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Episode 19: How The US Election 2018 Affects Australian Shareholders

This week we’re explaining why it’s important to pay attention to the US stock market; what midterm elections mean for the stock market; potential stamp duty alternatives and ASICs response to the royal commission. How will stock markets fair after the midterm election? On the back of the election results, with Democrats taking control of the house, and Republicans guaranteed Senate majority, US equity markets rallied strongly, setting up an interesting dynamic coming off the...


Episode 18: What labor party tax policies mean for you

Welcome listeners, this week we’re talking about Labor Party tax policies, and what they could mean for you if they are elected next year; new ways to invest in property; and how to protect against losses in the stock market. Tax policies and second order consequences It looks like the liberal party is on its way out, making room for the labor party, and an interesting series of new policies that impact your taxes. We explain the ins and outs of franking credits; why it sounds like getting...


Episode 17: Winx

Episode 17 of The Investor Exchange Welcome listeners, the Cox Plate is on this weekend and all the hype is about WINX, the mighty mare who is gunning for her 4th straight. We're no experts but it's hard not to get caught up in the excitement before talking about the recent market correction, Australia leading the world in median wealth, AMP's continual slide, Non Bank Lending, The young rich, Australia's most expensive home - $100m!!! and on and on - listen and enjoy. Get Happy...


Episode 16: The Royal Edition

Episode 16 of The Investor Exchange Welcome listeners, the royals are in town this week and it was hard to ignore so Steph kicked us off with her admiration of the new Princess before we discuss the serious investor topics of the stock market correction - listen and enjoy. The Sky Didn't Fall We dramatically titled our last episode "The Sky Is Falling" after the stock market decline that was happening. Well here we are a week later and the Sky Didn't Fall. Joel goes into some detail on...


Episode 15: The Sky is Falling

Episode 15 of The Investor Exchange Welcome listeners, we start off this week drinking Pina Colada's before discussing the stock market turmoil of the last few days, the fundamental criteria of a quality investment property, Morger's Lendage Insurance (Thanks Steph), should your first property purchase be a home or an investment and of course some stupid stuff that really can't be serious - listen and enjoy. The Sky is Falling The stock market has plummeted in recent days - Is it a Bear...


Episode 14: The Fast Train to Property Success

Episode 14 of The Investor Exchange Footy season is over and the AFL Grand Final resulted in Joel and Brett being heartbroken while it left Louis elated. Collingwood have now won 2 of the 7 Grand Finals they have played in since the AFL era began whilst West Coast have won 4 from as many attempts. With that done we moved on to discuss Tesla, Fast Trains, Property Values and Biotech Investing - Listen and Enjoy. Tesla Triumph and Turmoil Brett kicked off with a report that the Tesla...


Episode 13: Investing in Marijuana & Octopi on Ecstasy

Episode 13 of The Investor Exchange Steph and Joel are back so Louis gave them a quick recap of events before Joel got serious and introduced a bear market indicator that is at it's highest level since 1969. Throughout this episode we discuss Pot Stocks (yep marijuana), the numbers that matter, new rental tenancy laws coming to Victoria and qualitative considerations when investing, even baby shark got another run, listen and enjoy. Pot Stocks Joel alerts us to the performance of cannabis...


Episode 12: Financial Divorce

Episode 12 of The Investor Exchange Louis and Brett are steering the ship one last time and start things off with a catchy tune you may recognise. Lot's discussed today including $18.9 Billion in monthly cashflow, CBA fined again, luxury property prices and the financial impact of divorce, listen in and enjoy. Latest from the Royal Commission Commonwealth Banks insurance arm, CommInsure, were fined for misleading advertising but the fine which could have been $8m was only $300,000. We...


Episode 11: Get a Financial Coach

Episode 11 of The Investor Exchange Louis and Brett go rogue again without Steph or Joel to pull the reigns. The boys take the conversation in a number of directions starting with Westpac being fined $35 Million for risky lending which leads to a discussion about how risk and returns are linked when investing. We have an in depth discussion about the importance of having a coach, whether it be in sports, business or managing your money, having a coach or team of advisors is fundamental to...


