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EP21 Advanced Marketing Strategies with Oliver Billson and James Nicholson

This week we have Oliver Billson from, he shares his top marketing strategies that you can swipe and deploy to take your business to the next level. Oliver works on campaigns for the biggest names in marketing including GKIC, Dan Kennedy, Frank Kern and Ryan Deiss. Its rare to have Oliver sharing his knowledge so we are really lucky to have bagged him as a guest.


EP20 How To Fill Your Live Events With Nick James

Nick James is a genius when it comes to promoting and filling live events, he is the world's leading coach helping select clients take their events to the next level. Nick has held events featuring Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss, Jay Abraham and many many more greats of the business world. So sit tight and find out exactly what Nick does to fill rooms.

EP19 How To Nail Your Branding With Neil Humphrey and James Nicholson

Branding is a key element to being successful in business, this week we talk to Neil Humphrey "The Brand Gladiator" We put your question to Neil and find out what is working in Small Business Branding right now. What you could be doing if you only have 30 minutes a day to promote your brand offline and online.

EP18 How To Get More Referals In Your Business Robin Adams And James Nicholson

Often overlooked referrals have the power to transform your business rapidly, but most business owners fail to get them. Well today Robin Adams shares how you can get referrals on tap into your business. What works what does not work, he gives you the shortcut to pushing your business forward.

EP15: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Q&A With James Nicholson

SEO is a minefield lots of marketers are saying SEO is DEAD, its an easy bandwagon to jump on to get yourself noticed. SEO is far from dead, it is however getting tougher as time goes on and Google gets smarter. In this episode of "The Rocket Cast" we answer all your SEO questions.

EP14: The Ultimate Facebook Split-Test Strategy

There’s more than enough we could go into about split tests in-detail. It can be overwhelming if taken all together. For us, we find the best way to get the analysis we need to is to cut away the waste, and Shave-Off Critical Time and Effort with a Razor-Sharp Facebook Split-Test Strategy. What is Split-Testing For; How Can It Help Me? Split-testing is about choices and preference. The whole purpose of the Split-Test is to see what people within a selected market take notice of and engage...


EP13: 7 Building Blocks to Constructing an Effective Facebook Ad

You’re ready to start constructing a Facebook Ad campaign yet don’t have a clue what to do? We’ve been there. There are now 3 million advertisers currently active on Facebook today, the majority are entrepreneurs all looking to build their businesses just like you. It’s not that difficult then, right? It can be unless you have the right steps to build up on your foundation. We’ll be sharing with you the full method to do this; the Building Block Process. It is made up of 7 key steps that...


EP12: Micah Mitchell Membership Site Strategies

Membership sites are a great way to grow your business they give you a chance to engage with your customers and provide them massive value. Micah Mitchell knows a thing or two about membership sites, his company Memberium are one of the leading membership platforms in the world. They help hundreds of entrepreneurs build amazing membership portals.


EP10: Traffic & Conversion Roundup Part 3 - Jody Raynsford, Neil Humphrey & James Nicholson

Part 3of our 3 part series discussing all the latest digital trends for 2016Jody Raynsford,NeilHumphrey and James Nicholson share their thoughts from day 3of Traffic and Conversion Summit 2016. In this episode we share with you 3 of the top tools being used by the top digital marketers.


EP9: Traffic & Conversion Roundup Part 2 - Jody Raynsford, Neil Humphrey & James Nicholson

Part 2 of our 3 part series discussing all the latest digital trends for 2016Jody Raynsford,NeilHumphrey and James Nicholson share their thoughts from day 2of Traffic and Conversion Summit 2016. A key discussion on this episode is how content is now a key part in Ecommerce sales.


EP8: Traffic & Conversion Roundup - Jody Raynsford, Neil Humphrey & James Nicholson

Jody Raynsford,NeilHumphrey and James Nicholson share their thoughts from day 1 of Traffic and Conversion Summit 2016. GaryVaynerchuk was the keynote speaker on the first day of the event and Jody, Neil and James share their lessons from that awesome keynote.


EP7: Dee Woodward – Interview with a branding expert

Dee Woodward joins James Nicholson is this exclusive question & answers session on what is working in small business branding right now. Dee has a wealth of branding experience and has all the answer you need to grow your business brand today.


EP6: Daniel Priestley – Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author and Professional Speaker

Daniel Priestley is aEntrepreneur, Best-Selling Author and Professional Speaker. His booksOversubscribed,Key Person of Influence andEntrepreneur Revolution are a fixture in the top selling books on Amazon and have provided millions of people the strategies they need to be an expert in their field. James Nicholson interviews Daniel Priestley and puts your questions to him to uncover the secrets of his success. In this no holds barred interview James uncovers the strategies and principles...


EP 5: Jody Raynsford – Secrets Of A Million Dollar Copy Writer

Jody Raynsford is one of the worlds leading copywriters and luckily for me he is a good friend of mine. I have been pushing him for months to get him to do an interview for my audience but he has just been so busy. He has recently helped his client launch a top 10 product on click bank (thats extremely tough), this product did over $500,000 in just a couple of weeks and has gone on to do much much more. In this Episode Jody shares with us some of his copywriting secrets. The secret to a...


EP4: Dan Bradbury – How To Build A Million Pound Business

IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL LEARN: How Dan Went From Being £100,000 In Debt To Being One Of The Most Successful Entrepreneurs In The UK How Dan Made His First £500,000 Business With Only 1 Member Of Staff The Secret To Running Your Business On Auto Pilot The Sneaky Little Trick Dan Used To Almost Double His Business Overnight, 99% Of Business Owners Are Not Doing This


EP3: 4 Reasons Why Your Facebook Ads Are Failing

James Nicholson shares the 4 main reasons your Facebook Adverts might be failing to give you the return on investment you require. Facebook advertising strategies to ensure you make a return on investment.


EP2: Nick James - How to promote & fill live events

Nick James shares the secrets he has used toget the worlds leading business experts to speak at his events. They include Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss,Jay Abraham, Yanik Silver, Andy Harrington and many more. Nick has run events that have grossed well in excess of £500,000, so he is the man you want to listen to if you are thinking about running events. On this episode Nick James will share with you how to promote and fill your live events.


The Rocket Cast: Episode 1 - 17 SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Myths Busted

SEO has been evolving and upgrading for a number of years but in recent times, the rate of change has gone through the roof. This means that the aspects that many people believed and thought were true are no longer the case. Before you panic or think that everything you know is wrong, stop, because there are many great aspects of SEO which are as true today as they ever were.