blogging, Andy was the perfect person to explain how SEO works and how our webpages rank on popular search engines such as Google. Andy is also a big fan of content repurposing and was keen to explain the real...


044 - A Simple Way to Post Horizontal Videos on IGTV and Instagram Stories

Much like Instagram Stories and Snapchat, IGTV features vertical videos. Given its focus on catering to the modern-day smartphone user, IGTV is a dream platform if you who want to share and consume long form, vertical videos. But how can you post a horizontal video onto IGTV? What if you have lots of horizontal/landscape videos that you’d like to repurpose onto IGTV or Instagram Stories. Is that even possible?! In this podcast episode, I share how you can repurpose horizontal videos into...


043 - How to Become Loved As A Podcaster (By Those Who Hate Podcasts)

In this podcast episode, I share my experience at Podcast Movement, which is the world’s largest annual conference for podcasters. The event was fantastic and I was lucky enough to chosen to give a talk. My talk was called “How To Become Loved As a Podcaster (By Those Who Hate Podcasts).” It was all about repurposing podcast episodes for different platforms to reach new and larger audiences. Find out about: You can listen to the full podcast episode (and watch my live talk) here:...


042 - 4 Ways To Add More Impact When Repurposing Content

In this week’s podcast episode I challenge you to think of ways that you can add more impact to your content when you repurpose it. Specifically, I show you four ways that you can give your repurposed content that extra bit of “oomph”. When we talk about repurposing content, we are usually looking at ways that we can take one piece of content – or should I say one clearly communicated message – and package it into different formats to reach new audiences. Rather than simply repackaging...


041 - How to Run an Email List Building Challenge by Repurposing your Content

Is building your email list on the top of your agenda? If it’s not, it should be. It’s really important to continuously work on growing your email list. But, do you find the usual lead magnets of checklists, templates, swipe files…a little bit repetitive? Here’s an idea, why not run an online challenge? AND why not repurpose your existing content to create the challenge?! In this podcast episode I talk about how you can run an engaging online challenge by repurposing your existing...


040 - How to Create Audiograms for your Podcast: Wavve vs Headliner

Unlike photos and videos, sharing your podcast content on social media can be a challenge. But it doesn’t have to be! With an audiogram, you can share snippets of your latest podcast episode on all of your favourite social media channels. What’s more, you don’t have to be a podcaster to make audiograms because I let you know about two great tools for creating amazing audiograms for free with or without podcast content! I’ve also recorded a video tutorial that you can follow step-by-step...


039 - How To Turn Your Blog Post Into A Multimedia Experience!

People are far more likely to engage with a blog post that includes a range of multimedia content. Integrating multimedia content such as images, videos, slideshows and infographics into your blog post will breathe life into it and add a touch of personality to your website. Guess what, if you repurpose your content then you make it easier to integrate more media into your blog posts. So, if you want to find out how you can create engaging multimedia content for your blog post, tune into...


038 - 6 Tips For Repurposing Video Content Onto Social Media

Do you create amazing videos for your website, YouTube channel, Facebook live, membership site….etc? If so, then you know just how much hard work and time goes into the creation of each video, but there are easy ways that you can get a return on the time you spend creating amazing video content! If you spend a lot of time researching, filming and editing your videos, why not try new ways to repurpose your video content for social media to increase engagement and reach a wider audience? On...


037 - My Dad Wrote... Something That I Repurposed The Hell Out Of!

Have you ever created a piece of content that you thought would amount to nothing? Sometimes it can be easy to disregard lousy content, but if you have a sense of humour and an open mind, you can repurpose even your worst content into something incredible. On episode 37 of the Content 10x podcast, I discuss the massive success of a hilarious podcast that is based on the complete repurposing of an unpublished novel. Since its release, the podcast has had over 100 million downloads and has...


036 - Epic Podcast Repurposing

The amount of people that listen to podcasts on a regular basis is growing, but how do you reach those who aren’t regular podcast listeners or those who prefer to consume other forms of content? The answer is via podcast repurposing! On episode 36 of the Content 10x podcast, I talk about epic podcast repurposing and reveal some of the best tips to help you get the most out of your latest podcast episode. Find out about: Find out how you can repurpose your podcast episodes to reach a wider...


035 - Creating Content for Twitter in Light of the Spam & Bot Crackdown

The latest changes to Twitter’s Automation Rules have shaken things up on the platform, paving the way towards a more productive, high-quality and engaging platform. But many people are still unsure of what they can and can’t post on Twitter. Join me on episode 35 of the Content 10x podcast, where I reveal different ways you can create and publish impactful content on Twitter in light of these recent changes. Find out about: If you want to find out how you can make the recent Twitter...


034 - Your Finest (Content) Hour May Be Yet To Come

Instead of thinking that the original piece of content is where you have expressed your thoughts and opinions in the best light, consider this; what if that original piece of content is NOT your finest hour? In episode 34 of the Content 10x podcast, I discuss why your original content may not be the best version of itself and how you can add even more value when you take that original content and create something new. Find out about: If you want to find out why your original piece of...