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Ep #157: From Massage Therapy to Financial Planning, How to Build a Business That Works For You - The Career of Debbie Gallant

Many people are in search of a career that supports their lifestyle and feeds their passions. Debbie Gallant has done just that and is here on the show to share her journey with entrepreneurship and the various careers that brought her to the sweet spot where she is today. She offers some valuable advice on how to get started in financial planning, who to reach out to, where she would have done things differently and much more. You can find show notes and more information by clicking...


Ep #156: Bringing on a Partner to Accelerate Growth - The Careers of Jirayr Kembikian & Ryan Cole

There’s no right way to structure a partnership and this can make things confusing when building a business relationship between partners. Jirayr Kembikian and Ryan Cole have successfully navigated a 50/50 partnership and they’re here to share how they did it. This episode will be all about how they are building their growing business and how they use their different skills to benefit each other. You can find show notes and more information by clicking...


Ep #155: From the Wirehouse to RIA with a Break as a Marketing Consultant - The Career of Stephanie Sammons

You might know Stephanie Sammons as the founder of Wired Advisors, but as of last year, she’s also the founder of Sammons Wealth Management, a fee-only firm handling $7.5 million in assets. Now focused on high net worth clients in the LGBTQ community, Stephanie has overcome more than her fair share of struggles in the industry. In this episode, she opens up about the difficulties she faced being a gay woman in the advisory world, and ultimately how she has prevailed and continues to grow...


Ep #154: New Job, New Baby, New City: Starting a Firm in the Midst of Major Life Changes - The Career of Scott Snider

Today’s guest is XYPN member and founder of Mellen Money Management, Scott Snider. After starting his career on the sales side, briefly working at a bank, and finding his way to a wealth management firm, Scott ultimately decided to start his own firm—and did so while also dealing with moving across the country, his wife starting a new job, and having his first child. Though this path certainly isn’t for the faint of heart, it has worked out well for Scott and taught him some very important...


Ep #153: The Merging of Two Practices with Gabe Anderson & Scott Bell

Have you ever wondered about or considered teaming up with another advisor? If so, this episode is for you. Both Gabe Anderson and Scott Bell started their own practices and ended up merging their financial planning and investment businesses to create a business that provides a quality experience for all clients. They discuss the process of merging and where they want to go with their partnership. You can find show notes and more information by clicking...


Ep #152: Leveraging Their Passion for the Environment to Grow Their SRI Focused RIA - The Careers of Courtney & Morgan Randstrom

Today I’m excited to have siblings and XYPN members Courtney and Morgan Randstrom on the show! Co-founders of Trailhead Planners, the two have an interesting niche in working with clients who have a passion for their environmental footprint and want to build carbon-neutral portfolios. With complimenting skill sets—Morgan is more of the big-picture idea person and Courtney is the realist who focuses on the operations of the firm—the pair really works well together to provide real financial...


Ep #151: Becoming Financially Independent at 35 While Running an RIA – The Career of Kyle Mast

Kyle Mast joins us on the show to talk about his career journey that started in a family business through a succession plan and ended up with him owning his own RIA. He discusses the details of his business and the strategies he has used to build it successfully. Kyle talks about how he has hit a place he’s happy with and ready to pull back and spend more time with family. You can find show notes and more information by clicking here:http://www.xyplanningnetwork.com/151


Ep #150: Launching a Firm with a Spouse Not On Board – The Career of Raquel Hinman

Most people know there are risks and sacrifices involved with entrepreneurship. Raquel Hinman shares her journey through different finance jobs and how she ended up starting her own successful business and having to deal with the downside to business ownership. She gets real with us and talks about what went wrong, what went right and how she would or wouldn’t have done things differently along the way. You can find show notes and more information by clicking...


Ep #149: Going All In On a Niche Can Lead to Explosive Growth - The Career of Ryan Inman

My guest today is a great example of why having a niche is so powerful. XYPN member Ryan Inman is the founder of Physician Wealth Services, a firm that specializes in working with (you guessed it) physicians. In fact, one hundred percent of his clients are doctors. Completely focused on his niche, Ryan provides tons of awesome content for physicians through his blog, podcast, different Facebook groups, and more—all of which continue to drive him leads. Two years into starting his firm,...


Ep #148: Serving Clients in Creative Professions – The Careers of Philip Olsen & Julia Lorenz-Olsen

Julia Lorenz-Olsen and Philip Olsen join us on the show to share some golden nuggets about their unique careers and the unexpected benefits their creative background has brought on. They discuss how they got started and how they settled on the business model they’re currently in. Philip and Julia both lay out the difficulties involved in their careers and how they navigated the various hurdles presented to them. You can find show notes and more information by clicking...