Episode 10: Industry Super Funds v SMSF

Episode 10 of The Investor Exchange Louis and Brett are at the helm this week while Joel and Steph travel the globe. They kicked off with a You Can't Be Serious jab at the Liberal party and how Australia has a new Prime Minister in Scott Morrison. Brett discussed how Interest rates are on the rise but not the RBA rate and Louis explained how the banks cost and access to funds results in the rates home owners pay on their mortgage. The discussion continued during their tiny 2-man round...


Episode 9: How To Pick Good Investments

Episode 9 of The Investor Exchange Something different this week. Louis hosts a Q&A session with Joel around the Philosophy and Process Joel uses when deciding when and where to invest in his role as Chief Investment Office at United Global Capital. Joel explains how he formulated his Quality, Value, Trend (QVT) philosophy and how he applies that when making investment decisions. The guys discuss some very simple and practical insights to help find better performing companies with minimal...


Episode 8: Australia Reaches 25 Million

Episode 8 of The Investor Exchange Australia's population reached 25 million this week, the team discuss the impact of this and the infrastructure required for population growth, Plus major banks caught up in the Royal Commission, Cryptocurrencies and working out in the nude. Listen and enjoy. The Royal Commission is having an impact Commonwealth Bank's profit falls after spending $1.1 billion on penalties and costs that included a $700m civil penalty from AUSTRAC. AMP's first half net...


Episode 7: What’s an Apple Worth?

Episode 7 of The Investor Exchange Among the topics discussed today are the world's most expensive company, what to do with an inheritance what to make of the noise in the media surrounding property values. Listen in and enjoy. An Apology First up listeners an apology from the team. A mixture of travel and work commitments limited our ability to record an episode last week. We apologise and will make it up to you by packing in more valuable insights, education and humor in the coming...


Episode 6: Guiding Principles for Investors

Episode 6 of The Investor Exchange Steph is back at the helm this week and celebrating her birthday. She kicks off discussions with concerns about security of her medical information, we discuss fund manager performance, how to decide on an financial strategy and claiming a tax deduction on a boob job. Are Your Medical Records Safe? Australians have until October 15 to decide if they want their medical records stored in an online system called My Health Record, owned by the Australian...


Episode 5: Shares v Property

Episode 5 of The Investor Exchange The boys are let loose this episode with Steph away. Louis steps up to host and promotes a boxing match between share investing and property investing, 700 Financial Advisers Lose Their Licence Joel updated us on the fallout from the Royal Commission with the combination of changes at AMP and the closure of Dover leaving 700 Financial Advisers and thousands of clients without a home. Joel also provided an economic update on the changes to trade...


Episode 4: Pexa, Drugs and a Payphone

Episode 4 of The Investor Exchange The podcast had its first significant drug reference with Louis liking Mobile Phone usage to Cocaine Addiction, while Steph admitted to using an actual payphone this week. Don't believe her - listen in to hear about it. Australia miss the medals Joel kicked us off with a discussion around the rankings of the developed worlds equity markets performance over the last year. Norway lead the way, Australia missed the top 3 but only just and performed better...


Episode 3 – EOFY Sans Louis

Welcome to Episode 3 of The Investor Exchange Louis couldn't join us this week but the 3 remaining soldiers pushed on and discussed the state of the financial services industry, investment property depreciation, how to identify quality stocks, stand up paddle boarding to work and a penis visible from space. Listen in to find out more. How are AMP still in business? Brett kicked us off with the story of Graeme Cowper, a financial planner reported to ASIC in January 2010 for misconduct...


Episode 2 – Property Market, China Economy & Penis Shootings

Welcome to Episode 2 of The Investor Exchange A lot of property matters discussed this week and some great insights into the Chinese economy. Enjoy listening. Is Australia headed for a Property Market Crash? Joel lead the discussion regarding the state of the Australian Real Estate Market and media reports about a potential crash. Data presented showed conflicting views as to the likely future of the property market. Should you be worried - we don't think so - listen to find out...


Episode 1 – The Starting Line

Welcome to Episode 1 of The Investor Exchange LIke a sprinter out of the blocks from The Starting Line, we've got plenty for you in this opening episode with so much happening in Australia and the rest of the world there's something in here for everyone. Is your retirement under threat? Joel has a rant about changes the ALP are implementing to Superannuation that appear to have gone under the radar for most of us but will have a big impact on our retirement savings. Our Investor...