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Investment Disciplines and Timely Advice.




TDI Podcast: Confidence Game (#697)

Another $1.9 Trillion Stimulus deal in the works – will it ever end? Major markets slipped for the week as employment concerns are slipping back toward the million/week mark. And earnings season begins – banks disappoint. Plus – a look at what happens with overconfidence. Follow @andrewhorowitz Find Out More at Brokers. Interactive Brokers […]


TDI Podcast: Scaring Ourselves Silly (#696)

10-year above 1% – Is this a big deal? The employment situation weakens and the Dems take the 2 Georgia seats – what does that actually mean? Why do we look to purposely scare ourselves out of markets with a long list of unsettling items?? You have to listen – some may be on your […]


TDI Podcast: Your Goldilocks Moment (#695)

Never let a crisis go to waste – That’s what they say! $900 billion “down-payment” approved. A look back on 2020 and what may be in store for 2021. Plus – achieving your goals starts with this…. Follow @andrewhorowitz Check out – Brokers. Interactive Brokers charges USD margin loan rates from 0.75% to 1.59%. […]


TDI Podcast: Financial Dams and Rivers (#694)

Wrapping it up – Sending it out – the last few days of 2020 are counting down. That means – this is the last show for this year! Stimulus deal squashed and a look at sectors along with a quick 2021 outlook. Follow @andrewhorowitz Check out – you looking for ways to earn extra […]


TDI Podcast: Tough Decisions Tenderized (#693)

The Horses are turning the corner, coming down the stretch as Congress is pushing a decision until the 11th hour. News from the FED and we have listener questions to be answered! We dig into the M1 Money Supply chart and have a great discussion with our guest, author and Certified Financial Planner – […]


TDI Podcast: Insights From My Grandfathers (#692)

Emergency Use Authorization Granted! Stocks finish the week lower – bitcoin gets blasted. We have one extra week for the government to get funded and some important lessons from my Grandfathers. Plus – a look at what is moving markets. Follow @andrewhorowitz Check out Why IB? – Brokers charges margin loan rates from 0.75% […]


TDI Podcast: VROOOOOOOM (#691)

VA VAV VROOM – Markets sporting higher on stimulus hopes! Weakness in employment reports is confirming outlook. Overbought conditions appear – won’t matter – until it matters. 10-Year Treasury bumping up toward 1% – what does that mean for interest rate sensitive investments? All this and much more…. Follow @andrewhorowitz Check out Portfolio Analyst – […]


TDI Podcast: Curzio Has Big Ideas (#690)

Short week – a big week – an even bigger month for equities. Everything is coming up electric and the Biden transition is official – seems as if we have a winner. We take a look at some big opportunities with this week’s guest – Frank Curzio from Curzio Research. Frank Curzio can be reached […]


TDI Podcast: Bamboozled Much? (#689)

Covid spikes causing more lock-downs and rollbacks – But vaccine hopes help to keep a floor under markets Everything is coming up Electric! We need to start thinking about year end moves. Tax harvesting best practices and how to prune your portfolio into the year-end. Follow @andrewhorowitz Looking for style diversification? More information on the TDI […]


TDI Podcast: What Was Hot – Is Not (#688)

The Presidential race has been called – The Biden/Harris Ticket has it… Amazing News – A vaccine announcement with over 90% efficacy. Small-caps rage higher off the news, leisure stocks, airline, cruise, banks all rise. Happy Days may be here again and listener questions answered… CHECK IT OUT! This episode is sponsored by Masterworks. Sign […]


TDI Podcast: The Time is NOW! (#687)

The election may be over, but the results are not clear. Markets Rally – The best week since April, but stimulus efforts are now moving to a skinny plan. We have a new Gameplan for a new government – what to look for and how to position a portfolio. OurCrowd’s investment professionals leverage their extensive […]


TDI Podcast: Podcasting 2.0 with The PodFather (#686)

The Podfather – Adam Curry is our guest this week and it is quite the lively discussion. Plus, markets hit a speed bump – or is that a sink hole ? Election day is right around the corner – hoping for a quick declaration of a winner. (Hoping) Everything you need to know about the […]


TDI Podcast: ISA’s – Investing in Education (#685)

The future of student loan debt may have a solution and we discuss with our guest, Charles Trafton, CEO of Edly. The countdown is counting down as we are awaiting big tech earnings, the election and a stimulus package. Plus – what to do with commodities right now – especially the energy component? Charles Trafton, […]


TDI Podcast: This Risk Needs Attention (#684)

Elections – 2 weeks away and all major US Indices are in the green for 2020. Inflation is starting to show through – some ideas on where to invest to help offset the impact. All eyes on the stimulus – not looking likely before the election Follow @andrewhorowitz Looking for style diversification? More information on […]


TDI Podcast: Portfolio Prep Time (#683)

Markets – up and over the 50-day Moving Average. Watching one forgotten sector NOW on the rise – and earnings season this coming week. Looking at the Polls and Pundits – both of which are usually wrong and how to consider positioning your portfolio. CHECK IT OUT! Read the Masterworks Disclaimer Follow @andrewhorowitz Looking for […]


TDI Podcast: Surveillance Capitalization with Dr. Smith (#682)

Dr. Richard Smith is our guest this week – talking about the weaponization of social media is social media and the TikTok deal. And…how quickly things change – the COVID fight continues as we are hopefully getting closer to a stimulus bill. Plus, a mixed jobs report – and filtering and stepping back from the […]


TDI Podcast: This Little Ditty (#681)

Heading into the end of the quarter, the bull/bear fight continues. Large-caps fall but small-caps fall further. Massive outflows, the election and this little ditty is another possibility to blame for the recent sell-off. Oh, and a few financial tips to help you save some $$$ right now. CHECK IT OUT LINK DISCUSSED – Facebook […]


TDI Podcast: Trading Sardines with Raschke (#680)

Linda Raschke is our guest and what a great discussion we had. She teaches us all about Performance, Longevity and Consistency – the keys to trading success. The Fed puts it all on the table, but confuses markets – but is that the whole story? There is much more to this as tech takes another […]


TDI Podcast: Adapting to Moral Hazards (#679)

Moral Hazards in these times are starting to show within a few specific sectors. Markets take another leg down – lead by tech shares. Just about 50 days until the election – still no serious plan from either party as Fauci says we won’t get back to normal daily life until late 2021! Adapt, Adjust […]


TDI Podcast: Palate Neutrality with Paul Barron (#678)

Markets take a beating as bloated valuations come under attack. US Economic data points to a continuing recovery. VIX spikes to 38 – interesting move this week. And our guest is Paul Barron, founder of the Foodable Networks. We discuss repercussions related to the pandemic like Societal Damage, Ghost Kitchens, Palate Neutrality and more. Paul […]