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: The FOMO Show is dedicated to bringing a regular slice of the crypto world straight to your device in an enjoyable and simple way. If you're looking for a fun, easy-listening dose of blockchain, crypto and bitcoin related content, you’ve come to the right place. Enjoy!

: The FOMO Show is dedicated to bringing a regular slice of the crypto world straight to your device in an enjoyable and simple way. If you're looking for a fun, easy-listening dose of blockchain, crypto and bitcoin related content, you’ve come to the right place. Enjoy!
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: The FOMO Show is dedicated to bringing a regular slice of the crypto world straight to your device in an enjoyable and simple way. If you're looking for a fun, easy-listening dose of blockchain, crypto and bitcoin related content, you’ve come to the right place. Enjoy!




Episode 48 • 🌍 Africa – Economy, Trends and Technology

Listen on YouTube This episode, we continue with our series on geopolitics and dive head-first into the region of Africa. We start by looking at the massive undersea cable operation Facebook and Google are currently implementing and the West African nations’ new single currency. Then we dig down into a slew of trends, investment data and projects that are currently underway in Africa. There’s a lot of exciting things going on in one of the world’s largest emerging economies, so we think...


Episode 47 • 🧲 Internet Trends, Facebook Libra & Long Range Teslas

Listen on YouTube We unpack the 2019 Internet Trends Report by Mary Meeker of Bondcap, a compendium of data-packed slides covering all the things you need to know about where the internet is right now — and how people are using it. From overall internet usage stats, through to social media usage, algorithm usage and eCommerce statistics, there’s lots of exciting data — particularly if you’re an entrepreneur looking for your next big idea. In the news, the main topic of conversation is...


Episode 46 • 🗺️ Geopolitics, Global Trade Networks and Australia’s Journalist Crackdown

Listen on YouTube We’ve got a bumper episode for you this week. First, we begin our series on Geopolitics by doing a deep dive into trade wars, global commerce networks and China’s One-Belt, One-Road initiative. This covers a lot of ground, from military deployments of superpowers to a new Arctic trade route right through to the many ways that China are expanding their global trade network through debt-funded developments. We also discuss a number of tricky issues presented by our current...


Episode 45 • 🚅 Globalcoin, Trust Scores, Tunnels & Trains

Audio warning: we’re really sorry; Joe’s computer didn’t record the audio properly this episode, so we’re relying on Matt’s version of the audio recording, so the episode sounds sub-par. Listen on YouTube This episode, we discuss a host of Bitcoin news involving AT&T, whole foods, and a raft of other retail brands. We also cover the 51% attack on Bitcoin Cash / BCH, CoinGecko’s new trust score. We move on to discussion about Facebook’s “GlobalCoin” currency, DHS’ drone service, 1TB...


Episode 44 • 🐛 Bitcoin Uptick, Crypto City & Algae on the ISS

Listen on YouTube We discuss the latest news on Bitcoin adoption, including the Intercontinental Exchange’s crypto purchases throughout the crypto winter, as well as Starbuck’s latest blockchain moves with Microsoft and Facebook’s rumoured cryptocurrency. Jordan Cronje also joins us to discuss the fake “Bitcoin City” in Malaysia, and we also discuss some space news from Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin… and then we cover a crazy piece on the International Space Station’s new...


Episode 43 • 🌏 First Blockchain Government, China’s Belt & Road and Better 2FA

Listen on YouTube This episode, we travel around the world (in our minds) and check in on some cutting-edge national innovations. From Liberland adopting the world’s first government on a blockchain to China’s massive One Belt, One Road project (which is revitalising or creating entirely new ports around the world), there is some incredible things going on that aren’t getting covered much in world news. We check in on a few aspect of Bitcoin, from the sparkly new website to how it tracks...


Episode 42 • 🐙 WikiLeaks, Bitcoin Lawsuits & Open Source Intelligence

Listen on YouTube This episode, we dive into the wonderful and wacky world of open source intelligence (OSINT) and ask the question – “What can people find out about me online?”. OSINT is what private investigators, intelligence agents, corporate researches and even 15 year-old ‘doxxers’ use to find information on a ‘target,’ and there’s a vast array of free tools to help them in their endeavours. We cover a number of those tools, from investigation frameworks to automated searching...


Episode 41 • ☁️ Institutional Adoption and Cloud Gaming

Listen on YouTube This episode, we cover a broad range of topics from across the world of technology and discuss some of the finer points of each. To start with, we look at where institutional adoption of blockchain is currently, with some interesting news on merchant uptake and fund investments. We then peer into the public sector and check out the latest from governments looking to harness the technology. After that, we dig deep on Google’s Stadia announcement and talk about the past and...


Episode 40 • 💬 VotingFail.exe, Tesla Model Y & President FOMO

Listen on YouTube This episode, we cover a number of topics, including: In our regular privacy and security segment, we cover a great new product out of the team at Mozilla – Firefox Send – which allows you to send files quickly and securely. We also look at Wire – a great open source video chat program we’ve been trialling recently. To top it all off, we have a FOMO ‘AGM’ of sorts, looking at what the plans for the next year are, some new things we’ll be doing and how you can get more...