Ep #147: Serving Cross Border Clients with Assets in Multiple Countries - The Career of Xavier Maldonado

Today I’m excited to have XYPN member Xavier Maldonado on the show. The founder of Global Vantage Wealth Management in San Diego, Xavier specializes in working with dual-citizen clients with assets in multiple countries, with his primary focus on clients that are citizens of the United States and Mexico. At one point, he came to the surprising realization that he was the only Spanish-speaking CFP in San Diego, as well as the only advisor that truly understood cultural norms for his target...


Ep 146: Buying a Firm from Their Father - The Careers of Taylor & Kailie

Today XYPN members Taylor and Kailie join the podcast to share the non-traditional paths into financial planning that led to them buying their father’s practice. Sisters—and now business partners—Taylor and Kailie are going through a ton of change and evolution at the firm, and we’ve caught up with them to hear all about how they're figuring out what they want the business to be as it matures. You can find show notes and more information by clicking here: http://www.xyplanningnetwork.com/146


Ep 145: Using Humor to Make Financial Planning Fun – The Career of Catie Hogan

From books to planning practices, the financial planning world can tend to be a bit boring and stale. Catie Hogan realized this early on and channeled her humor and fun-loving nature into her book as well as her practice. She has successfully found a way to get people interested in financial planning by using storytelling and finding creative ways to catch peoples’ attention. You can find show notes and more information by clicking here:http://www.xyplanningnetwork.com/145


Ep #144: Finding Success Working with Clients with Similar Values – The Career of Diana Bacon

Life gets messy and whether it’s a new tax law or a looming divorce settlement, the value of a financial planner who has expertise in these areas is truly valuable. Diana Bacon joins us on the show today to discuss her career from working with multiple different firms to eventually moving to the fee-only model and starting her own firm. She discusses the struggles and issues she faced and shares some valuable insight into how she did it and how she would have done it differently. You can...


Ep #143: Alan & Kitces Unhinged - Fee-offsets, Selling Financial Planning, Impostor Syndrome, and More

XYPN co-founder Michael Kitces is back on the show for another episode dedicated to answering listener questions! Today he and Alan Moore share how to communicate the value of financial planning, why it isn’t always a good idea for advisors to take on every new client they can, and more. Listen in to hear advice for new advisors and seasoned advisors alike. You can find show notes and more information by clicking here: http://www.xyplanningnetwork.com/143


Ep #142: Financial Planning for Expats - The Career of Ashley Murphy

As a tri-citizen of the UK, Australia and the US, Ashley Murphy has found a niche in the expat market. When it comes to multi citizenships, financial planning can get much more complicated. Ashley shares the dangers, difficulties and benefits that are involved with working with expat clients. You can find show notes and more information by clicking here: http://www.xyplanningnetwork.com/142


Ep #141: Life as the Spouse of an Entrepreneur - The Careers of Mary Beth and Brian Storjohann

The role of a supportive partner or spouse is extremely valuable to an entrepreneur and the success of their business and family. Mary Beth and Brian Storjohann join us on the show to share their inspiring journey through building a business, career changes, children and more. The pair have some really great tips on communication, optimism, work ethic and the various things that have helped them along the way. You can find show notes and more information by clicking here:...


Ep #140: Leveraging the Power of the Media to Build a Wildly Successful RIA Working with the LGBT Community - The Career of David Rae

Finding a fulfilling and effective niche can take quite a bit of time and stress. If you take the time to truly figure out what fits your skills and passions, massive success is almost guaranteed. David Rae came into the financial advisor field with a theatre background and a passion for the LGBT community. He shares his unique niche and how his passions have helped his business take off in an incredible way. You can find show notes and more information by clicking here:...


Ep #139: Building a Marketing Funnel to Grow Your Firm - The Career of Jen Mastrud - XYPN's Director of Marketing

XYPN's very own Jen Mastrud joins us on todays episode to share the exciting career path that's built her expertise and brought her to the point of thriving as XYPN's Director of Content Marketing. Jen's history working as a public speaker for a small university, a PR Director for a Poker company and now as the person in charge of XYPN's marketing has stretched and developed her skillset as an effective marketer. In this episode, Jen shares the insights she's gained to help financial...


Ep #138: How a Niche Serving Pharmacists Has Provided Explosive Growth - The Career of Tim Baker

Tim Baker’s career is a testament to the true power of having a niche focus for your business. After his time working in a hybrid firm, he decided to launch his own firm with a focus on working with pharmacists. He founded Script Financial in April of 2016, and his concentration on this niche has helped him add almost 50 new clients to his business in the last 18 months. In this episode, Tim shares his unique path to success that included several different career changes after leaving the...