Episode 39 • 🏛️ The Future of Government & Law

View on YouTube This episode, we take inspiration from a piece of news about Horizon State’s voting system and talk about how we see humanity governing itself in the future. Technology has changed the way we view many things and we’re seeing it used in a number of interesting ways to make human organisation and governance better. From Reddit communities about pretty much anything to ‘pop-up’ open-source jurisdictions, we go down all sorts of rabbit holes in our wide-ranging feature. We...


Episode 38 • ☘️ A Tale of Three Bitcoins

This episode we return to the cryptocurrency which started it all and take a look at Bitcoin. From Bitcoin ‘core’ (the main Bitcoin) to the two offshoots of Bitcoin Cash (who both claim they are the ‘real’ Bitcoin), Satoshi Nakamoto’s expiriment in decentralised, peer-to-peer money has evolved significantly in the last 10 years. While we’re at it, we take a look at some of the most interesting developments from the last fortnight, including: We also discuss a nifty little tool to keep...


Episode 37 • 💵 Blockchain in Real Life, Smart Banknotes and Jordan Goes Full Circle

Joe failed the edit from 14m36s→14m56s; Matt’s voice is muted and he’s talking about IoT scaling and security; he said he”d love to talk to a hacker about IoT security. This episode we’re talking all about using blockchain in real life, practical situations. To begin with, we chat about what blockchain actually is, how smart contracts have ‘changed the game’ and how people are using it in the current world. We look at projects like Estonia’s KSI, Gitcoin and Everipedia for some great...


Episode 36 • 🌌 Star Citizen, Quantum Computing and Bird-Inspired Drones

This week we’re donning our space-suits to explore the universe of Star Citizen, a technically-ambitious (not to mention beautiful) space simulator which is still in development. We chat about the game, the technology and the vision behind it — a massive, multiplayer universe with planets, economies, resources and people. Before we get to Star Citizen, we cover a range of exciting news stories, including IBM’s quantum computer, Passerine’s bird-inspired drone and advances in AI to detect...


Episode 35 • 🏆 2018 Wrap, 2019 Predictions and Battling Buzzwords

We’re back from the holiday break with a bumper episode where we not only share our thoughts on 2018 trends, but also make our predictions for the coming year. In our 2018 review, we cover trends like the rise of enterprise blockchain, the fall of ICOs, virtual reality, the loss of individual privacy, open source improvements, the launch of alternative blockchain platforms and much more. We then pull out our crystal ball and discuss our picks for long shots, sure bets, emergent...


Episode 34 • 🔓 Australia’s AA Bill, Facebook’s Cryptocurrency and Monitoring Data Breaches

Listen on YouTube This episode we discuss one of the most monumental pieces of legislation to be passed by a Western government in recent history. Australia’s Assistance and Access Bill was recently pushed through Parliament and has implications for almost anyone using the internet worldwide. We discuss what the bill says, what it allows government agencies to do and what effect it will have on both businesses and users of the internet. As usual, we highlight and chat about a smattering of...


Episode 33 • ⛏️ Bitcoin Mining, Ion Drives and Joe’s Hacking Adventure

Listen on YouTube This episode we dive into the magic behind the Bitcoin network – mining. Using a great article from Coinshares as our inspiration, we discuss how price, hash rates and Bitcoin mining network dynamics all fit in together, and look at how the price fluctuations in Bitcoin have a direct effect on the mining power of the network. Along the way, we touch on all sorts of news from the wild and wacky world of emergent tech, including a Swiss cryptocurrency index fund, a working...


Episode 32 • 💱 Coinpoket, Ripple & Tales from the Hash War

Listen on YouTube This episode we sit down with Alfonso Porcelli, CEO and Founder of Coinpoket. Coinpoket is a non-custodial cryptocurrency purchasing platform which allows you to purchase crypto with fiat currency and have it deposited directly into your wallet. We discuss the unique payment structure and algorithms behind the platform, what’s on the agenda next and also get some insight into what goes into building a cryptocurrency exchange. Along the way we cover a metric ton of news,...


Episode 31 • 🦎 CoinGecko, Electric Transport and Email Hygeine

Listen on YouTube This week we have a treat – an interview with TM Lee of CoinGecko. CoinGecko have long been one of our favourite cryptocurrency aggregators, taking in the huge volume of trading and exchange data and distilling it into some truly useful statistics. We talk to TM about the beginnings of the platform, some of the challenges they’ve faced scaling the platform, some of the exciting new features they’ve recently unveiled and what they’ve got in the pipeline. In the news this...


Episode 30 • 🔭 Fidelity, Decentraland & the State of the dApp

Listen on YouTube This week we’re checking back in with some of the decentralised applications we’ve covered in the last year to see how they’ve been progressing. From Aragon‘s decentralised autonomous organisations through to Decentraland, the blockchain virtual world and Everipedia, the blockchain’s answer to Wikipedia. Before we get to that we cover a bunch of the fortnight’s biggest news, including Fidelity’s crypto platform, Tesla’s China land grab and Google’s crazy new call...


Episode 29 • 🔮 State of the Blockchain, Future Transport and Return To Coconut Island

Listen on YouTube 2018 has been a wild year in the world of distributed ledger technology. We’ve seen bubbles burst, projects flourish and enterprise adopt blockchain in a big way. As we head into the tail end of 2018 we thought it was the perfect time to take stock, consider where we’ve come from and contemplate where we’re going. In what will probably be a yearly occurrence, we conduct our inaugural ‘State of the Blockchain’ report and discuss the many facets of this emerging...